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Anti-Semitism in the World Today Essay. The Academy Award winning movie “The Gentleman’s Agreement” directed by Elia Kazan centered on the social issue of anti-Semitism. The movie centered on Phil Green, a journalist who was tasked to write assertive articles about anti-Semitism. In order to gain as much information as he could, Green decided to pose as a Jew. Throughout the movie, he not only experienced the prejudices that Jewish people face, but also how these anti-Jewish treatments are taken for x alarcon granted (MSN Movies). Anti-Semitism has been defined as the Aviation: The Safest Form in the Essay hatred towards Jews and its manifestation through verbal abuse, physical abuse, or damage to the property and institutions of Jews which causes pain, discomfort and fear (“Executive Summary”, 7; “Report on Global Anti-Semitism”; Tuchman, 13, “’Working Definition’ of francisco x alarcon, Anti-Semitism”). Perhaps the greatest example of anti-Semitism was the franziska Holocaust of the Jews in Germany during the Second World War in francisco x alarcon, which Adolf Hitler harshly persecuted and murdered six million Jews and destroyed five thousand Jewish communities (“History of the Holocaust – An Introduction”).

Since the help for small start of the 21st century, there has been an increase in the frequency and severity of anti-Semitic events that the number of incidents had reached its highest point in 2006 over the last sixteen years (“Global Rise in Anti-Semitism”, 13). In fact, anti-Semitism today is rampant all over x alarcon, the world, unlike the Holocaust incident in World War II which was localized. In Argentina, for example, over 580 anti-Semitic incidents have been reported in 2006 ranging from bomb threats to physical attacks of Jews and desecration of Jewish graves (Braylan). Incidents such as those happening in Argentina have been documented by the Anti-Defamation League are present in help for small businesses, other countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, and francisco, Australia to name a few (“Global Anti-Semitism: Selected Incidents Around the World in 2006”; “Report on Global Anti-Semitism”). As a result of these anti-Semitic activities, other violent and prejudicial campaigns have risen, complicating further the anti-Semitic concern worldwide. These include prejudice and hatred towards Islam called Islamophobia, towards Christians called Christianophobia and the condemnation of Israel’s rights to exist as a Jewish stated, or anti-Zionism (“Executive Summary”, 7; “Measuring Improvement since June 2004”, 14).

These new acts of hatred, especially anti-Zionism, could have been a result of the various political issues surrounding Israel and its governmental policies as well as Jews who have developed feelings of hatred and degradation towards the cultures and religions of those who have done acts of anti-Semitism towards them. This was exemplified by a professor at Columbia University in New York who antagonized a Jewish student claiming that she had no right to express her opinion about the Israeli-Palestine Arab issues because her eyes were colored green and as such, cannot be a Semite (Stern, 23; Tobin, 30; Tuchman, 14). Aviation: The Safest Form Of Transportation World Essay! Disturbing as it may be, little could be done towards these acts, especially since most of the anti-Semitic acts, as well as other acts of hatred are more often than not done verbally. Various leaders have seen these as ways of expressing one’s position. In the United States, administrators are wary to reprimand both members of the faculty and the student body in reference to verbal anti-Semitic abuse since they believe that by reprimanding them, administrators would be hindering academic freedom and freedom of francisco x alarcon, speech which is Aviation: Form in the Essay, a violation of the First Amendment (Tobin, 32-33). Another reason is that academic leaders and community leaders themselves commit anti-Semitic acts. In the towns of Darien and New Canaan located in Fairfield, Connecticut, community leaders and members have been unwelcoming and even hostile towards families from a different race, religion, and culture other than White Protestants since doing otherwise would tarnish the socio-economic homogeneity image that led to positive ratings made by x alarcon, federal appraisers on their communities (Jackson, 194-195). One Jewish graduate student sent a letter to the Chancellor and several administrators of the University of California – Irvine in 2002 about her growing concern for her safety and security because of the Aviation: World Essay growing anti-Semitic activities in the campus. Francisco! Instead of addressing her grievance, one administrator advised her to go to john boyne biography the Counseling Center of the university “to help her work through her feelings. ” This is because they believed that these acts are problems that the administration does not need to deal with since it is the Jewish students themselves who have the francisco problem and Three Primary Types Making Systems, that they should deal with the matter themselves (Tuchman, 15-16). In the province of Corrientes in Argentina, one senator stated that the bombing of the AMIA-DAIA in francisco x alarcon, 1994 was self induced. Florentin Jimenez, a Church minister, was known to for small have stated that “Jews are the x alarcon destructors of Jesus” (Braylan).

Lastly, attempts to address the issues during conferences in the United Nations to arrive with a resolution have been prevented by a majority vote (“Measuring Improvement since June 2004). Eli Whitney! In closing, there is no doubt that the “Gentleman’s Agreement” still happens today, protected rather thinly by freedom of expression laws. The issue of anti-Semitism is a two-faced coin. On the part of the x alarcon victims, they view it as a form of persecution. On the part of the ones committing the act and eli whitney, those not affected, it is merely an francisco, expression of opinion, views and john boyne, the exercise of an individual’s right to free speech. Unless state and community leaders open their eyes to the problem, address the issue and take action, anti-Semitism would not only remain a global issue, but would even encourage acts like this towards other cultures and religion to spring out. Works Cited Braylan, Marisa. Report on Anti-Semitism in Argentina 2006. 13 August 2007. Anti- Defamation League Website. 21 January 2008. http://www. Francisco X Alarcon! adl. org/Anti_Semitism/ as_argentina_report_2006. pdf.

Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor. #8220;Report on Global Anti-Semitism. #8221; 5 January 2005. U. S. The Safest Of Transportation In The World! Department of State Website. 21 January 2008. X Alarcon! http://www. Eli Whitney Invented! state. Francisco X Alarcon! gov/g/drl/rls/40258. htm. #8220;Executive Summary. #8221; The United Nations and Anti-Semitism. 1 November 2007. Yale University Website. 21 January 2008. http://www. yale. Three Of Decision Making Essay! edu/yiisa/ UNW_002_report_final. pdf. Francisco! #8220;Gentleman#8217;s Agreement: Synopsis. #8221; MSN Movies Website. 21 January 2008. The Safest Form In The World! http://movies. msn. com/movies/movie. aspx? m=483343affid=100037mp=syn. Francisco X Alarcon! #8220;Global Anti-Semitism: Selected Incidents Around the World in 2006. #8221; Anti-Defamation League Website. 21 January 2008. http://www. adl. org/Anti_semitism/anti-semitism_global_incidents_2006. asp.

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How to Write a Career Objective on Your Resume. Whether to write a career objective on francisco x alarcon your resume or not is arguably the most debated part of the whole resume-application universe . There are equally strong voices supporting one solution or the other. However, they mostly agree that good objectives are getting treated positively, albeit there are not so many good ones out there. Types Making? Taken all these opinions into account, our approach will be to develop a great career objective, along with real-life examples and tips to get it right. In this article, we will give you a short introduction on what a career objective is and francisco what makes it different from other similar sections of the resume. We help you decide whether you need one at all or not and show lots of bad and best practices for a better understanding of the best method of writing one.

A career objective is a short and Primary Types of Decision Systems Essay concise summary of your values and professional aims, considering your skills, experience, and training. It’s a clear statement of what type of job you are looking for with the given application, supported by how your above-mentioned values can benefit the business. This is important: don’t let the title mislead you. While it has the words career and objective in it, your career is just as important as the francisco x alarcon, way it serves the employer’s interest . And the ultimate objective is invented, that this interest would be served. Ideally, the career objective is written in x alarcon a way that the hiring managers would feel that it’s addressed directly to them and nobody else. A specific, targeted message that calls the of Decision, attention of the hiring person and makes him or her want to learn about you more. That means your resume does not end up in the trash bin but is put in the next pile, to be considered for francisco the job. Keeping it short saves time, and nothing makes a better first impression than saving time for a busy hiring manager. Yet a career objective does not just help the hiring manager in shortlisting applications, but while you are writing it, it helps you focus on your goals , too. Both the career objective and output the summary is intended as a kick-off for your resume by giving an insight into francisco x alarcon, your qualifications and ambitions. Furthermore, they both serve as a bypass from your contact information to the experiences section of your resume: a hook to encourage the employer to want to learn more about you.

Important: they are not interchangeable – you either need one or the other. If you have a straight career path, with your experiences consistently showing it, a summary is and storage, a good way to x alarcon, call the attention on your strongest skills and the highlights of your career and education. Input Output And Storage? You can also make it personally tailored to every employer you send an application to, with relatively little effort. A summary is also a perfect way to highlight accomplishments of a longer work history. Francisco? Mid-career professionals often have a hard time deciding whether to risk sending a complete resume of many pages or risk leaving out The Safest Form of Transportation in the World Essay important details that could support their application. Francisco X Alarcon? With a summary, they can avoid both risks. Help? With a strong statement of who you are could also function as a career objective included.

A good summary looks like this: “Ambitious and precise project manager with 13 years of x alarcon experience in the construction and maintenance industry. Has lead teams of 10-20 and acclaimed for and storage quick decision-making. Has a vast knowledge of special equipment and technology tools. Skilled in coordination, time management, and x alarcon budgeting. Eli Whitney Invented? Brings an francisco all-around project management expertise to the table.” Note that the summary doesn’t contain information about franziska kronberger what role the candidate looks for or how he or she plans to use the skills because the aim is to take one step further in the same, straight career. A career objective has definitely more in common with a cover letter than with a professional summary. Essentially, a cover letter is a broader explanation of a career objective, so there could be overlaps in their contents.

Yet a cover letter, as a separate document, might be ignored, or not accepted at all. Francisco? Then the career objective can still give a chance to the applicant to get noticed. If a cover letter is government help for small, not required for the application, then an x alarcon objective is almost obligatory, as it becomes a unique platform to sell yourself. While some experts say that writing both is kronberger, redundant, others think writing both increases the chances of success– providing it does not contain any word-by-word similarities. A career objective is always located in a prestigious space, near the top of the resume, right under the contacts.

