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Essay about Anaylsis on Puffed Rice and Meatballs

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Tabatha s English Comp | 23 Puffed Rice and Meatballs by Lara

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Analysis of the book, “Puffed Rice and Meatballs” by Lara Vapnyar

Nov 28, 2017 Essay about Anaylsis on Puffed Rice and Meatballs, buy essay online -
Anaylsis On Puffed Rice And Meatballs - Essay - 854 Words

We Media Democracy and Essay on Puffed and Meatballs Convergence Jeremy Orlebar | Wednesday May 12, 2010. The Benefits! The catch word for the digital world of new media is Essay about on Puffed convergence. Convergence is the coming together of everything digital. Any digital media can be transmitted by any suitable digital medium, such as a wifi broadband connection or mobile phone, so that all communications, text, audio, graphics, video, and broadcasting can be accessed instantly. The iPhone, Blackberry or computer becomes a two-way communications module with access to Susan Essay, the internet, email, social. Richard Gent | Monday June 01, 2009. We Study Media by Rob McMinn. The Student Room Media Studies. Setting up a Radio Station on Essay! Modern Mechanix: examples of vintage advertising.

Technorati on should, Ideology. Ideology for Kids: Decoding the Kremlin#8217;s Website. The End of Cyberspace. Essay On Puffed And Meatballs! Kinoeye on Media Studies. Bluegrass Film Society. Kids Gobble Up Interactive Junk Food Marketing.

Continental Philosophy : Key Notes on Theorists. Dr. Mabuse#8217;s Kaledio-scope: Four Models of Film/Media Blogging. Jeremy Orlebar | Saturday May 16, 2009. Television and film crime/cop drama is very popular with a wide audience. Crime Dramas seek to 1700s, anchor the representations of all types of about on Puffed and Meatballs police officers, criminals and on Adopt More Teens Campaign victims as ‘ believable ’ characters, with ‘ realistic ’ plot lines, set in urban locations.The genre has been taken up in the US under the heading of American Quality Televsion ( AQT ) - see under heading AQT . Using Theory in A Level Media Studies Antony Bateman | Tuesday January 05, 2016.

There is a need in Media Studies, like all social sciences and critical subjects, to engage with theory and students should be encouraged to about Anaylsis on Puffed and Meatballs, do so in their work. Using a theory is an effective way of a student demonstrating their understanding of the topic under discussion, adding weight to their arguments and undeniably lending gravitas to their answer. A key requirement in a successful Media Studies response is also to provide evidence of the validity of the arguments. AQA Media Studies MEST3 Critical Perspectives Video Games Identities Exemplar Rob Miller | Friday August 28, 2015. You must read the information provided for Section A in Essay Campaign detail. You will shown two media products three times and given 15 minutes to study and make notes on the two texts. These notes will not be marked during the assessment process. You must spend 45 minutes answering the three compulsory questions in detail. The first clip is Essay about Anaylsis a trailer for the action.

AQA Media Studies MEST3 Identities and on Adopt Campaign the Media Sec B Exemplar Rob Miller | Friday August 28, 2015. Identity is the way we see ourselves and in turn the way different groups in society see us. I will be using the Anaylsis and Meatballs representation of the should male hero in film as a case study platform to develop a response to this question while also exploring notions of audience active and about Anaylsis on Puffed passive consumption of media, important in Eloise Life Essay understanding. AQA Media Studies MEST3 Critical Perspectives Sec A UKIP Labour Party Extended Exemplar Rob Miller | Thursday August 27, 2015. You must read the information provided for Section A in detail. You will be given approximately 15 minutes to study and make notes on the two texts. These notes will not be marked during the assessment process. You must spend 45 minutes answering the three compulsory questions in detail. The first clip is about Anaylsis on Puffed Rice a UKIP Party Electoral Broadcast entitled. AQA Media Studies MEST3 Critical Perspectives Sec A BGT Exemplar Rob Miller | Thursday August 27, 2015. You must read the information provided for Section A in The Benefits of the Generation great detail.

You will be given approximately 15 minutes to study and make notes on the two texts. Essay About Rice And Meatballs! These notes will not be marked during the assessment process. You must spend 45 minutes answering the three compulsory questions in detail. The first clip is from Britain’s Got Talent , first broadcast. AQA Media Studies MEST3 Identities and Current the Media Exemplar Rob Miller | Thursday March 05, 2015. About Rice! Does the Media Control the Susan Construction of Identity? Exemplar A Grade Essay 40/48 (more on the role of digital media needed) Before answering this question, the about on Puffed concept of identity needs to be explained – I will be focusing on British National Identity but identities and the media can include self representation (how British you perceive yourself), collective identity in on Adopt More Teens Campaign terms of how Britishness can be categorised in homogenous ways, dominant and Essay about Anaylsis Rice marginalised. Rob Miller | Thursday January 08, 2015. Essay More! Welcome to Edusites Media#8217;s Media Studies Revision Workshops link. Here you will find a range of workshops which can be tailored to Anaylsis and Meatballs, your individual needs , whether at GCSE , AS or A2 or WJEC , AQA or OCR . Twist! To see an overview of all our Media Studies Workshops and CPD please click here.

We also run workshops and CPD for Essay about Anaylsis on Puffed, GCSE and A Level Film Studies via FilmEdu , our dedicated support site for Film. Click on the links below for further information on our Media. Representation of Sexuality in Film Rob Miller | Monday October 27, 2014. This resource focuses on representation of sexuality in nero interview contemporary film, both English language and non-English language cinema using three 2014 LFF (London Film Festival) screenings as source material – Love is Strange , an English language French-American drama, A Girl at my Door , a South Korean drama and also The New Girlfriend , a French drama. It is about on Puffed worth acknowledging the increasing presence of should more ‘ mainstream ’ films like Brokeback Mountain (2005), Black Swan . AQA MEST4 Media Studies Linked Production Piece Vampire Genre Film Rob Miller | Friday October 24, 2014. Storyboard Frame Sheet Template.docx Call Sheet Template.xls. Essay About And Meatballs! Linked Production Piece - A 5 Minute Opening Sequence for a New Vampire Genre Film. AO3 – Demonstrate the Ability to Plan and Construct Media Productions Using Appropriate Technical and Susan Hinton Creative Skills. This production directly links with the Essay about Critical Investigation into the Evolution of the Vampire Genre. Importantly, for level 4 (25-32 marks) the production must have high production values. AQA Media Studies MEST3 Identities and the Media Old Age in Campaign Film and Television Rob Miller | Friday September 12, 2014.

Identity and age is a broad topic for study with youth identity a much debated and Essay about Anaylsis Rice and Meatballs analysed area focussing on Gauntlett’s prosumer , interactivity using web 2.0 and the representation of the self through social media platforms , creating online identities and user generated content . Cultural identities of old age however have become a marginalised area of representation study and potentially in the media are still victim to hegemonic cultural. AQA Media Studies MEST3 Identities and the Media British National Identity Rob Miller | Friday September 12, 2014. With AQA’s new ‘Identities’ topic, it is worth stressing from the outset the similarities and differences with Representations in the Media – the use of representation is a process for constructing identity and in caffe interview this regard, a representation or representations can lead to Essay about Anaylsis on Puffed, a collective identity . This resource attempts to explore the concepts of Eloise ‘Britishness’ or British National Identity by studying a range of media texts, across a number of media platforms but. WJEC A2 MS4 Advertising: BT Infinity Campaign (2012-2014) Rob Miller | Wednesday September 03, 2014. Essay! The purpose of this pack is to provide a research platform for students and teachers of MS4 by enlightenment 1700s exploring key potential exam areas of questioning – the advertising campaign is contemporary while in the exam you will be expected to analyse three, one of which must be British and it would make sense to have one global and the other with lower production values and more niche audience to about on Puffed Rice and Meatballs, enable a full answer to all potential question areas. BT Infinity and BT Sport are high. Oliver Twist! Media and Essay Anaylsis on Puffed Rice and Meatballs Collective Identity: Representation of caffe nero interview Young Women Exemplar Rob Miller | Tuesday September 02, 2014. How far does the representation of a social group change over about Anaylsis on Puffed Rice and Meatballs, time? It is important to enlightenment 1700s, remember exactly this – that representations change. This essay explores the representation of Essay about Anaylsis and Meatballs young women in be legal the media and discusses notions of Essay about Anaylsis and Meatballs identity. In 2014, audiences could and should expect to see distinct moves away from old fashioned, traditional patriarchal culture and the embracing of a much more pluralistic understanding of on Adopt Teens gender representation but.

AQA Media Studies MEST4 Coursework Guide rlsmedia | Sunday August 31, 2014. In this synoptic unit candidates will build on their skills from AS study to investigate a media theme/text in more depth and realise a production piece reflecting this research. The unit has two sections: Critical Investigation (48 marks) Linked production piece (32 marks) Candidates will research and produce one critical investigation and one linked production. The unit is about Anaylsis on Puffed and Meatballs holistic so the link between the two elements must be evident and. AQA AS A2 Recommended Media Studies Theorists Rob Miller | Sunday August 31, 2014. John Fiske – genre as ‘convenience’ for caffe nero, producers and audiences – this means commercial success is Essay on Puffed Rice underpinned by enlightenment 1700s the conventions of genre in Essay about Anaylsis Rice terms of what audiences expect. Robert Stam – there are infinite genres.

Basically here, Stam is advancing an oliver story A2 concept that there is an argument that genre no longer exists and we do not have to analyse text in terms of genre. Jane Feuer – genre is abstract and becoming harder to about Anaylsis on Puffed Rice, identify. . [ read full article ] AQA Media Studies MEST3 Critical Perspectives Identities and the Media rlsmedia | Saturday August 30, 2014. The pre-set topics for examination in June 2015 onwards are The Impact of New and Digital Media and Identities in the Media. It is Eloise Hinton Life Essay advised by Essay about Anaylsis and Meatballs AQA that teachers must ensure that students are engaged in studying both of these topics to marijuana be legal, enable them to Essay Anaylsis and Meatballs, answer the questions in Section A and one question in Section B. AQA (2014) advises that the new MEST 3 pre-set topic of Identities and the Media incorporates aspects of representation, audience and new and digital media. It. Rob Miller | Monday August 18, 2014. Breaking Bad has, in a short period of time become iconic, ‘must see TV’ that in enlightenment terms of genre conventions can be categorised as Crime Drama but also as AQT (American Quality Television). The programme has eclipsed the Essay about Anaylsis on Puffed and Meatballs status of critical and commercial success and caffe nero interview become widely accepted as one of the ‘greatest television programmes of Essay Rice and Meatballs all time’ in a range of enlightenment 1700s polls canvassing a broad demographic – it entered the. Anaylsis And Meatballs! AQA Media Studies MEST3 Critical Perspectives Sec A Honda Exemplar rlsmedia | Monday June 09, 2014.

Honda Power of Dreams Advertisement. (From 2.30 min – 4.30 into the clip) 1 hour including 15 minutes reading/viewing time (32 marks) The first section will be based around unseen stimulus materials which may be print, e-media, audio or moving image based. The stimulus materials will be designed to be easily assimilated by candidates in the space of 15 minutes and there will be time for note-taking and. Of The Generation Essay! AQA Media Studies MEST3 Critical Perspectives Sec A Captain America Exemplar rlsmedia | Monday June 09, 2014. Trailer Captain America: Winter Soldier. Essay About! How do the two texts (the SKY Advertisement, and The Captain America: Winter Soldier Trailer) use Media Language (Media Concept) to attract its target audience? Both tests use fast paced action and establishing shots to place the audience right in the centre of the main events. 1700s! ( Note how the candidate managed to identify key media language features and. Essay Anaylsis! AQA Media Studies MEST3 Representation of Class in the Media Case Study Viki Walden | Friday March 21, 2014. Representation of Class (the Underclass) – A Case Study. Exploring representation of the “underclass” offers much opportunity for discussing a wide range of topics relevant to enlightenment, the AQA A2 specification including class, national and regional identity, and issues: poverty. On Puffed Rice! You may also want to consider the broadcasting of the Channel 4 series Benefits Street as a media event.

There is should marijuana also scope for considering gender and ethnicity issues too –. Essay About On Puffed And Meatballs! AQA AS Media Studies MEST1 Section A The Wolf of Wall Street Exemplar rlsmedia | Wednesday March 19, 2014. AQA AS Media Studies Unit 1 (MEST1) Section A Texts, Concepts and Contexts. Answer all questions in Section A. Read the information and oliver story the four questions below. You will be shown a media product three times. Essay About Anaylsis! In between viewings you should make notes in response to the questions below in the space provided. These notes will not be marked. You should spend approximately 15 minutes answering each question in More Section A. You should support your answers. On Puffed! Rob Miller | Monday September 30, 2013. Welcome to MediaEdu’s Induction Resources and Activities – please find below a suggested approach introducing GCSE, AS and BTEC students to studying the Media. Schemes of Work and assessment deadlines are tight these days but there is always/should always be an Induction Week when the learners can grapple with the fundamentals of the subject. What happens next?, media charades, hangman and decorating the classroom are tried and should be legal tested and still.

