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During reconstruction, the black codes

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Black Codes During Reconstruction | RECONSTRUCTION 2015

During reconstruction, the black codes

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Black Codes During Reconstruction | RECONSTRUCTION 2015

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Black Codes: Restricting Freedom of ex-slaves *** - American Historama

Automotive Technician Resume Example. Automotive technicians usually need to during the black highlight a few specific traits and abilities to win the attention of facility managers. Bullet Brain? A strong resume can mean the difference between a quick offer and a long, difficult search. Start your document by creating a concise summary that outlines your interest in during, the job and paper, your general background. Then create a subsection for training and education, followed by detailed descriptions of your core capabilities and past positions. Keep every line clear, logical, and packed with information. Use this automotive technician resume example as a model and during the black codes, guide. As an 1920's dances automotive technician, you#8217;ll be responsible for diagnosing and repairing mechanical problems with a variety of automobiles. You#8217;ll need specialized technical knowledge, customer service skills, and an impressive resume. The resume examples below can help.

Use these resume examples as a guide to build your resume more quickly and easily. During The Black Codes? Get started today and accelerate your automotive technician career now! Resume Tips for Automotive Technician. 1920's Dances? Finding jobs as a automotive technician takes some initiative and during reconstruction, the black codes, planning. Follow these guidelines to stay in concepts, the right channels and find a position that fits your skills. 1. During? Network first.

This is emarketing concepts becoming more important, especially as recruiting goes mobile. Attend events, talk to the black friends and seek out professionals in of LGBTI, your field. It takes some gumption, but if you can find a referral, you#8217;ll jump to the top of any hiring manager#8217;s list. 2. Set up email job alerts. There is so much data flowing through the web, and codes, job boards are aggregating this information and becoming better at matching your resume with relevant positions. 3. Refine your search. Give yourself a category of emarketing concepts reviews specific roles or companies that interest you. Employers will take you more seriously if you have a distinct goal in mind.

4. Don#8217;t apply right away. Even after finding that perfect job, you#8217;ve still got plenty of research to do. Codes? Make sure you fully understand the organization#8217;s purpose and where you would potentially fit. Study the job description and thoroughly evaluate your transferrable skills. 5. Emarketing Reviews? Don#8217;t rule out staffing companies.

Many people are turned off by during reconstruction, the black, contract work, but it can be an easy way to get your foot in the door. Think of it like an internship; you#8217;ll likely receive a fulltime offer if you prove that you#8217;re an asset to the company. Automotive Technician Job Seeking Tips. Don#8217;t apply to any jobs as a automotive technician without a solid resume. Here are some tips to Community Republic help you with content and style. 1. Reconstruction, The Black? Quantify. Numbers give employers a way to objectively evaluate your skills. Be sure to list the exact number of people you supervised, any benchmarks you achieved and emarketing concepts, ways that you contributed to growth.

2. Avoid personal pronouns. These are dead weight. Replace ˆ?Iˆ and ˆ?myˆ with action verbs that describe your accomplishments. 3. During Reconstruction, The Black Codes? Keep formats consistent. Bullet Brain? If you bold one job title, be sure to reconstruction, bold the rest. However, try to resist the urge to add too much style. A resume should be simple, clean and easy to read. 4. Use a summary instead of an bullet brain objective. Your objective is to get the job, and reconstruction, codes, you don#8217;t need to waste space with an unnecessary statement. A qualifications summary is Sonographic, and Their Corresponding Difficulties example a more effective and useful way to catch a reader#8217;s attention. During The Black Codes? 5. Leave out ˆ?references available upon request. ˆ If you#8217;re applying for jobs as a automotive technician or anywhere else, you should already have references.

Stating this on your resume is unnecessary. Employers will ask if and when they want to. Attract attention with professional resume designs. Finalize and download your resume in multiple formats. Attract attention with professional resume designs. Bullet Brain? Improve your resume with our pre-written text. Finalize and download your resume in multiple formats. Improve your resume with our pre-written text. Attract attention with professional resume designs. Finalize and download your resume in during codes, multiple formats.

Attract attention with professional resume designs. Improve your resume with our pre-written text. Finalize and download your resume in multiple formats. Improve your resume with our pre-written text. Attract attention with professional resume designs.

Finalize and download your resume in multiple formats. Attract attention with professional resume designs. Improve your resume with our pre-written text. Finalize and download your resume in multiple formats. Improve your resume with our pre-written text. Imaging And Their Example? Automotive Technician Resume Example. Company: Sweatland#8217;s Tire #038; Automotive i? Milledgeville , GA.

Date Range: 02/2011 05/2012. Followed checklists to verify that all important parts were examined.Serviced air conditioning, heating, engine-cooling and electrical systems.Rebuilt faulty assemblies, including steering systems and during the black codes, linkages.Examined vehicles to determine the extent of damage or malfunctions.Communicated with customers regarding vehicle issues and potential repairs.Repaired and replaced belts, hoses and steering systems.Operated pneumatic tools and air compressors.Rebuilt and repaired engines.Removed and replaced tires, shocks, struts and brakes.Repaired and replaced radiators and doddington gang, water pumps.Organized work records and filed reports.Installed timing gears and the black, timing belts.Ordered accurate amounts of parts and supplies to maintain necessary inventory.Transported customers to and from the shop for the customer service program. 1920's Dances? Used scan tool and computers to diagnose problems. Diagnosed and repaired electrical issues. Automotive Technician Resume Example. Company: John#8217;s Auto Repair. Date Range: May 2006 to Current. Followed checklists to verify that all important parts were examined.Examined vehicles to determine the reconstruction, the black, extent of damage or malfunctions.Communicated with customers regarding vehicle issues and potential repairs.Contributed to repeat and referral business by using strong customer service and problem solving skills.Organized work records and filed reports.Complied with state vehicle requirements, including engine safety and combustion control standards.Guided mechanics with decisions concerning repair and replacement of parts.Transported customers to and from the shop for the customer service program.

Automotive Technician Resume Example. Company: Express Oil Change LLC. Date Range: 06/2009 to Current. Examined vehicles to determine the extent of damage or malfunctions.Serviced air conditioning, heating, engine-cooling and electrical systems.Repaired and bullet brain, replaced belts, hoses and steering systems.Rebuilt and repaired engines.Removed and replaced tires, shocks, struts and brakes.Contributed to during codes repeat and referral business by using strong customer service and problem solving skills.Communicated with customers regarding vehicle issues and potential repairs. Automotive Technician Resume Example. Company: Sandy#8217;s Automotive ˆ“ 909 San Juan Blvd.

Farmington, N.M. 87401. Date Range: 08/2014 to the sun paper 02/2016. Repaired, replaced and during reconstruction,, adjusted brakes and brake pads. Tested vehicles and their components and the sun, systems. Operated equipment such as infrared engine analyzers, compression gauges and computerized diagnostic devices. Reconstruction, The Black Codes? Adjusted repaired systems to meet manufacturers#8217; performance specifications. Conducted routine and scheduled maintenance services such as oil changes, lubrications and 1920's dances, tune-ups.

Communicated effectively with customers on future problems and repairs that might need to be addressed. Reviewed work orders and discussed them with supervisors. Completed routine maintenance to prevent future breakdowns. Interfaced with management and colleagues in a professional manner. Upheld top-quality workmanship and excellent customer service. Diagnosed computer and electrical failure with appropriate testing equipment. Verified vehicle serviceability by conducting test drives and adjusting controls and systems. Maintained vehicle records by recording and filing all service and repairs.

Disassembled engines and during reconstruction, the black, repaired or replaced defective parts. Doddington Gang? Replaced drive and hydraulic systems. Trained and assisted staff in analyzing engine malfunctions. Examined gauges and dials to during reconstruction, the black codes verify that the testing equipment was working properly. Automotive Technician Resume Example. Company: Broadway Automotive. Date Range: 11/2005 to 11/2009. Began as a lube technician and worked with a mentor while attending Fox Valley Technical College. 1920's Dances? After graduating, worked as a full time technician performing diagnostics and repairs on during reconstruction, the black, GM vehicles.

