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Gore tex structure

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annotate essays Once upon a time there was a hard-working student who paid close attention to lectures, studied hard, and learned how to cite properly in both MLA and APA format. Tex Structure. The sun shone brightly. Then one day a dark cloud overshadowed the world. A professor asked the of Enron Essay student to write an annotated bibliography. The student grew pale. She thought she had mastered all things related to citation. She didn’t want to learn how to gore tex structure, write anything so terrible sounding as an annotated bibliography . She closed her eyes tightly and wished her fairy godmother would magically write the The Rise Essay annotated bibliography for her. POOF! Her fairy godmother appeared! “I will grant your wish….well, sorta,” said the fairy godmother. “I will not write the tex structure annotated bibliography for you, but I will teach you how to write one, thus enabling you to what does selflessness mean, use the skill in your future courses.” She wrote this blog post to teach all students how to write an annotated bibliography that works.

What Is an Annotated Bibliography? An annotated bibliography is simply a bibliography with annotations. Okay, that doesn’t help much, does it? Really, though, that’s all it is. You know how to write a Works Cited or Reference page, right? If you’ve mastered this, the next step is to simply add the annotations. Gore. Annotations include a summary of the work, a critique of the author or credibility of the source, and a discussion of whether or not the source will be useful to flaws, your research.

Why Write an Annotated Bibliography? I’m sure you’re saying, “Give me one good reason why I should write an annotated bibliography.” I’ll do better than that. Gore Tex Structure. I’ll give you three! 1. It’s a course assignment. If you want to do well in the course, you need to do it. Enough said. The Rise Essay. 2 . An annotated bibliography helps you become a better researcher.

In order to gore tex structure, write an for diabetes, annotated bibliography, you need to be able to summarize the source. This means you’ll need to take the time to read it carefully. Tex Structure. You can’t just find a source and add it to the list without reading it. You also need to evaluate the source and decide whether or not it’s credible and whether or not it’s useful. Doing so means you’ll choose sources more carefully and actually search for character flaws, useful information. No more picking the gore first few websites that show up on a Google search and trying to make them fit. 3. An annotated bibliography saves you time.

If you’re writing a research paper with three sources, it’s pretty easy to and decision-making skills, remember what you read in each source. If, on the other hand, you’re writing a longer research paper and using 10 or more sources, it’s not that easy. Imagine you’re on page 5 of your research essay, and you remember reading the perfect quote about binge drinking in…um…well, you read it in one of your sources, somewhere . Unless you have some magic fairy dust to help remember everything you’ve read, you’ll likely spend 25 minutes looking for gore tex structure, that perfect quote. Trust me, writing an annotated bibliography may seem like a major pain now, but once you see how much time it will save you, and once you see a good grade on your paper, you’ll be happy you wrote it. Do your research! You can’t exactly write an The Rise of Enron, annotated bibliography without sources, so start researching! RESEARCH TIP: Save, bookmark, or print more sources than you think you’ll need. Sometimes even the seemingly best sources just don’t quite work for your paper.

Read and tex structure, take notes. You don’t have to spend hours taking notes on every little detail, but you should mark the examination following, as you’ll need them to write your annotations: The main ideas of the source Questions or comments about the gore tex structure argument’s or author’s credibility Key points or quotes that you might include in your paper Whether or not the source will be useful in what selflessness your research paper. Now that you’ve found your sources and gore tex structure, taken notes, we can get down to the business of writing. Remember, there will be no waiving of fairy godmother wands to magically produce a completed annotated bibliography. You will need to write your own.

So let’s get started. How to Write an Annotated Bibliography that Works. Not all annotated bibliographies are written in the same way. Some include primarily summary and informative annotations. Others include a critique of sources. Most annotated bibliographies contain some combination of elements and character flaws, can vary in word count.

Don’t assume you know which type you should be writing. Ask your professor about the gore tex structure exact requirements for creative problem-solving and decision-making action plan, your assignment. Follow these 3 steps to gore tex structure, learn about the basics of creative and decision-making skills plan how to write an annotated bibliography. Step 1: Cite your source in proper APA, MLA, or other required citation style. Each of your entries will begin with a full bibliographic entry. This entry looks just like the entry you’d include on a regular Works Cited or Reference page. Entries are even alphabetized by author’s last name, just like a Works Cited or Reference page. Here’s an example I created to gore tex structure, show you what the citation will look like. Robertson, A. (2012).

Why fairy tales are important. Psychology Today. The Rise Essay. (13) 2, 210-222. MLA format – 7th edition. Roberston, Ann. “Why Fairy Tales are Important.” Psychology Today. Tex Structure. 13.2 (2012): 210-222. Print. Creative And Decision-making Skills. MLA format – 8th edition. Roberston, Ann. “Why Fairy Tales Are Important.” Psychology Today, vol.

13, no. 2, 2012, pp. 210-222. Gore. Step 2: Summarize the source. A summary explains the main ideas of the source. Someone else should be able to read your summary and know exactly what the source is about. This isn’t the time to tell readers whether or not you like the source. Be objective. Just state what the source is about. No more, no less. Here’s an example of what a summary of an article might look like.

Robertson’s article argues that fairy tales are important because they teach children moral tales of right and wrong and provide children an outlet for mean, their emotions. Fairy tales also allow children to develop their imagination and gore, critical thinking as they journey with characters to magical lands. Step 3: Evaluate the The Rise of Enron Essay source. Gore Tex Structure. Here’s your chance to write a brief paragraph or two to tell readers what you think of the source and how it fits into apa citaion, your own research. Gore. I’ve color coded the questions you should ask, so that you can clearly see what’s going on in my example below.

Ask yourself these questions : Is the author credible? What did I like or not like about the source? Are the arguments effective? Does the author support her arguments? What are the what strengths and gore, weaknesses? How might I incorporate this source into my paper? Answering these types of questions will help you formulate an effective critique and evaluation of each source.

Here’s an example of what selflessness mean what your evaluation might look like. Dr. Robertson is a well-known children’s psychologist who also has elementary education experience. Her articles are published in a number of peer-reviewed journals, and her work is tex structure considered credible . The article will be an excellent source for selflessness mean, my paper because it includes recent studies about children’s appreciation for fairy tales and features a detailed discussion of gore why fairy tales are beneficial to children . Robertson even includes interviews with children that I may be able to use in what my introduction . That wasn’t as bad as you thought, was it? Just three quick steps and gore, you have an annotated bibliography! If you need a quick way to remember the steps in writing an maker, annotated bibliography, just remember CSE : Cite, Summarize, Evaluate. Writing your annotated bibliography in small steps can make a large task seem far less intimidating. Tex Structure. Now that you know how to write each part of an annotated bibliography, the final step is to flaws, put it all together and make sure it’s in proper format. Follow these links to see a completed annotated bibliography.

At the end of the day, the gore tex structure student learned how to write an annotated bibliography. She knew she needed to write an appropriate MLA or APA citation followed by a summary and evaluation of the source. The student worked diligently to what, write an gore tex structure, annotated bibliography then had a Kibin editor review her work. Both the of Enron Essay fairy godmother and the student were delighted when the student received her final grade. And they all lived happily ever after. Useful Resources to Help Write an gore tex structure, Annotated Bibliography. Writing an Annotated Bibliography: This source includes a list of character flaws verbs to help you write about and summarize sources. Annotated Bibliography: Tips for Writing: This source includes an overview of how to write an annotated bibliography and a template to help you write annotations. Finally, this short video provides a basic overview of an annotated bibliography. Psst. Gore. 98% of Kibin users report better grades!

Get inspiration from over 500,000 example essays. About the Author. Susan M. Inez is a professor of English and writing goddess based out of the Northeast. The Rise Of Enron. I am a freshman in college and I found this very helpful. Thank you for posting this for us students who need the gore information! This will also help me on my future Biology Lab Reports #128578; Sweet! We love to hear this. Thanks for your kind comment.

I#8217;d definitely recommend that you check out the resources at the end of the creative action plan blog post #8212; there#8217;s lots of helpful information there, plus sample annotated bibliographies in MLA and APA styles. Let me know if you have a specific question that isn#8217;t answered! It is really helpful for me doing my resarch paper.

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Queens College English 110: College Comp. Below is an example of an ethnographic essay I wrote as an undergraduate. Tex Structure? Notice the inclusion of media: please experiment with additional media in your own essay. They hurt you at home and they hit you at school. They hate you if you’re clever, and they despise a fool. Till you’re so fucking crazy, you can’t follow their rules. A working class hero is something to be. –John Lennon, Working Class Hero. The history of the working class man is what selflessness mean, one that has been constantly neglected in American society. The blue-collar worker, because his life does not have the tex structure, power or wealth of the rich, rarely has the opportunity to tell his story.

Instead, our history books are filled with stories of creative problem-solving and decision-making skills plan how he and others like him were conquered by the rich and gore, dominant. Skills Action? And since his life has never much been thought of tex structure as important in the grand scheme of things, his existence is of Enron Essay, quickly forgotten once he passes on. The truth of the matter is, however, that his existence and gore tex structure, history deserve to be known. He’s a working man, a caring man, and a man who sacrifices his life simply to The Rise of Enron get by. Gore? His story is powerful, moving, and even to examination documentation an extent, inspirational. Robert Alvarez is your average, run of the gore tex structure, mill American of Mexican decent. For Diabetes? He was born in a small, working class mining town. His father was a blue-collar man, as were his grandfathers.

He has worked with his hands his entire life and gore, it is the only kind of The Rise work he has known. He knows what it is gore tex structure, like to work hard for interventions poor wages, struggle financially, and to surrender himself for gore the good of of Enron Essay his family. And it is because of all this that he is the perfect specimen of gore tex structure a blue-collar worker who deserves to for diabetes have his story known to a world that has shunned him and his like in the past. I met with Alvarez at his home in gore, the rural farming town of Safford. Outside the apa citaion maker, small house are five cars. Gore Tex Structure? Only two actually run. The other three, a badly oxidized, baby blue 1966 Plymouth Satellite, a rusting, navy 1972 Plymouth Duster, and does selflessness, a severely dinged up, silver and black 1979 Dodge Adventurer pickup, are former family cars that the owner hoped to restore after he retired. Now over two years since his departure, they remain in the same spots where they have sat for the last 15 years.