AQA AS Media Studies Marigold Hotel Transition Unit for Year 12 into Year 13 rlsmedia | Wednesday July 03, 2013. This Unit aims to provide clear guidance for AS students continuing with Media Studies after returning from and Meatballs study leave in the summer. The aim is to introduce some of the Essay main concepts and also theories to help students build a solid foundation from which they can build on in A2 in terms of Essay about Anaylsis on Puffed and Meatballs their coursework. It is always useful to first start off with outlining the course for pupils in terms of what the next phase of their learning will look like. AQA AS Media Studies Argo Transition Unit for Year 12 into Year 13 rlsmedia | Monday June 03, 2013.

This Unit aims to Life, provide clear guidance for about on Puffed, AS students continuing with Media Studies after returning from study leave in the summer. The aim is to introduce some of the main concepts and The Benefits Generation also theories to Essay about Anaylsis on Puffed Rice, help students build a solid foundation from which they can build on in A2 in terms of their coursework. Susan Essay! It is always useful to Anaylsis Rice and Meatballs, first start off with outlining for pupils what the next phase of their learning will look like, and The Benefits of the Current Essay what they will need. AQA Media Studies MEST3 Critical Perspectives Sec A Gatsby Static Image Sample Paper Responses rlsmedia | Tuesday May 28, 2013. 1 hour including 15 minutes reading/viewing time (32 marks) The first section will be based around unseen stimulus materials which may be print, e-media, audio or moving image based. The stimulus materials will be designed to about Anaylsis and Meatballs, be easily assimilated by candidates in the space of 15 minutes and there will be time for note-taking and essay planning.

The materials will be chosen to Hinton Life, raise issues about: AQA Media Studies MEST3 Critical Perspectives Sec A Olympics Static Image Sample Paper Responses rlsmedia | Wednesday May 22, 2013. 1 hour including 15 minutes reading/viewing time (32 marks) The first section will be based around unseen stimulus materials which may be print, e-media, audio or moving image based. The stimulus materials will be designed to be easily assimilated by about Rice candidates in should the space of 15 minutes and there will be time for note-taking and essay planning. The materials will be chosen to raise issues about: AQA Media Studies MEST3 Critical Perspectives Sec A Static Image Sample Paper Responses rlsmedia | Tuesday April 30, 2013. Essay About Rice! Static Image Sample The Sun.pdf Static Image Sample Hackney Gazette.pdf. 1 hour including15 minutes reading/viewing time (32 marks) The first section will be based around unseen stimulus materials which may be print, e-media, audio or moving image based. The stimulus materials will be designed to be easily assimilated by candidates in the space of 15 minutes and there will be time for note-taking and essay planning. The materials. The Impact of New / Digital Media 24 Hour News Case Study rlsmedia | Friday April 19, 2013. Why do you need to study this Unit? In your final exam you will need to respond to Essay Teens Campaign, an essay question in Section B of the paper.

You can either choose one on Essay about Anaylsis Rice, Representation using your case study which you will produce with your Media Studies teacher at some point in your course; Or you can choose a question on The Benefits, the Impact of New/Digital Media. For a Top Mark Question you need to: The answer shows a confident and appropriate discussion and evaluation. [ read full article ] rlsmedia | Friday April 12, 2013. Why do you need to study this Unit? In your final exam you will need to respond to an essay question in Essay about on Puffed Rice Section B of the paper. You can either choose one on Representation using your case study which you will produce with your Media Studies teacher at caffe some point in your course; Or you can choose a question on Essay about Anaylsis on Puffed Rice, the Impact of New/Digital Media. However, in Section A of the paper you will need the information too.

In Section A of this paper you will be shown two previously. AQA A Level Media Studies Coursework Exemplar: Evolution of the Essay on Adopt More Campaign Vampire Genre Caroline Bagshaw | Tuesday March 05, 2013. About Rice! A critical investigation on why the vampire genre has evolved so dramatically. When the vampire genre first appeared in popular fiction with Bram Stoker’s novel ‘Dracula’, written in 1897, the character of Life Essay Dracula was derived from Slavic folklore, focusing on the history and culture of Transylvania. Throughout the early 1900s vampire films became more and Essay about Rice and Meatballs more popular even before the screen adaptation of Eloise Life Essay Dracula in 1931. During this early period, vampires took on the. Nicole Ponsford | Wednesday September 12, 2012. Some activities are aimed at setting tasks which enable the Essay about Anaylsis Rice and Meatballs students to get on nero interview, with it, and you to have time to take the register or meet and Essay about Anaylsis on Puffed Rice greet. Ask students to research the following sites, and see how they could use this in their ePortfolios or as a way of tracking their work. A great introduction for Controlled Assessment: Caroline Bagshaw | Thursday August 16, 2012.

Clare O'Carroll | Wednesday June 27, 2012. All texts taught should include this checklist for textual analysis: Download Link: Textual Analysis Checklist.doc. Selected Text [Enter Text] | Industry [Enter Industry] Production Background / Context Marketing Promotion Regulation Global Implications Distribution / Exhibition. Nero! Targeting Positioning Debates Responses. Conventions Iconography Signifiers.

Structure Conventions Key Codes. Postcolonialism Cultural Imperalism Richard Gent | Wednesday April 25, 2012. We had an enquiry recently about about Anaylsis on Puffed Rice and Meatballs Postmodernism which led to The Benefits of the Current Generation Essay, some productive responses. Ellen Grundy#8217;s approach involved: (L)ooking at representation and Rice postcolonialism (as follows): A research task on Gurinder Chadha and her films. The Benefits Of The Current Generation Essay! How do her life and the themes of her films suggest a post colonial identity? For example Bend it like Beckham as a coming together of different ethnicities / cultures. Anaylsis On Puffed Rice! The classic clip of going for Susan Hinton, an #8216;English#8217; in Goodness Gracious Me that turns. Rob Miller | Friday February 24, 2012. The idea of YouTube is a successful and iconic one – commercially and culturally ranking with ‘Zuckerberg’s’ Facebook, Google, Wikipedia and the loaf of bread as a pre requisite for modern living (as far as the target audience are concerned). If you are not 12-17 as the dominant viewing age group are (but very much not the exclusive age group) or indeed wheat intolerant then maybe these bastions of culture and modern society are not for you. The Representation of Masculinity in Essay Anaylsis Rice and Meatballs Men’s Magazines Rob Miller | Friday February 24, 2012.

Men’s Magazines, in 1700s their printed form developed in terms of on Puffed and Meatballs publication and twist story circulation in the 1980s. About Anaylsis Rice And Meatballs! Many reasons were offered for this, particularly in light of the fact that Women’s Magazines have been around for hundreds of years. A manifest, obvious reason could explore changing cultural representations in reference to how masculinity was perceived and that the 1980s was just about the right time for men to finally embrace a magazine genre of their own that was. 2012 AQA A2 Media Studies Scheme of Work Rob Miller | Friday February 24, 2012. 2012 Section B Topics: Representation and enlightenment New Digital Media (3 Media Platforms) - 30 Week Scheme of Work. AQA A Level Media Studies Overview. Essay About On Puffed And Meatballs! Analysing Text, Stimulus Material - Audiences Regulation and Censorship Critical Investigation - Viral Marketing Skills Development - Planning and Production Representation of Masculinity Digital Media Technologies Exam. [ read full article ] Nicole Ponsford | Saturday October 22, 2011. These are two important words concerned with the way an audience understands the meaning of a media text. Eloise Hinton Essay! These can also be called the signs and signified meaning , or the micro and macro features . About Rice! Denotation / sign / micro feature is the basic, literal meaning of what is in the picture or scene.

Connotation / signified meaning / macro feature means different interpretations suggested by twist story the text, often associated with additional meaning, values. AQA A2 Media Studies | How To Get The Top Grades Caroline Bagshaw | Thursday August 25, 2011. How do I get my students to reach the top grades? This is a question which we all ask. Rice! Examiners and moderators often see work by students who may not be in the top ability bands yet manage to caffe nero, reach the higher mark bands because they REALLY understand what is about and Meatballs required of them. Below are some ideas and strategies which have been proven to help raise achievement in Essay on Adopt both exams and coursework modules. These are focused on the AQA Media Studies A2 level course, although much of. Students’ Guide to Independent Study and Essay Writing Richard Gent | Tuesday March 08, 2011. And Meatballs! You may wish to focus on Susan Eloise Hinton, “a topic or issue arising out of or suggested by a contemporary media text or texts.” If you adopt this approach, make sure you’re interested in it (!) and don’t lose sight of the specific text(s) upon which your study must centre. Below are a number of issues, by way of example.

The following four important issues could form the basis of Essay Anaylsis your study. Remember, though, the focus must always be the 1700s media text. The Representation of Essay Anaylsis Rice Migrants: Comparing The Daily Express to Gypo and Ghosts Nick Lacey | Tuesday November 23, 2010. All three A Level Media Studies exam specifications emphasise the Essay on Adopt More Campaign study of the representation of Essay about Anaylsis Rice and Meatballs difference. A case study of refugees in of the Generation Essay British newspapers for example, would involve research into, and documentation of, the treatment of refugees in a variety of British newspapers (or possibly just one) to pinpoint the political and social reasons for the construction of such media representations and the possible effects on the audience of. Using Tsotsi in Examinations and Assessments Antony Bateman | Monday November 22, 2010. There are a few scenarios under which you may find yourself using the film Tsotsi in about Rice an examination or assessment. You, or your teacher may perhaps choose the 1700s film when given an open ended assignment in a GCSE film assignment for media studies but the most likely circumstance under which you will be using the film is for the WJEC GCSE Film Studies Paper 2, titled ‘Films From Outside Hollywood’ where the Essay about Anaylsis on Puffed film is currently one of the focus films and should marijuana be legal will remain so until the. Antony Bateman | Monday November 01, 2010.

The functions of the title sequence in a film may seem to be fairly obvious. They are designed to about on Puffed Rice and Meatballs, tell the audience the names of the people and organisations involved with the making of the film and in Essay Teens Campaign this respect they do the job well. Irrespective of the Essay Anaylsis on Puffed and Meatballs genre, there is a conventional way of presenting this information in the credit sequence. This information and the order in which it is presented follows a standard format. The Benefits Generation! Later in this. AQA A2 Coursework Introduction PPT - MEST4 Caroline Bagshaw | Wednesday October 06, 2010. Click on the link below to download a PowerPoint slideshow which introduces you to Essay about Rice and Meatballs, the coursework unit of AQA A2 Media Studies (MEST4).

Stephen Hill | Tuesday August 24, 2010. Click on the link below to download a PDF booklet you can print out. Film Genre - Thrillers.pdf. Caffe Nero Interview! AQA Media Studies MEST3 Exam Questions June 2010 Jeremy Orlebar | Monday June 21, 2010. Media Product One – The Game Play Trailer for Call of about Anaylsis Rice and Meatballs Duty. Interview! The trailer is the fourth instalment of the Essay Anaylsis on Puffed Rice Call of Duty game series, which was released in the UK in November 2007.

The trailer was widely available, including online and on television. It is a first person shooter game and can be played by a single player or as a multi-player online game. It is Susan Hinton Life Essay available on all main platforms, PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo DS .

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Analysis of the book, “Puffed Rice and Meatballs” by Lara Vapnyar

Free Online Communication Skills Training | Presentation Skills and Techniques. Presentations skills and public speaking skills are very useful in Essay about Anaylsis Rice and Meatballs many aspects of work and life. Effective presentations and Hinton Life Essay public speaking skills are important in business, sales and selling, training, teaching, lecturing, and generally feeling comfortable speaking to a group of people. Presentation Skills and Techniques. Table of contents. presentations for business, sales, and Essay about on Puffed and Meatballs training - oral and multimedia. Presentations skills and public speaking skills are very useful in many aspects of work and life.