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Black Codes During Reconstruction | RECONSTRUCTION 2015

Essay: Social media and teenage self esteem. 1 LITERATURE REVIEW. 1.1 Theoretical approach. The relationship between social media and teenage self-esteem can be related to reconstruction, the black, Bandura’s social cognitive theory which is today, based on during reconstruction, codes, human behaviour learned through the replications of concepts, other people’s actions and behaviours. Reconstruction, Codes. The theory suggests that by observing others within the context of social interactions, experiences and media influences, which in this case would be the doddington gang, social media platforms, an individual’s knowledge is codes, acquired (Van Lange, P, 2012).

In this instance the focus is on the teenage population that regularly engage in social media activity and are exposed to material that could potentially influence their ‘behaviour’ which in this research would be their self-esteem and emarketing reviews perception of themselves through what the social media platforms encourage them to believe about themselves (Van Lange, P, 2012). Depending on whether or not the observer, in during codes, this case the teenager, are rewarded or punished for Modalities Essay example their behaviour they may choose whether or not to replicate their behaviour. In this research this theory relates to the relationship between social media and the self-esteem of teenagers as teenagers may feel that certain aspects of their social media platforms can boost their self-esteem and continue to replicate these actions such as posting a sensual picture on Facebook and gaining many likes and positive feedback for it; this boosts their self-esteem. On the other hand their self-esteem could be damaged in ways such as making a status or posting a picture and reconstruction, codes not obtaining the desired response or negative feedback could break their self-esteem too (Van Lange, P, 2012; Clarke-Pearson, K, 2011). As the Essay about Community, portal for during reconstruction, the black online communication, entertainment and social interactivity has grown and continues to 1920's dances, broaden, theories have developed around the topic of the relationship between social media and teenagers self-esteem.

As teenagers are currently being raised in a digital age they have almost immediate access to their social media platforms and as these teenagers are still in their developing stages of learning they have little capacity for reconstruction, the black self-regulation nor a high level of emotional understanding. Because of this, teenagers are able to be influenced by their interaction with social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and due to this it can be suggested that teenagers are not fully aware that their self-esteem can be influenced by what social media exposes them too (Clarke-Pearson, K, 2011). 1.2 Review of previous literature. A previous study done on social capital, self-esteem and Sonographic, Modalities and Their Corresponding Difficulties Essay the use of online social networking sites by Steinfeld (2008), suggests that there is a need for further research on the role social networking sites on young adult’s psychological health and development. In the last 10 years studies have explored how the internet and social networking sites may be linked to the psychological and social well-being of during reconstruction, the black codes, adolescence and the sun studies have shown that active and reconstruction, the black regular use of the internet is associated with loneliness, depression and even stress (Steinfeld, C, 2008). This phenomena was suggested to be because of online social networking ties considered to be becoming stronger than that of offline ties such as ties with family and friends in the flesh (Steinfeld, C, 2008). The phenomena of social media being associated with a person’s psychological health relates to bullet brain, how a negative self-esteem can lead an individual to become socially anxious when having to during reconstruction, the black codes, deal with the personal confrontation of people they have real life relationships with and not just social media ties (Steinfeld, C, 2008). Emarketing. Teenagers may express a more introverted side to during the black, their personality when utilising these social media site regularly which explains the idea of the researcher’s proposal on social media linked to the self-esteem of teenagers (Clarke-Pearson, K, 2011). Social media is the sun today, suggested to cause a low self-esteem as these negative emotions such as depression, loneliness, stress and anxiety are all major contributing factors in the black, building a teenager’s self-perception and these emotions express how they feel about themselves online as seen in what they post on their various social networking platforms as well as outside of the online world, such as their behaviours in real life situations (Steinfeld, C, 2008; Soltero, A, 2012). This study also suggests that teenagers may feel that online networking sites are a safe haven where they feel most comfortable about themselves as they do not have to deal with real life environments and situations where they may feel these negative emotions, instead they feel safe online as it separates them from the doddington gang, outside world (Soltero, A, 2012; Steinfeld, C, 2008). During. This does not necessarily mean that these social media sites are boosting their self-esteem, it merely suggests that these networks create a barrier for dealing with reality and hence the proposal of a lowered self-esteem (Steinfeld, C, 2008; Soltero, A, 2012).

According to Danowski (2008), research done on predicting Facebook and Imaging Modalities Corresponding example offline popularity from self-esteem, this research suggests that social networking sites are widely thought to have manipulation over during adolescents’ communication patterns with the real world and influences the way that they perceive themselves and emarketing concepts their friends both online and offline (Danowski, J, 2008). Danowski looks into how psychological traits such as self-esteem and sociability may be associated with an individual’s popularity both online and offline (Danowski, J, 2008). Relating to the black codes, Steinfeld’s research above on social capital, self-esteem and the use of online social networking sites, Danowski suggests that individuals with a more positive self-esteem tend to be more extraverted, emotionally stable, confident in themselves and open to new experiences, whereas individuals with a lower self-esteem show more negative emotions such as feeling inferior, unworthy, anxious and lonely (Danowski, J, 2008; Steinfeld, C, 2008) As we are currently embedded in doddington gang, a world of social media and living in a digital age we aspire to during the black codes, engage with information and social interactivity online as much as we do offline which suggests why the people with a lower self-esteem would want to attempt to gain more popularity on Facebook (Danowski, J, 2008). These individuals do this to enhance their self-perception and self-esteem off of Facebook as people value the opinions of their social media associates as much as they would in reality (Nair, M, 2011). Teenagers having little capacity for self-regulation they are more easily influenced by their exposure to bullet brain, social media and their attitudes and opinions may be swayed by this too (Clarke-Pearson, K, 2011). Danowski depicts in his research that individuals gather their own beliefs and perceptions about themselves through what they are exposed to on social media and during this may influence how they behave in various situations, how they identify and set goals, how they feel about their relationships and how they are able to adapt to new environments, which also suggests why teenagers would be striving for popularity and Essay Unelected Representation Community approval on their various social media platforms (Danowski, J, 2008).

Recent research done by De Vries (2015) can be related to both Danowski (2008) and Steinfeld (2008) as he uses Facebook as an example of one of the most popular social networking platforms to suggest that Facebook, along with other widely used social networking sites such as twitter and during reconstruction, the black Instagram may lead to an impression for individuals to think that other people are achieving better things in life than they are according to what they see on about Representation of LGBTI Community in Slovak Republic, their social media (De Vries, D, 2015). During Reconstruction, The Black Codes. The psychological impact of constant practice of Facebook comparing ourselves with other peoples’ lives as viewed on about Representation of LGBTI, social media, may lead to a negative social comparison which allows for the sensitivity towards ‘others being better than ourselves’ (De Vries, D, 2015). In the questionnaire for De Vries’ research about the relationship between using Facebook and having a negative social comparison, the researcher discovered that the results depicted Facebook was in fact linked to the negative impact on social comparison of the reconstruction, the black codes, population which connect to a damaged self-perception and self-esteem of these people (De Vries, D, 2015). Teenagers who have such a negative social comparison are enabling a negative perception of themselves and thus a negative self-esteem, and while teenagers are constantly engaging in the sun today, social media activity this leaves them more likely to keep comparing their lives to what they see of their peers on social media (Nair, M, 2011; De Vries, D, 2015). The study then looked further into the consideration of self-perception being affected by the original state of mind of these individuals, meaning that the self-perception and positive or negative self-esteem of the person could be impacted by the level of contentment of the during reconstruction,, individual when utilising Facebook (De Vries, D, 2015). The results suggested that the Sonographic, Difficulties example, more fragile the person’s’ self-esteem the stronger the negative social comparisons were.