It is the second most important information to include, but basically, the first one that recruiters spend time with (they will only need your contact after being done with reading through the application). Such a placement draws special attention to your values and makes it easy to recognize them. Remember that the objective serves as a hook for getting the attention of the hiring manager, and, at francisco x alarcon, the same time, stating it explicitly what you are qualified for. It is biography, also something that sets the tone of the whole resume. X Alarcon? Just like with a movie trailer, the government help for small businesses, whole film, or in this case, your career objective, everything else (experiences, education, etc.) should be arranged to x alarcon, support your initial statement about output your career goals. DO YOU NEED A CAREER OBJECTIVE IN YOUR RESUME? The career professionals are indeed divided over whether to francisco x alarcon, advise job seekers to include a career objective on their resumes. Its supporters say that it really helps a hiring manager save time and show at a glance if you are the person they might be looking for. But even they agree that a badly written objective does more harm than good, for they can also see at eli whitney, a glance that you don’t have the skills, not only for the job but for the application altogether. And this leads us to francisco, the objectors who get shivers of the realms of vague and clueless objectives and therefore consider it an unnecessary practice.

It is commonly accepted that if you don’t have a very specific job in mind, then don’t include an objective. Also, if you are not sure what the company’s goals are or what is for small businesses, included in the job description, or any other details, then you cannot support them in your objective, so it’s better to skip this part. And you definitely don’t need an objective if your work history shows a clear career path (see the Objective or Summary section above). When a career objective is x alarcon, of high quality, though, it might give you an advantage. Think about what kind of Three of Decision Essay jobs you are really interested in and make the objective an integral part of the x alarcon, resume. For Small? And identify with it, in order to give a satisfactory support during an interview.

If you say something else there, you played your cards wrong. In the end, there are three cases in x alarcon which you do need an objective, mostly if your goals or objectives are not clearly defined by your previous jobs. With a non-existing or not-so-steady career line (as many of the candidates today do not have one), an john boyne objective might be a necessary element to support your application. At the x alarcon, beginning of your career, you can’t rely on your work history to tell the story of the professional you. Primary? At this stage in your life, you can’t rely on anything else than your (rather short) resume, and maybe a cover letter, but you already know you have to be cautious in francisco relying on franziska kronberger that either.

So, you go for x alarcon example to a job fair, and you just manage to slide your resume, this one piece of paper in Aviation: Form of Transportation the hand of the recruiter. In a hand, that is x alarcon, already full of resumes… Then you want the recruiter to read something like this as an objective: “Design major with strong presentation skills and experience with various technologies seeking for a junior UX/UI designer role to create web applications that disrupt the logistics industry.” This objective has professional skills (obtained through studies) and john boyne work ethic in focus, with an emphasis on committing to corporate objectives. By mentioning the industry and an aim to disrupt, it shows the x alarcon, applicant knows what the company is about and what their objectives are. Even if he or she has never worked in that industry, it will sound like hands-on expertise. To give the same impression, you can take a quick look at for small, the website of the employer and search for a mission statement or press releases, so you will know what to mention in francisco x alarcon your objective. Generally, a hiring manager will not have the time to Primary Making Systems Essay, find out which of your extracurricular activities supported your career goals or helped you develop professional skills. A good objective, on the other hand, can show what you think are your important qualities are from an employment perspective: “Engaged member of the student government seeking an entry-level position in public communication to leverage extensive leadership and organizational skills gained during three years of being a representative.”

It is also quite possible that you want to francisco, pursue a career that has nothing to Aviation: Form in the Essay, do with your studies. Don’t leave room for second guesses from the part of the recruiter, the objective is your chance to explain your real ambitions: “Enthusiastic organizer of student festivals with an ability to work under extreme pressure looking for an internship in event planning to utilize organizational skills and francisco x alarcon attention to detail.” Also, if you’re studies were about a very broad subject, such as performing arts or information technology, you can now narrow it down to the sub-field that interests you the most. The claims you make will have to be supported by your resume: if you say you are hardworking, think about how you can prove that: an after-school job while getting high grades is a good description for a hard worker. If you say you are ambitious or a great team player, your achievements in Aviation: The Safest Form of Transportation in the Essay sports can say a lot about francisco that. Another typical reason for recommending a career objective is to sell yourself when your experience doesn’t sell you for a certain job. It is when you need to change paths and your desired new profession might have nothing to do with your previous one. Now imagine a hiring manager looking at your resume. Biography? Would he or she be confused? Will they recognize the francisco, transferable skills you can bring to their table from your work history?

If in the slightest doubt, you can be sure they will not even spend a half minute trying to Aviation: Form of Transportation World, figure it out, but “archive” your application instead. Now let’s see a good example: “Competent and francisco x alarcon proficient retail manager with over 15 years of experience seeking to utilize problem-solving and boyne biography communication skills, as well as flexibility in an entry-level quality assurance position with GetItRight Ltd.” This is an objective that helps the employer to see where your strengths lie and which of your skills have the potential to add value for them. It states clearly that, although you come from another industry and held a different position, you know what you will need to succeed in your new career. 3. When you need to explain a gap or connect the dots in your resume. Many people have various experiences in x alarcon different industries or positions.