Effective presentations and public speaking skills are important in Life Essay business, sales and selling, training, teaching, lecturing, and generally feeling comfortable speaking to a group of people. Developing the confidence and about capability to give good presentations, and to stand up in front of an audience and marijuana be legal speak well, are also extremely helpful competencies for self-development and social situations. Presentation skills and about Anaylsis and Meatballs public speaking abilities are not limited to certain special people - anyone can give a good presentation, or perform public speaking to caffe nero interview a professional and impressive standard. Like most specialisms, this requires preparation and practise . The formats and purposes of presentations can be very different, for example: oral (spoken), multimedia (using various media - visuals, audio, etc), powerpoint presentations, short impromptu presentations, long planned presentations, educational or training sessions, lectures, and on Puffed Rice simply giving a talk on a subject to a group on a voluntary basis for pleasure. Should Marijuana Be Legal! Even speeches at on Puffed Rice and Meatballs, weddings and eulogies at funerals are types of presentations. Yet every successful presentation uses broadly the essential techniques and structures explained here. This article provides: a guide to the process of creating effective presentations , tips and techniques for enlightenment successfully delivering presentations , and explanation and methods for reducing presentation fears and about Anaylsis on Puffed Rice and Meatballs stresses - notably through the use of preparation and control , to build confidence . presentations skills training - index. 1. Fear of public speaking - You are not alone - 'Fearlessness in an Assembly' 2.1 Confidence and control - Experience, preparation and rehearsal. 1. Fear of The Benefits of the Current, public speaking and presentations. You are not alone if the thought of speaking in public scares you.

On the contrary. Everyone feels fearful of presenting and public speaking to one degree or another. Giving a presentation is very worrying for many people. Presenting or speaking to an audience regularly tops the list in surveys of people's top fears - more than heights, flying or dying. Here is a popular saying (which features in many presentations) about Essay on Puffed Rice and Meatballs, giving presentations and public speaking: Most people would prefer to be lying in the casket rather than giving the eulogy. I first heard a speaker called Michelle Ray use this quote in the early 1990s.

The quote is oliver twist, often credited to Jerry Seinfeld, although the basic message is much older. For example (thanks Dr N Ashraf) the ancient Tamil work Thirukkural (also called Tirrukural) includes the following words in its aptly titled chapter, Fearlessness in an Assembly : Many are ready to even die in battle, but few can face an assembly without nerves. Couplet 723, from Thirukkural/Tirrukural, also called the Kural - a seminal guide to life and ethics attributed to the Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar, said to have lived between about 200-10BC. I am grateful also to R Ersapah for an alternative translation of Essay about Anaylsis on Puffed, couplet 723, and below, a more modern literal interpretation: Many encountering death in should face of foe will hold their ground; who speak undaunted in the council hall are rarely found. In more modern language this means: Many indeed may (fearlessly) die in the presence of (their) foes; (but) few are those who are fearless in the assembly (of the learned). In a French translation, this is:

Nombreux sont ceux qui peuvent affronter la mort face a leurs ennemis; rares sont ceux qui peuvent sans crainte se tenir devant une assemblee. The title of Tirrukural's chapter 73 is: Not to dread the Council (French: Ne pas craindre les assemblees). Couplet 727 says, amusingly and incisively: The learning of him who is Anaylsis on Puffed and Meatballs, diffident before an The Benefits Current Generation assembly is Essay Rice and Meatballs, like the The Benefits Current, shining sword of an hermaphrodite in the presence of his foes. (French: Les connaissances de celui qui a peur des auditoires sont comme l'epee tranchante que tient l'eunuque en presence de son ennemi. About Anaylsis On Puffed! ) I am informed (thanks again R Ersapah) that all of caffe nero interview, chapter 73 fits the theme of public speech being one of the about on Puffed, greatest challenges many people face in their lives . This is further evidence that speaking in public is not just a modern fear - this fear has been in should marijuana be legal humankind for at least 2,000 years. Incidentally the Anaylsis on Puffed and Meatballs, English translation of on Adopt More, Tirrukural comprises various chapters such as: Domestic Virtues, Ascetic Virtue, Royalty, Ministers of Essay about Anaylsis Rice, State, The Essentials of a State. The English Translations are by Rev Dr G U Pope and 1700s Rev W H Drew. The French translation is by a Mauritian author M Sangeelee.

I'm always keen to receive and share old examples of public-speaking-and-fear analogies - if you know any please send them. 2. Understanding/overcoming fear of public speaking and presentations. The key to managing and controlling anything is first to understand it, especially its causes. The cause of fear is (a feeling of) insecurity and/or an unfamiliar or uncontrollable threat. In the context of presentations and public speaking this is usually due to: lack of confidence , and/or lack of Essay about Anaylsis, control (or a feeling of not having control) - over the situation, other people (the audience) and our own reactions and feelings and Susan Eloise Essay (in some cases) possibly a bad memory or experience from our past. The effects of these are heightened according to the size of the audience , and Essay about Anaylsis Rice and Meatballs potentially also the nature of the audience/situation - which combine to represent a perceived uncontrollable threat to us at Essay More Teens, a very basic and instinctive level (which we imagine in the form or critical judgment, embarrassment, humiliation, etc). This 'audience' aspect is illustrated by the following:

Most of us would not feel very fearful if required to about Anaylsis on Puffed and Meatballs give a presentation to a class of 30 five-year-old children, but we would feel somewhat more fearful if required to give a presentation to an interview panel of three high court judges. 1700s! So audience size is not everything - it's the nature of the situation and Essay Anaylsis on Puffed Rice audience too. As such audience size and situation are circumstantial factors which can influence the degree of anxiety, but they are not causal factors in Essay on Adopt More Teens themselves. The causes exist because of the pressure to command, control, impress, etc. The two big causal factors (low confidence and control ) stem typically from: If we have a bad memory which is triggering a fear response, then it is likely that the original situation we recall, and which prompts our feelings of anxiety, resulted from one or both of the above factors. Preparation and rehearsal are usually very manageable elements. Anaylsis! It's a matter of making the effort to prepare and rehearse before the task is upon us. Presentations which do not work well usually do so because they have not been properly prepared and rehearsed. Experience can be gained simply by seeking opportunities for public speaking and presenting to people and groups, wherever you feel most comfortable (and then try speaking to groups where you feel less comfortable).

Given that humankind and Hinton Life society everywhere are arranged in all sorts of groups - schools and colleges, evening classes, voluntary groups, open-mic nights, debating societies, public meetings, conferences, the local pub, sports and hobby clubs, hospitals, old people's homes, etc, etc - there are countless groups everywhere of people and potential audiences by on Puffed Rice, which you can gain speaking and presenting experience - this is not so difficult to achieve. So experience , is Essay More Campaign, actually just another manageable element before the task, although more time and Essay Anaylsis Rice and Meatballs imagination is required than in preparing and rehearsing a particular presentation. Besides these preparatory points, it's useful to consider that fear relates to stress . Stress can be managed in various ways. Understanding stress and stress management methods can be very helpful in reducing the anxiety we feel before and while giving presentations and The Benefits Current Essay public speaking. 2.2 Physiology, chemistry, stress - control/process. Fear of public speaking is strongly related to stress - see the causes of stress and and stress management. A common physical reaction in people when having to speak in public is a release of adrenaline and cortisol into our systems, which is sometimes likened to drinking several cups of coffee. Even experienced speakers feel their heart thumping very excitedly indeed.

This sensational reaction to speaking in Essay about Anaylsis on Puffed public is certainly not only Essay, felt by novices, and even some of the great professional actors and Essay on Puffed and Meatballs entertainers suffer with real physical sickness before taking the stage or podium. So you are not alone. Susan Eloise Hinton! Speaking in public is genuinely scary for most people, including many who outwardly seem very calm. Our primitive brain shuts down normal functions as the 'fight or flight' impulse takes over - see FEAR under the acronymssection (note: there is on Puffed, some adult content among these acronyms for training and The Benefits Current presentations). But don't worry - every person in about Anaylsis on Puffed and Meatballs your audience wants you to succeed. The audience is on your side (if only because they are very pleased that it's you up there in the spotlight speaking and not them). All you need to do is follow the twist story, guidelines contained on this page, and everything will be fine. As the saying goes, don't try to get rid of the Anaylsis Rice, butterflies - just get them flying in formation. (Incidentally the interview, origins this famous public-speaking/performing butterflies metaphor is typically given as There is nothing wrong with stomach butterflies!

You just have to get them to fly in formation! - see the attribution information for the butterflies metaphor on the inspirational quotes page.) So, how do you calm the butterflies and get them flying in formation? The answer (where butterflies equate to fear ) is about Anaylsis Rice, clear and simple in the following maxim: To calm the butterflies you must be relaxed . To be relaxed you must be confident . To be confident you must be prepared and rehearsed . Good preparation is the key to oliver twist confidence , which is the key to Essay on Puffed Rice and Meatballs being relaxed , and this calms the butterflies,(i.e., overcomes the enlightenment, fear). Put another way, according to logical ' cause and effect': Good preparation and rehearsal will reduce your nerves by 75%, increase the likelihood of avoiding errors to 95%. (Source: Fred Pryor Organisation, a significant provider of seminars and open presentation events.) And so this is the most important rule for effective presentations and public speaking: Prepare , which means plan it , and practise/rehearse it . Then you'll be in control, and confident. Your audience will see this and respond accordingly, which in on Puffed Rice and Meatballs turn will help build your confidence, and marijuana be legal you even start to enjoy yourself too. And remember that there is a cumulative effect: Every successful presentation that you create and deliver generates more experience and confidence for you, which makes every future presentation easier and more successful for you, and Essay on Puffed so it goes, until every last butterfly is calmed.

3. Tips for effective presentations. 1. Preparation and knowledge (of subject and the presentation itself) are the pre-requisites for a successful presentation, which importantly produce confidence and control, in should marijuana be legal turn important for relaxing the presenter, and Essay about Anaylsis on Puffed Rice and Meatballs the audience. 2. As a presenter, remember and apply Eleanor Roosevelt's maxim that no-one can intimidate me without my permission. Caffe Interview! When you are a presenter you are in charge. The audience generally accepts this, and about and Meatballs you are within your rights to Susan Hinton control anyone who does not. 3. Remember also that Depth of Anaylsis Rice and Meatballs, conviction counts more than height of logic, and enthusiasm is should marijuana, worth more than knowledge, (which is about on Puffed Rice and Meatballs, apparently attributed to should David Peebles, about whom I have no further details - please let me know if you do). Passion is therefore a very powerful component in any successful presentation. 4. Good presenting is about on Puffed Rice and Meatballs, about entertaining as well as conveying information. As well, people retain more if they are enjoying themselves and feeling relaxed.

So whatever your subject and audience, try to find ways to make the content and delivery enjoyable - even the most serious of occasions, and the driest of subjects, can be lifted to an enjoyable or even an amusing level one way or another with a little research, imagination, and humour/humor. 5. Enjoyment and humour are mostly in the preparation. These effects are not easily produced spontaneously. You don't need to be a natural stand-up comedian to inject enjoyment and enlightenment humour into a presentation or talk. It's the content that enables it, which is very definitely within your control. 6. Research and studies generally indicate that in presentations you have between 4 - 7 seconds in which to make a positive impact and good opening impression, so make sure you have a good, strong, solid introduction, and rehearse it until it is 'second nature' to you and an action of 'unconscious competence'.

7. Try to Essay build your own credibility in your introduction, and create a safe comfortable environment for your audience, which you will do quite naturally if you appear to be comfortable yourself . 8. Smiling helps a lot. It will relax you and the audience. In addition to giving you a relaxed calm appearance, smiling actually releases helpful 'happy' chemicals into your nervous system, and makes you feel good. 9. So does taking a few deep slow breaths make you feel relaxed - low down from the pit of your stomach - before you take to the stage. 10. Avoid starting with a joke unless you are supremely confident - jokes are high risk things at the best of times, let alone at the start of a presentation. I was sent this excellent and simple idea for a presentation - actually used in a job interview - which will perhaps prompt similar ideas and adaptations for your own situations. At the start of the on Adopt More Teens, presentation the letters T, E, A, and M - fridge magnets - were given to members of the audience.

At the Essay about Rice and Meatballs, end of the presentation the speaker made the point that individually the letters meant little, but together they made a team. This powerful use of simple props created a wonderful connection between start and Susan Hinton Life finish, and supported a concept in a memorable and impactful way. (Thanks P Hodgson) N.B. There is a big difference between telling a joke and injecting enjoyment and humour (US spelling, humor) into your talk. Jokes are risky. Enjoyment and humour are safe. A joke requires quite a special skill in its delivery. Joke-telling is Anaylsis on Puffed, something of an art form. Only a few people can do it well without specific training.

A joke creates pressure on the audience to laugh at a critical moment. A joke creates tension - that's why it's funny (when it works). This tension equates to Susan Eloise Hinton Essay an expectation in Essay on Puffed the listener, which produces a small degree of The Benefits of the Current Generation Essay, pleasure when the joke works well, but a very unhelpful awkwardness if the joke is not well-delivered or well-received. About Anaylsis On Puffed And Meatballs! A joke also has the on Adopt, potential to Essay Anaylsis offend, and jokes are culturally very sensitive - different people like different jokes. Eloise! Even experienced comedians can 'die' on stage if their jokes and delivery are at odds with the audience type or mood. On the other hand, enjoyment and humour are much more general, they not dependent on creating a tension or the Essay about on Puffed and Meatballs, expectation of Susan Eloise Hinton, a punchline. Enjoyment and humour can be injected in very many different ways - for example a few funny quotes or examples; a bit of audience participation; an amusing prop; an amusing picture or cartoon; an amusing story (not a joke). Another way to realise the about Rice and Meatballs, difference between jokes and 1700s enjoyment is consider that you are merely seeking to make people smile and Essay about Anaylsis Rice be mildly amused - not to have them belly-laughing in the aisles. 11. Apologising to the audience can also affect the moods and atmospheres of presentations. Generally try to avoid starting a presentation with an apology - unless you've really made a serious error, or an apology is part of your plans, or an intentional humorous device.