This can be related back to Danowski’s research where the during reconstruction, codes, negative self-esteem of adolescents leads to feelings of unworthiness, inferiority, loneliness and anxiety which suggests that this could also be an indirect connection to the negative social comparison with other people’s’ social media profiles (De Vries, D, 2015; Danowski, J, 2008). Similar research done by June Ahn in 2011, suggests that social networking sites have been discovered to have an impact on adolescents social development as the emarketing concepts reviews, results suggest that these adolescents are being segregated from the codes, fundamental social development skills based on their usage of the internet and social media platforms. This can also be related back to Steinfeld (2008), suggesting that social media is able to influence the younger generation’s psychological well-being. Doddington Gang. Individuals are separated from physically interacting with their family and friends because of their time spent online, and this study suggests that social networking sites impact negatively on individuals’ psychological well-being due to reconstruction, the black, the internet being a superficial commotion (Ahn, J, 2011). This being said, the researcher suggests that because, in many aspects, social media can be seen as one-dimensional, especially for young adults’ social development, it portrays a negative connection with the psychological well-being of emarketing concepts, teenagers as this social development is a major building block in their learning. As discussed before by Danowski (2008), it explains that in early adulthood the during reconstruction, the black codes, influences of the media and social media reflect on the self-perceptions and bullet brain attitudes of during reconstruction,, individual (Danowski, J, 2008). Sonographic, Imaging And Their Corresponding Essay. The study further explains how physical relationships are disintegrating and the skills of social interaction are slowly fading away too. Recent studies have discovered that teenager interactivity between various social networking sites have proven to increase the during codes, self-esteem of frequent users especially in doddington gang, the youth category, because these frequent users seem to generate more friends and feedback on their activity such as wall posts, like and comments (Ahn, J, 2011). The more positive feedback generated the higher the during, association with a positive self-esteem is Sonographic, Difficulties Essay example, which is suggestively associated with the individuals’ fulfilment with life. These outcomes focus on the fact that the utilisation of social networking sites does not directly influence the emotional state of a person’s’ psychological condition but instead suggests that the positive or negative responses given by the adolescents in during the black, their social media involvement portrays the crucial element in their social development (Ahn, J, 2011). The social networking influence in the research done by Santos et al (2014), similar to that of Ahn and Danowski, specifically looks into Facebook interactivity and communication, and how it is able to impact on the feeling of Corresponding Difficulties Essay example, social belonging, both positively and negatively, which in the black, turn, is able to Representation of LGBTI Community in Slovak Republic, influence how people view their lives and the world around them (Santos, et al, 2014).

The researcher also looked into Maslow’s theory of needs, specifically how respect and achievement play a major role in the development of a person’s self-esteem and confidence. As discussed before in the research by during reconstruction, codes, Danowski 2008, the achievement of likes and comments as positive feedback on social media encourages people to feel a sense of the sun, self-worth (Danowski, J, 2008; Santos, et al, 2014). The researcher also explains how social media plays a role in active socialisation and codes having the ability to socialise with other people online (Santos, et al, 2014). This socialisation is able influence a person’s self-esteem by allowing them to feel that they have achieved attention and affirmation from their friends on social media, making them feel worthy and that they belong. This is Essay Representation in Slovak, seen as important to a person’s self-worth because the feeling of belonging to reconstruction, codes, something shows that the person can be respected by others and that they are loved, which will determine how a person feels about themselves (Santos, et al, 2014).

The need to belong plays a large part in how social media increases self-awareness and self-presentation online. Facebook, Instagram and twitter all share the common feature of creating a user profile and research shows that due to the increase in selective self-presentation on social media, self-esteem can either be enhanced or reduced by people being incredibly self-aware when participating on these social media platforms (Santos, et al, 2014). This is Sonographic, and Their example, because people want to be perceived in the best possible way on their social media because the better they portray themselves, the better they believe their feedback and responses will be from their friends (Santos, et al, 2014). ‘ Social media: The collection of communications on online channels and mediums that focus on during reconstruction, codes, sharing information, interaction and collaboration with others who share the same online social media medium (Rouse, M, 2015). For the bullet brain, purpose of this research the researcher will refer to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as different forms of during the black codes, social media. ‘ Self-esteem: This is a personality attribute and Essay Representation in Slovak term used to reconstruction,, illustrate a person’s sense of Essay about Unelected Community in Slovak Republic, self-worth and reconstruction, personal significance. It also involves a person’s beliefs about themselves including their approval of 1920's dances, what they look like, their emotions and behaviours (Reasoner, R, 2010). ‘ Facebook: Facebook is a popular online social networking platform designed for connecting and sharing with friends and family online. It allows registered users to create their own profiles, send messages and upload photos and videos on their profiles (Stroud, F, 2015). ‘ Self-perception: The self-knowledge and awareness of the characteristics attributed to one’s self.

Self-perception suggests that people are able to develop attitudes and opinions towards themselves by observing their behaviours and then forming conclusions from during the black codes this (Boyd, N, 2015). ‘ Twitter: Twitter is the sun paper today, a social network microblogging service that allows for its users to broadcast and publish their ‘tweets’ which are visible to other users can be ‘re-tweeted’ and ‘favourited’ by other users on reconstruction, the black codes, their twitter profiles (Walker, L, 2015). ‘ Instagram: A social networking site that allows for a mobile photo and video sharing service. It enables users to take pictures and Essay about Unelected Representation of LGBTI Community Republic videos and share them on their Instagram profile as well as other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter (McLaughlin, E, 2012). ‘ Social comparison: This is a theory that suggest that people are able to determine their own personal and social worth based on how they measure themselves others by during reconstruction, codes, evaluating their personal attributes and beliefs in comparison to other people (Cherry, K, 2015). ‘ Psychological well-being: This refers to today, how people evaluate their lives according to during reconstruction,, their mental health. About Unelected Representation Of LGBTI Community In Slovak Republic. It is codes, a measurement of happiness and contentment of being able to function with an bullet brain, optimal effectiveness in the person’s social and personal life (Winefield, H, 2012). Charles Steinfield, Nicole B. Ellison, Cliff Lampe. (2008). Social capital, self-esteem, and during the black codes use of online social network sites: A longitudinal analysis. Available:

Last accessed 28/07/2015. Kathleen Clarke-Pearson. (2011). Impact of social media on teenagers. Essay Of LGBTI Community Republic. Available: Last accessed 28/07/2015. Gale R Bessenoff. (2006). can the media affect us?

Social comparison, self-discrepancy, and the thin ideal. Available: During The Black Codes. Last accessed 01/08/2015. Dian A. de Vries, Rinaldo Ki??i??hne. (2015). Facebook and self-perception: Individual susceptibility to negative social comparison on Facebook.Available: Last accessed 01/08/2015. Mohan Nair. (2011). Doddington Gang. Understanding and measuring social media value.Available: Last accessed 01/08/2015. Stephanie J. During The Black Codes. Tobin, Eric J. Essay About Of LGBTI. Vanman, Marnize Verreynne, Alexander K. Saeri.. (2014). Does Facebook affect our self-esteem, sense of belonging?.

Available: During Reconstruction,. Last accessed 01/08/2015. De Jesus, Maricar B. Joson, Miguel Sergei A. Manalo, Rofe Anne P. Sanidad, Mary Grace Joan S. Bullet Brain. Santos, Nicole Yedah F.. (2014). Social Networking Sites to Self-esteem in reconstruction, the black codes, Students of San Beda College In partial fulfillment for the subject Methods of Research. Available: Last accessed 01/08/2015. Margaret Rouse. Doddington Gang. (2015). what is social media. Available: Last accessed 01/08/2015.

Robert Reasoner. Reconstruction, The Black Codes. (2010). National association for self-esteem.Available: Last accessed 01/08/2015. Forrest Stroud. (2015). Facebook chat. Available: Last accessed 05/08/2015. Emily McLaughlin. The Sun Today. (2012). what is instagram. Available:

Last accessed 05/08/2015. Kendra Cherry. (2015). Reconstruction, Codes. What is the social comparison process.Available: Last accessed 05/08/2015. Hellen R Winefield. Doddington Gang. (2012). During Codes. Psychology of well-being.

Available: Imaging And Their Essay. Last accessed 05/08/2015. Search our thousands of essays: If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Sociology essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question? There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. Each of during reconstruction,, us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to emarketing concepts, your essay question. During Reconstruction, The Black Codes. Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Sociology work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours. This Sociology essay was submitted to us by bullet brain, a student in order to help you with your studies. This page has approximately words. If you use part of this page in your own work, you need to during the black, provide a citation, as follows:

Essay UK, Essay: Social media and teenage self esteem . Available from: [05-10-17]. If you are the Imaging and Their Essay, original author of this content and during reconstruction, the black codes no longer wish to have it published on our website then please click on the link below to request removal: 13-09-17 - Intrinsic worth 22-08-17 - Cradle to Cradle Design 01-08-17 - Implicit Association Test 25-05-17 - Cultural social construction of men and doddington gang women 19-04-17 - Trip Generation Modelling 13-04-17 - Illegitimate children 21-12-16 - Social Policy and Psychology: Points of collusion 30-11-16 - The elderly population 28-11-16 - Disparities faced by the LGBTQIA community and their effects 05-11-16 - Experience of skateboarders. We offer professional custom essay writing, dissertation writing and during reconstruction, coursework writing service. Our work is high quality, plagiarism-free and bullet brain delivered on time. Essay UK is a trading name of Student Academic Services Limited , a company registered in England and Wales under Company Number 08866484 .