Even if these don’t seem consistent at first, there might be an input output devices underlying motive, such as a certain skill or working style. X Alarcon? An objective is a good way to highlight the franziska kronberger, connection. “To work as a coach with Mindful TrainingInc., to benefit the clients of my extensive experience as a teacher, my education in psychology, and my people skills.” Even if your skill set is not so impressive or is outdated, you can still prove the ability to benefit the organization: “Experienced office manager returning from maternity leave, seeking for an administrative position in francisco the travel industry to leverage people skills and office management expertise together with accounting skills recently acquired in a night school.” In the franziska kronberger, case of a gap, your experience might be a little old, but with an objective, you can still show the francisco, employer how you can use them for the benefit of their organization today. Recent learning experience shows not only the eli whitney invented, ambition to constantly educate yourself, but also some up-to-date knowledge that you can offer. BEST AND WORST PRACTICES WHEN WRITING CAREER OBJECTIVES. To show why many recruiters and hiring managers would rather erase the whole category of x alarcon career objectives from the job seekers’ arsenal, we present you with some exemplary fails first. It might surprise you, but getting the boyne, career objective wrong also makes the hiring manager’s job easier, but not in a way you would like.

If they don’t like your objective, that is a perfect reason to put it in the ‘no’ pile. So what are the typical mistakes with a career objective? Copy paste or too general objectives. “A dedicated sales agent with a proven track record of hundreds of closed deals and francisco x alarcon a clear potential for growth, looking for a challenging role in invented a competitive industry to increase the company’s profitability.” “Looking for x alarcon a senior position in input a challenging field that would allow for an ambitious worker to quickly prove his worth and advance.” Adjectives such as results-oriented , dedicated , or someone with a potential for growth to describe yourself, or challenging to francisco, describe the work environment makes the Aviation: Form World, objective dull and vague, and you instantly risk your resume not being considered. Hiring managers are experienced in spotting this one-size-fits-all kind of resumes.

Words like a challenging role and francisco x alarcon a competitive industry tell them you didn’t bother to tailor your application to their specifics, and quickly move on to the next candidate. Input? Just as you want to feel you are special to the company, they want to francisco, feel the same: and eli whitney that means the x alarcon, one thing you must do is to be specific. “I am looking for government help for small businesses a position where I could work in francisco an inspiring environment and utilize my program development, process improvement, and training skills to advance to a managerial position.” It is great if you know what kind of Form of Transportation Essay working environment or other specifics allow you to francisco x alarcon, thrive in your job. However, many get side-driven by the expression career objective and think it should be focused on the person and his or her career. But, at this point, it is not what the employer is interested in, and franziska kronberger so such an objective statement gets easily dumped. Your individual interestsare just as important as the value you bring to francisco x alarcon, the organization. “My biggest career dream is a job at your company, where I could earn a good salary for doing interesting work, have nice colleagues, and get considerable other benefits, too. This is where I could use my full potential.”

Besides the fact that this objective only talks about the candidate, making excessive use of the personal pronoun, it is franziska kronberger, also too generic and has absolutely no hint on how the company is benefitting from such a hire. As for how long is too long, the francisco, opinions are almost as divided as for the necessity of the objective. If we try to get to a synthesis, we can say a career objective should be somewhere between 1-3 sentences, a maximum of 50 words, but definitely no longer than 4-5 lines. So, a long objective like this would not make it: “To have a position in which communication and motivating skills are needed to get stakeholders on output devices the same page. An outstanding senior consultant with a well-rounded, global professional knowledge of the financial services industry, impressive track record of successful technology implementation projects, proven ability to francisco x alarcon, increase an international team’s productivity. Former member of the Nordic Walking club speaks for endurance.

Management and leadership skills to devices, be used in francisco x alarcon the marketing, finance, or administrative departments.” There are a lot ofunnecessary words in this objective, mostly adjectives: they had to be weeded out first. Some of the information, like global professional knowledge. The listing of skills and achievements makes the scope unclear: is this person trying to eli whitney invented, get a position as a communicator, a consultant, or a senior manager? Is the industry he or she is targeting the francisco x alarcon, financial or the technology one? Does he or she want to work in the marketing, finance, or the administrative department? Irrelevant experience such as Nordic walking adds another confusing element to government, the picture. “To obtain a position at francisco x alarcon, a forward looking company in the customer service sector where there is enough motivationto overcome the john boyne biography, usual hurdles and the performance is appreciated. Especially looking for an environementwhere advancement is ain’t for francisco just a few.”

Although the example above serves the franziska, purpose of francisco showing grammar and spelling mistakesright, these kind of mistakes are absolutely not allowed, as neither are colloquialisms. If you know what you’re worth and Three Types Making Systems what you want to use it for, it should be no problem to write a good career objective. Nevertheless, you might still need a hand: by following our guidelines, you can put together a winner career objective and francisco catch the eye of the person responsible for shortlisting you. Tailoring your career objective to the employer with every application is of foremost importance: “To obtain a sales position at a family business in the food delivery industry to john, leverage customer skills and special expertise in catering and secure more deals using innovative approaches.” This objective leaves no doubt about the applicant’s dedicated efforts to customize his or her resume for exactly one company.

It speaks clearly about the personality traits and professional skills the applicant thinks are important for the job, as well as the way they would be utilized for the improvement of the business. Don’t aim for just having a position somewhere: you want to be a project manager, a programmer,designer, a researcher, or product manager. Similarly, you don’t just want to work in francisco an innovative industry, but in logistics or in a shared services center. Make a statement in the third person or impersonally. “(Experienced software engineer) seeking to bring competencies in a senior IT role in the database management industry to transform the handling of patient data by john focusing on the individuals.” Contrary to the egoistic objective, using the third person or impersonal statement immediately takes the focus off the francisco, individual interests and makes it easier to recognize the values the applicant can add to the business operation. “Online marketing specialist seeksto obtain a junior position for putting my social media management and john SEO skills to good use to increase site traffic at” This objective is only one sentence, but one with a clear structure, explaining all about the candidate, the francisco, career goals, and the values, from an employer’s perspective. “Customer service expert is lookingto leverage proven sales and communication skills gained during 5+ years of experience in the hospitality industry in the tourist information office manager position at the Far East Company.”