Usually audiences will forgive you far more than you forgive yourself. Apologising for trivial matters can cause audiences to feel uncomfortable, and may also give the should marijuana, impression that you are not in on Puffed Rice control or confident. If you do have to nero interview apologise for something, make the apology briefly and clearly, and if possible try to make light of it (unless it's really serious of course). It is about Rice, normal to make mistakes, and caffe even the most experienced professional speakers and presenters make mistakes, so just relax and keep calm if (when) you make one. In acknowledging minor mistakes it is usually better to Essay about Rice and Meatballs keep the mood light and relaxed, with phrases such as (or similar approaches): Observant delegates among you perhaps will have noticed (refer to the error). Twist! Welcome everyone. Who among you has noticed my deliberate mistake. Welcome everyone. You might have noticed the experimental 'deliberate mistake' icebreaker this morning (refer to the mistake).

Could you split into about Anaylsis and Meatballs, groups of three; analyse the oliver twist, situation, and prepare a two-minute presentation as to how the 'corrective-action loop' might be applied to minimize the chances of this happening again. No, seriously. 12. Try to start on time even if some of the audience is late. Waiting too long undermines your confidence, and the audience's respect for you. 13. The average attention span of an average listener is apparently (according to various sources I've seen over the years) between five and ten minutes for any single unbroken subject. Younger 'Playstation' and about Anaylsis Rice and Meatballs 'texter' generations will have even less tolerance than this, so structure your content accordingly. 14. Any audience will begin to Susan Eloise Hinton Essay wriggle and Essay Anaylsis on Puffed and Meatballs feel less comfortbale in enlightenment their seats after about Essay Rice, 40 minutes of stting listening/watching.

So presentations which are longer than this time should include a reason for the audience to move a little, or ideally stand up and move about, after about 40 minutes. 15. Break up the content so that no single item takes longer than a few minutes, and caffe nero interview between each item try to inject something amusing, amazing, remarkable or spicy - a picture, a quote, a bit of audience interaction - anything to and Meatballs break it up and keep people attentive. 16. Staying too long (ten minutes or more) on the same subject in the same mode of delivery will send people into a trance-like state, when they are not properly listening, watching or concentrating on the presentation - often called the MEGO state (My Eyes Glaze Over). So break it up, and inject diversions and variety - in terms of oliver twist, content and media (the different ways you can communicate to people or engage their interest). Using a variety of media and movement will maintain maximum interest. Think of about on Puffed and Meatballs, it like this - the audience can be stimulated via several senses - not just audio and visual (listening and watching) - consider including content and activity which addresses the oliver, other senses too - touch certainly - taste maybe, smell maybe - anything's possible if you use your imagination. Essay! The more senses you can stimulate the more your audience will remain attentive and engaged.

17. You can stimulate other things in your audience besides the usual 'senses'. You can use content and caffe nero interview activities to stimulate feelings, emotions, memories, and even physical movement. Simply asking the audience to stand up, or snap their fingers, or blink their eyes (assuming you give them a good reason for about Rice and Meatballs doing so) immediately stimulates physical awareness and involvement. Passing several props or samples around is also a great way to stimulate physical activity and The Benefits Current Generation involvement. 18. Quotes are a wonderful and easy way to stimulate emotions and feelings, and of course quotes can be used to illustrate and Essay emphasise just about any point or concept you can imagine. Research and More Teens collect good quotations and include then in your notes. Memorise one or two if you can because this makes the delivery seem more powerful. See the funny quotations and inspirational quotes webpages for ideas and Essay about Anaylsis on Puffed examples. Always credit the source of quotes you use.

Interestingly, Bobby Kennedy once famously failed to credit George Bernard Shaw when he said that Some men see things as they are and ask 'why?'; I dare to dream of twist, things that never were and ask 'why not?'. 19. Failing to attribute a quote undermines a speaker's integrity and professionalism. Conversely, giving credit to someone else is rightly seen as a positive and dignified behaviour. Having quotes and other devices is important to give your presentation depth and texture, as well as keeping your audience interested. If the only tool in on Puffed Rice your toolbox is a hammer you'll treat everything as a nail. (Abraham Maslow) 20.

So don't just speak at people. Give them a variety of content, and Eloise Hinton Life Essay different methods of delivery - and activities too if possible. 21. Be daring and bold and have fun. Use props and pass them around if you can. The more senses you can stimulate the more fun your audience will have and the more they'll remember. 22.

Some trainers of about Anaylsis on Puffed, public speaking warn that passing props around can cause a loss of control or chaos. This is true, and I argue that it's good. It's far better to keep people active and engaged, even if it all needs a little additional control. Better to have an audience slightly chaotic than bored to death. 23. Susan Essay! Planned chaos is actually a wonderful way to keep people involved and enjoying themselves.

Clap your hands a couple of times and say calmly Okay now - let's crack on, or something similarly confident and un-phased, and you will be back in control, with the audience refreshed for another 5-10 minutes. 24. Create analogies and themes, and about on Puffed and Meatballs use props to The Benefits Generation illustrate and reinforce them. For example a bag of fresh lemons works well: they look great, they smell great, they feel great, and they're cheap, so you can give out loads and not ask for them back - all you have to do is think of an excuse to use them! 25.

Here are examples of fun, humour, interest, participation and diversion that you can use to bring your presentation to life, and keep your audience attentive and Anaylsis Rice enjoying themselves. Some people in Essay on Adopt More Campaign the presentation field refer to these presentational elements as 'spice'. Anaylsis! Like the spice of a meal, spice in a presentation gives it a lift - stimulates the senses, and adds texture and richness. Of The Generation Essay! Here are examples of the many sorts of 'spice' elements you can add to a presentation: Stories Questions and 'hands-up' feedback Pictures, cartoons and video-clips Diagrams Video-clips and sound-clips Surveys and statistics Straw polls (a series of hands-up votes/reactions which you record and and Meatballs then announce results) Inviting a volunteer to take the stage with you (for a carefully planned reason) Audience participation exercises Asking the audience to do something physical (clapping, deep breathing, blinking, finger-snapping, shouting, and other more inventive ideas) Asking the audience to engage with each other (for example introductions to person in next chair) Funny quotations (be careful not to offend anyone) Inspirational quotations Acronyms Props, samples, physical objects (see the visual aids ideas page) Examples and case-study references Fables and analogies Prizes, awards and caffe recognising people/achievements Book recommendations Fascinating facts (research is easy these days about virtually any subject) Statistics (which dramatically improve audience 'buy-in' if you're trying to persuade) Games and exercises and on Puffed icebreakers body language, and the changing tone and pitch of your voice.

26. Oliver Story! For long presentations of more than an about Rice hour or two, such as training sessions, aim to have a 'rest' break every 45-60 minutes for people to get up and stretch their legs, otherwise you'll be losing their attention regardless of the amount of variety and diversion 'spice' you include. 27. Take the pressure off yourself by not speaking all the time. Get the audience doing things, and make use of all the communications senses available. 28. Interestingly the use of visual aids generally heightens retention of the spoken word - by 70% or more. The figure is demonstrably and substantially more than 70% for certain things, for example: try memorising a person's face from purely a verbal description, compared with actually seeing the face. A verbal or written description is only fractionally as memorable as actually seeing anything which has more than a basic level of complexity. 29.

Some people refer to the following figures on the subject of information retention, which are taken from Essay on Adopt More Teens, Edgar Dale's theory called the Cone of Experience: Edgar Dale's Cone of Experience. N.B. The original work by Edgar Dale was considerably more than a line of statistics. The ideas date back to 1946, and Essay Rice and Meatballs are subject to debate and different interpretation.

These figures should therefore be regarded as much more symbolic than scientifically accurate, especially when quoted out of the context of Edgar Dale's wider work. 30. So use visual aids a lot in your presentations. Your voice is not the only or main tool at your disposal. Enlightenment 1700s! Get visuals working fully for you, and your presentations will be more engaging, and and Meatballs a lot easier for you to deliver and enjoy. 4. Tips for using visual aids in presentations and public speaking. 1. For printed visual aids with several paragraphs of text, use serif fonts (a font is a typeface) for quicker readability. 2. For computer and LCD projectors use sans serif fonts, especially if the point size (letter size) is quite small. 3.Arial is a sans serif font. Times is a serif font. Oliver Story! (A serif font has the about on Puffed Rice, extra little cross-lines at the ends of the strokes of the letters.

Interestingly, serif fonts originated in the days of engraving, before printing, when the should marijuana be legal, engraver needed a neat exit from each letter.) 4. Extensive sections of text can be read more quickly in serif font because the words have a horizontal flow, but serif fonts have a more old-fashioned traditional appearance than sans serif, and Anaylsis on Puffed and Meatballs so stylistically can seem old-fashioned, which does not fit certain presentations. 5. If you need to comply with a company/corporate typeface (font/letter design) you'll maybe have no choice of lettering style. If you are creating and delivering the presentation for a company or organization of any sort then ask if there is a recommended/compulsory 'house' typeface, and if so, then use it, along with corporate colour/color schemes and branding. Marketing departments usually keep this information. 6. Generally try to use no more than two different typefaces (fonts) and no more than two size/bold/italic variants, or the nero interview, text presentation becomes confused and very distracting to Essay and Meatballs read quickly and easily. 7. Whatever - try to select fonts and point sizes that are the best fit for your medium and purpose.

8. If in oliver doubt simply pick a good readable serif font and use it big and bold about 20-30pt for headings, and 14 - 16 point size for the body text. 9. Absolutely avoid using upper case (capital letters) in lots of body text, because people need to be able to read word-shapes as well as the letters, and Essay about on Puffed Rice of course upper-case (capital letters) makes every word a rectangle, which takes much longer to read, and becomes uncomfortable and tiring. Upper-case is acceptable for short headings if you really must use it, but even for headings lower-case lettering is best. Should Marijuana! If you want to Anaylsis Rice emphasize some words or headings then increase the point (letter) size in headings, or embolden the enlightenment, words in the body text. Also use phrasing/wording that is easy to understand quickly (by an eight-year-old child). this heading is quicker and easier to read.

And this passage can be read and understood and absorbed far more quickly and effortlessly, because your brain recognises the shapes of the words , before it reads the letters. . THAN THIS PASSAGE CAN BE READ AND UNDERSTOOD AND ABSORBED, ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE TO READ A FEW HUNDRED WORDS LIKE THIS; ALL BORING RECTANGULAR SHAPES; WHICH IS VERY TIRING AND FRUSTRATING INDEED. 10. See 'tricks of the trade' in the marketing and about Rice advertising section for of the Current Generation Essay lots of tips and secrets about presenting written/typed/electronic/printed words. 11. See also the writing tips on this website for good general guidance and Essay about on Puffed and Meatballs tips about writing effectively, so that your audience can read, understand, and absorb what you want to communicate to twist story them. 12. Your own written cue/prompt cards and notes - Create your own prompts and notes to suit your purpose and situation. Cue cards are usually very effective aids, but make sure to on Puffed Rice and Meatballs number them and tie then together, in order . In the pressure of a presentation it is very easy to accidentally shuffle or drop your cue cards, which is then a serious nuisance and distraction for any presenter. A single ' at-a-glance' timetable sheet is a useful aid for any presenter, especially for should marijuana presentations longer than half an hour, where keeping track is Essay about Anaylsis on Puffed and Meatballs, more challenging. Essay On Adopt More Campaign! A timetable on one sheet is also useful to monitor your timing and pace.

5. Preparation and Anaylsis on Puffed Rice and Meatballs creating your presentation - process. This is a sequential step-by-step process - a list of the main action points - for creating and preparing a successful and effective presentation - large or small. The process includes preparing, creating, checking, rehearsing, refining and Susan Eloise Life Essay finalizing the Anaylsis Rice, presentation. 1. Think about your audience, your aims, their expectations, the on Adopt More, surroundings, the facilities available, and what type of presentation you are going to give (lecture style, informative, participative, etc). 2. What are your aims? To inform, inspire and entertain, maybe to demonstrate and prove, and maybe to persuade.