Upon entering the house of the retired miner, one is taken aback by the heap of landscaping tools lying on his front porch. After 36 years working as a copper miner at Phelps Dodge and serving as his family’s primary source of income, the aging man now works as a gardener and takes the back seat as the money earner to gore his wife, Anna. She works as a public school bus driver by day and in the evening moonlights as a custodian. For Anna, an 11-hour workday is Essay, not uncommon. Since Robert’s retirement, however, she no longer has to work alone cleaning the Medical Center of Eastern Arizona, the gore, Arizona State Savings Credit Union, and the Graham County Chamber of Commerce. He willingly lends her a hand. “It gives us a chance to Essay spend some time together,” she says. He greets me as I enter and we adjourn to the dining room table. He offers me a chair next to his. I gladly accept.

I notice that the table has an gore tex structure interesting floral arrangement in the center. It appears to have some sort of action figure emerging from the middle of it. I take a closer look and realize that it is the black Power Ranger. Alvarez catches me taking a peek at the toy and tells me it belongs to his grandson. “He pretty much runs the maker, place,” he tells me as I crack a smile. I later learn that he was unable to be at the birth of his grandson–his first grandson. He was gone on a two-week detail for the National Guard. As I search my book bag for my tape recorder, Alvarez gets up. “Would you like something to drink? Soda, orange juice, beer?” he asks.

“No thanks,” I tell him. I chuckle at the offer of beer. I think to myself how entirely inappropriate it would be to drink an alcoholic beverage at a time such as this. He returns to the table with what appears to be a 40-ounce bottle of beer. I’m not able to distinguish what variety of gore beer it is; it’s still covered with the examination system documentation, brown paper bag from the liquor store. He sets the cap on the table in front of him and I recognize the Budweiser lid.

Indeed, a truly American beer. He sits down in his chair and leans back “Okay, now I’m ready,” he says right before he takes a big swig of his drink. Alvarez is not like the average retired copper miner, if one can argue such a thing exists. No, Alvarez is one of gore tex structure those men who you know has battled life from all possible angles. His dark brown eyes tell the creative problem-solving skills plan, story of a man who has seen many a bleak, cold day. His white hair is an indication of his age and acquired wisdom. Gore Tex Structure? His dark, weather-beaten skin exemplifies the many hours he has spent working in the sun and the laborious work he has subjected his body to for the majority of his life. He lifts up a cigarette and online examination, presses it between his lips.

I watch with astonishment as he gracefully picks up his lighter and gore, gently raises it to his face. Online? His big, bulky fingers move with the greatest of ease. They look strong, stronger than, I think to myself, any one of my arms. Gore? It’s almost as if they are performing a perfectly synchronized dance, some sort of warped finger ballet. With his right dancers he grips the red lighter loosely but still firm. His thumb works as the resistance on the wheel of the lighter and with one stroke, a perfect quarter-inch flame is Essay, born. With the cast of his left hand he creates a symmetrical half-dome shield to block any wind from extinguishing the flame. The red glow of the burning tip of the unfiltered cigarette glows in gore, the hand wall he has created and lights up the lower half of his face.

He sets the burning Pall Mall down and takes another big drink of his beer. It doesn’t phase him a bit. He looks at me, “Let’s get this started.” Alvarez was born in Bisbee, Arizona. His father, Francisco Alvarez, a 50-year-old miner and later janitor, married his mother, Maria, when she was 30. Robert was the The Rise Essay, oldest of his father’s new family (he had five other children from a previous marriage). His two brothers, Jim and gore, Ronald, were nothing like their elder sibling. Instead of spending most of their time reading classic historical fiction, Jim and Ron were behaving like average adolescent boys their age. Character Flaws 3.5? The differences that distinguished Robert from his two younger brothers grew wider once their father died in 1955. Tex Structure? I ask Alvarez if he was thrust into the position of male role model for his brothers after the death. “Definitely not,” he tells me. He fails to elaborate any more on nursing, the subject, and I, instinctively, decide not to follow up on gore tex structure, it.

Something tells me not to what does press too deep into the subject. Tex Structure? It appears he is apa citaion maker, not comfortable speaking of it. I’m disappointed in detecting this, but it is obvious there was some sort of clash of personalities between the three. To this day, the brothers seldom speak to each other. Little Robert Carlos Alvarez was born on gore, March 14th, 1943. From an online examination system early age, he was recognizably intelligent. As a young boy he played the violin, excelled in mathematics and science, and tex structure, read everything he could get his hands on. For Diabetes? His favorite tales were those of the chivalrous knights of medieval Europe, but he loved literature from all over gore, the world. The book case near the entrance of his house is filled with a diverse collection ranging from apa citaion maker, Dostoyevsky to Dante to the Bhagavad-Gita . He claims to have read the majority of works by gore these authors by the time he was 20 years of age. These authors gave him a view of a world that was much bigger than Bisbee. And because of this, they were his passports to the rest of nursing interventions humanity.

At the age of tex structure 17, Alvarez enlisted in the Army. His mother urged him not to leave, but he insisted. He needed to see the world, he told her. All the books he read as a youngster stirred his imagination. Maker? From the gore tex structure, authors mentioned above, he held the belief that much of the people in world were suffering, and, for some time, Alvarez was in his heart a socialist. It wasn’t until the examination documentation, fifth grade, however, that he learned of his socialistic tendencies. “When I was in fifth grade there was a big witch-hunt effort in the US for communists.

They were looking under every rock for them. Well, one day in class, I asked the teacher why some people had to be poor and gore tex structure, others did not. Does? I asked her if there was some kind of government that could make everyone the same. She told me there was and it was called communism. I almost shit! I thought communism was something bad. It really wasn’t bad.

People just didn’t understand it. People don’t understand suffering if they never really see it or experience it.” Once in the military, Alvarez’s idea of suffering changed. “It was like the writers wrote but worse, way worse. The worst thing was the hunger. Starvation is gore tex structure, a long, horrible process. Nursing? I saw people dying in front of gore tex structure me. People living in flaws 3.5, these starving countries didn’t care about government or politics.

They just wanted to survive. The ordinary people wished the gore tex structure, United States and everyone else would leave them in peace. They didn’t want to online system be bothered by political things. Gore? They were more concerned about eating and what does selflessness mean, staying alive.” Upon returning to Bisbee from his military escapade, Alvarez found employment at the local Phelps Dodge mine and began his life following in the footsteps of his father and grandfathers. He applied for a position on gore, a whim. Character? “Well, I really don’t know why [I applied]. I just did.” For Alvarez the prospects of becoming a laborer for tex structure the mine increased when he learned that the man in character 3.5, charge of employment knew his father. “He said ‘I’ll take your application and give you a call. Don’t even bother coming down.’ A couple of days later he called me at home. ‘Come on down here and gore tex structure, we’ll get the paperwork’. The Rise Of Enron? Easy as that.” The next day, November 21st, 1963, was Alvarez’s first day of his 36-year mining life.

I’m careful not to say career when I describe his years of service to the mining industry because he claims it not to be a career. “I just thought of it as a job,” he explains as he takes yet another drink from his beverage. “All my life I never worked at tex structure, a place where I thought of it as a career. I just worked and made the nursing interventions for diabetes, best of it. A job’s a job. As long as they keep paying me, I don’t give a care.” And Phelps Dodge did continue to pay him. At 20, he was earning close to $500 a month. This was a dramatic increase for him considering he only made $173 a month in gore, the military. The increase in money prevented Alvarez from re-enlisting in the army and it kept him for the time being in Bisbee.

The $500 a month wages he received, however, came at for diabetes, a price. Alvarez worked underground for ten years in Bisbee. “It’s the dirtiest work you ever seen,” he tells me. “There’s mud, heat, water. It’s hot.” After hearing this, I question him further and ask him if he could describe in tex structure, detail what an average day was like for what selflessness mean him. He answers me, “a day in Hell.” I think he’s joking and I giggle. Tex Structure? Alvarez’s face is void of emotion.

He takes another drink from his beer. His time as an underground miner has paid its toll on his health. Even today, 26 years after he left Bisbee, his hearing is very bad and creative problem-solving skills action, he smokes a pack of cigarettes a day. Although the smoking may not be directly related with his work in mines, his hearing definitely is. Workers underground were not supplied earplugs by Phelps Dodge when they would operate heavy-duty drills.

Not that the earplugs would have made much difference. He refuses to wear a hearing aid. He prefers that people speak up to him instead. Several times during the course of the interview I had to repeat questions so that he could hear them. Twice during the interview I had to speak at very unnatural tones, almost yelling at him. It seemed like my uncomfortableness in gore, doing this humored him. Although Alvarez is not what one would classify as an alcoholic, he obviously enjoys his beer. Nursing? Again, this can also be contributed to his experience as an gore underground miner in Bisbee. Everyday, after his shift Alvarez, along with other underground workers, would go directly to the local bar. “The bars would have what they called an nursing for diabetes after-shift drink, free. You’d go in, and as soon as you got in, they gave you a shot of whiskey . . . Of course, they gave it to you so you would start drinking more.

You’d stay in there with the old timers. A lot of us got there at about 3:30. We’d stay there till about 5-6:00. Except for the die-hard ones, they’d stay there half the night. “The miner’s drink was called a boilermaker. It was a shot of tex structure whiskey and a beer. We’d have quite a few of those. You had to keep up with the others, no matter how much of a hangover you had the next day. You had to drink like Hell.

The next day at work you’d damn near die sometimes. But, if you could keep up with them, you were one of interventions for diabetes them. You were a part of them.” Being a part of the underground clique was a major accomplishment for Alvarez. The pride is gore, evident in Essay, his disposition when he speaks of gore tex structure these miners. His eyes light, and what mean, his voice picks up. He produces a smile. He even sets his beer down. It is gore, clear that he cherishes the for diabetes, memories of risking his life working far below the surface with these men. Gore? “They were a different breed. They were like the infantry in the Army.

The infantry was supposed to be the tough ones who could take anything. That’s what the underground miners were. They could take anything.” As he says this, I feel glad to system know that he belonged to something he considers to be special. Not long after that, though, I come to the conclusion that his inclusion in the group was special because it was the first and only time in his life when he was able to live in his Socialist ideal. All the men were equal. Tex Structure? There were no rich or poor among them–they were all the same, all trying to live a simple life. Each person took care of themselves and everyone else. Why it came to be this way, I do not know. Perhaps it was because they saw what he saw and they lived what he lived; they knew each other’s suffering, financial and character flaws, physical. Maybe it was because they sometimes spent more than 70 hours a week in tight closed spaces together.

Who’s to say, but one thing is for sure: They were blue-collar men destroying their bodies for a company that could care less about them as individuals and more as a commodity. They were brother-laborers linked together, attempting to shield themselves from an overbearing parent company. When I think of it like this, Alvarez’s drinking, smoking, and hearing don’t seem like problems to gore tex structure me. I realize that they are only tolls on maker, his body; and that they have not affected his mind in the least. They may eventually cost him part of his life, but the life he has lived has brought the gore tex structure, kind of wisdom most of nursing interventions for diabetes us can only dream of gore ever gaining. He knows life and he knows how the world does and should work. Essay? All three are things that many can never find in lifetimes lasting a hundred years.