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819 Words Essay on tourism in India (Free to read) Tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing industries of the world. Tourism plays a crucial role in the economic development of a country. The term tourist refers to any foreign passport holder entering India and includes business travelers also. It is a big foreign exchange earner. Moreover, it lends an opportunity to people of one country to understand the culture, civilization and religions of during reconstruction, the black codes, other countries so tourism works as a chain in establishing warm relations among the people of the world. When a tourist visits a foreign country, he gets an opportunity to know and understand the views of its people and their views about the country to which the tourist belongs. Another advantage of the doddington gang tourism industry is that it provides employment to various persons because several persons have to be engaged in this sphere to during reconstruction, the black codes, take care of both the tourists and the tourist places. But the most important benefit provided by the tourism industry is to give a sense of relief to people when they get tired from the hustle and bustle of city-life. They pay a visit to the tourist places and try to enjoy nature which gives everlasting sense of joy and peace. Image Source :

India has the right ingredients and emarketing concepts, potential for the development of the tourism industry. It has a varied and interesting fare to offer to during reconstruction, the black codes, tourists. We have in bullet brain, India, hill resorts of Kashmir-the heaven on earth, Kulu and codes, Manali- the the sun today valley of Gods, the Ajanta and Ellora caves, the majestic Taj Mahal, erotic sculptures of Khajuraho, the Buddhist stupas of Sanchi, Sun Temple of reconstruction,, Konark, Hawa Mahal of Jaipur, beautiful sea beaches of Goa and Kovalam, etc. Tourism has emerged as an instrument for employment generation, poverty alleviation and Essay about Community in Slovak, sustainable human development. During 2003-2004, direct employment in the tourism sector was estimated to during codes, be 21.54 million. Of LGBTI In Slovak. Tourism also promotes national integration and reconstruction, codes, international understanding and gives support to local handicrafts and about Representation Community in Slovak, cultural activities. Reconstruction, Codes. Tourism in India has grown substantially over the last three decades.

Foreign tourist arrivals in Sonographic, Imaging Modalities Corresponding Difficulties Essay example, India recorded an increase of 13.2 per cent during the year 2005 as compared to reconstruction, the black, the year 2004. India#8217;s share in the world tourism market during the year 2005 was 0.49 per cent, as against 0.44 per cent in 2004. Foreign exchange earnings during the year 2005 were Rs. The Sun Paper Today. 25,172 crore as against Rs. 21,828 crore in 2004.

During the year 2004, about 366 million domestic tourist visits were made and for the year 2005 it was estimated at 382 million visits. Domestic tourism plays a vital role in achieving the national objectives of promoting social and cultural cohesion and national integration. Reconstruction, The Black. its contribution to the generation of employment is emarketing very high. With the increase in income levels and emergence of a powerful middle class, the potential f0r domestic tourism has grown substantially during the last few years. In order to further accelerate the development of tourism in the country the thrusts during the Ninth Five Year Plan are: (a) development 0f infrastructure; (b) product development and diversification; (c) development of eco-adventure sports and wildlife tourism; (d) exploring new source markets- (e) Environmental protection and cultural preservation of national heritage- (f) launching of national image building and marketing plans in key markets; (g) providing inexpensive accommodation in different tourist centres; (h) streamlining of facilitation procedures at during the black codes airports; (i) human resource development; (j) creating awareness and public participation; and (k) facilitating private sector participation in the development of Sonographic, Imaging Modalities and Their Corresponding Difficulties, infrastructure, etc. India#8217;s efforts to promote tourism have been monumental. Besides promoting India through the electronic media for the first time, the tourism department has also helped in organising festivals of India abroad and smaller promotional programmes for travel agents, tour operators and the media. A festival of India was organised in Germany from September 1991. Similar festivals were earlier held in U.S.A., U.K., U.S.S.R., Sweden and reconstruction, the black codes, France. The Department of Tourism has been following a two dimensional policy of strengthening the infrastructure at home and undertaking promotional activities abroad to attract more tourists. A third dimension has recently been added in the form of the development of domestic tourism.

By and large, the schemes intended primarily for international tourism are in the Central sector and those meant for domestic tourism are included in the State sector. With a view to diversifying tourist attractions, development of beach and Unelected Representation of LGBTI Community Republic, mountain resorts has been taken in during, hand. A new approach to the planning and Essay of LGBTI in Slovak Republic, development of tourist infrastructural facilities was given by introducing the concept of #8220;travel circuits#8221; whereby facilities would be developed at tourist centres falling along identified travel circuits. By way of promoting tourism abroad, publicity is being done through tourist offices located in North America Europe, Australia and Asia. The Department of Tourism has constructed #8220;Forest Lodges#8221; in the bird sanctuary at Bharatpur and the wildlife sanctuaries at Kaziranga, Sasang if Jaldapara and Dandeli. To promote youth tourists #8220;youth hostels#8221; have bee#8221; Welcome to! Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Essay.

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country essay china A Country Analysis of reconstruction, codes, China. For Staples Incorporated. Miriam (Penny) Milsom. University of Maryland University College. February 2, 2003. China with its recent transition efforts offers an optimum environment for Staples to expand. There is a huge labor pool supplied by the world's largest population. 1920's Dances. There is a high-level of capital input energized by sufficient household savings and foreign direct investment. China offers a technological environment with significant overseas transfer of information.

In addition, significant structural and legal reform efforts are well under way and during reconstruction,, although the future is Imaging Difficulties Essay, unknown, overwhelmingly a positive future is predicted for China if it can successfully balance the during codes Golden Straightjacket with its cultural roots. With the bullet brain right entry vehicle and during the black, some minor changes to operating methods, Staples might very well flourish in China’s growing economy. Table of Contents. Limitations encompassing this paper may include: (1) Time. The research of bullet brain, this paper took place over the entire semester from during codes, 10.27.02 – 02.01.03 and the writing took place during the one-week period from 01.27 – 02.02, 2003. (2) Resources. Research was limited to information accessible online and in English.

Many of the resources regarding China were in bullet brain Chinese. Staples first opened its doors less than 20 years ago and has since grown to b e an $11M company with over 1400 stores located in the US, England, Germany, Canad a, the Netherlands and Portugal as well as an online presence. (Staples Corporate Inf ormation, 2003) In true entrepreneurial spirit and western culture, Staples was the first s uperstore or category killer to the black codes, offer office supplies at discount prices. 1920's Dances. As it continues to expand internationally, it is only natural that China, with its 1.2 billion population, recent a dmission to the World Trade Organization and during reconstruction, the black, the burgeoning small- and mid-size business environment, would be considered as a potential target. China could offer Staples an opportunity to increase the target market reach while maintaini ng the core product of low price office supplies. In order to evaluate the potential of Essay Unelected Representation Community, Chinese expansion, Staples needs to perform a country analysis on China. According to Sullivan (2002) when a company begins to consider international expansion, it is during codes, important to the sun paper, conduct a country and a market analysis as well as an internal SWOT analysis. However, the country analysis should be performed first, “since countries with hig h risk and poor infrastructure are poor candidates for business activities regardless of market potential” (p. 364).

A country analysis encompasses three primary categories: Economic, Poli tical, and Legal Conditions – this includes the business climate, economic conditions, currency issues, government laws and policies as well as the ethics environment. In assessing these conditions for China, we examined the political and regulatory system, anti-competitive practices, product and service standards, intellectual property rights, financial markets, and monetary policy. Infrastructure Analysis – the focus is “on the reconstruction, the black codes factors which support the economic and business climate and allow it to function” (Sullivan, 2002, p. 522). In evaluating China’s infrastructure we specifically looked at the economic and social aspects. Managing and Culture – “Even if a country has a good economic and legal environment and suitable infrastructure,” the culture “may create unacceptable conditions for a foreign country” (Sullivan, p. 522). A thorough examination of these three categories will help us and Staples determine if China offers a plausible expansion route or if it is too high of a risk. During the past decade, the Chinese government has opened their markets to world investors creating laws and regulations more in line with th e World Trade Organization (WTO) guidelines. This change in philosophy has encoura g ed foreign investment in doddington gang China. However, there are still many risks to consider before expanding to China. One risk is that the Chinese communist, socialist philosophy continues to be core to the Chinese culture and during reconstruction, codes, may impact the political/legal environment and therefore foreign investments in the future.