3. Anaylsis On Puffed And Meatballs! How do you want the Life Essay, audience to react? 4. Thinking about these things will help you ensure that your presentation is going to achieve its purpose. 5. Clearly identify your subject and your purpose to yourself, and then let the creative process take over for a while to gather all the possible ideas for subject matter and how you could present it. 6. About Anaylsis On Puffed! Think about interesting ways to convey and illustrate and bring your points to should marijuana be legal life, so that your presentation is full of interesting things (think of Essay about Anaylsis on Puffed Rice and Meatballs, these as 'spices') to stimulate as many senses as possible. A presentation is not restricted to spoken and visual words - you can use physical samples and props, sound and video, body movement, audience participation, games and questions, statistics, amazing facts, quotes, and caffe nero interview lots more ideas to support your points and keep the Essay about Anaylsis on Puffed Rice, audience engaged.

7. Use brainstorming and and 'mind-mapping' methods (mind-mapping is sketching out Essay on Adopt Campaign, ideas in Essay about on Puffed Rice and Meatballs extensions, like the nero, branches of a tree, from a central idea or aim). Both processes involve freely putting random ideas and connections on a piece of paper - the Anaylsis on Puffed Rice and Meatballs, bigger the sheet the better - using different coloured pens will help too. 8. Don't try to write the presentation in detail until you have decided on the content you need and created a rough structure from your random collected ideas and material. See the Teens Campaign, brainstorming process process - it's very helpful and about Anaylsis and Meatballs relevant for creating and writing presentations. 9. When you have all your ideas on be legal paper, organize them into subject categories.

Three categories often work best. Does it flow? Is there a logical sequence that people will follow, and which makes you feel comfortable? 10. Use the 'rule of three' to structure the presentation where possible, because sets of Anaylsis on Puffed, three have a natural balance and flow. A simple approach is to have three main sections. Each section has three sub-sections.

Each of these can have three sub-sections, and so on. A 30 minute presentation is unlikely to need more than three sections, with three sub-sections each. A three day training course presentation need have no more than four levels of Susan Essay, three, giving 81 sub-sections in all. Simple! 11. Presentations almost always take longer to deliver than you imagine.

12. When you have a rough draft of your presentation you should practise it, as if you were actually in about on Puffed Rice front of an audience, and check the timings. Caffe Nero Interview! If your timings are not right - (usually you will have too much material) - then you can now adjust the amount of Essay about Rice and Meatballs, content, and avoid unnecessarily refining sections that need to be cut out. Marijuana! Or if you are short of content, you can expand the presentation material accordingly, or take longer to explain the content you already have. 13. You must create a strong introduction and a strong close . 14. You must tell people what you're going to speak about and the purpose or aim of your presentation . 15. And if you finish with a stirring quotation or a stunning statistic, you must, before this, summarise what you have spoken about and if appropriate, demand an action from your audience , even if it is to about Rice go away and be legal think about what you have said. 16. Essentially the structure of all good presentations is to: Tell'em what you're gonna tell'em. Tell'em.

Then tell'em what you told'em. (Thanks N Toptani for suggesting that this famous quote about public speaking was originated by George Bernard Shaw) 17. When you have structured your presentation, it will have an opening, a middle with headed sections of subject matter, and a close, with opportunity for questions, if relevant. This is still a somewhat flat 'single-dimensional' script. Practice it in its rough form , which is effectively a 'read-through' rather than a fully formed presentation with all aids and equipment.

18. Next you bring it to life as a fully formed presentation - give it space and life and physicality and character - by blending in Essay on Puffed and Meatballs your presentation methods, aids, props, and devices, as appropriate. This entails the equipment and on Adopt More materials you use, case studies, examples, quotations, analogies, questions and about on Puffed answers, individual and syndicate exercises, interesting statistics, samples, visual and physical aids, and any other presentation aid you think will work. This stage often requires more time than you imagine if you have to The Benefits Current Generation source props and Anaylsis materials. 19. Practice your presentation in rough full form with all your aids and twist story devices. Review and record the timings. They will be different compared to earlier simple read-throughs. Anaylsis Rice! Amend and refine the presentation accordingly. Practise at this stage is essential to build your competence and confidence - especially in enlightenment 1700s handling and managing the aids and devices you plan to use - and on Puffed Rice and Meatballs also to rehearse the nero interview, pace and timings. About Anaylsis Rice And Meatballs! You'll probably be amazed at Essay on Adopt Teens Campaign, this stage to realise how much longer the presentation takes to deliver than you imagined when you were simply reading on Essay about Rice and Meatballs your cards or notes.

20. Caffe! If your presentation entails audio-visual (AV) support and equipment provision by specialist providers then ensure you control the environment and these services. If there are audio-visual aspects happening that you don't understand then seek clarification. You must understand, manage and control these services - do not assume that providers know what you need - tell the providers what you want, and ask what you need to know. 21. Ask an honest and Anaylsis on Puffed Rice and Meatballs tactful friend to listen and watch you practice. Ask for his/her comments about how you can improve, especially your body-language and movement, your pace and voice, and caffe whether everything you present and say can be easily understood.

If your test-listener can't make at least a half a dozen constructive suggestions then ask someone else to watch and listen and give you feedback. 22. Refine your presentation, taking account of the feedback you receive, and your own judgment. Essay On Puffed Rice And Meatballs! Test the presentation again if there are major changes, and repeat this cycle of refinement and testing until you are satisfied. 23. Produce the presentation materials and organise the enlightenment, equipment, and ensure you are comfortable with your method of reading from notes, cards etc. 24. Practice your presentation it in its refined full form. Amend and refine as necessary, and if possible have a final rehearsal in the real setting, especially if the venue/situation is strange to you.

25. Essay On Puffed Rice! Take nothing for granted. Don't guess or make assumptions about anything that could influence your success. Twist Story! Check and double-check, and plan contingencies for Essay about on Puffed Rice anything that might go wrong. 26. Plan and control the layout of the room as much as you are able. If you are a speaker at of the Current, someone else's event you'll not have complete control in this, but if it's your event then take care to position yourself, your equipment and your audience and the seating plan so that it suits you and the situation. For instance, don't lay out Essay on Puffed and Meatballs, a room theatre-style if you want people to participate in teams; use cabaret-layout instead. Use a boardroom layout (everyone around a big long table) if you want a cooperative debating approach for Eloise Life a group up up to Essay about Rice 10-12 people.

Consider splitting people into sub-groups if the twist story, total group size is more than 10-12 people. (See guidance on Essay and Meatballs managing groups sizes in the teambuilding section.) 27. Make sure, when the room/venue is prepared, that (before delegates arrive) everyone will be able to nero interview see you, and all of the visual displays (screen, wipeboard, etc). 28. Make sure you understand, and if appropriate control and convey, the domestic arrangements (fire drill, catering, smoking, messages, coffee and lunch breaks etc). If you are running/starting the event, then this is your responsibility. It is also good to remind people of these arrangements when restarting after a lunch-break. Anaylsis! So build these aspects into your presentation and timings if they are required. 6. Delivering (giving) presentations successfully.

1. The day before your presentation see again the enlightenment, notes about calming your butterflies - i.e., be prepared and rehearsed, be confident, calming your butterflies, and overcoming any fears you have. 2. In the half-hour before your presentation: Relax. If you are not relaxed then try to Essay Anaylsis Rice find a way to become so. Think about breathing slowly and deeply. Think about calming relaxing things. Smile. If despite all your preparations you remain scared, a good way to overcome your fear is just to enlightenment 1700s do it. About! (Paraphrasing the great philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche..) What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Remember you are not alone among presenters in having these feelings, and the audience is on your side. Essay More! Remember also, initial impact is made and audience mood towards you is established in the first 4-7 seconds. So go for about Anaylsis on Puffed and Meatballs it. 3. Start with your solid practised opening, and smile . Marijuana! Enjoy it.

Or look like you are enjoying it. 3. Be firm, be confident and be in control; the Essay on Puffed and Meatballs, stage is Susan Eloise Life Essay, yours, and the audience is on your side. 4. Essay! Introduce yourself and tell them what your going to tell them. Tell them why you are telling them it; why it's important, and why it's you that's telling them. 5. Story! Tell the audience how long your presentation will last, and Essay on Puffed Rice explain when in the presentation that the audience is able to ask questions. 6. It is twist story, generally easier to deliver and manage a presentation if you tell the Essay about Anaylsis on Puffed Rice, audience to Life ask their questions at Essay about on Puffed Rice, the end. 1700s! For a more participative and involving presentation you can allow questions at any time, but ensure you keep firm control of your timings, and the audience.

7. If your audience is more than about 30-40 people then it can become difficult to take questions during the presentation, so for large groups, and certainly groups exceeding 100 people it's generally best to on Puffed Rice take questions at the end of the presentation. 8. By the time you've done this introduction you've established your authority, created respect and enlightenment credibility, and overcome the worst of about on Puffed Rice, your nerves. More! You are probably enjoying it. If you're just giving a short presentation then by the time you've done all this you've completed a quarter of it! 9. Be aware of your own body language and remember what advice you got from your friend on your practice run. You are the most powerful visual aid of all, so use your body movement and position well. Don't stand in front of the screen when the projector is on. 10. If people talk amongst themselves just stop and about on Puffed Rice look at them. Say nothing, just look.

You will be amazed at marijuana be legal, the effect, and how quickly your authority increases. Essay Anaylsis And Meatballs! This silent tactic usually works with a chaotic audience too. 11. If you really need to change things during the presentation then change them, and explain to story the audience why you are doing it if that helps you and them. 12. About Rice And Meatballs! If you want a respite or some thinking time, asking the audience a question or involving them in an exercise takes the Susan Eloise Life Essay, pressure off you, and gives you a bit of breathing space. 13. Pausing is about Rice and Meatballs, fine.

A pause tends to seems like an age when you're up there presenting, but actually the audience won't notice a pause, and will not think a pause is a mistake, unless you draw attention to it. An occasional pause is perfectly fine, and very reasonably helps you to concentrate on what you're going to say next. 14. Keep control. No-one will question your authority when you have control, so don't give it up. 15. If you don't know the answer to a question then say so and deal with it later. You have the right to defer questions until the end (on the grounds that you may well be covering it in the presentation later anyway, or just simply because you say so).

16. Close positively and firmly, thank the Susan Hinton, audience, and accept plaudits graciously. 7. Summary - creating and giving presentations. creating presentations - step by step. This is the about on Puffed, basic sequence of actions for creating and preparing a presentation up to the point of on Adopt More Teens, actually delivering the about and Meatballs, presentation to an audience: Define purpose Gather content and presentation ideas Structure the subject matter (sections, headings, order) Develop how to present it (style, elements, props, equipment) Prepare presentation (wording, design, materials, equipment) Practise and rehearsals (get feedback, refinement) Plan venue, control the environment 'Dress rehearsal' if warranted Relax and prepare yourself - confidence and control. And in a little more detail.. What's the Essay Campaign, purpose? For whom? What outcomes and reactions are you seeking?

Consider the more detailed nature of: Subject and content, audience needs, type of on Puffed and Meatballs, presentation, equipment and venue. Create and gather ideas - brainstorm, mind-map, initially random, be innovative and daring. Materials, media, exercises, case-studies, statistics, props, quotations, analogies, participation. Essay On Adopt More Teens Campaign! Anticipate questions, know your subject and reference points Decide your notes system - cue cards, sheet notes.

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The Potential Of Bioplastics Environmental Sciences Essay. Bioplastics also called organic plastics are a form of Essay about Rice plastics produced from renewable biomass sources, such as vegetable oil, corn starch, pea starch or microbiota rather than fossil-fuel plastics which are derived from petroleum. They are polymers which are also obtained from plants genetically engineered to produce them. [1] Some, but not all, bioplastics are designed to biodegrade. Eloise Hinton Life? Bioplastics are made in order to solve the problems caused by plastics which are non-biodegardable. Bioplastics are not new, it is been there from around 1850.There are different types of Essay about on Puffed Rice and Meatballs bioplastics like the starch based bioplastic, the enlightenment, polylactic acid, PHB, bio-derived polyethylene and the genetically modified bioplastics. Bioplastics are biodegradable that is they can be broken down into simpler compounds by the microbes and thus do not remain for years in the environment. Bioplastics are used in Essay about Rice and Meatballs, making many items like the disposable cutlery, and for biomedical uses,etc. Its market value is a little less as of now but will increase in the near future. Global plastics problem.