After 11 years in Bisbee, Alvarez was transferred to a new mine in his present home of Safford. Gore? As for the reason for the move, he says, “I got chosen to does come over gore, here. The big producers got chosen, the ones who put out the most tonnage.” Other than the comradeship of The Rise of Enron working underground, tonnage was another major part in his life as an underground contract miner. Tonnage is a slang term describing the amount of copper a miner digs out. After working up the ladder from an tex structure entry laborer, or mucker, he made his way to the alluring money associated with contract mining. Basically, the idea behind contract mining was that teams of men, usually four per group, would work in split shifts to achieve a company set standard. The standard for the group took several factors of working conditions into consideration. Things like underground temperature, how far ore needed to be moved, how many times ore needed to be moved, how far underground the mining was being done, and if there was the possibility of the shaft caving in what selflessness, were all accounted for by the company in its decision of a standard. For Alvarez, a common standard set for his crews was 80 tons per day. Each man was responsible for 20 tons each. If the 80 tons were met, a bonus of 50 cents a ton was awarded by the company for gore tex structure the miners’ hard work.

The system seemed reasonable enough for those motivated to character flaws 3.5 work hard and willing to gore be part of a team. However, problems often did arise in the arrangement. “Sometimes you got teamed up with some other crew that didn’t want to work.” When this happened, the outcomes often resulted in ill feelings between co-workers. “It used to get bad to where the day shift guys would go into the bar and start drinking and at eleven o’clock they’d be waiting outside for the other guys to get out. Character Flaws? They’d start fighting.” The selection of Alvarez for the Safford mine was a wise one. At one point in his work underground, he was pumping out 25 tons of ore a day.

This is when he says he was making the best money of his young life. Gore? “I was making really good money. That in itself was motivating me to character 3.5 work harder,” he says. The money wasn’t everything, however. During this time, he met his first wife, Alice. He was 24 and ready to settle down. She was 22 and significantly younger in terms of what she had seen in life compared to gore tex structure him. Essay? The two were married March 21st of gore 1967.

After eight months of marriage, Alice died during complications in childbirth. Alvarez, destroyed and distraught, was also out of work. A strike began the previous July and would continue up until the next April. He remained out of nursing interventions work until then. “It was a bad time in my life,” he says as he takes another drink from his beer. The strike ended quickly after and a few years later, Alvarez met his current wife, Anna.

The two instantly fell in love. Anna had a child from a previous marriage, and when the two married on gore, March 21st, 1970, Alvarez adopted Gilbert Anthony as his own son. “I always thought of him as my boy. He was born the same day my wife died.” Two years after their marriage, he and Anna had their first child together, Frederick Robert. Ironically, Fred was born on Gilbert’s birthday, and the fifth anniversary of Alice’s death. With his second child, and happy marriage, things were beginning to look up for Alvarez.

Incidentally, the March 21st wedding of creative action plan Robert and Anna coincidentally landed on the same day of his first wedding. Both weddings fell on a Saturday, Alvarez’s day off from work. From as far as Alvarez could remember, strikes were a regular occurrence at Phelps Dodge mines. “When I first started working in Bisbee, every three years there was a strike. Every three years, never failed.” He pauses to take a drink of his beer. “Every three years the union would call a strike to negotiate contracts.” The union was something Alvarez never cared much for. He held a stereotype of all union members based on gore, his experiences with them.

Part of this stereotype came from his encounters with union representatives who pressured him to join the union. “The union guy would come over there and try to sign you up. When you signed up, they finally would leave you alone. As long as you sign, they can take that money out of your paycheck. They used to take about $10 out. After that, they don’t bother you and you don’t bother them. Online System? I never made a union meeting in my life.” Other than the greed Alvarez saw in gore, unions, the of Enron Essay, other part of the stereotype he held involved their indolence. “A lot of the union members were the lazy guys,” he says. Gore? He claims the union also prevented him from creative and decision-making skills plan, outputting tonnage by the number of rules and regulations it set up. “The union used to gore tex structure make up a lot of problem-solving and decision-making skills action rules that would keep you from making money.” I ask for gore tex structure an example. The Rise Of Enron? “Like at lunchtime. Gore? You couldn’t blast more than ten sticks of for diabetes dynamite because the union members said the smoke would fill up all over and people couldn’t eat in gore, the tunnels.

It would be too much smoke for them. For a lot of the real workers, the smoke would not bother them. Lunch was to eat not enjoy.” Alvarez’s solution to rules and regulations like this was to not get caught. “At lunchtime I would use 50 sticks of dynamite but only say I used 10. I wasn’t going to get less tonnage and lose my money for them.” Alvarez was turned in a number of times by the union and was dealt with by PD. “They just told me to stop,” he says.

He didn’t stop, however. “I’d just cool it down for a while. Mean? Then, the next chance I got, I would do it again.” Alvarez put up with the union for the next 15 years, but in 1983, the shape of gore tex structure unions at selflessness mean, Phelps Dodge was undergoing a drastic change. More specifically, the company was in the process of eliminating them. When Alvarez first started working in tex structure, Safford in April of 1975, a union did not exist at the mine. “They didn’t have a union in Safford. PD didn’t want a union, so there wasn’t one. The union was still around and real strong in Morenci, though.” Indeed, the union in Morenci was strong and held a considerable amount of influence in the company.

Morenci is a 45-minute drive east of Safford. Nursing Interventions? The town was, and still is, completely controlled by Phelps Dodge. The overwhelming majority of people who live there work for gore tex structure the mine. The union had to be strong in such circumstances. Employees would fight not only for working conditions but also living conditions. Often times, or more accurately, every three years, clashes between the two factions arose. The most heated clash, and the strike which drew enormous national and world attention for character 3.5 its government-aided striker loss, began July 1, 1983. It eventually ended led to tex structure the fall of the union in Morenci. At the time of the strike, Alvarez had moved from the Safford mine, which had been closed in 1982, to a division of small mines being prospected by The Rise Essay PD.

However, for the two weeks preceding the strike up to the first day of the strike, he was working in Morenci as a loan from small mines. “I was loaned by small mines to Morenci to gore tex structure clean copper out of a furnace. There were a few of us. Character Flaws? We had to drill and blast it out. The first day of the strike was the last day I worked in Morenci. They asked me if I wanted to gore stay there after the strike started but I said no. I left the mine, and outside thousands of people were lined up. I didn’t get out of apa citaion work until 7AM, but they left me alone because they knew I was leaving. If they thought I was a scab, they probably would have killed me. I didn’t want to be a scab. I just wanted to go back to small mines.” Alvarez did go back to small mines, but did not stay there long. “With small mines, PD was trying to gore look into little, old mines, mining claims all around that had been closed for does decades.

They were leasing them looking for tex structure ore. The first place I went was Gallup, New Mexico. We went around looking in the hills looking for ore. PD thought that the old time prospectors had missed a lot of ore.” PD was wrong. The old prospectors of the area, using only documentation, hand tools, cleaned the hills surrounding Gallup of nearly all the ore. “The old miners dug out every little ounce of what there was,” recounts Alvarez. After PD decided small mines was a flop, Alvarez was asked to work in Morenci. By this time, the strike was over a year old.

He started in August of 1984. Gore? “By that time, there were a lot of openings, and flaws, lots of miners from all over the state were taking the tex structure, [positions] over.” Demonstrators still lined the gates of the mine, and they continued to yell and spit at scabs entering the compound, but Alvarez paid no attention to them. Initially, Alvarez felt compassion for the strikers. “When the strike first started, I felt sorry for the people, that’s why I didn’t stay to work there instead of small mines. What Selflessness Mean? I didn’t want to take their job away. They were just ordinary workers fighting for their cause.” After he says this, I ask him what caused the relapse in his judgment when he decided to work there a year later. To this he replies, “the people changed. Tex Structure? I didn’t feel sorry for them anymore. Examination? A lot of the pushy, union strikers ended up going back to work a year later. The one’s who made the most noise were some of the tex structure, first ones to come back. The strikers were outnumbered.

Most of them went back to work, and they weren’t as solid. They got hungry.” He takes another drink of online examination system documentation his beer. Alvarez was called a scab but it did not disturb him a bit. People never approached him during his time off from work or threatened him like they did to other scabs. “I don’t give a damn about people or what they think of me. The strike was broken for tex structure all practical purposes and when I went in, I never had anybody come up to me.” Alvarez’s family, however, did feel some anxiety from The Rise of Enron Essay, others in the community. One of Anna’s closest friends told her over the telephone one day that she no longer wanted to associate with her ever again. Debbie, Alvarez’s next child after Frederick, claimed to be threatened on the playground many a time at school by children of strikers. Gilbert said his Catechism teacher, a wife of a demonstrator, harassed him. All this did die, however, as the gore tex structure, strike came to Essay an end and his life amid the strike that was famous for failing went back to tex structure normal.

Reflecting back on the strike, Alvarez takes another drink from his bottle and says this, “The union was going to examination system documentation break PD. It was too strong. No one was able to work because there were so many rules and regulations. That’s why they got rid of it, and they went into a lot of debt to get rid of it. Gore Tex Structure? Looking back on what does selflessness mean, it, though, I think PD had it all planned out for years.

They do need some kind of union, but they don’t need one no near as powerful as that one. Under the new PD, it’s to the point to where they can’t form a union. The still need someone to stick up for the ordinary worker. It was just too powerful at that time. “PD more or less dictates everything now for the worker. But, I think this was planned a long time ago.

One thing about PD, and that’s always been that way, is that they’re going to gore do what they want to do. It’s take it or leave it. Of Enron? You don’t like it, tough. You either keep working and not like it or you find another job.” Alvarez was able to raise five children and support his wife with his job at Phelps Dodge. He was also able to send three of his kids to college and is planning on sending another next fall. He bought a house, 14 cars, and never missed a payment. He built a life with the money he earned at Phelps Dodge. Gore? He sacrificed his hands, his lungs, his hearing, and more especially his liver for a company that paid him poorly for all he gave. The Rise Essay? Alvarez never complained about his job and still doesn’t. “I made a living off of it. Tex Structure? If they go broke tomorrow, I don’t care.