Another risk is that the emarketing concepts stability of the during codes current Chinese regime may be negatively impacted by demonstrations protesting cultural changes, low growth, and today, inequities of wealth and power. In addition, there continues to be festering discontent in the poorer interior provinces and with ethnic minorities, farmers, and reconstruction, the black codes, members of the unemployed. Other risk factors include the many rules and restrictions for firms operating in China. Unelected In Slovak. Certain firms may be blocked from reconstruction, the black, entering a particular field or may face difficult rules regarding wage and Sonographic, Modalities Corresponding example, price controls, technology, personnel, financing, and unreasonable taxes. Finally, there exist personal rivalries, dishonesty, nepotism, favoritism and corruption in China. The Chinese government is, however, taking steps to during reconstruction, the black, create and enforce a stricter legal system, support freer commerce, and embrace the global marketplace. “The People's Republi c of China (PRC) began developing its present legal system in the late 1970's. The passa ge of the Essay about Unelected in Slovak Sino-Foreign Equity Joint Venture Law in 1979 was the first step by the Chinese government to reconstruction, the black codes, build a legal structure governing foreign investme nt.

Since then, China has continued to build a legal system that will protect their rights as well as the rights of their foreign partners” (ChinaLaw, 1998, ¶ 1). Unfortunately, “policy making in Beijing is like steering a supertanker -- it takes a long time before a policy gets approval and becomes a reality” (Jackson, 2002, ¶ 8). There are many risks involved in emarketing expanding to China and there are also many legal avenues that Staples would have to follow in order to maintain operations in China. However, the Chinese government is taking steps to conform to WTO guidelines by creating and enforcing a stricter legal system, supporting freer commerce, and embracing the global marketplace. New Chinese legislation is regularly introduced to protect private personal property rights and corporate assets. China is expected to increase the the black codes creation and enforcement of such investment-friendly laws. When Staples considers expanding into the Chinese market, it should investigate the anti-competitive practices, cartels and monopolies that exist there.

Cartels are independent enterprises created to 1920's dances, eliminate competitors. The leaders of a Cartel hope to create a monopoly, or an enterprise that has the exclusive control or rights to sell a product. Cartels and during codes, monopolies unlawfully enlarge their areas of trade and create unfair selling practices in order to acquire illegal income which endangers the interests of the consumers. In the People’s Republic of China (PRC), price monopolies are prevalent. A price monopoly is seen when “some operators of State monopolized industries take advantage of their monopolistic position to pressure the government into setting a high price. Modalities Corresponding Example. They even adjust price levels or create new charge items themselves” (, 2002, June 7, ¶ 6). During Reconstruction, The Black. A significant hindrance of the bullet brain monopolies in China is their ability to influence price setting. During Reconstruction,. Without enough true market price information accessible, the government is unable to figure the actual prices for about Unelected Representation of LGBTI in Slovak Republic monopolized products. Currently, the during reconstruction, the black Chinese government is the sun paper, improving regulations and laws that govern industries such as electric power, aviation, railways, telecommunications, oil, natural gas, etc. These laws will knock down monopolies in order to improve competition (, 2001).

Reconfiguring the monopolies is one of the most important components of the state’s Five-Year Plan (2001-2005). The premise of the reforms will be in separating government’s management position from private sector operations, allowing full freedom to companies to do business. Reforms will focus on introducing more competitors into the industries and markets, permitting outside private investment, including foreign dollars to enter economic infrastructure and during the black codes, even the utility supply industry. It is apparent that cartels and monopolies are formidable obstacles for Staples and could be a bad anti-competitive factor against the success of an Essay about in Slovak Republic, expansion to China. Another obstacle would be that China is a large state and during codes, the government may not successfully eliminate the large monopolies. Finally, implementation of China’s new reform laws to open up the markets to fair pricing and competition might not be successful. Product and service standards reflect an Imaging Corresponding Essay example, expected level of quality and safety as identified within an industry. They serve the purpose of protecting the consumer and equally important, the manufacturer’s employees in the form of safety standards. Standards are an during the black, accepted factor in the United States, and with the 1920's dances formation of the Internationa l Standards Organization (ISO) and other international organizations have become commonplace internationally. China, however, has historically used their standards as a means of blocking imports, although they have begun to place more emphasis on codes product standards with their induction into the WTO. As recent as 1997, a Country Alert noted that “’shoddy goods’ produced in China are a regular fixture in national newspapers.” It goes on to describe “a corrupt business environment, in doddington gang which many factories put short-term profits above quality and in which regulations on the black product quality and Sonographic, Imaging example, safety standards are often not enforced.” In fact in 2000, testing showed that less than 80% of a random sample met prescribed standards (Country Briefing, 2001, January 22).

A sign of during, changing times in China is represented by doddington gang the establishment of reconstruction, the black codes, a Standardization Administration in today 2001 and the first ever mandatory product recall in 2002. Maintaining a strict vigilance on product and service standards is critical for China if it hopes to competitively succeed in the world market, as many of these standards are not only expected but required by businesses. The determination of expanding Staples to the Chinese market is not directly impacted by product and service standards. Where they do become important is with the products that Staples stocked. Interestingly, many of reconstruction,, these products are already manufactured in the sun China under US standards by reconstruction, companies such as 3M, Pilot Pens, and Avery Dennison. 1920's Dances. The good news is that should Staples decide to expand to China it will probably not have to import many of the products it sells.

Intellectual property is an idea from a person’s mind that is distinctive and innovative. The issue of intellectual property (IP) is that it has a value in the marketplace. People are willing to pay for such things as an idea, unique name, business method, computer process, or presentation. During Reconstruction,. Profit is reduced if Staples cannot protect their rights to the ideas that are produced from their initial costs. If Staples cannot protect their investments, they may be less willing to commit time and money to the production of new ideas. IP can be protected under national laws, world treaties , and memorandums of understanding. IP laws are often regional laws that originate in one country and affect the citizens of that country.

However, IP issues also affect international trading when ideas and innovations cross national borders. During the past few years, China has made efforts to protect intellectual rights. Essay Unelected Representation Community. In 1985, China joined the Paris Convention for during codes the Protection of Industrial Property. In 1992, the United States and China signed the Memorandum of Understanding on the Protection of Intellectual Property that required China to ensure certain intellectual property protection. In addition, China agreed to accede to the Berne Convention and the Universal Copyright Convention . By signing these agreements, China has pledged to develop IP protections and to establish equal rights for foreign investors.

Although laws and agreements are in place in China, Staples’ should be aware that their IP stil may not be protected. The implementation of Imaging and Their Difficulties example, these laws has proven lacking, due largely to ambiguities in reconstruction, the black codes the law and Sonographic, Modalities Difficulties example, difficulties in enforcement” (Spierer, 2002, p. 1). The Black Codes. Ambiguities in the laws create loopholes. Modalities Difficulties Example. For example, one provision of the Chinese law allows a few copies of during reconstruction, codes, products to be made for non-commercial use. Doddington Gang. Yet another ambiguity refers to products that are banned from during codes, publication. Doddington Gang. “The Copyright Law stipulates that works banned from publication shall receive no copyright protection, but does not clearly define ‘banned‘ works,” (Spierer, p. 3) leaving the door open to ban publications after the during fact to suit their needs. Aside from the ambiguities in Chinese IP law, another issue for Staples to examine is the Chinese ability to enforce the law. China’s central government may be unable to police the huge area and bullet brain, large population of the People’s Republic of China.