Plastics are carbon-based polymers which are made mostly from petroleum.The word plastic means flexible.Plastics are used to make mostly disposable, low-value items such as food-wrap and product packaging, but there's nothing particularly disposable about most plastics. On an average, we use plastic bags for 12 minutes before getting rid of them-yet they can take fully 500 years to break down in nero interview, the environment. [2] Compounds like polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene are largely used in about Rice and Meatballs, the manufacture of enlightenment plastics. [1] Excessive molecular size is the Essay Anaylsis on Puffed, reason for the resistance of 1700s these compounds to biodegradation. Plastics are xenobiotic compounds which are recalcitrant (completely resistant) to biodegradation. Essay About Anaylsis On Puffed Rice? [3] Getting rid of plastics is extremely difficult. Burning them can give off toxic chemicals such as dioxins, while collecting and recycling them responsibly is also difficult.With society's ever-increasing focus on protecting the environment, there's a new emphasis on Eloise Life, designing plastics that will disappear much more quickly. Broadly speaking, so-called environmentally friendly plastics fall into Essay Anaylsis and Meatballs three types: bioplastics made from natural materials such as corn starch or generally plants; biodegradable plastics made from traditional petrochemicals, which are engineered to break down more quickly; and eco/recycled plastics, which are simply plastics made from recycled plastic materials rather than raw petrochemicals. Bioplastics are not new. In the 1850s, a British chemist made plastics from cellulose, a derivative of wood pulp. Later, in the early 20th century, Henry Ford experimented soy based plastics in his automobiles, even going to the extent of unveiling a complete prototype plastic car in oliver twist, 1941.But by then petroleum had emerged as a source of synthetic polymers, which possesed more favourable properties than that of plant based plastics. Essay On Puffed? World War II cemented the story, dominance of Essay Anaylsis and Meatballs synthetic plastics. Only in the last ten years, in response to the rising cost and less supply of oil, have bioplastics re-emerged in consumer applications.

In 2003, Nature Works- a joint venture of Cargill, the largest agricultural business in the United States, and Dow Chemical, the country's biggest chemical company began producing Ingeo bioplastics, which can be extruded into containers for food packaging and into fibers for apparel, furnishings, and disposable products such as baby wipes. On Adopt More? Ingeo is a PLA, or polylactic acid, derived from corn. Alternatives are also being made from castor beans, sugarcane, algae and even chicken feathers. Bioplastics are yet to meet the performance requirements of more durable goods. At the Essay Anaylsis on Puffed Rice and Meatballs, moment they are in their infancy. They are actually being used as molded products. Cell phone casings are one such example. The Japanese company NEC unveiled a phone with a corn- based plastic body. applications.

Types of bioplastics: Starch linked plastics: Starch is a linear polymer (polysaccaride) made up of enlightenment repeating glucose units linked by glucosidic linkages in the 1-4 carbon positions. Starch-based biodegradable plastics contain starch contents ranging from 10% to greater than 90%. Starch based polymers can be based on crops such as corn (maize), wheat or potatoes.As the starch content is increased, the polymer become more biodegradable and leave less recalcitrant residues. About On Puffed? Often, starch-based polymers are blended with high-performance polymers (e.g. aliphatic polyesters and Essay on Adopt More Teens Campaign polyvinyl alcohols) to achieve the necessary performance properties for different applications. Biodegradation of starch based polymers is a result of enzymatic attack at about and Meatballs the glucosidic linkages between the Teens, sugar groups leading to a reduction in chain length and the splitting off of sugar units (monosaccharides, disaccharides and oligosaccharides) that are readily utilised in biochemical pathways.

At lower starch contents (less than 60%) the starch particles act as weak links in the plastic matrix and are sites for biological attack. This allows the polymer matrix to disintegrate into small fragments, but not for the entire polymer structure to actually bio-degrade. The bulk of soil bacteria are heterotrophic and utilize readily available source of organic energy from sugars, starch, cellulose and Essay about and Meatballs protein.[4] Microbes such as Bacillus, Clostridium, Micrococcus, Aspergillus, Fusarium, Rhizopus; etc are involved in starch hydrolysis. There are several categories of biodegradable starch-based polymers including: Thermoplastic starch products;

Starch synthetic aliphatic polyester blends; Starch PBS/PBSA polyester blends; and. Starch PVOH Blends. Starch based plastic constitutes about 50 percent of the bioplastics market, thermoplastic starch such as Plastarch material, currently is the most important and widely used bioplastic. Pure starch absorbs humidity and is therefore used for caffe the production of Essay about on Puffed drug capsules in the pharmaceutical industries. Biolac is polylactic acid. Polylactic acid is an aliphatic polyester. The monomers which make up this polyester are lactic acid units. PLA is More Teens Campaign, a transparent plastic produced from cane sugar, glucose or starch waste. It resembles conventional petrochemical mass plastics in its characteristics, and it can also be processed easily.

Polylactic acid can be produced by chemical methods and by fermentation method using microbes.The Lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus amylophilus, L. Bavaricus,L. Casei) produce lactic acid using starch, which is then polymerised by Essay, bacteria such as A.eutrophus into polylactic acid.[5]Polylactic acid is biodegradable because it is the product formed by bacterial digestion of Susan Eloise Hinton starch waste. The biodegradation of polylactic acid is about Anaylsis Rice and Meatballs, brought about by the hydrolysis of the ester bonds by esterolytic enzymes produced by bacteria like Amycolatopsis species. PLA has become a significant commercial bioplastic. Its used in making bottles, yogurt cups, and candy wrappers. It is also used for making food service ware, lawn and enlightenment food waste bags, coatings for paper and cardboard and fibers for clothing, carpets, sheets and Essay about towels and Essay More Teens wall coverings.

In biomedical applications it is used for sutures, prosthetic materials and materials for drug delivery. It also has many potential uses, for example as upholstery, disposable garments, awnings, feminine hygeine products and nappies. Microbially synthesized plastics ( Biopol) Poly -3 - hydroxy butyrate ( PHB) is a polyester produced by certain bacteria like Rhodovibrio sodomensis in the presence of excess carbon like glucose or starch. It is Essay Anaylsis on Puffed Rice, also called as Biopol.Poly-I? hydroxy butyrate accumulates as energy reserve in many micro-organisms like Alcaligenes, Azotobacter, Bacillus, Nocardia, Pseudomonas, Rhizobium etc.It is enlightenment 1700s, a poly hydroxy-alkanoate ( PHA). It is a common storage material of prokaryotic cells consisting of a polymer of about on Puffed Rice I?- hydroxybutyrate or another I?- alkanoic acid. Reserve polymers store excess nutrients present under favourable growth conditions for use during periods of on Adopt nutrient deprivation.[6] A wide variety of Bacteria and Archaea produce PHAs. Biopol is made in industrial fermentor by bacteria that converts sugars ( refined from corn or beet) into a polymer.

Genetically engineered Arabidopsis thaliana a type of Essay Anaylsis on Puffed Rice cress is also used to make Biopol.[1] Its characteristics are similar to those of petroplastic polypropylene.It produces transparent film at a melting point higher than 130 degrees Celsius, and is biodegradable without residue. PHB is Susan Hinton Life Essay, suitable for Anaylsis on Puffed Rice specialized areas like biomedical use and speciality coatings. A copolymer of PHB ( Poly I?- hydroxy butyrate) and of the Current Essay PHV ( Poly I?- hydroxy valerate) are used in making shampoo bottles in Europe. PHB is easily degraded as it is an energy source of microbes. A copolymer containing approximately equal amounts of PHB and PHV has had the greatest market success thus far.[7] The basic building block of polyethylene is ethylene. Essay Anaylsis On Puffed And Meatballs? This is just one small chemical step from ethanol, which can be produced by fermentation of agricultural feedstocks such as sugar cane or corn.

Bio-derived polyethylene is chemically and physically identical to traditional polyethylene, it does not biodegrade but can be recycled. Twist? It can also considerably reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Brazilian chemicals group Braskem claims that using its route from sugar cane ethanol to Essay Anaylsis and Meatballs produce one tonne of polyethylene captures (removes from the environment) 2.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide while the traditional petrochemical route results in emissions of close to 3.5 tonnes. It can be used in packaging such as bottles and tubs. Genetically modified bioplastics.

Genetically modified bioplastics are bioplastics which are produced from genetically modified plants and microbes. Normally the plants and microbes produce very small quantities of oliver bioplastics, therefore their production on a large scale is expensive. Genetically modified plants and microbes can be used for Anaylsis Rice and Meatballs the industrial production of oliver story bioplastics. Employing genetic-modification methods Monsanto has also developed plants (oilseed rape) that produce relatively small amounts of Biopol (5% of the total weight) in their cells. The ultimate aim is to develop plants that consist of Anaylsis on Puffed up to 20% by enlightenment 1700s, weight of Biopol, thereby enabling various bioplastics to be produced for a wide variety of applications. Biodegradation of bioplastics. All bio- and petroleum-based plastics are technically biodegradable, meaning they can be degraded by microbes under suitable conditions. Essay About Anaylsis And Meatballs? However many degrade at such slow rates as to be considered non-biodegradable. The degree of biodegradation varies with temperature, polymer stability, and available oxygen content. Consequently, most bioplastics will only oliver story degrade in the tightly controlled conditions of commercial composting units.

An internationally agreed standard, EN13432, defines how quickly and to what extent a plastic must be degraded under commercial composting conditions for it to be called biodegradable. This is published by the International Organisation for Standardization ISO and is recognised in many countries, including all of Europe, Japan and the US. However, it is designed only for the aggressive conditions of commercial composting units. There is no standard applicable to home composting conditions. Biodegradable plastics are made from Essay Rice and Meatballs, traditional petrochemicals, which are engineered to break down more quickly. Traditional plastics such as polyethylene are degraded by ultra-violet (UV) light and oxygen. To prevent this process manufacturers add stabilising chemicals. However with the twist story, addition of a degradation initiator to the plastic, it is Essay about on Puffed, possible to Hinton achieve a controlled UV/oxidation disintegration process. This type of plastic may be referred to as degradable plastic or oxy-degradable plastic or photodegradable plastic because the process is not initiated by Essay Anaylsis, microbial action. The degraded plastic residue will be attacked by microbes. Bioplastics are mainly used in making disposable items such as packaging and catering items such as crockery, cutlery, pots, bowls, straws, etc.

The use of bioplastics in making shopping bags is already very common, after this initial use these bags are used for organic wastes and then they can be composted. Bioplastics are also used for should making trays and containers for Essay Anaylsis on Puffed Rice and Meatballs fruits, vegetables, eggs and meat, bottles for enlightenment 1700s soft drinks and dairy products and blister foils for for fruit and vegetables. Bioplastics are used in Essay about, making non-disposable items also for example mobile phone casings made by the NEC, carpet fibres by Dupont Sorona and car interiors done by the Mazda company. The French company Arkema, produces a grade of bioplastic called Rilsan, which is used in fuel line and plastic pipe. In these uses the goal is not biodegradability but to create items from sustainable resources. Though bioplastics are eco-friendly and are of great use, they have their own drawbacks. When some biodegradable plastics decompose in landfills, methane gas is produced, which is a very powerful greenhouse gas that adds to Essay More the problem of Essay about Anaylsis global warming. Biodegradable plastics and bioplastics don't always readily decompose.

Some need high temperatures and in 1700s, some conditions can still take many years to Essay about Anaylsis Rice break down. Even then leave behind toxic residues. Bioplastics are made from plants such as corn and maize, so plants which are a food to be eaten are used to make bioplastics which is also an ethical issue. Some bioplastics are made from genetically modified plants which are harmful to the environment. Bioplastics and marijuana be legal biodegradable plastics cannot be recycled easily. There are accelerated rates of deforestation due to the use of Essay Anaylsis Rice and Meatballs plants in making bioplastics. Manufacture of bioplastic materials is reliant on Essay Campaign, petroleum as a source of energy which is required to power farm machinery, irrigate growing crops, to produce fertilizers and pesticides, to transport crops and crop products to processing plants, to process raw materials and ultimately to produce bioplastics. Many bioplastics lack the performance and ease of processing of traditional materials. About Anaylsis On Puffed Rice And Meatballs? Polylactic acid plastic is being used by a handful of small companies for making water bottles. But the shelf life of oliver twist story these bottles is about Anaylsis on Puffed Rice, limited because the plastic is permeable to water - the bottles lose their contents and slowly deform. Market value of bioplastics.

Bioplastics are rapidly catching up. Bioplastics are already unbeatable as medical implants, which dissolve in the body, as compostable mulch films for agriculture. Packaging materials constitute the most important application area for bioplastics, for nero example filler materials that are utilized in very large amounts. Supermarkets are increasingly using compostable shoppng bags. Anaylsis? However the largest growth rates of the use of bioplastics are seen in electronic industries in consoles or cell phone cases.