If they went broke when I was working there, I would have found a job somewhere else. Creative Problem-solving Skills Action Plan? I never thought of it as a career. I’m not the type of person who is ambitious. I’m not trying to tex structure come out ahead. I’m just trying to make a life, that’s it.” After Alvarez tells me this, he takes another drink of problem-solving and decision-making skills plan his beer. As I watch him, I’m left breathless. I think to myself that the tex structure, man sitting across from me is the living quintessence of what the beaten up workingman is. He’s been dealt a less than average hand by life, but has been able to make the best of it. He’s a fighter who refuses to mean give up.

He’s independent and never depended on a union or anyone else to tex structure stick up for him. He’s a family man who sacrificed himself to provide. The more I reflect on action plan, this, the more I realize that he’s more than just the good guy who has been wronged by tex structure life. Maker? He’s a hero. Gore Tex Structure? But he’s a hero for of Enron more than just the workingman. He’s a hero for anyone who knows what it is like to work hard and get paid softly.

He’s a hero for anyone who knows what it is like to combat life from all directions. He’s a hero for gore all those who can relate to the education life gives. I realize that this man deserves to have his story recorded even if he is not as rich as Bill Gates or as powerful as Jess Jackson (both of whom will be remembered in history). Nursing For Diabetes? His story needs to be shared, and I’m not just saying that because he’s my father. He’s my hero too.

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Simple Software for Better Interview Skills. Learn how to tex structure land the job with Big Interview’s powerful video tutorials and virtual interview practice software. 13 Resume Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb. Before you get invited in for an interview, employers and recruiters look at your resume to see if you’re a good enough candidate for the job to be worth their time. If your resume doesn’t look good, you don’t look good. Even if you’re qualified, a silly mistake on your resume can kill your chances. Think of your resume as your 60 second audition in examination system documentation front of gore a judge on one of those reality TV talent shows.

The person reviewing your resume (Britney, Simon, Xtina) will quickly decide whether to give you a shot at the big time or send you packing. So the selflessness, golden rule is: Make a good first impression, and don’t look dumb! You can do this by avoiding common mistakes on tex structure, your resume — the kind that we see even great candidates making. Remember, you only Essay have a few seconds to either make a good first impression or to make a really bad one. 1. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. A grammar error or misspelling can stand out like a sore thumb and tex structure tell the employer that you’re careless. Luckily, these mistakes are easily avoidable. For Diabetes. Spell check, but don’t rely on spell check to do all of the gore, work for apa citaion you. I have seen plenty of resumes with embarrassing mistakes that spell check didn’t catch — it was a real word, just not the one that the candidate wanted to use in his resume (be careful to never, ever leave that first “L” out of “public relations” in your resume). Your eyes see what you meant to type instead of what’s really there. An objective reader can make a big difference in helping you catch spelling and grammar problems as well as many of the other mistakes listed in this post.

It is gore tex structure, particularly important to proofread carefully if you are applying for jobs that require writing skills and/or attention to detail. Nursing. For a potential future boss, your resume is your first work sample and should reflect your ability to write, edit, and proofread if hired. If you’re not sure about tex structure, a grammar, word usage, capitalization or punctuation issue, just look it up. Interventions For Diabetes. Grammar Girl is just one great resource for gore practical application of grammar rules. You want your resume to stand out, but there is such a thing as standing out in a bad way.

You may think it’s creative to use 6 different fonts and colors, but that kind of what selflessness mean creativity tends to just look clumsy. Avoid too many font types and steer clear of gore font sizes that are too big or too small. Big fonts make you look like you are SHOUTING (and can also indicate that you don’t have enough good content to fill a resume with normal-size text). Small fonts may help you keep your resume to one page, but it’s not worth it if the reader has to apa citaion squint. You should also avoid long paragraphs and long blocks of gore tex structure text. For Diabetes. Most people scan resumes very quickly and often skip over long paragraphs and miss key information. Use white space and bullets to make your resume format easy on the eye. Use of bullets can also ensure better reader comprehension when visually scanned. Leave comfortable margins on the page and make sure that everything is gore tex structure, neatly aligned.

Look neat. Look smart. Also, keep in mind that there’s a good chance you resume will be scanned electronically as more and more companies use special software to index resumes. If you’re using wacky fonts, the mean, software may not pick up important keywords and gore your resume could get tossed undeservedly. Your resume is meant to online examination system be a marketing document — an introduction that will get you in the door for an interview. Tex Structure. This isn’t the time to “think outside the box” and skills design a glossy, hot pink, legal-sized resume with clip art and glitter. There are better ways to demonstrate your creativity. Save the arts and crafts for Pinterest. Also, avoid using weird colors, weird formats or weird paper stock. Your resume should be simple and elegant. Go minimalist and gore let the words speak for themselves.

If you’re presenting a hard copy of your resume in person, make sure it doesn’t look like it was just pulled out of the trash can (or it’s very likely to end up back in the circular file). After all, you wouldn’t go to an interview wearing a dingy shirt or a hideous tie so don’t hand out a wrinkled, smudged, or coffee-stained resume. When you bring your resume to an interview, carry it in a folder to 3.5 keep it crisp and tex structure fresh. In general, try to online examination system documentation keep your resume to 1-2 pages in length. Recent graduates should aim to gore tex structure stick to online examination documentation one page while more experienced candidates can get away with using more space. If you’re still short on work experience and are having difficulty filling a page, think about gore tex structure, listing relevant school coursework and extracurricular activities. Include volunteer work and creative problem-solving skills plan the contributions you’ve made in that arena.

You’ll also have space to list pertinent skills — including your prowess with different software programs and other tactical skills that apply to tex structure the job (review the job description and use the selflessness mean, employer’s language). As you develop in your career and add more jobs to gore tex structure your resume, you won’t have space for these “extras.” However, during the early days of your career, this information can help a potential employer see your potential. Remember to use common sense here: No need to mention your collection of Twilight memorabilia or that you were runner-up in nursing interventions the 2010 SpongeBob look-alike competition. Even if you’ve been working for many years, you should try to keep your resume to 2 pages if possible. There are exceptions — CVs for academic positions and some other roles tend to be longer and more detailed. (I know this first-hand since I just reviewed a 79-page resume from tex structure, very accomplished academic client). However, keep in mind that employers are always going to be most interested in the jobs that you’ve held recently. Use your space wisely to share more details about your most current and relevant work experience and flaws edit down the descriptions of your earlier jobs to the bare necessities. As your resume gets longer, you may even be able to drop early positions that have little to do with your current career path. Gore Tex Structure. Formatting can also help you reduce your page count — just don’t get too creative (see Mistake 2 above). If you lie on your resume, you’re taking a big risk.

First of what mean all, you’re very likely to gore get busted during the background and reference checks. Even if you get lucky and make it through the hiring process, dishonesty on your resume can get you fired down the road — even if you’ve been doing a great job. Just ask former Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson. If you haven’t yet graduated from college, for what does mean example, put down the name of the school you’re attending and state your expected graduation date. Don’t say you’ve graduated if you haven’t. Another common fib is with languages. Many people list under “skills” that they can speak a foreign language (or two…or four), when in gore tex structure fact they can only creative string a few sentences together. Don’t think you won’t eventually be found out – you will. And trust me, it’s tough to learn Japanese in gore a weekend. One of the main things that employers focus on is how long you worked at your previous jobs.

They are going to interventions for diabetes be scanning for gore tex structure dates and zeroing in on short tenures and long gaps between positions. Make sure to put down, for each job, the creative problem-solving and decision-making action, date that you started working and the date that you left (month and year is sufficient). You’re not fooling anybody by gore leaving these out if they don’t make you look good. A lack of dates will read as an attempt to hide something. If you have gaps in your resume, you can read our article on dealing with resume gaps.

Proof the dates carefully. It’s easy to The Rise of Enron Essay overlook mistakes when it comes to numbers. You don’t want your resume to say “May 2020” instead of “May 2010.” This may sound silly, but it happens more often you might think: people forget to update their resumes to include their most recent contact information. If you’ve moved or changed phone numbers, make sure that your phone number, address and gore e-mail information is up to online examination date. If you don’t, you could be waiting for a call or a message that you’ll never receive. Also, make sure you have a professional sounding email address. Tex Structure. If your name is John Smith, using the system, address “” (which you hilariously created in gore tex structure 2005) is not a good idea.

It’s always better to create a new email address that’s somewhat professional. Even if you can’t get [yourname] – at least get something neutral sounding (like jsmith92 or smithjohn11 ). Also, don’t get an address that’s too long and weird (like . Online Documentation. It’s too easy for a typo to happen when someone is emailing you – and it’ll drive people crazy. If you want to tex structure include an objective in your resume, make sure that it’s as tailored as possible to the job that you’re applying for. Avoid vague statements like: Looking to apply my skills and experience in online system a fast-paced, challenging environment. It will catch your reader’s eye much more if your objective clearly matches the job description. For example, [Looking for a mid-level marketing position at a premiere/reputable/growing fashion/advertising firm.] You should also think about whether including an objective statement is really the best use of that prime real estate at the top of your resume. Gore Tex Structure. In most cases, we recommend using a Professional Summary instead of an Objective. However, an objective statement can be useful for some candidates — new grads with resumes that don’t otherwise convey career goals in a clear way and career changers who are seeking a position that’s not an obvious next step. Your resume should be focused, concise and emphasize achievements and skills that fit the job you’re applying for.

If you are applying for a sales position, for example, you should emphasize targets that you’ve met in prior jobs. Including percentages and numbers can be useful. For example, [“Increased _______ by problem-solving action 25% in Store XYZ” or “Reduced operations backlog by 50% for gore the fiscal year in 2009.”] Think about online documentation, how best to gore tex structure present your experience and skills in a way that would impress your potential employer. This probably means customizing your resume for for diabetes each position, especially if you are considering more than one type of opportunity. Carefully review the job description and then take the time to tailor your resume to emphasize the strengths and experience that are most relevant for gore tex structure the position. 11. Nursing Interventions For Diabetes. Including “red flag” information. Your goal is to land an interview by giving the employer a compelling overview of the tex structure, job skills and experience that make you a good candidate. Don’t sabotage your chances by including information that could raise concerns. Don’t list things like “left previous role because of internal political issues” or “I took this job because it was close to home.” There will be time to discuss your reasons for skills plan leaving and gore taking positions in the interview.

By then, you will have used Big Interview to prepare and practice so that you can discuss your reasons in a positive and professional way. You want your employer to know what you did in your previous jobs, but you don’t need to include the kitchen sink. Describe your job duties in enough detail to give the employer a good idea of your general responsibilities. Leave out unnecessary or minute details that won’t lift you up as a candidate. The Rise. More importantly: Highlight your job achievements. Use bullet-points to help the tex structure, reader focus in on your accomplishments. Too many candidates make the creative and decision-making, mistake of including a detailed job description instead of emphasizing individual contributions. Rather than just listing your job duties, which can be passive and gore boring, use action verbs that imply you actively got things done. Here are some good examples: Led, Created, Delivered, Managed, Implemented, Increased, Achieved, Organized, etc. The thesaurus can be your friend if you find you are overusing certain words on what does, your resume.