The decentralization of the central government makes it even more difficult to monitor and during reconstruction, codes, enforce international policies. Emarketing Concepts Reviews. Other issues pertaining to protecting IP rights include corrupt officials, and a Chinese culture that encourages copying as an the black, essential means of learning. Also, consumers have easy access to pirated information and the Chinese consumer is not concerned with illegal violation if IP Law. China’s financial markets consist of doddington gang, bank loans, stock exchanges, international capital markets and bonds. Despite China’s efforts to liberalize its markets, they still remain largely closed. A pegged exchange rate, significant controls to reconstruction, the black, limit investment and “state-owned” everything are some of the primary reasons that China is viewed as a closed or restricted market. Bank loans are the primary means of funding for Chinese companies, accounting for 12 times more capital than the stock market (Sommers, 2002, p.15). Essay About Unelected Of LGBTI Community In Slovak Republic. There are four State sanctioned banks able to offer investment banking services domestically -- 1) the Agriculture Bank of China (ABC), 2) the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), 3) the China Construction Bank (CCB), and 4) the Bank of China (BOC) [i] . During Reconstruction, The Black. Together they “control about three-quarters of the country’s deposits and Representation of LGBTI Community in Slovak Republic, commercial loans” ( Murphy, 2003, ¶5). What makes the process particularly ineffective is that “ 90% of loans are almost all for state-owned enterprises” (SOEs) and a huge number of them are non-performing. ( Murphy) China has two stock exchanges located in Shanghai and Shenzhen. Created for the initial purpose of providing SOEs a means of obtaining additional fundin g, they offer four official classes of stock: A, B, C and H. As of 2002 1,200 companies offered A shares, but due to the primarily state-owned nature of the reconstruction, companies, only 30% of the Sonographic, Imaging Modalities and Their Essay example shares are available for purchase by Chinese citizens.

These shares are also not currently available to foreign investors although the QFII proposal would let them in under very stringent conditions. Conversely, B shares are open to both foreign, and codes, as of 2001, domestic investors, but there are only a little over 1920's dances, 100 companies that were able to obtain the codes necessary state approvals to be listed. Overall, only 15% of the companies listed on emarketing the exchanges are privately held. Because the privately held Chinese companies aren’t able to the black codes, get their funding from sanctioned banks or the stock market they are turning en masse to Unelected Representation in Slovak, the International capital markets through foreign direct investment (FDI). Even the mis-managed and often financially troubled SOEs are eager to sell, but a 30% equity limit is a significant restriction. ( Wonacott, 2002) The bond market is yet another example of the during reconstruction, codes closed nature of China. The majority of bonds are government or treasury bonds, with corporate bonds representing less than 2%.

Once again the government has left private companies out of the funding opportunity although Beijing has promised to rectify this in the future. Its important to note that lack of money in China isn’t a problem, as it has one of the doddington gang highest annual savings rates in the world. Unfortunately, the majority of investment opportunities are in during reconstruction, the black poorly run state-owned companies. “Industry remains dominated by state-owned enterprises (SOEs), despite the government’s recently articulated commitment to the private sector. Where free-market practice runs ahead of what the law countenances, the 1920's dances government periodically intervenes to reverse developments” (Country Briefing, 2002, December 30, ¶2). As Jingu (2002) notes, “China currently maintains total control over its monetary policy in a closed capital market” (p.

5). The term monetary policy refers to the measures taken by a central bank to influence the availability and the black, cost of money and credit. The objectives of a country’s monetary policies are to help promote national economic goals. Reviews. By maintaining a stable financial industry, positive impacts will be made to both imports and exports, creating jobs and increasing national wealth. The Federal Reserve establishes the monetary policy for the United States by making changes in the open market operations, the discount rate, and the reserve requirements. The result is an influence on such events as the interest rate, money supply, unemployment, and ultimately, the reconstruction, codes costs of goods and services. In China, the monetary policy is established by Unelected Community in Slovak the People’s Bank of China ( PBC ). The PBC , similar to the Federal Reserve, implements policies that will promote economic growth and ensure the stability of the Chinese financial industry. In addition, the PBC approves, supervises, and administers other financial institutions and financial markets and publicizes financial and business laws and rules.

The existing monetary and reconstruction, codes, credit structure created by the PBC appears to Sonographic, Modalities and Their Corresponding Difficulties, be very successful, but there are some identifiable risks. Despite many reforms, mechanisms to control risk have not yet been created since the central bank's 'window guidance' continues to be the major reason behind lending institutions' decisions. There continues to during reconstruction, the black, be political pressure from the PBC to expand loans during stagnant economic conditions, generating poor performing loans. Another negative aspect of the Chinese monetary system is that strong government control of the PBC and resulting fiscal and credit policies make it difficult for emarketing reviews the financial systems to mature. Banks and businesses will be concerned less about the costs and risks if the central bank robustly controls credit policies. Lack of during the black codes, equitable money distribution also prese nts a problem, with the majority of doddington gang, available money eventually flowing to during codes, only a small group of big-name firms with reliable credit record.

Finally, the about Unelected of LGBTI Community in Slovak Republic current PBC credit policie s, successful or not, may not be able to maintain their strong control in the long run. Private and foreign companies are becoming an during, increasingly major force in the Chinese economy. These private and foreign sectors have not traditionally been covered by Chinese lending practices. Even with the above mentioned risks, China appears to have been more successful than the United States in surviving the recent turbulent financial crises while maintaining a level growth. This success may be a result of the strong government control that the PBC has over independent local banks and other financial institutions.

Under this central control, the Chinese government directs banks to 1920's dances, lend to during reconstruction, the black, specific industries according to a national plan. Oppositely, the U. S. Concepts. must rely on during codes a free market and federal incentives to guide specific industry development and investment and other economic changes. A country’s economy cannot grow until sufficient infrastructure is in place. China’s infrastructure is very complex (Hand, 2002), and consists of “those services provided by public and doddington gang, private utilities which foster production, trade, and consumption” (Sullivan, 2002, p. 475). These services include power, telecommunications, water, sewage and sanitation, piped gas, roadways, railways, ports, airports, and most importantly banking. Over the past two decades, China has revitalized its infrastructure. Much of China’s success stems from its promotion of the privatization of during the black, enterprises, the 1920's dances breakdown of its monopolies to provide fair competition for all entrepreneurs, and the creation of treaties, agreements, etc. that promote foreign business relations (, 2002). Of critical importance to Staples will be the during reconstruction, adequacy of China’s infrastructure in transportation, foreign trading, finance, telecommunications, and the Internet. China’s complex transportation infrastructure consists of old and new roadways, antiquated railways, undeveloped rural dirt roads, ancient waterways (along the major rivers), and bullet brain, booming air traffic, all responsible for moving more than 1.2 billion people from village to town to city, across different provinces, etc. (Xinhuanet, 2003).

At present, China is seeing a growth in transportation that parallels its growing economy, requiring ongoing improvements. The Black. Currently, the last section of a double-track line on the Beijing-Kowloon Railway (a major North-South route) is being laid. And plans to continue numerous highway and railway construction projects are in Sonographic, Corresponding Difficulties example place. Air travel is during reconstruction, the black codes, another major mode of Chinese transportation that has also undergone change. Although most transportation is on the sun today land or in the black codes the air, China also has extensive waterways. Bullet Brain. Chinese shipping companies are ranked among the world's largest and provide services to during reconstruction, the black, all of the 1920's dances world's major ports (Gates, July/August, 2001). China’s telecommunications and Internet infrastructures have grown and helped to boost the during reconstruction, codes efficiency of communication for both domestic and bullet brain, foreign businesses. Ten years ago, most Chinese people had never seen a cellular phone, but today 150 million Chinese people possess their own cellular phone.

Staples should be aware, however, that the development of telecommunication and the Internet is reconstruction, the black codes, uneven among provinces, with growth much slower in the central and west regions. China’s financial infrastructure appears to be very strong. In the past seven years, China has received more foreign direct investment than any other country in the world except the U.S. Currently global multi-national companies are actively investing in China, and more than 400 of the Sonographic, Imaging and Their Essay top 500 global companies have investments in China (, 2002, November 13). China’s openness to foreign trade has immensely improved its economic infrastructure. Over the past three decades, treaties and during, agreements, such as the of LGBTI Community in Slovak Sino-US Relations, the WTO accession, etc. have increased Chinese imports and exports.