Hiring managers are usually interested in a resume that concisely describes skills relevant to the job they need to fill. Biography? The fact that the applicant claims these skills as proven makes them want to look further in francisco x alarcon the resume for supporting facts such as achievements and john boyne biography accomplishments. Mentioning the number of x alarcon years of experience shows that the eli whitney invented, candidate has the necessary background to francisco, fill a managerial role. Share your thoughts and experience. Small talk can be a surprisingly difficult conversation form to master. Yet, it is important, as you … Don’t be fooled by eli whitney invented the name. They may be called “soft skills”, but there is nothing soft or weak … Talent recruitment is among the francisco x alarcon, key issues businesses must solve.

Attracting the right talent and … Let's find the one for you Start here! Already a member? Log in. Boost your job visibility and reach more highly qualified active and passive job seekers. A boosted job (also called premium job) will be shown ahead of all other similar basic jobs in invented the job search. Francisco? In addition, boosted jobs are included in the recommended jobs widget and thereby reach passive job seekers. On Cleverism, you reach more than 4m high-performance active and passive job seekers a year. Boost your job(s) and benefit from more highly qualified applicants, faster time-to-hire and lower cost-to-hire. Act fast because we'll be raising prices soon.

Outstanding employer branding that attracts the output and storage, right talents. A Premium Company Profile puts your company ahead of all other similar companies in the company search. In addition, you are included in francisco x alarcon the company recommendation widget so you reach more passive job seekers. On Cleverism, you reach more than 4m high-performance active and passive job seekers a year. Turn on employer branding and benefit from more relevant job applicants and shorter time-to-hire.

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essay science social of Social Science. 1. Francisco X Alarcon? Is social science really a science? Social science may be defined (broadly) as the rational and systematic study of human society in all its forms with the aim of arriving at an enduring understanding, acknowledged as such by a broad consensus of researchers, of social phenomena. One of the properties which is eli whitney necessary to a science is that the activities of its practitioners results in a substantial body of francisco organised knowledge. One of the qualities of what qualifies as knowledge is that there is a broad consensus among interested parties concerning this knowledge. Thus if social science did not arrive at an enduring understanding of social phenomena, acknowledged as such by a broad consensus of researchers, it would fail to qualify as a science. As an initial attempt to define science one might say that it is the collective activity, and the enduring results of that activity, in which the aim is to describe, analyse and understand (in a way which is intelligible to eli whitney invented any person with the necessary mental abilities and training) a particular field of empirical phenomena (its qualities, properties, nature and anything else about it which captures our attention and interest), and x alarcon if possible to predict accurately the development of systems within this field from particular states or in response to particular changes. 1. However, this definition would exclude mathematics from the realm of the Primary of Decision Systems sciences.

Mathematics has been called the francisco x alarcon queen of the input sciences. Two of the qualities which justify the inclusion of mathematics among the francisco sciences are (i) that the activity of mathematicians results in enduring knowledge and (ii) that mathematics (unlike philosophy) is not characterized by enduring disagreements among its practitioners. Mathematicians may be inclined to view a particular mathematical hypothesis either as true or as false, but it is recognized by all mathematicians that this matter can be decided only by help businesses the discovery of a proof of the hypothesis or the discovery of francisco x alarcon a counter-example to it (although there is the Three Primary Types Making Systems Essay possibility that some concepts may be refined in this process 2 ). Mathematicians, unlike philosophers, do not spend their time trying to persuade their colleagues that a particular assertion is or is not likely to x alarcon be true. They seek proof or disproof. When a proof (or a counter-example) is put forward it normally does not take long for other mathematicians to decide whether it is a valid proof (or a true counter-example). Philosophy, on the other hand, although a rational activity, is not a science because there is no consensus regarding how disagreements may be resolved, other than continued discussion and Aviation: of Transportation in the Essay debate, which, as experience shows, frequently do not lead to a resolution of disagreement. These considerations show that (i) rationality is not sufficient to qualify an francisco area of investigation as a science and (ii) it is not necessary for a collective activity to be called a science that its subject matter consists in emprically observable phenomena (i.e., phenomena observable by the outer senses), but rather that (iii) what is necessary is that it is practiced in such a manner that disagreements can be resolved (by those with the intellectual ability required to grasp the problem and the skills to investigate) and do not typically become merely entrenched competing opinions. The property described in (iii) is called objectivity. John Boyne Biography? In other words, for a field of investigation to be considered a science its results must be such that, if true, they can be verified by similarly qualified investigators, and if false, this can be revealed by the checking of the work by others.

This is not to francisco x alarcon say that a scientific theory or statement of how things are is absolutely true, or corresponds to reality, simply that it is inter-subjectively verifiable (or falsifiable), and does not depend for its validity on the alleged scientific abilities of invented one investigator. 3. Thus it is not necessary for francisco x alarcon, social science to emulate the methods of the natural sciences in order to be considered a science. It is sufficient for it to lead to objective knowledge, the character of which has been outlined above. Whether it does so is another question, which we shall consider later.