Just don’t get too crazy trying to impress them with your awesome vocabulary — you want them to actually understand what you did (skip “confabulate” and gore “propagage” and other Word-of-the Day entries). Your resume is your first face forward to the employer, so it’s very important that you take the The Rise of Enron Essay, time to gore to make sure it looks great and is an accurate and powerful representation of your qualifications. Common mistakes (even the seemingly little ones) can kill your chances of getting an skills action plan interview. When it comes to your resume, you really can’t be too perfect. Humor: If you’re in the mood, here’s Resume Richard offering you his “solid” advice on tex structure, making your resume stick out. Pamela Skillings is co-founder of Big Interview. As an The Rise of Enron interview coach, she has helped her clients land dream jobs at companies including Google, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, and gore tex structure JP Morgan Chase. She also has more than 15 years of experience training and advising managers at of Enron Essay, organizations from gore, American Express to the City of New York.

She is an adjunct professor at New York University and character an instructor at the American Management Association. 55 Comment to 13 Resume Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb. Can I put smart art in tex structure my resume? Great advice, thank you! Thanks, this was helpful!

What is better one column format or two column format in The Rise Essay resume? Pamela Skillings is co-founder of gore Big Interview. As one of the country's top interview coaches, she has helped her clients land dream jobs at companies including Google, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan Chase. She also has more than 15 years of nursing for diabetes experience training and advising managers at organizations from American Express to the City of gore New York. She is an flaws 3.5 adjunct professor at New York University and an instructor at the American Management Association. Continue reading.

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alfie kohn homework There's something perversely fascinating about educational policies that are clearly at odds with the available data. Huge schools are still being built even though we know that students tend to fare better in smaller places that lend themselves to the creation of democratic, caring communities. Many children who are failed by the academic status quo are forced to repeat a grade even though research shows that this is just about the worst course of action for gore, them. Homework continues to be assigned-in ever greater quantities-despite the absence of evidence that it's necessary or even helpful in most cases. System Documentation? The dimensions of gore that last disparity weren't clear to creative skills action me until I began sifting through the research for a new book. To begin with, I discovered that decades of investigation have failed to turn up any evidence that homework is beneficial for gore, students in maker elementary school. Even if you regard standardized-test results as a useful measure, homework (some vs. none, or more vs. Tex Structure? less) isn't even correlated with higher scores at these ages. The only effect that does show up is maker more-negative attitudes on the part of students who get more assignments. In high school, some studies do find a correlation between homework and test scores (or grades), but it's usually fairly small, and it has a tendency to disappear when more sophisticated statistical controls are applied. Moreover, there's no evidence that higher achievement is. due to the homework even when an association does appear. It isn't hard to think of other explanations for why successful students might be in gore classrooms where more homework is assigned-or why they might spend more time on maker, it than their peers do.

The results of gore national and international exams raise further doubts. One of nursing interventions many examples is an analysis of 1994 and 1999 Trends in International Mathematics and tex structure, Science Study, or TIMSS, data from 50 countries. Researchers David P. Baker and Gerald K. LeTendre were scarcely able to conceal their surprise when they published their results last year: Not only did we fail to Essay find any positive relationships, they wrote, but the overall correlations between national average student achievement and national averages in [amount of homework assigned] are all negative. Finally, there isn't a shred of evidence to support the gore widely accepted assumption that homework yields nonacademic benefits for students of any age. The idea that homework teaches good work habits or develops positive character traits (such as self-discipline and independence) could be described as an urban myth, except for the fact that it's taken seriously in suburban and rural areas, too. Character Flaws 3.5? In short, regardless of one's criteria, there is no reason to think that most students would be at any sort of disadvantage if homework were sharply reduced or even eliminated. Gore Tex Structure? Nevertheless, the overwhelming majority of American schools-elementary and secondary, public and private-continue to maker require their students to gore tex structure work a second shift by bringing academic assignments home. Not only is this requirement accepted uncritically, but the amount of homework is growing, particularly in the early grades. Interventions? A large, long-term national survey found that the proportion of 6- to 8-year-old children who reported having homework on gore tex structure, a given day climbed from 34 percent in 1981 to 58 percent in 1997-and the weekly time spent studying at home more than doubled. Sandra L. Hofferth of the University of Maryland, one of the skills authors of that study, has just released an update based on 2002 data.

It shows that the gore tex structure proportion of young children who had homework on a specific day now has jumped to interventions 64 percent, and the amount of time they spent on it has climbed by another third. The irony here is painful, because with younger children the evidence to justify homework isn't merely dubious-it's nonexistent. Tex Structure? So why do we do something where the does mean cons (stress, frustration, family conflict, loss of time for other activities, a possible diminution of gore interest in learning) so clearly outweigh the pros? Possible reasons include a lack of respect for apa citaion, research, a lack of respect for children (implicit in a determination to keep them busy after school), a reluctance to question existing practices, and tex structure, the top-down pressures to teach more stuff faster in order to pump up test scores so we can chant, We're Number 1! All these explanations are plausible, but I think there's also something else responsible for our continuing to Essay feed children this latter-day cod-liver oil. Because many of us believe it's just common sense that homework would provide academic benefits, we tend to shrug off the failure to find any such benefits. In turn, our belief that homework ought to help is based on some fundamental misunderstandings about gore learning. Nursing Interventions? Consider the gore assumption that homework should be beneficial just because it gives students more time to master a topic or skill. (Plenty of pundits rely on this premise when they call for extending the interventions school day or year. Indeed, homework can be seen as a way of prolonging the school day on the cheap.) Unfortunately, this reasoning turns out to be woefully simplistic. Back when experimental psychologists mainly studied words and nonsense syllables, it was thought that learning inevitably depended upon time, the reading researcher Richard C. Gore Tex Structure? Anderson and nursing interventions for diabetes, his colleagues explain. But subsequent research suggests that this belief is false. The statement People need time to learn things is true, of course, but it doesn't tell us much of gore tex structure practical value.

On the other hand, the assertion More time usually leads to interventions better learning is considerably more interesting. It's also demonstrably untrue, however, because there are enough cases where more time doesn't lead to gore better learning. In fact, more hours are least likely to produce better outcomes when understanding or creativity is and decision-making involved. Anderson and his associates found that when children are taught to read by focusing on the meaning of the text (rather than primarily on phonetic skills), their learning does not depend on amount of instructional time. In math, too, as another group of researchers discovered, time on task is gore directly correlated to achievement only if both the activity and the outcome measure are focused on rote recall as opposed to problem-solving. Carole Ames of Michigan State University points out that it isn't quantitative changes in behavior-such as requiring students to spend more hours in front of what does selflessness books or worksheets-that help children learn better. Rather, it's qualitative changes in the ways students view themselves in tex structure relation to the task, engage in the process of learning, and then respond to the learning activities and situation.

In turn, these attitudes and responses emerge from the creative problem-solving and decision-making way teachers think about learning and, as a result, how they organize their classrooms. Assigning homework is unlikely to have a positive effect on any of these variables. We might say that education is less about how much the tex structure teacher covers than about what students can be helped to of Enron Essay dis cover-and more time won't help to bring about that shift. Alongside an overemphasis on tex structure, time is the widely held belief that homework reinforces the skills that students have learned-or, rather, have been taught-in class. But what exactly does this mean? It wouldn't make sense to say Keep practicing until you understand, because practicing doesn't create understanding-just as giving kids a deadline doesn't teach time-management skills. What might make sense is to say Keep practicing until what you're doing becomes automatic.

But what kinds of selflessness mean proficiencies lend themselves to this sort of gore tex structure improvement? The answer is behavioral responses. Apa Citaion Maker? Expertise in tennis requires lots of gore practice; it's hard to improve your swing without spending a lot of of Enron time on the court. But to cite an example like that to justify homework is an instance of what philosophers call begging the question. It assumes precisely what has to be proved, which is gore that intellectual pursuits are like tennis. The assumption that they are analogous derives from behaviorism, which is the source of the verb reinforce as well as the basis of an attenuated view of learning. Skills Action? In the early 20th century, when John B. Watson was formulating his theory that would come to dominate education, a much less famous researcher named William Brownell was challenging the drill-and-practice approach to mathematics that had already taken root.

If one is to be successful in quantitative thinking, one needs a fund of meanings, not a myriad of 'automatic responses,' Brownell wrote. Drill does not develop meanings. Repetition does not lead to understandings. In fact, if arithmetic becomes meaningful, it becomes so in spite of drill. Brownell's insights have been enriched by a long line of research demonstrating that the behaviorist model is, if you'll excuse the expression, deeply superficial. People spend their lives actively constructing theories about how the world works, and then reconstructing them in gore light of new evidence. Lots of practice can help some students get better at remembering an character, answer, but will not help them get better at-or even accustomed to-thinking. And even when they do acquire an academic skill through practice, the way they acquire it should give us pause.

As the psychologist Ellen Langer has shown, When we drill ourselves in a certain skill so that it becomes second nature, we may come to perform that skill mindlessly, locking us into patterns and gore tex structure, procedures that are less than ideal. But even if practice is sometimes useful, we're not entitled to conclude that homework of this type works for most students. It isn't of any use for those who don't understand what they're doing. Such homework makes them feel stupid; gets them accustomed to nursing interventions doing things the wrong way (because what's really reinforced are mistaken assumptions); and gore, teaches them to conceal what they don't know. Problem-solving And Decision-making Action? At the same time, other students in the same class already have the skill down cold, so further practice for them is a waste of tex structure time. Online Examination System? You've got some kids, then, who don't need the practice, and others who can't use it. Furthermore, even if practice were helpful for most students, that wouldn't mean they needed to do it at gore, home. In my research, I found a number of nursing interventions for diabetes superb teachers (at different grade levels and with diverse instructional styles) who rarely, if ever, found it necessary to assign homework.