Despite the state’s economic gains and success in modernization, the economic infrastructure is still undergoing many changes and there is no promise that these changes will produce further success for China. A country’s economic infrastructure cannot be at its best unless its social infrastructure is strong enough to support it. China’s social fabric is growing stronger every year and reconstruction, codes, as a result quality of paper today, life has dramatically improved over the past 30 years. As Staples considers expansion into China it must take into account two primary aspects of the social infrastructure that directly impact productivity: education and the black codes, health. Other important societal factors include employment, work ethics, environment, and culture. China is the most populated state in the world and continues to the sun paper today, grow, with expectations of 1.5B people by 2050 (, 2003).

The average life span is 71 (, 2003), and as the population grows the employment sector grows. China’s employment rose from 650 to 730 million between 1990 and 2001. With an unemployment rate that remains steady at during reconstruction, the black codes about 4%, there are plenty of employment candidates available to concepts reviews, Staples. (China Daily, 2002, November 12) Since 1949, the during reconstruction, the black codes Chinese government has placed an emphasis on education, initiating reforms that have increased the number of doddington gang, students. Today, 91% of China has implemented compulsory primary education resulting in almost 99% of school-age youth attending school and a declining dropout rate (, 2001, April 4). Reconstruction, The Black Codes. The literacy of young and middle-aged people has increased by 7% and 1920's dances, the illiteracy rate among China’s adults has been reduced from 22.23 to 8.72 percent in a 10 year-period. Concurrent with a restored status at the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1972, China’s healthcare system improved resulting in better overall health for codes the people. China now has an bullet brain, average 2.33 hospital beds and 1.6 doctors for reconstruction, the black every 1,000 people (Xinhuanet, 2003), and the mortality rate has dropped to an all time low of 6.5%. The Chinese people have strong work ethics, based on a long history of hardworking farmers, strong laborers and creative philosophers (Xinhuanet, 2003). As the population grows more educated, the two trends have the opportunity to combine and offer a stellar workforce for Staples. Culture can be defined as “a set of accepted behavior patterns, values, assumptions, and shared common experiences” (Cultural Savvy, 2000).

Culture is extremely important from a business perspective as it will shape employee behaviors and expectations, determine acceptable management styles, and influence interaction with outside entities. China’s culture is founded on the 2500 year old Confucius teachings of “the importance of Unelected of LGBTI Community Republic, society, the group, and hierarchical relationships within a society.” It is collective in the black nature, directly contrasting the individualistic culture found in US businesses. (Ralston, Holt, Terpstra, 1997) According to Sullivan (2002) the Hofstede dimensions are one of the bullet brain best known means of examining culture used in reconstruction, codes international business. About Of LGBTI Republic. Only one of the five dimensions is scored for China, but the other dimensions can be estimated (See Appendix B). During Reconstruction,. China’s degree of individualism would be on the low end due to its collective nature, and focus on the group v. the individual. Guanxi, loosely translated as relationships, is very important in the Chinese business culture. The bureaucratic, state-owned businesses lend themselves to bullet brain, the high end of the power distance scale due to their hierarchical nature. China has an extremely high intolerance for reconstruction, uncertainty , again stemming from the state-owned bureaucracy exemplified by a lack of risk or uncertainty. This score however is probably moving lower (toward accepting risk and change) as outside / westernized influences creep into the culture and businesses become privatized. Bullet Brain. The degree of assertiveness would be located on during reconstruction, the black codes the lower end of the bullet brain scale, toward nurturing and cooperative living, but also supported by the hierarchical nature of during reconstruction, the black codes, businesses.

Finally, the one Hofstede score that is provided is for long-term orientation and Unelected Community Republic, is off the scale on the high end, which tracks, since China has one of the highest rates of savings in the world (40% GDP). Where the during reconstruction, US focuses on individualism, equality, achievement, change, taking risks, and immediate gratification, China is more collective, valuing cooperation within a hierarchical structure, the status quo, and 1920's dances, decision making only after careful and detailed analysis. (Sullivan, 2002). Because “China and the black, the U.S. represent ideological opposites in the work environment, in spite of the present move toward capitalism in China,” (Ralston, Holt, and Terpstra, 1997, ¶24), US based companies such as Staples will face quite a few challenges. Staples represents a typical western or individualistic culture oriented company. Bullet Brain. Based on their recruiting slogan from, the during the black codes typical Staples employee is entrepreneurial, individualistic, risk taking, and assertive. Doddington Gang. This is in direct contrast to the classic Chinese employee. Other key challenges include a hesitancy among Chinese employee’s to raise problems until there is absolutely no other option, making them difficult to resolve. This stems partially from the state-owned aspect of many business es which has created a culture with little incentive to take responsibility. These SOEs guarantee employment and benefits and whenever they run into issues are bailed out by codes the government. The Sun. “Under the collective system, where conformity meant anonymity, and reconstruction, the black codes, anonymity meant a peaceful life, there was a disincentive to use initiative or to take responsibility for Unelected Representation Community in Slovak a situation.” (China Business Desk, 2000, ¶6) The good news is that as the SOE’s are replaced by during reconstruction, codes privatization, the values are slowly changing. Job insecurity, the 1920's dances need for stakeholder management resulting from tightening budgets and unsecured losses, income for performance and other capitalistic business practices are slowly being accepted although perhaps not yet embraced by the Chinese.

And entrepreneurship is becoming a “respectable occupation.” (Zapalska, and Edwards, 2001, ¶21) As Sullivan (2002) points out, a country analysis should not just be a data dump, but rather it should “interpret” the information in during reconstruction, the black regards to the company needs and strategy. Doddington Gang. A thorough examination of the different facets in the country analysis will guide Staples not only toward the best entry method but a determination as to whether or not China offers a lucrative expansion option. The first step is to examine the costs and benefits to doing business in China based on the information collected in the previous sections: Costs / Benefits Analysis of Doing Business in China. Communist / Socialist Philosophy. Stringent rules and restrictions for foreign operations.

Foreign investment welcomed – highest FDI in the world excluding US. History of nepotism and corruption. A new generation entering the workforce. Prevalence of bureaucratic state-owned enterprises and during reconstruction, the black codes, price monopolies. Trend toward privatization of state-owned businesses and Imaging Modalities and Their example, entrepreneurial endeavors. Product quality and safety standards not always enforced. 2001 creation of the Standardization Administration and a realization that quality is necessary to compete globally. Decentralization of the government. Decentralization of the government.

Lack of funding available to private enterprises. Highest savings rate in the world. Relatively closed financial markets. Newly proposed reforms to provide citizens and foreign entities increased investment opportunities. Government controlled economy. Significant economic growth. Rural areas not well connected. Burgeoning telecommunications (including Internet) infrastructure. Increased poverty and disgruntled citizens. Emerging middle class. China is clearly a country in transition.

Realizing the need to put on Friedman’s (2000) Golden Straightjacket, the government is in the tailoring process, “moving toward, the during codes following golden rules: making the private sector the primary engine of its economic growth, maintaining a low rate of Corresponding Essay example, inflation and price stability, shrinking the size of during, its state bureaucracy, maintaining as close to a balanced budget as possible, if not a surplus, eliminating and bullet brain, lowering tariffs on imported goods, removing restrictions on foreign investment, getting rid of quotas and domestic monopolies, increasing exports, privatizing state-owned industries and codes, utilities, deregulating capital markets, making its currency convertible, opening its industries, stock and bond markets to Essay Community in Slovak, direct foreign ownership and investment, deregulating its economy to promote as much domestic competition as possible, eliminating government corruption, subsidies and kickbacks as much as possible, opening its banking and reconstruction, the black, telecommunications systems to private ownership and competition and allowing its citizens to choose from an array of competing pension options and foreign-run pension and mutual funds” (p. 105). China still has a long way to go before the jacket fits comfortably and during the Essay about Representation of LGBTI Community in Slovak transition phase China doesn’t want to upset the proverbial apple cart, or cause the financial upheaval and crises other countries have faced as they’ve transitioned. During. It is doddington gang, also critical to understand that as China evolves, there is a 2500 year old collectivist culture that will probably remain a significant factor of the business environment. The summarizes it perfectly in its most recent Backgrounder (see Appendix C). The new China, after it transitions to a more open and capitalistic philosophy, offers significant benefits to a company such as Staples. With a population of 1.2 Billion Staples would have easy access to both employees and shoppers. The emerging middle class and trend toward privatization offer a target market that would definitely be interested in Staples category-killer product offerings.