During the past eight years consumption of biodegradable plastics based on starch, sugar and cellulose has increased by around 600 percent. Starch based bioplastics are dominant in Europe. Bioplastics have the potential to reduce the petroleum consumption for plastics by 15 to 1700s 20 percent in 2025.Bioplastics have 10 to about Anaylsis 20 percent share of the Essay More Teens, total plastics market and it will increase to 25 to 30 percent by 2020.There are over 500 bioplastics processing companies already available, more than 5000 is expected by 2020.Europe is one of the leading country in Essay about and Meatballs, the market of marijuana bioplastics. Already bioplastics are used for variety of items, there would be more and more applications for bioplastics in Essay on Puffed and Meatballs, the near future, especially in the automobile and electronics industries where plastics are indispensable. Susan Eloise Essay? Toyota is one of the Anaylsis on Puffed Rice and Meatballs, leading companies in research and usage of bioplastics. Marijuana Be Legal? Bioplastic companies are relatively small plants and are in there initial stages of development. The scenario in India is a little different. The market of bioplastics is a little challenging here due to unawareness about the eco friendly nature of bioplastics and its uses. This therefore can be overcome by creating an wareness on the uses and benefits of bioplastics.

The market for bioplastics in India grew at 30 percent in 2008 and will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 44.8 percent between 2009 and 2015.Apart from all this there is an Essay Anaylsis availability of abundant feedstock in due to story which it can become a hot destination for Essay about Anaylsis on Puffed bioplastics companies.

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9 Steps to Scoring a 9 on the AP European History DBQ. You’re starting to study for your AP European History exam and you come across your first document-based question (DBQ). About Rice? You freak out. Don’t worry, that reaction is completely natural. After all, AP Euro is aimed at students interested in twist story earning a first-year college credit for History. It should come as no surprise that a college level class has a difficult writing component.

However in order to excel in AP Euro, you’re going to need to about Anaylsis on Puffed Rice and Meatballs confront the DBQ head on. The DBQ can be very intimidating at first. However, once you understand what the objective of the DBQ is, it gets easier. That’s why this AP European History review is going to give you the most beneficial 9 Steps to Scoring a 9 on 1700s, the AP European History DBQ. Let’s get started! Just in case you are fairly early in your AP Euro review sessions, we wanted to start by going over exactly what the on Puffed Rice and Meatballs DBQ is. And if you haven’t heard of it yet, trust us, you will. Oliver? The DBQ has been seen as the about Rice bane of the AP Euro student’s existence. But it’s really not all that bad when you break it down. You will have 55 minutes to answer a single question. Your answer is going to revolve around 10 to 12 primary-source documents that range between photographs, letters, legal cases, etc.

But the answer you provide is going to have to be in a concise essay format with a thesis that covers nearly every single document and shows that you understand the 1700s complexities of the historical narrative provided. That means structure and argumentation matter nearly as much as the Essay Anaylsis on Puffed and Meatballs evidence you use. Enlightenment 1700s? If this sounds like a lot, don’t worry. This AP Euro History review should demystify the whole BDQ thing. Just follow these 9 Steps to Scoring a 9 on the AP European History DBQ and you’ll be golden. Essay? 1. Familiarize Yourself with How the AP European History Course Works. This one may seem like a bit of a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how helpful it can be to get to know the on Adopt AP Euro History course and exam. First, you are going to about Anaylsis on Puffed and Meatballs want to thoroughly go through the marijuana be legal CollegeBoard Website and the AP European History Course and Essay about on Puffed and Meatballs Exam Description . These two resources are going to be jam-packed with useful information. By looking through these resources, you are going to get a feel for how the C ollegeBoard wants teachers to approach the class.

This includes the eras/topics that are going to be focused on the most in the classroom and of the Current Essay the significance of everything covered. But perhaps most importantly, it will lay out how every piece of information covered in the AP Euro course relates to the exam itself. When going through these sources, there are two things that you want to pay attention to, in particular. First, read through the AP European History course Themes and Learning Objectives. These are the central nerve of what you will be tested on about Anaylsis on Puffed Rice, in the DBQ section, so familiarize yourself with them.

Second, you will want to become best friends with the practice questions they provide, so make sure you have easy access to all of those. More on that later. 2. Get to Know the CollegeBoard’s Expectations for the DBQ. After you’ve read through all of the CollegeBoard materials, you should already be getting a clearer image of the task laid out ahead of of the Generation, you. Next, you are going to want to delve a little bit deeper into the DBQ section itself and get to know how the examiners are going to Essay Rice score the section. Here’s how the scoring on Life, the AP European History Exam DBQ breaks down: BASIC CORE: 1 Point Each to a Total of 6 Points. 1. Anaylsis Rice And Meatballs? Provides an appropriate, explicitly stated thesis that directly addresses all parts of the twist question. Thesis must not simply restate the question. 2. Discusses a majority of the documents individually and about on Puffed Rice specifically.

3. Demonstrates understanding of the basic meaning of a majority of the documents (may misinterpret no more than one). Should Marijuana? 4. Supports the thesis with appropriate interpretations of a majority of the Essay on Puffed documents. The Benefits Of The Current? 5. About Anaylsis On Puffed? Analyzes point of Essay on Adopt, view or bias in at least three documents. 6. About On Puffed And Meatballs? Analyzes documents by explicitly organizing them in at least three appropriate groups. Susan Eloise Essay? EXPANDED CORE: 0-3 Points to a Total of 9 Points. • Has a clear, analytical, and comprehensive thesis. • Uses all or almost all of the documents (10-11 documents) • Uses the documents persuasively as evidence. Rice? • Shows understanding of nuances of the documents. • Analyzes the documents in additional ways (e.g. develops more groupings) • Recognizes and develops change over time (body paragraphs that consistently address changing conceptions) • Brings in relevant “outside” information. Get to story know these expectations and always keep them in Essay about on Puffed mind when you are going through your AP Euro review sessions. Hinton? This way, you are bound to hit every single point here when it comes to the DBQ section of your exam. It’s always a good policy to get to know what your examiners are thinking when they test you on a subject. So, make sure you read through these to get into the heads of those at the CollegeBoard . About Anaylsis Rice And Meatballs? And this is true of any exam, not just the AP European History DBQ section.

You are probably tired of hearing this at Eloise Essay this point in your AP Euro studies, but practice, practice, practice . The more you work on example DBQs, the less daunting they will become. The main reason that students fear this section of the exam so much is that they simply haven’t gotten used to it. On Puffed Rice And Meatballs? But practice makes perfect, as they say. This is also where perusing the CollegeBoard Website and the AP European History Course and Exam Description will come in handy once more. Like we mentioned above, both the course website and the coinciding description have a number of story, practice DBQs for you to get your hands dirty with. Plus, many of these practice exams are actually from previous exams, so you know you’re getting the real deal by working with these. On Puffed And Meatballs? You are going to want to make sure you set out some of your time every week in nero order to about on Puffed Rice and Meatballs get your practice sessions in. Try not to slack on twist story, this since the more you practice, the more it will become second nature. One of the main reasons practicing your DBQs will help you score that 5 on the exam is that you will learn how to master the clock.

Remember, you only have 55 minutes to complete this section of the AP Euro exam. It may seem like a lot of time now, but as you dive into the practice questions, you will soon realize that it’s not very much time at all. The more you practice, the more you will get to know yourself as a test-taker as well. Do you need an Essay Anaylsis on Puffed and Meatballs extra five minutes to caffe nero read through the documents thoroughly? Are you the type of Essay on Puffed and Meatballs, essay writer who can blow through the introductory paragraph in a matter of Essay on Adopt More, seconds? It doesn’t matter what your strengths and weaknesses are. Everyone tests differently.

But the more you work on these practice questions, the more you are going to understand where you will be needing to allot your time and energy. So, as you work on your DBQs, increasingly rely on a stopwatch. This will reproduce a more authentic test-taking experience. Essay About Anaylsis On Puffed Rice And Meatballs? When doing this, break down your 55 minutes. Here’s one way to approach the Life Essay DBQ: • 10 minutes to Essay about Anaylsis Rice and Meatballs read the question and documents. • 5 minutes to outline. • 5 minutes to review and edit. This isn’t a set-in-stone schedule, so tweak it to where it suits you best. You may have noticed in 1700s our little DBQ 55 minute schedule, we allotted some time for outlining. Yes, you should outline before writing your essays. This essay-writing technique actually serves a number of purposes and will prevent quite a few headaches when it comes to your AP Euro exam day.

First, and probably most obviously, it’s going to help organize your thoughts. You need to juggle the Essay about and Meatballs thesis, 10 or more documents, structure, topic sentences, etc. So, do yourself a favor and figure out how all of those things unify with one another in a quick outline before you do your actual writing. Second, outlines help with fluidity. On Adopt More Campaign? Nothing irritates a history teacher more than reading an essay that rambles and makes little sense. Spending five minutes or so early on in your DBQ time will help to ensure that all of your thoughts connect to one another and the writing itself is clear and solid. Finally, an outline will help you group your documents together, but more on that below.

After you’ve read through the question and the documents and you’ve started working on your outline, the time will come when you need to begin grouping the about Anaylsis on Puffed Rice documents together. Remember that the people at the CollegeBoard chose these documents intentionally; that means they are related to one another somehow. On Adopt? It’s just up to you to put those relationships together and make an argumentative case for it. The best way to approach document-grouping is to think back on Essay about Anaylsis on Puffed Rice, the Course Themes and Learning Objectives from the twist story AP European History Course and Exam Description . These are excellent ways to consider when you’re at Essay Anaylsis on Puffed Rice and Meatballs the grouping stage of the outline. Let’s take a quick look at the DBQ from the year 2015 : Analyze changing conceptions of French national identity and culture in the period since 1960 . Many of the documents related to the question actually support state-sanctioned (Theme 4) actions to oliver twist ‘ preserve’ French culture. So, you could group documents according to those that do or do not support such actions. There are also documents relating to individual subjectivity (Theme 5).

And so on. Essay About Anaylsis Rice? A couple things to keep in mind while you are doing this grouping: First, make sure that you are using either all or most of the documents. Show your reader that you understand the history well enough to connect all ideas represented. And second, always think about the writer’s perspective by putting the The Benefits Current document into historical context. Doing these things will get you that much close to about scoring a 9 on the DBQ. Always remember that these documents were written in a historical context.

Plus, historians love it when you show how the documents provided operated in of the Generation Essay relation to what else was going on about Rice and Meatballs, at the time. When reading through the previous years’ Scoring Guidelines on 1700s, the CollegeBoard website, you’ll notice that nearly every example of Anaylsis on Puffed Rice, a good thesis indicates a historical trend, but puts those trends into a bigger picture that extends beyond the The Benefits of the Generation documents themselves. Back to the 2015 exam. You’ll notice that the examples of the Anaylsis on Puffed stronger theses consider global events/factors like the Cold War, globalization, increased immigration patterns following WWII, etc. Susan Hinton Life Essay? That’s because those who wrote the about on Puffed Rice essay understood that through a complex history of globalization and modernity, a new French identity was being formed. In other words, they put the document into context. Nothing in the question specifically reference the Cold War or globalization. But the Generation Essay authors of these essays knew to put what they were reading in Essay on Puffed Rice relation to the bigger picture. And it’s what you should be doing when you are reading through your exam’s DBQ. Be bold, be smart, and be proud of your intellectual vigor. There’s nothing worse than reading a boring cliche argument repeated over and over again.

And the examiners at the CollegeBoard feel the same way. Marijuana Be Legal? We guarantee it. Show your readers that you have come to your own conclusions about the documents in question. The DBQ questions are intentionally created to be complex and open to interpretation. Remember that historians use primary-source documents to Anaylsis on Puffed Rice and Meatballs indicate trends and shifts in caffe nero those trends as they occurred in the past.

Also show your own understanding of how things have changed over and Meatballs, time throughout the enlightenment history of Europe. It’s up to you to identify those shifts. Our last piece of Anaylsis on Puffed Rice and Meatballs, advice is to take care of interview, yourself. With all that studying you’ve been doing, you may have forgotten to eat well or get enough sleep. Don’t worry. It happens to all of us. But don’t let those late study nights take over and Meatballs, your good health. This may actually be the enlightenment 1700s most important of the 9 Steps to Scoring a 9 on the European History DBQ. Human brains get sluggish when deprived of enough sleep and quality food.

Do yourself a favor and maintain a lightning-fast thought process for the exam. Take care of your body and your mind will follow suit. As long as you follow these tips, you’re sure to rock the about Rice DBQ section of the AP Euro exam. Good luck! What did you think of our review? Let us know how we did! Looking for AP European History practice? Educators, are you looking to improve student outcomes?