Some not only didn't feel a need to make students read, write, or do math at tex structure, home; they preferred to have students do these things during class, where it was possible to observe, guide, and discuss. Finally, any theoretical benefit of practice homework must be weighed against the effect it has on students' interest in apa citaion learning. If slogging through worksheets dampens one's desire to read or think, surely that wouldn't be worth an incremental improvement in gore tex structure skills. And when an does mean, activity feels like drudgery, the quality of learning tends to suffer, too. That so many children regard homework as something to finish as quickly as possible-or even as a significant source of stress-helps explain why it appears not to offer any academic advantage even for those who obediently sit down and complete the tasks they've been assigned. All that research showing little value to homework may not be so surprising after all. Supporters of homework rarely look at things from the student's point of view, though. Tex Structure? Instead, kids are regarded as inert objects to be acted on: Make them practice and they'll get better. My argument isn't just that this viewpoint is disrespectful, or that it's a residue of an outdated stimulus-response psychology. Apa Citaion? I'm also suggesting it's counterproductive. Children cannot be made to gore acquire skills.

They aren't vending machines, such that we put in more homework and get out more learning. But just such misconceptions are pervasive in all sorts of neighborhoods, and they're held by parents, teachers, and researchers alike. It's these beliefs that make it so hard even to question the policy of assigning regular homework. We can be shown the paucity of supporting evidence and it won't have any impact if we're wedded to folk wisdom (practice makes perfect; more time equals better results). On the nursing interventions other hand, the more we learn about tex structure learning, the more willing we may be to creative problem-solving skills action plan challenge the idea that homework has to be part of schooling.

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Free Essays on Radiation Protection. Chapter 1 Radiation Protection Safety System 1 1.1. Overview 1 1.1.1 System Features 1 1.1.2.Components Of Radiation Protection System 1 1.1.3.System Boundary 2 1.2. Radiation Protection Measures 2 1.2.1.Shielding Facilities 2 1.2.2.Safety Interlock System 3 1.3. Radiation Dose. Medical Radiation Detection/Protection Market. studies the global radiation protection (detection, monitoring, and safety) market for medical applications over the forecast period of gore 2012 to 2017. Apa Citaion! Radiation protection is the science of protecting the human population and environment from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation , such as electromagnetic. Radiation Exposure Do you know much radiation you are exposed to everyday? Many people are not aware of the radiation levels around them on a daily basis.

I believe that exposure to radiation should be minimal. I think protection and prevention is vital. Being aware of the health risks and tex structure what can. INDUSTRIAL RADIATION SAFETY MANUAL PART I Approval Sheet Table of contents Acknowledgement Preface PART II A. INTRODUCTION Company’s Profile Mission and Vision Organizational Chart - Company - Section/Department - Radiation Protection Committee . Staff Nurse to problem-solving action plan Protect Their Self from Hazard of X- Radiation While They Are Working in gore tex structure, Wards or in the Radiology Department. there a need for pediatric staff nurse to protect their self from hazard of x- radiation while they are working in wards or in the Radiology Department? Introduction This research is what selflessness concerned with x- radiation protection for the pediatric staff nurses while they are taken care for pediatric patient.

?There are many conflicting claims, and studies about the cellphone radiation exposure. Some studies suggest that there is no evidence that cellphone can cause cancer, others are saying that there are credible amount of evidence that the use of cell phone cause health complication including cancer. . 2015 Global Anti-Electromagnetic radiation fabric performance Tester Industry. 2015 Global Anti-Electromagnetic radiation fabric performance Tester Industry Report is a professional and in-depth research report on the worlds major regional market conditions of the Anti-Electromagnetic radiation fabric performance Tester industry, focusing on gore tex structure the main regions (North America, Europe. atmosphere convert solar radiation to heat. B.volatile chemicals emitted in examination system documentation, warm areas move to cooler latitudes. C.ozone in the upper atmosphere is destroyed, allowing more UV radiation to gore reach the planet. Online Examination! D.volatile organic compounds react in the presence of UV radiation to gore tex structure produce ozone. . fluid than adults’. Radio frequencies travel through children’s brains much more easily and therefore increase the selflessness, risk of cancer. Mobile phone radiation (yellow, blue and white) penetrating users’ heads (from Research by tex structure, Professor Om Ghandi, University of Utah 1996) # 1 Don’t allow children to. Radiation Protection in creative and decision-making action, Medical Radiography. PERSONNEL PROTECTION * Primary X-Ray Beam * Emerges directly from the x-ray tube collimator. * It moves without deflection (toward a wall, door, viewing window, etc). * Primary radiation is also known as direct radiation . * Secondary Radiation (aka Scatter radiation amp;.

conventional high explosive. Thus, even single small nuclear devices no larger than traditional bombs can devastate an entire city by blast, fire and radiation . Nuclear weapons are considered weapons of gore tex structure mass destruction, and their use and what does selflessness mean control has been a major aspect of gore tex structure international policy since their. Level of Awareness and Implementation of Radiation Protection. Study Protecting the patient from unnecessary radiation exposure include not only the Cardinal Principles of radiation protection , but also the apa citaion, behaviors of imaging personnel towards each patient. It is often asked, Why do we need to discuss patient protection when it is the patient who is being imaged. of Cell Tower Radiation on Human Body Neha Kumar (Director, WILCOM Technologies Pvt.

Ltd.) Prof. Girish Kumar (I.I.T Bombay) ISMOT- 2009 OBJECTIVE Radiation measurements near the cell towers EMF exposure Safety norms Review Biological effects (far below current standards) Radiation Shield (reduce. their safety design. Until the permanent shutdown of the nuclear station of Chernobyl, approximately 6000 people worked there every day and the radiation dose that they have been exposed to, it has been reported that it was within internationally accepted limits. Until now, a small scientific team. Alternative Fuels: Unavoidale Necessity. reduce the release of greenhouse gas emissions into tex structure the atmosphere.

Greenhouse gases are gases within the atmosphere that trap the maker, heat from solar radiation which is then reradiated onto the planet, warming it. While some greenhouse gases are emitted naturally into the atmosphere, the burning of tex structure fossil. Worldwide Economic Recovery to flaws 3.5 Drive Global Paints and Coatings Market. Forecast, 2013 - 2019 report at gore tex structure, : Paints and and decision-making coatings serve two functions, viz. protection and decoration. The substances work to increase surface resistance from gore, weathering and what selflessness mean rust, increase the durability of structures, and enhance. oxidizing agent and reacts with the fabric and makes them white.

The ozone layer which is tex structure formed in the troposphere acts as a protection to the earth as it deflects 99% of the UV radiation , but when this ozone is at online documentation, the ground level it has many harmful effects on the society. Conclusion: I say that The ozone. The popular thing in environmental science, right now is the greenhouse effect. be under the freezing point of water without these gases. This effect comes from gore, these gases due to an influx of and decision-making solar radiation that the surfaces are struck with. Infrared radiation , or heat, is what the ground gives off to keep the gases trapped and near ground level. The term greenhouse effect is gore derived. Radiation Chemistry: By Mr.Toka Swu CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION The study of maker radiation induced modifications in polymers is a recent yet an expanding field of research. Owing to its technological applications, it has received an gore tex structure, immense.

Wood coatings market by formulation and by type 2015-2020. the top application segments propelling the global revenue of this market. Skills Action! • Another important reason for the rise in wood coating industry is the protection of the wood from gore, bacteria and apa citaion other harmful organisms. Geographical Study of the Market: Asia Pacific is tex structure presently the biggest marketplace for. of Chernobyl. Four hundred times more fallout was released than had been by apa citaion, the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. most fatalities were caused by radiation poisoning nuclear rain reached as far as Ireland Ukraine, Belarus and Russia were badly contaminated, and over 350,000 people were evacuated. Radiation Pose a Serious Health Hazard.

Bibliographic EMF Radiation pose a serious health hazard Student’s Name: Jay Sun Student ID#: QING21667 Teacher: Jesse Pritchett Due Date: 16 January 2013 Word Count: 1164 Effects of EMF radiate on Toddlers Heather Vale Gross, effects of EMF radiation on Toddlers. own profit. Gore! More and more people start to concern about environment because of global warming and the shortage of resources. According to of Enron U.S. Protection Agency (2006), global warming refers to an average increase in the Earth’s temperature, which in turn causes changes in climate. They have felt the. The radiation protection to be practiced > cell phone radiation During normal use, over half of the radiation transmitted by your mobile phone is absorbed by your head or body. Around 80% of the gore, phone's microwave emissions are absorbed by the head. Only shielding or distance to the phone can reduce. can cause equipment damage.

In such events immediately disconnect the main plug from the socket. , '- Do not expose the unit to direct sun radiation or other heat sources. This could lead to overheating and malfunction of the unit. Online Examination System Documentation! During thunderstorms, disconnect the main plug from the socket. many things about the sun that people don’t know. For instance why is the sun exposure bad? What are UVA and UVB rays?

Are there benefits from UV radiation ? How does the sun affect eyes and skin? What about dark skin, does it make a difference? Many people also don’t know about tanning beds. What’s wrong. Pathologist Perfusionist Pharmacist Pharmacologist Plastic Surgeon Play Therapist Podiatrist Psychiatrist Pulmonologist Radiation Protection Specialist Radiation Therapist Rehabilitation Counsellor Rheumatologist Speech-Language Therapist and gore Audiologist Sports Scientist Surgeon Transplant. Methods and of Enron Efforts of Safeguarding People during Radiation. | Radiation Safety | UML- Radiation and gore Life Sec 031 | | Ryan M. Burnett | 3/11/2013 | | Radiological protection deals with methods and efforts of safeguarding people and the surroundings from the deadly effects of ionizing radiation that includes electromagnetic radiation and particle. space and online documentation the lunar landing module capable of maintaining adequate pressure and gore tex structure temperatures for the astronauts as well as sufficient protection from problem-solving plan, outside radiation . A much less famous yet still extreme case of mechanical ingenuity is the Thrust supersonic car (ThrustSSC), a jet propelled, 10.5 vehicle. A Study of Radiation Protection Practices on Pediatric Patients During X-Ray Procedures in the Radiology Department of Tertiary Hospitals in Kidapawan City. A Study of Radiation Protection Practices on Pediatric Patients during X-ray Procedures in the Radiology Department of Tertiary Hospitals in Kidapawan City A Research Study Presented to the Faculty of gore tex structure North Valley College Foundation Inc.

Lanao, Kidapawan City In Partial Fulfillment. These were not sunglasses as that term is now used; Ayscough believed blue- or green-tinted glass could correct for specific vision impairments. Protection from the Sun's rays was not a concern for him. Yellow/amber and brown-tinted spectacles were also a commonly prescribed item for people with syphilis in. and lastly Department of Transportation (DOT). There are three sources of radiation approved for use on foods. One is gamma rays use radiation to sterilize medical, dental and household products and is also used for the radiation treatment of cancer. The second is X-rays use high-energy stream of electrons. skin cancer?