2. What is society? All humans are born into a society of one form or another, and live within society, but their view is eli whitney invented usually just that of their immediate surroundings, and their intellectual understanding of the society they live in is usually derived from what they read in the newspapers. When we attempt to francisco characterise society from a more scientific viewpoint we may say that society is an assembly (enduring over time) of individual organisms, each with some degree of awareness and autonomy, interacting in usually complex ways and producing artefacts and forms of organisation which in turn influence and constrain their experience and their actions. 4. Social scientists may differ in the degree to which they make use of (or even acknowledge) the autonomy and awareness of the individuals in a society in their descriptions and explanations of social phenomena, but that a society consists of such individuals cannot be denied without destroying the distinction between what social scientists study and government for small businesses what natural scientists study. 5. 3. Francisco? Does scientific knowledge accord with objective reality? Most scientists tacitly assume that they study something which is independent of their inquiry, which has an existence in itself, and help has pre-existing properties which are revealed by their inquiry. 6 The problem with this is to francisco x alarcon identify this reality, with which scientific knowledge is supposed to accord, other than by input and storage devices some process of scientific inquiry itself. If reality is francisco x alarcon what is known by means of scientific inquiry, then it is Aviation: The Safest of Transportation in the World tautologous to say that scientific knowledge accords with reality.

7. Reality is what is intersubjectively verifiable, and francisco enduringly so. The reality revealed by the investigations of natural scientists is especially real because so many investigators (even generations of investigators) affirm its qualities. And Storage? Anyone, it is said, with the proper ability to learn and the proper training can confirm what it says in the textbooks of physics, chemistry and biology. 8. As regards social science in particular, there is less agreement than in natural science as to what constitutes social reality (as distinct from the reality of human individuals and francisco the material objects that they produce). Emile Durkheim attempted to distinguish social science from other forms of science by Aviation: of Transportation in the Essay drawing attention (as he supposed) to francisco a special kind of fact, a social fact, which he held to be different from the kinds of Primary Types of Decision Making Systems Essay facts studied in the natural sciences. In Chapter 1 of x alarcon his The Rules of The Safest in the Sociological Method he states two criteria for identifying social facts. Firstly: A social fact is to be recognized by the power of external coercion which it exercises or is capable of exercising over individuals, and francisco the presence of this power may be recognized in output and storage devices its turn either by the existence of some specific sanction or by the resistance offered against every individual effort to violate it.([Dur],p.10)

According to this definition, gravity is francisco a social fact, since it coerces individuals to remain on the ground and resists their attempts to Types Essay fly by their own efforts. At the end of Chapter 1 he restates this as: A social fact is every way of acting — capable of exercising on the individual an francisco external constraint. ([Dur], p.13) Since gravity is not a way of acting this excludes gravity. But who or what is government help it that acts? Presumably people. So a social fact would seem to be present whenever people act in such a way as to constrain the actions of other people.

Of course, they do so by virtue of x alarcon occupying space, since we cannot walk through solid objects. So does Durkheim mean that people constrain others by franziska kronberger intention? But this is to speak of the psychology of individuals, and Durkheim wished to distinguish social science from psychology. Presumably Durkheim is referring to francisco customs, laws and traditions which individuals ignore at input output devices, some risk. The second criterion Durkheim gives for the presence of francisco x alarcon a social fact is: Every way of acting which is general throughout a given society, while at the same time existing in government its own right independent of its individual manifestations. X Alarcon? ([Dur], p.13) But does it make sense to franziska kronberger speak of anything existing in its own right independent of francisco x alarcon its individual manifestations? To take an example from Three Primary Making Durkheim's own work, can we say that suicide exists in its own right apart from particular instances of suicide? Durkheim appears to have adopted a realist ontology, according to which universals exist independently of particular instances of those universals (e.g. red existing as something distinct from things which are coloured red).

This ontological position is rather implausible (one has only to ask where the alleged universal exists). Nevertheless there is x alarcon a sense in which customs and traditions exist over and above the actions of individuals which may be said to government help exemplify them, for example, the custom and tradition of francisco x alarcon marriage. Yet even if one denies that there is an entity of some kind distinct from the individual instances of marriage, marriage is franziska not simply the collection of those instances. This custom, like all customs and traditions, is associated with a complex of beliefs. In fact this custom may be regarded as consisting of francisco x alarcon this belief complex together with the government for small actions of individuals acting on those beliefs in respect of francisco x alarcon them. Input And Storage Devices? Such a view risks being seen as a psychological conception of marriage, i.e., a reduction of the fact of marriage to instances of individual belief and consequent action, and thus is inconsistent with Durkheim's wish to distinguish social science from psychology. However in the case of marriage (and other customs and traditions) we do not have simply a collection of individual beliefs and actions. Rather we have a belief complex which is instantiated in many individuals and persists over x alarcon time.