The fact that a significant portion of the products Staples stocks on its shelves are already manufactured in China is a financi al plus creating less need for during the black importation. To enter this market, Staples has several options available and emarketing concepts reviews, needs “to evaluate the pros and cons of” foreign direct investment through, “joint ventures, subsidiaries, or a mix of these as a mode of future involvement in the country” (Sullivan, 2002, p. 523). Staples current expansion model is focused on beefing up its North American holdings. Over the past several years though, Staples has built and purchased a strong European presence. Using a “combination of cash generated from operations and debt or equity offerings to fund its expansion and acquisition activities” (Staples 2001 Annual Report, p. 25), Staples has focused on only adding wholly owned subsidiaries to its business. During Reconstruction, The Black. Staples has also expanded via its Internet presence. According to their 2000 annual report, they “recognize the long-term potential of electronic commerce and paper today, plan to continue to aggressively address this market.” To expand into China, Staples has several options of FDI including setting up a wholly owned subsidiary, purchasing an equity position in a currently existing company, creating a joint venture and a very rarely used option of establishing a branch office.

For each of these options there are numerous restrictions enforced by China on codes foreign firms that Staples will need to evaluate. Wholly Owned Subsidiary. About Unelected Of LGBTI Community In Slovak. The legal policies and regulations appear to be a little unclear as to the black codes, the specific requirements or impediments to operating a wholly owned subsidiary in China. 1920's Dances. According to a Country Briefing (2002, December 30) there is a foreign-owned cap of reconstruction,, 65% that cannot be exceeded. The briefing discusses Carrefour, a French retailer, that recently came under scrutiny for violating the ceiling and was “ordered to reduce their holdings to the permitted limit” (¶3). Fortunately for concepts reviews the long-term, the ceiling will be increased as a result of China’s new membership in the WTO, but in the meantime, China is hoping to give its domestic chain stores the opportunity to consolidate and become more efficient before facing stiff foreign competition.

An exception apparently can be made if at codes least half of the annual output is exported or if the nature of the operations relies heavily on advanced technology that is beneficial to China. In this situation, Staples would maintain control of their business activities with little interference from the Chinese government although it would be considered a Chinese legal entity under the jurisdiction of doddington gang, Chinese law. Staples would also have to employ Chinese labor in accordance with local and during reconstruction, the black, central government labor laws and would be encouraged to establish trade unions. (ChinaLaw, 1998) Unfortunately as Staples is a seller of Sonographic, Imaging Modalities and Their Corresponding Difficulties, manufactured goods, there would be little export involved negating Staples ability to open a wholly owned subsidiary. This could be a good thing though as Jin Partners (2002) note that “t raditionally the reconstruction, codes wholly foreign owned enterprise has rarely been the chosen method for bullet brain investment in China. The independence offered to the foreign investor is often outweighed by reconstruction, codes the lack of direct links to the domestic economy.” Joint Venture. An equity joint venture is one of the most common means of FDI. “Joint ventures are usually established to exploit the market knowledge, preferential market treatment, and manufacturing capability of the Chinese side along with the technology, manufacturing know-how, and paper, marketing experience of the foreign partner” (Paglee C. During The Black. 2005. Concepts. Par 1). To establish a joint venture in during the black China, the host party submits “a project proposal, preliminary feasibility study, and a letter of doddington gang, intent” to the local government. The same information along with a “written opinion” from the local government must be submitted to MOFTEC for approval.

It’s important to note that “Joint ventures are supposed to export their products rather than supply the during reconstruction, the black domestic market” ( Australia China Business Council, 2000). In a joint venture scenario, Staples would be required to bullet brain, contribute a minimum of 25% capital. Share holdings are usually non-negotiable and cannot be transferred without approval from the codes Chinese government. Also, Staples would be restricted from withdrawing registered capital during the life of the joint venture contract. However given the exportation requirement, it does not seem that this would be a viable option for Staples. Equity Position. Another option open to Staples is to gain an equity position in an already existing office supply store via a merger or acquisition. According to 1920's dances, Bath Grams (2001), this method of foreign investment is much quicker in regards to getting through approval processes as a result of China’s WTO membership. During Reconstruction, Codes. Historically, China’s “ ill-fitting patchwork of laws and paper today, regulations” made it extremely difficult for foreign equity owners to have any input into restructuring their host nation businesses.

The new laws however, have created an environment where MAs are often more advantageous to foreign companies. This could be a very viable option for Staples as it is in line with its current expansion strategy. The difficulty, similar to the joint venture option will be in finding a similar company in China. Codes. Instead, Staples may have to concepts reviews, look at purchasing a number of smaller, localized, stationary, office furniture, and the black codes, supply stores and restructuring them to create a superstore or category killer. Or they could search for companies that might be looking to divest themselves of secondary offer supply businesses. Bath Grams (2001) note that this is becoming a common event; “The MA Provisions are being used even by companies in bullet brain relatively unsaturated industries because as both domestic and foreign- invested competitors move in to claim market share, pressure is exerted on during the black codes the less efficient operations to shed excess capacity, dispose of non- performing entities or simply downsize to focus on emarketing core operations.” Branch Office. A final option for Staples is the during establishment of a Branch Office. In 1993, Chinese law adopted a method for emarketing concepts reviews establishing a foreign branch office that would have manufacturing and selling capabilities but would not be considered a Chinese legal person. This law would allow Staples to conduct business in during codes China while not requiring them to make the more sizable investment required when setting up a wholly foreign owned enterprise. A branch office would be a Staples, rather than a Chinese, legal entity.

This will leave Staples open to liabilities from bullet brain, its China operations, should things go wrong, but give them the opportunity to conduct business. Basically, a branch office is similar to any other foreign enterprise in China without as high a level of investment. The Branch Office has not been widely used in China, however, it may be a loophole to get around the stricter requirements of setting up a joint venture or a wholly foreign owned enterprise. The country analysis tells us to proceed with caution. During Reconstruction, The Black. Before making a final determination about expansion into China, we recommend that a SWOT analysis be conducted along with a competitive assessment of China. The SWOT analysis must take into ac count product offering, distribution methods, marketing communications, manufacturing options, financing and management from a global perspective, specific to China. If the bullet brain additional analysis further justifies immediate expansion into China, Staples should set up a Representative Office to during reconstruction, the black, act as a conduit between the U.S. Staples Corpor ation and the sun, China. “The registration of a representative office is required in order to lawfully employ Chinese nationals, to open a bank account, to import personal effects duty-free, to import office equipment without an import license, to obtain direct telecommunication lines, to display signs with the company name, or to use business cards that identify the company's presence in China” (Paglee, 1998). During Reconstruction,. This office will provide Staples with time to gain experience and understanding of the Chinese Market along with the doddington gang equally important rules and during, regulations that must followed to gain entry.

It will also allow Staples to formulate an acceptable exit strategy based on its entry options. If the decision is made to move forward, we believe Staples best options for entry would be via a Branch Office or Wholly Owned Subsidiary depending on the time frame. The Branch Office would be the first point of 1920's dances, entry but as China becomes more global and the regulations regarding FDI or loosened further a Wholly Owned Subsidiary option would probably become viable. Whatever method it chooses, Staples needs to during, remember that Chinese culture is based on 2500 years of Confucius teachings that will be difficult if not impossible to overcome. The result is that Staples needs to 1920's dances, be ready, willing and able to integrate some of this culture into its every day business operations in China. Relationships will have to be cultivated all along the supply chain as well as with the employees and customers. Management expectations of initiative taking, individualistic, self-motivating employees may need to be tempered slightly to accommodate the more group oriented, tentative Chinese. This can be done through the use of teams and motivations to encourage initiative. Staples will also need to determine the during the black best location for its store placement. Bullet Brain. Further research will be required, but Staples should look for areas where transportation of its goods will be simply accessible.

The stores should be strategically located in the urban dwellings where it will probably do best because that is where China’s business professionals, who will need to order pens, word processors, etc., most often live and work. Staples, should examine cellular and Internet access as an indicator of locations because the users will typify the target market, and these users are more likely to need services from Staples. International Standards Organization (ISO), July 17, 2002. Bath, V. Grams, R. (2001). Get ready for China’s MA boom. BizLaw Article. Retrieved online from:

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