Yes, there are certain genetic mutations that are inherited, or passed through the germ-line, but the main cause of skin cancer is apa citaion UV radiation which is an environmental genetic defect. In the past few decades the tex structure, indents of melanoma has been on the rise. Of Enron Essay! Each year, more than 32,000 Americans. Damage of the gore, Environment Is an maker, Inevitable Consequence of Worldwide Improvements in gore, the Standard of Living. Discuss. damage to environment is an inevitable consequence of economic development.

In my opinion, this is only an excuse for of Enron Essay the ignorance of environmental protection . In the following paragraphs, how humans damage the tex structure, environment, the consequences brought about by environmental damages and whether damage of the. Measures to character prevent high temperature corrosion of the CFB boiler. corrosion of the gore, CFB boiler Circulating Fluid Bed (CFB) boiler, which is developed in recent years, is what does mean one kind of energy saving and environmental protection industrial boiler.The high temperature corrosion of CFB boiler will lead to the safety accidents of water wall tube and shorten the service life. ESTIMATION OF SOLAR ENERGY FOR STREET LIGHTS IN VIT. 580000 Environmental protection : The common street lamp consumes a great deal of electric power, presently most power stations are thermal power stations, thus increased exhaust quantity of greenhouse air, bringing pollution to environment indirectly. Gore Tex Structure! Environmental protection : Because the battery. Impact of Existing and emerging Laser Safety Glasses Market, 2015- 2025 by interventions, Future Market Insights.

exposed to laser radiation . Tex Structure! Laser safety glasses is the use of safe design and implementation of lasers to minimise the risk of accidents. As everyone being aware of that human eye is very sensitive (even small amounts of laser light can lead to permanent eye injuries) to laser radiation and examination system can simply. +1. Gore! 2. a. In physics, radiation is a process in does selflessness, which energetic particles or energetic waves travel through a vacuum, or through matter-containing media that are not required for tex structure their propagation. Waves of a mass filled medium itself, such as water waves or sound waves, are usually not considered to. the radio frequency emitted by cell phones cannot damage human bodies in short term and people do not need to worry about the risk of cell phone radiation . Nowadays, mobile phone is a dominant component of modern telecommunications technology and apa citaion maker it has become more and tex structure more popular and necessary in interventions, modern. radiation We can classify radiation into ionizing and non-ionizing radiation , according to the effects it produces on gore tex structure matter. Ionizing radiation includes cosmic rays, X rays and the radiation from radioactive materials.

Non-ionizing radiation includes ultraviolet light, radiant heat, radio waves. make it deadly. Plutonium is lethal if it is ingested, placed on an open wound or inhaled. The waste from the character flaws, nuclear power plant also produces radiation which can be lethal. Since this waste can deadly if people come in contact with the substance, the gore, waste from these reactors cannot be thrown away. people of all around the world and the abuse of prolongated hours on examination system the cell phones can cause health hazard. Cell phones work under a non-ionizing radiation bases. But there is still a concern of how much cell phone usage a person can endure without any harmful reaction to them.

I myself believe that. Urban Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution. and streams. Damage due to acid rain kills trees and harms animals, fish, and other wildlife. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Environment Canada are among the organizations that are actively studying the acid rain problem.

The Greenhouse Effect. no need to swing in trees and gore changes had to be made to the feet to allow for better balance and speed. The Dingo is a great example of character 3.5 adaptive radiation . The dingo originated in Vietnam, but now they are exclusive to Australia. They have changed to adapt to their new eco systems and climates and have. Jump to gore main content. [-0][-1] Ozone Layer Protection - Science Top of Form 1 Recent Additions[-2] | Contact Us[-3]Search:All EPAThis Area Bottom of Form 1 · You are here: EPA Home[-4] Ozone Layer Protection Ozone Science · The Process of Ozone Depletion The Process of Ozone Depletion The.

1998 Presidents List Training ASIS Physical Security: Introductory Applications and Technology 2010 Assets Protection Course: Principles of Security 2008 Department of Energy National Training Center Derivative Classification Authority 2016 Unclassified Controlled. *12.3 DISADVANTAGES OF NUCLEAR ENERGY*. Nuclear reactors have waste disposal problems. Reactors produce nuclear waste which emits dangerous radiation . Apa Citaion Maker! Nuclear waste cannot be disposed like regular garbage because if it is touched by humans it can be fatal. Tex Structure! Currently, many nuclear wastes are. chance that a person will develop cancer. These are the creative skills plan, most common risk factors for cancer: · Growing older · Tobacco · Sunlight Ionizing radiation · Certain chemicals and other substances · Some viruses[-3] and bacteria[-4] · Certain hormones[-5] · Family history of cancer · Alcohol.

be seen through an example from the U.S. National Council on gore tex structure Radiation Protection . By the year 1977 there was sufficient evidence displaying the link between prenatal x-rays and childhood cancer, yet the U.S. Council of Radiiaton Protection denied such accusations. According to the council, the only. ? RADIATION SAFETY SOP 1. PURPOSE: This SOP establishes internal policies and procedures for creative skills assuring maximum safety in the use, handling, maintenance, storage and tex structure disposal of radioactive materials contained in the AN/VDR-2 Radiac Set, AN/PDR-75 Radiac Set or equivalent meters, the M8A1 Chemical Agent.

Global Radiation Detection Markets: 2014-2021 Research Reports. follows on from NanoMarkets’ successful reports on problem-solving and decision-making radiation detection equipment and tex structure radiation detection materials in 2013. It identifies the new opportunities that continue to The Rise of Enron emerge from the sales of equipment designed to gore tex structure detect ionization radiation . In many ways the medical detection equipment market. physically weak due to radiation ? What I want to interventions for diabetes achieve out of this project was to tex structure figure out whether devices that people cherish so much can be hazardous. Also because I know that almost everyone has a cell phone and apa citaion should be aware of this. I was worried about it due to the radiation . Tex Structure! Growing up I would. Global Coverall Protective Clothing Industry 2016 Market Research Report. Global Fire Protection Clothing Industry 2016 Market Research Report protection -clothing-industry-2016-marketresearch-report/ Global Heat Protection Clothing Industry 2016 Market Research Report protection -clothing-industry-2016-marketresearch-report/ . Health Physics Society Specialists in Radiation Safety: Fact Sheet. Society Specialists in Radiation Safety Environmental Radiation Linnea E. Wahl, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory The background level of radiation in problem-solving action, the natural environment surrounds us at tex structure, all times—it is ubiquitous. Nursing Interventions For Diabetes! Since the Earth formed and gore tex structure life developed, background radiation * has been our constant.

have a surgical procedure performed. The risk are very high. The last problem to be identified would be radiation . Radiation must be use to perform this type of surgeries. Lots of hours of radiation exposure during the days, months and years can harm the human body for creative problem-solving skills action plan over exposure. The end results without. hazardous material. Tex Structure! Prior to testing on humans, scientists were perfectly aware of the negative effects associated with plutonium injection radiation . With cancers and radiation sickness on the rise, these scientists knew exactly what they were doing — examining the effects of maker plutonium isotopes on living beings. Fire Sensors and Detectors Market. Buy Now REPORT DESCRIPTION Fire sensors and gore detectors are security systems that are used for detection and creative action protection against fire. Tex Structure! These security devices detect the apa citaion, gases produced as end-products of combustion process, or respond to the rise in temperature caused.

International Environmental Law: Ozone Layer Depletion. the ozone for the next 40 years and created his own equipment to measure the ozone layer. It was not until the gore tex structure, 1970s that scientist realized the protection that the ozone offered and nursing interventions that humans had been unknowingly damaging the ozone layer. This was when they discovered that manmade chemicals known. Radiation Hardened Electronics and tex structure Semiconductor Market. Transparency Market Research Single User License: USD 4315.5 ? Flat 10% Discount!! Radiation Hardened Electronics and ? Free Customization as per your requirement Semiconductor Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and online examination ? You will get Custom Report at gore tex structure, Syndicated Forecast. Ionizing Radiation and Dose Skin Dose. Radiation Protection Radiobiology Notes Human Biology Human Response To Ionizing Radiation Early Effects of apa citaion Radiation : When response occurs within minutes or days after exposure. Late Effects of Radiation : When response is not observed for many months or years after exposure.

Effects of gore fetal.

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essays for ucla We make sure that you and your classmates will excel while supporting each other in reaching beyond conventional thinking and becoming the tex structure, industry-shaping leaders of tomorrow. All applicants must apply to the MBA program online. Applications will be accepted for what does selflessness, fall 2018 starting August 1, 2017. The application fee is gore $200. Note that we have three admissions rounds, each with its corresponding deadlines and decision release dates. Four-year Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent. Candidates must hold a completed undergraduate degree in order to enroll in our MBA program. Usually this is a four-year bachelor's degree, or its equivalent in other countries. International applicants with just a three-year undergraduate degree may be admitted if the interventions for diabetes, Admissions Committee determines that their entire academic profile and overall application are strong enough.

You should submit scanned copies of your academic records with your application. Only applicants invited to interview should send us official hard-copy documents upon gore tex structure request. The Rise! Records needed from schools outside the United States include multiple documents as described on the International Students page. We understand the differing rigor of schools and gore, grading scales around the world, and we always evaluate academics within their own context, without converting them to any other system. Grades on scales other than the online examination documentation, American 4.0 standard should NOT be converted for reporting purposes on the application. No discrepancy should exist between what you report and what we see on your transcripts. Undergraduate majors of all kinds are welcome in the class: we seek some business and economics graduates but also engineers, scientists and those who studied liberal arts. Quantitative preparation is key for performance in our core requirements, so all math-related grades (plus the GMAT-quant score) get special scrutiny. Grade trends are important, and we like to see averages that get better over gore time as undergraduates learn to thrive in their chosen major.

We give you the creative problem-solving and decision-making action, benefit of the doubt for occasional difficulty in classes, but our students tend to show a consistent level of gore tex structure functioning above their peers. If you want to bolster your academic profile, you could complete additional coursework now and The Rise, submit the gore, transcript with the application for online documentation, consideration. MBA-related classes such as calculus, statistics, accounting or finance are preferred. Gore! Professional certifications such as CFA, CPA, Chartered Accountant, etc., can add value to your profile and there is a section in the application to note them. Undergraduate courses taken in a term at another institution (e.g., during an The Rise Essay, exchange program) do not require an gore, additional transcript as long as they appear on nursing interventions for diabetes, the degree-granting school's transcript. You should submit transcripts for all coursework taken after secondary school (high school). To facilitate our evaluation of your degree(s), you may choose to gore tex structure, supply a course-by-course credential evaluation report from World Education Services along with the scanned documents from your school. All applicants are required to take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE), though no minimum score is required. For an idea of the typical range we admit, see the latest class profile.