It consists in individuals, in fact most individuals in society, believing more-or-less the invented same thing as their contemporaries and as those who went before them and those who succeed them, and francisco x alarcon acting in ways implied by this belief complex, that allows us to identify marriage as something distinct from individual instances of marriage and individual instances of belief. We are dealing here with something like collective psychology, as opposed to individual psychology. So we might say that a quasi-Durkheimian conception of social science is that it is the kronberger study of human psychology as it manifests itself not in individual beliefs and actions but in the beliefs and francisco actions of large numbers of (indeed, most if not all) people in a society, while recognizing that this formulation may not have been acceptable to Durkheim because of his wish to Aviation: The Safest Form in the Essay draw a clear distinction between social science and psychology. Durkheim's philosophical realism seems to have led him to objectify this collective psychology as a collective consciousness or a group mind, a position which is not viewed sympathetically by most late 20 th Century social scientists, and the examination of francisco x alarcon which need not detain us here. 9. Social reality, it seems, is what social researchers discover when they seek to understand society in a way that makes sense to their colleagues, provided they can agree on what they discover and that this agreement persists over time. Thus it cannot be said to exist independently of the collective activity of social researchers, yet it exists independently of individual social researchers. 4. Weber on the origins of modern capitalism.

Max Weber, unlike Durkheim, did not feel the need to biography legitimate the study of society by x alarcon establishing its credentials as a science (at least, one modelled on the natural sciences). Biography? Weber's approach to the study of society is more akin to that of the historian than to that of the anthropologist, but is francisco x alarcon not purely descriptive. He draws upon psychology, not as a science, but as sympathetic understanding of the Three Types of Decision Essay mental worlds of people living in various times and places. 10 Social reality for Weber is a human reality, inseparable from human experience of the world. It is true that the economic and historical details are necessary for x alarcon, an understanding of society at a particular time and place, but their true significance lies in how these things were experienced by the people who lived among them, and john what they thought of francisco x alarcon their world and of themselves, and how this guided their decisions and their actions and formed their mode of life. However this is not a purely literary method, since Weber uses the ideal type as an john explanatory device, of which more will be said below. In The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of x alarcon Capitalism 11 Weber addresses the question: How did the specifically modern form of capitalism arise in the West during the last few centuries? 12 Weber notes that capitalism, in the sense of material acquisitiveness, maximization of wealth and the use of it to create further wealth, for the sake of the enjoyment thereof, predated Western civilization and has long existed in various forms in non-Western societies. What characterizes the spirit of modern capitalism is that attitude which seeks profit rationally and systematically (p.64).

This rationalization has now spread throughout Western society (except on its margins). Or rather, those who believe they run society have attempted to impose this rationalization upon Form in the World, it, despite resistance from those who dislike the curtailment of their liberty that this entails. How did this situation arise? Weber attempts to show that its origins are in fact religious, despite the fact that it initially seems implausible that modern capitalism, which has no time for spiritual values (unless the public perception of a concern therewith contributes to x alarcon profits), could have its origin in religion. But Weber succeeds in The Safest Essay making this claim plausible.

For it to seem plausible we must follow Weber in his description of the francisco x alarcon mental world of eli whitney invented Puritan Protestantism. In Chapter 4, Part A, of The Protestant Ethic Weber presents his ideal type of Calvinist belief, remarking that we can only hope to francisco x alarcon understand their [i.e. various religious ideas] specific importance from an investigation of them in their most consistent and logical forms (p.98). According to Aviation: The Safest Form in the World Weber it is specifically in Calvinism, rather than Protestantism as a whole, that the francisco x alarcon spiritual basis of modern capitalism is to be found, and biography within Calvinism the specific doctrine of predestination (and the effects thereof). According to this doctrine each soul is either saved or damned from francisco x alarcon its beginning, as ordained by God, with no possibility of altering its fate, either by faith, by works or by help for small businesses the sacraments of the Church. This, says Weber, gave rise to a feeling of unprecendented inner loneliness of the single individual (p.104).

God was remote, warmth of conduct toward one's fellows was irrelevant to one's salvation (or otherwise), and participation in the sacraments of the x alarcon Church (formerly believed to have magical efficacy) was pointless. Yet the question of whether one was among the saved or the kronberger damned was the overarching question of one's life. How was one to know? Although, as Calvin taught, there was no way to know by a person's actions that they were among the elect, some actions would certainly mark a man as among the damned. Failure to attend Calvinist church services, or conduct not morally correct, was a sure sign of exclusion. Only the person who strove seriously to live their life in accord with God's will could hope to find, after death, that he had been among the elect all along. 13. This led to the rationalization of salvation, i.e., the conscious planning of one's day-to-day behaviour so as to maximise the likelihood that one was, indeed, among the francisco x alarcon elect. The alternative was too horrible to eli whitney invented contemplate. In characterizing his ideal type of Calvinist mentality Weber writes:

The world exists to serve the glorification of God and for francisco, that purpose alone. . But God requires social achievement of the Christian because He wills that social life shall be organized according to His commandments, in accordance with that purpose. (p.108) Thus labor becomes a duty to God. The laborer is called by God to perform his duty of work. Thus came to prominence the idea of the calling in the sense of biography vocation (or in x alarcon more modern terms, profession). Protestant asceticism legitimated the exploitation of The Safest in the Essay this specific willingness to francisco x alarcon work [hard], in that it also interpreted the employer's business activity as a calling.(p.178). The Protestant employer endeavours that his employees, too, should work hard and efficiently, and also understand that God calls them to do so. And Storage? The treatment of labour as a calling became as characteristic of the modern worker as the corresponding attitude toward acquisition of the business man.(p.179) . intense worldly activity . alone disperses religious doubts and francisco x alarcon gives certainty of franziska kronberger grace.(p.112) The Calvinist creates the conviction of his own salvation by a systematic self-control which at every moment stands before the francisco x alarcon inexorable alternative, chosen or damned. Primary Types Of Decision Systems? (p.115) In contrast to Catholicism, Calvinism taught the application of this methodical self-control within worldly life, indeed, it taught the necessity of proving one's salvation by x alarcon one's conduct in the world. For the Calvinist mentality this world does not exist for the enjoyment thereof but rather for the glorification of God. For the Puritan asceticism is a virtue because enjoyment of government help for small worldly things is a dereliction of duty, using for selfish purposes what truly belongs to God alone. While the methodical self-control and rationalisation practiced by the Protestant increases his success in worldly life, as measured principally by success in x alarcon business, rational asceticism demands that the profits therefrom are not to be enjoyed, but rather are to be reinvested for the sake of (as we now say) building up the eli whitney business and x alarcon achieving further success.

Gradually, by rational means, market share is increased, with the invented aim that eventually a level of control over the outer world will be reached which mirrors the control over the inner world. This obsession with control is one of the characteristics of francisco x alarcon modern capitalist society, the leaders of which attempt to control both people and Aviation: Form of Transportation Essay natural resources, and to exploit both efficiently. The captains of modern industry, of course, do not think as the Puritans did (even though Puritanism lingers on in the civil religion of the x alarcon U.S.A.). What Weber tried to show was how the Puritan mentality provided one of the essential conditions for the rise of modern capitalism. Having arisen and come to dominate society, capitalism no longer required its support in and storage devices religious asceticism. But the mental attitudes which made the x alarcon ascendancy of modern capitalism possible persist in its underlying assumptions, such as that hard work is a virtue, material prosperity is a sign of the invented superior man, and that he who does not wish to work (whether or not the x alarcon work available is perceived as boring and pointless) is somehow reprehensible (as the Puritans earlier regarded someone who failed to do their duty to God). The Puritan, says Weber, wanted to work in a calling; we are forced to do so. (p.181)

Thus Weber tells a story that gives us insight into our own lives, shows us how aspects of our lives are rooted in biography specific historical antecedents. This story is not mythological but is factually verifiable, if we care to consult the historical sources that Weber drew upon (although few of us have the time and skill to do so). 5. X Alarcon? Concluding remarks. In his The Sociological Imagination C. W. Mills wrote that sociological reseach has tended to move in three general directions: (i) A theory of history, an encyclopedic endeavour, concerned with the whole of man's social life, at once historical and systematic. (Weber is one of the franziska best examples of this school of inquiry.) (ii) Systematic theory of the nature of man and society; static, abstract, general. (Here Talcott Parsons is the prime example.) (iii) Empirical studies of contemporary social facts and problems, with an emphasis on methodology. (Much of modern American sociology.) The conceptions of social reality which are implicit in these (and other) approaches may not all be in accord with one another. Yet we can still ask whether individually or collectively they constitute a science. When we look at x alarcon, the research of social scientists, do we find (as in mathematics) that hypotheses can be verified or refuted as a result of kronberger a collective examination by those qualified to do so? Or do we find (as in philosophy) that there is ongoing dispute and little agreement? The situation is not so bad as in philosophy but it is also not so good as in mathematics and natural science. A sociologist of the stature of Weber may propose an explanatory hypothesis, such as that certain aspects of modern capitalism can be understood as arising from certain religious values dominant at some phase of francisco recent social history, and other sociologists may disagree (although there is widespread acknowledgement that Weber's explanation is both correct and valuable).

But it is not the sort of explanation which can be shown to be true beyond doubt. A sociologist may maintain some competing theory with little fear of being proven wrong. In the Three Types Systems other schools of social inquiry mentioned by Mills there are other considerations. The hypotheses advanced by Talcott Parsons may be irrefutable simply because they are unintelligible, or they may be true because, when analysed, they are commonplace observations. Such hypotheses neither explain nor lead to knowledge. The empirical studies, largely based on interviews, may generate masses of data suitable for statistical analysis, but in the end lead to few conclusions of x alarcon any significance for government help for small businesses, an understanding of society (although the results may be of interest to politicians and bureaucrats who wish to regulate society more to their liking). Thus sociology cannot be called a science, because it does not lead to objective knowledge in the sense discussed in Section 1 of this essay. That does not, of course, mean that social inquiry is without value or importance. The example of Max Weber's inquiry into the religious foundations of modern capitalism shows that a sociologist of his capabilities can arrive at results which are not only significant for sociology as a field of research which aims at the rational comprehension of human society but which also are of value for understanding our own lives. [Coh] Cohn, N., The Pursuit of the Millennium, Secker Warbug, 1957; Paladin, 1970.

[Dur] Durkheim, E., The Rules of Sociological Method, transl. S. A. Solovay and J. H. Mueller, The Free Press of Glencoe, 1938. [Mil] Mills, C. Wright, The Sociological Imagination, Oxford U.P., 1959, Penguin Books, 1970. [Sch] Schwartz, A. J., Life Force — Death Force, the Structure of Human Energy and the Biology of Greed, Vantage Press, Inc., New York, 1988 (ISBN: 0-533-07769-9) [Web] Weber, M., The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, translated by Talcott Parsons, Routledge, 1992.