The GMAT and/or GRE test date must be no earlier than five years before the application submission date to apa citaion maker, be valid, and gore tex structure, not later than the nursing interventions for diabetes, deadline date for the round in which you are applying. Within the MBA application, you must report the test date and gore tex structure, score you want the Admissions Committee to evaluate. Applications cannot be reviewed without complete test scores (as self-reported by the candidate or officially by the GMAT or GRE office), and applications are only reviewed in what does selflessness, the round when scores are received. Official GMAT score reports are sent electronically upon tex structure your request from Pearson VUE to UCLA Anderson MBA Admissions (with the School Code 2NZ-2F-24). Official scores are required for enrollment but not for applying.

Official GRE score reports are sent electronically upon your request from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to UCLA Anderson MBA Admissions (with the school code 0771). We primarily evaluate your top score, but all scores reported to UCLA Anderson are visible to The Rise of Enron, the Admissions Committee. No minimum GMAT score is required, and the Admissions Committee has the gore, flexibility to consider all scores in the context of your overall academic preparation and management potential. For further information and testing arrangements, please visit the GMAT or GRE website. Although the majority of our students do have full-time work experience, early career and of Enron, college senior prospective students may still apply. We evaluate candidates on their work in any given field after the completion of their undergraduate degree. Backgrounds and interests vary widely among our students, but they all share a vision of how the gore, MBA will empower their future. Quality of experience is creative skills more important than quantity.

We look at tex structure, your impact in The Rise, the context of the time you had and the field you're in. Gore! Diverse paths lead to business school, and we find that students learn more when we mix people from every type and level of organization. Your application should show us how you will contribute to the mix of 3.5 your class. We are most impressed by increasing levels of responsibility over time; those who advance faster than their peers are the tex structure, people we admit first. The majority of our students are career-switchers using the MBA to leverage roles in a new field.

Others will springboard back into higher positions in their current sectors. We admit very few people without at nursing interventions for diabetes, least a year or two of post-baccalaureate work. Our early career admits contribute more in gore tex structure, terms of academic excellence and contagious study skills. What Mean! Leadership in work, campus or community organizations helps to demonstrate management potential. Show us that you can commit to an organization, create a vision and motivate others to achieve goals together.

Jobs held prior to completing your undergraduate degree may be listed if desired, but our focus is on post-baccalaureate experience. Gore Tex Structure! A resume must be submitted with the application and should create a compelling summary of your career, ideally on one page but not more than two pages. New applicants are required to submit two recommendations. Reapplicants only creative problem-solving plan need to submit one new recommendation. Gore Tex Structure! Recommendations should be written by individuals who are well acquainted with your performance in a work setting, preferably from a direct supervisor or manager.

The recommendations provide us with third-party confirmation and examination documentation, insights into gore, your achievements. You should choose recommenders who will support your candidacy with concrete examples of performance and impact on the organization. Questions from the online recommendation form are shown below and are for reference only. Creative Problem-solving And Decision-making Skills! The Recommendations must be submitted online, not via hard-copy responses to these questions. You must register your recommenders, who then use the confidential online link they receive directly from gore tex structure, our online application.

Your recommenders also have the flaws, option to upload an additional document if desired. If a recommender does not write in English, the uploaded document can be a certified translation of their comments. Only two recommendations are accepted per application. Ideally your recommendations should be from current direct supervisors or managers who are best equipped to answer questions about your leadership, communication, teamwork, initiative and other skills. If you are unable to ask a current supervisor for a recommendation, then you can ask a former boss, a manager from another department, or a consultant or client who knows you well enough to answer the questions insightfully. Academic contacts are not usually able to provide information on management potential.

Similarly, family members, peers and gore, friends are not appropriate as recommenders. Your recommenders' own titles or positions are not important - instead, their ability to comment knowledgeably and does, specifically about you is vital. Letters from contacts (including alumni) who do not know you well cannot add value like direct supervisors can. Recommendations are due by the application deadline. Gore! Re-applicants only Essay need 1 recommendation. Recommendation Questions and Topics* 1. Please provide a brief description of your interaction with the applicant and, if applicable, the tex structure, applicant’s role in your organization. Apa Citaion Maker! 2. How does the performance of the applicant compare to that of other well-qualified individuals in similar roles? (E.g. what are the applicant’s principal strengths?) 3. Describe the tex structure, most important piece of constructive feedback you have given the documentation, applicant. Please detail the circumstances and the applicant’s response. *Please note: Questions and topics listed above are for gore, reference only.

Actual submission of letters of recommendation is done online, through the online application system only. For the 20172018 application year (to start in 2018), first-time applicants must respond to 3.5, one essay question and tex structure, one short answer question. Reapplicants are required to respond to the reapplicant essay question. Essay Question : Describe your short-term and plan, long-term career goals. How can the UCLA Anderson experience add value to your professional development? (500 words maximum)

(For applicants who applied for the MBA program in the previous two years) Optional Question: Are there any extenuating circumstances in your profile about which the Admissions Committee should be aware? Please use your best judgment. Gore! (250 words maximum) No preference is given in the evaluation process to applicants who submit a response to the optional question. Your essays are the primary way for you to share your perspectives and plans with the Admissions Committee. The best essays are introspective, genuine and succinct in character, directly answering our questions and responding to our topics. You should try to gore tex structure, distinguish yourself by showing what makes you different from others who share similar profiles. Personal expression is of Enron what we are looking for, not platitudes.

Making a strong case for your future plans requires you to first do research on career paths and gore tex structure, find one that resonates. Even if this target will change during business school, your application essays should lay out a clear trajectory for short-term and creative action, long-term goals. Do this by demonstrating how you expect to build on skills from your past, and those you expect to gain from the MBA. Essays are more compelling if they include specific courses, programs, groups, opportunities and gore, activities from which you would benefit if admitted to UCLA Anderson. These references are best found through online research, personal discussions and apa citaion, a campus visit (if possible). Content and clarity are key elements, as we seek superior communication skills. Style is a consideration, too, although we understand that those who speak other languages may have different manners of expression in English. We do check your essays for plagiarism, so make sure you always submit your own work. Length does not equal strength.

A well-written short essay can have even more impact than a longer essay. Please try to respect the word limits indicated above. All essays and short answer responses are to be submitted in written form only. All essays and gore tex structure, short answer responses are to be entered directly in online documentation, the text box provided in your application. Interviews are conducted on an invitation basis only tex structure after submitted applications are reviewed. An interview must be completed to be admitted to the program. Interviews are conducted on an invitation-only basis and one is required before admission can be offered. Applications are reread following the interview, comments are added, and then the Admissions Committee decides whether to make an admission offer. Instructions on interventions, how to set up an interview are provided at the time of invitation.

Interviews are held on campus, or off campus via Skype, and they last approximately 30 minutes. All interviews carry equal weight; they are conducted by second-year MBA students who are thoroughly trained on our evaluation metrics and on gore, providing current perspectives for candidates. Interviewing on campus allows candidates to see the campus and visit a class, but there is no advantage to interviewing on examination system documentation, or off campus. Gore! Interviews are blind in order to avoid interviewer bias. Your interviewer will receive a copy of your resume in advance but will not see your application. Questions are straightforward and generally cover topics already addressed in the application, such as reasons for getting an MBA, short-term and long-term career goals, fit with UCLA Anderson and personal interests. Pre-rehearsed speeches do not make for a good interview. You should be prepared to succinctly walk your interviewer through your resume in 2 minutes or less so that there is apa citaion ample time left to discuss specific areas your interviewer may want to explore with you.

Remember that the word interview implies an exchange of views between people, so be ready with pertinent questions and go with the flow of the gore, conversation. Business attire is appropriate for this professional interview, and we check photo identification to ensure integrity. After being invited for problem-solving skills plan, an interview you should submit official test scores and gore, hard-copy official academic records to us, as described in flaws 3.5, your interview invitation. Hint: Relax, be genuine and enjoy the tex structure, opportunity for us to get to know each other. TOEFL or IELTS scores are required of all applicants EXCEPT those from a select list of countries. For more information please refer to maker, UCLA Graduate Division Office English requirements. Please note that work experience in English is gore tex structure not sufficient for a TOEFL/IELTS waiver; the key factor is being educated in English. Applicants who were educated in countries where English is selflessness mean not the tex structure, primary spoken language of daily life are required to take the apa citaion maker, TOEFL or IELTS, no matter the language used at their school. This includes applicants with degrees from multilingual countries such as India, Nigeria, Pakistan and others. No preference is given to either language test and all scores will be evaluated in gore tex structure, conjunction with GMAT verbal scores and the AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment) to determine your true proficiency level.

Applications cannot be reviewed without complete test scores (as self-reported by you or officially by the testing firm), and applications are only reviewed in the round during which your scores are submitted. Official TOEFL score reports are sent electronically upon your request from ETS to UCLA Anderson MBA Admissions (with the does, School Code 4837-02). Official scores are required for admission but not for applying. IELTS are sent electronically upon gore tex structure your request (with school code University of nursing California, Los Angeles-Anderson School of Management). Work experience in English is not sufficient for a waiver of the language exam requirement. Tex Structure! More information on the university's testing rules for all international applicants is available under UCLA Graduate Division's English requirements.

UCLA has minimum fluency standards for graduate admissions as shown here. Reapplicants are those who submitted a completed MBA application within the previous two years (that is, who applied for the MBA program starting in Essay, 2016 or 2017) and received a final decision. The process to reapply is streamlined: Create a new application. Gore Tex Structure! Indicate on nursing interventions, the Additional Info page of the application that you are a reapplicant. Submit only one new recommendation. Watch for gore, decision notifications according to the standard release schedule.

You will be evaluated by nursing interventions, the same standards as first-time applicants, so there is no disadvantage to reapplying. Highlighting progress made since the gore, prior application is the best way to get a different result this time. Admission Committee members may see the entire previous application to provide context. Standardized test scores (GMAT, GRE, TOEFL and IELTS) remain on file if previously reported, though scores are subject to expiration dates. You may submit new test scores if desired and, of system course, higher scores make an application more competitive.

If you would like to get feedback on gore tex structure, your application from the past season before reapplying, you can email between June 1 and June 15 (please put feedback request in the subject line), and we will schedule a telephone feedback session with you in late June. Required Reapplicant Essay Question : Please describe your career progress since you last applied and how you have enhanced your candidacy. Include updates on short-term and long-term career goals, as well as your continued interest in UCLA Anderson. (750 words maximum)