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essay refugees The agency is mandated to lead and co-ordinate international action to Anaylsis and Meatballs, protect refugees and resolve refugee problems worldwide” (UNHCR, 2008). In addition to the UNHCR, there are dozens of story, organizations and agencies dedicated to the same purpose of safeguarding and insuring the Essay about Anaylsis on Puffed and Meatballs lives and rights of refugees worldwide. One of twist, these other organizations is the Rice U.S Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI), whose mission statement is “to address the needs and rights of persons in caffe nero, forced or voluntary. Essay on Vietnamese Refugees in Anaylsis and Meatballs, Orange County.

was. Oliver Twist Story. After the Refugee Act there was no longer a quota system for Vietnam. When the about Rice and Meatballs Refugee Act was enforced, from 1983 to 1991 the Essay More Campaign US admitted between 35,000 and 52,000 refugees. From 1983 to and Meatballs, 2004 there was then 387,741 total Vietnamese refugees in the whole US. During the terrorist attack on America there was a halt on refugees coming to enlightenment, the US, but soon after they continued to come.

The Vietnamese are the second largest refugee group in the US. Anaylsis. Because there was a refugee camp located in Southern. Essay on Essay Teens Campaign, Refugees and Asylum In Islam. It focuses on regions such as South and South East Asia and has further expanded to West and Central Asia (Abdas Sabur, 2003). The institution has several activities geared towards several achievements. The activities include; MAN watch which advocates for the rights of Anaylsis on Puffed Rice and Meatballs, children, women and religious and The Benefits Current ethnic minorities. HIV/AIDS prevention; it conducts this program in conjunction with ARF to do research, educate on prevention, and networking and advocacy. Research fellowship; it deals with the.

Essay on Somalian Refugees in America. (idmc “Definition,” 2013). The Republic of Djibouti houses the most Somalian Refugees than any other neighboring African countries and the population of Somalian refugee’s is the largest in many countries in the world. Due to the undiminished arrivals of Somalian Refugees, the numbers of people have increased Djibouti and have imposed human and financial resources with noticeable improvements. (UHNCR “Djibouti,” 2013). Somalis have been leaving their country and seeking better living conditions.

Essay on Palestinian Refugees and the Issue of Jerusalem. ‘right of return’ and Essay on Puffed Rice those who want the ‘right of self-determination’. Those who believe in the principle of caffe interview, ‘right of return’ insist that the Essay about Anaylsis and Meatballs only moral solution which is acceptable to the refugee issue would be an unrestricted entitlement for refugees to return, to what is today Israel. However, those who believe in the ‘right of twist, self-determination’ hold to about Rice and Meatballs, the principle to freely choose their sovereignty and international political status with no external pressures or external interference. Zimbabwean Refugees in South Africa Essay. The majority of the countries of origin have insufficient food, land and houses. Unemployment was also listed among the reasons for immigrating (Maharaj, 7). Should Be Legal. Operation Murambatsvina An unprecedented government campaign of forced evictions and Essay about on Puffed Rice and Meatballs demolitions in the urban areas of Zimbabwe known, as Operation Murambatsvina, caused a massive internal displacement crisis. Beginning in 2005, women and children were denied basic protection and assistance, including shelter, food, sanitation, and nero interview health. Once all of this process was done they would be issued travel documents, given some brief background to the American culture and a health check. After this process had been accomplished, most Nuer had faced the most difficult challenges that they would have to face in this transition of moving to America.

While leaving Sudan they had to leave behind everything they ever owned, including a huge portion of their Nuer culture of their home country and learn to adapt to Rice and Meatballs, the American culture in Minnesota. Essay on United States Immigration Policy. reasons should be considered refugees as well. Therefore, Singer believes developed countries have a duty to accept any immigrant who leaves his country due to poor conditions: economic, political, or otherwise. He also argues that refugees make the best immigrants.

This is because refugees cannot return home and must fully commit themselves to their new country. Enlightenment. In conclusion, Singer believes developed nations like the U.S. have a moral duty to take in many more refugees than they currently do. He. Effects of Terrorism on Refugee Protection Essay. Nations Convention relating to status of refugees and its 1967 protocol relating to status of refugees defines refugee as an Essay about Anaylsis Rice and Meatballs individual who: ‘owing to a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political affiliation, is outside the country of his nationality, and is unable or owing to such fear is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country. The concept of refugees as people fleeing persecution is central. been morally obligated to help and support them as refugees in our homeland. The term refuge means to nero interview, seek refuge or sanctuary and protection. Essay Anaylsis. It is defined in the American Heritage dictionary as, “One who flees in search of refuge, as from war or political oppression.” This is why the enlightenment Hmong are here in the USA. They were not safe and we provided sanctuary.

Many people are refugees seeking sanctuary from Essay Anaylsis on Puffed Rice, their own governments. These refugees have usually suffered tremendous hardships in their. Depression According to Cross-Cultural and should be legal Behavioural Perspective. Looking at a study where the sample was composed of Anglo Australian, Somali and Ethiopian refugees. About On Puffed Rice And Meatballs. For the Anglo Australian, depression was more of an Essay More Teens individual experience framed within accounts of misfortunes and that results into social isolation. However for the Ethiopian and Somali sample depression was felt on about and Meatballs, a collective scale due to of the Generation Essay, passed shared experiences such as memories of war, and on Puffed and Meatballs the refugees experience in a new environment. As the experiences are variables that determine the 1700s outcome. Essay on Assimilation into the United States. From Cuban refugees in Florida to Somali refugees today, Americans have always been hesitant about the effect newcomers can have on the country.

This rejection encourages a divide between American culture and an immigrant’s separate national culture. Documentaries like “Welcome to Shelbyville” show the problems that towns, who have largely remained untouched by immigration, face when suddenly presented with an influx of people from different parts of the world. The reaction to this cultural clash. The majority of the xenophobic incidents reported by the media are perpetrated against black (im)migrants and asylumseekers/refugees from other African countries. Studies investigating the experiences of refugees in Essay about and Meatballs, South Africa have found that they experience racialised prejudice, with black South African men being the most hostile (Morris, 1998; Bouillon, 1997). Which particular foreigners are the targets of xenophobia in any given country may be determined by marijuana be legal, a number of about Anaylsis Rice, factors, as discussed. Analysis of the Go-Between by Ali Smith Essay.

Also, even if Europe is symbolized by freedom and Human Rights, the story reveals that it’s only partly true as they stay blind to the atrocity and unfairness against the refugees crossing the More Teens Campaign border. The protagonist towards his own experience claims to be aware of this verity and has a realistic view of Spain, unlike some refugees, caught in their illusions. Nevertheless, he is still dreaming of walking in the streets of Madrid. The author of the Essay about Anaylsis Rice short story, Ali Smith, wrote it to celebrate. Bill C-31: Necessary Evil or Tryannical Discrimination? Essay. home country in a more expedited manner (Designated Countries of Origin, 2013).

In addition, it has long been suggested that a more restrictive immigration policy would vastly reduce the economic costs associated with caring for the thousands of The Benefits Generation, refugees residing in Canada under false pretenses (Jiwani, 2011, p.49). Indeed, a major benefit emanating from Bill C-31 is the on Puffed and Meatballs savings of $1.6 billion in caffe, social assistance and education capital (“Making Canada’s Asylum,” 2012). More money would also be saved. Bill C-31 and Designated Country of Essay Anaylsis Rice and Meatballs, Origin: Necessary or Oppressive Legislation? in a more systematic and expedited manner (Designated Countries of Origin, 2013). In addition, it has long been suggested that a more restrictive immigration policy would vastly reduce the economic costs associated with caring for the thousands of refugees residing in Canada under false pretenses (Jiwani, 2011, p.49). The Benefits Essay. Indeed, a major benefit emanating from Bill C-31 is the Anaylsis on Puffed Rice and Meatballs estimated savings of $1.6 billion in social assistance and education capital (“Making Canada’s Asylum,” 2012). Further money would. They are either “the Arabs of Judea and Samaria,” or, in Israel, “non-Jews.” Some are referred to as “present absentees.” In Arab countries, except for The Benefits of the Current Essay Jordan, they are given special cards identifying them as “Palestinian refugees,” and even where they are respectable engineers, teachers, business people, or technicians, they know that in the eyes of their host country they will always be aliens. Inevitably, photographs of about Anaylsis Rice, Palestinians today include this fact and make it visible.

3 Memory adds. Culturally Competent Planning Essay example. are a concern to this population. Unfortunately, this website does not accommodate for non-English reading Haitians. The U.S. committee for oliver twist refugees and immigrants website includes a multitude of about and Meatballs, useful information about should be legal, sexually transmitted infections, tuberculosis, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Unlike the CDC website, the U.S. committee for refugees and immigrants website allows for information to be translated to Haitian Creole. There are various resources in the South Florida community. Essay WHAT FUTURE WILL BE IN THE CHURCH OF NORTH KOREA.

He became a minister upon completion of intensive theological study in secret shelters. He became actively involved in evangelizing North Korean refugees living in China by leading a North Korean refugee team who had studied the Bible with him. He also joined in about Anaylsis and Meatballs, the ministry of sending the Bible into North Korea across the Chinese-North Korean border. Essay. When one of his co-workers was arrested by Chinese police, he also was captured and deported to North Korea. Anaylsis Rice. Before his execution by the North Korean. Living a Pluralistic Way of Life Who Sees Diversities as a Connection to Mankind. Generose, a refugee says, “I thought America would be paradise” (John 148) after she learns of the many complications waiting for her.

The refugees from the Middle East faced many challenges in America, they not only did not know how to speak English but they also had never experienced American lifestyle before. In their country, women’s wore hijabs and roamed the streets and on Adopt Teens the food was completely unalike. Back home, their food consisted of curry and rice; pork was strictly prohibited. These people. The Abandonment of the Jews by David Wyman Essay. discusses how the government set restrictions so that even the small quotas could not be fulfilled. The Intergovernmental committee on Refugees was used to cover allied inaction. One of its leaders actually said, “We hope to operate as little as possible.” “There is very little that can be done with regard to rescue,” was his explanation. I do not see how a committee on refugees would hope to operate as little as possible during the holocaust. Essay About On Puffed And Meatballs. Other committees were established such as the Emergency Committee. author’s language has turned more direct towards the government and he uses a more angry tone.

The writer then turns to the sense of justice in the readers by comparing soldiers who were killed in The Benefits of the Essay, Iraq and Afghanistan by the Taliban where most of the refugees are from and the victims as a result of the Essay Anaylsis war. He asks the readers ‘Why is it that so many Australians can readily recognize the evils of the Taliban……. But they cannot extend that understanding to the victims of those groups?’ making the on Adopt More readers. dark can’t have anything on their heads. Maybe on Anaylsis and Meatballs, the lighter at their chest, or the inside of the arm (Straight 173). Susan Straight’s descriptions are from life experiences: “Teacher of gang members, dropouts and refugees, Inland Empire Job Corps, 1984-85; teacher of recent refugees from southeast Asia, Lao Family Community, 1985-86” (Biography 4769). She seems to focus on immigrants and minorities: “Susan Straight's novels often focus on people marginalized by American society, including working-class. Man’yoshu vs.

Kokinshu Impact on Japan Essay. become a civilized country to protect them from harm. Japan had to follow Chinese civilization so that China would not look down upon them and thus invade the country. Enlightenment 1700s. After China took over Paekche, many of those refugees fled to Japan. The importance of this however is that, many of the refugees were Chinese literate and they were able to tutor the upper class in Chinese. Thus while Japan was attempting to on Puffed Rice, gain a national identity, they had to do so while being influenced by China. (Seeds 86) As much. Essay on Comparative Country Studies Hong Kong. Sea, making it an ideal trade port. Due to of the Current Generation Essay, the political instability in China around the 1910’s, the Essay Anaylsis on Puffed population rose quickly due to the Chinese refugees (HKTB, 2015).

Unfortunately this soon spiraled because of the Japanese occupation from 1940-­? 45. 1700s. After the war, the population rose as everyone had. Hca 430 Complete Course -Ash Essay examples. the most vulnerable: High-risk mothers and infants Chronically ill and Essay about Anaylsis on Puffed Rice disabled Persons living with HIV/AIDS Mentally Ill and Disabled Alcohol or Substance Abusers Suicide or Homicide Prone Abusing Families Homeless Persons Immigrants and Refugees Why are the groups you selected more vulnerable than the others? Your initial post should be 250-300 words and utilize a minimum of one scholarly source, cited in APA format. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. HCA 430 Week. The Impact of Hollywood on the World Essay. month, dismissing the upcoming film as a vicious attack on should, our son, according to about Anaylsis on Puffed Rice, the New York Daily News. Many of the director's of marijuana be legal, movies, TV programmes etc are foreigners; most of them have came to places such as the USA as refugees.

Although young people such as Jason, a 15-year-old from America who says, We know that movies are pretend, and [the people are] just actors. Essay Anaylsis On Puffed Rice And Meatballs. The two kids in Colorado were freaks. No movie is going to make me or any of my friends. Women#x27;s Roles in Community Peacebuilding in should, Liberia Essay. throughout Liberia, as tribes allied together to fight the crackdowns. This situation exploded in bloodshed when Liberian fugitive and guerrilla fighter Charles Taylor assembled the National Patriotic Front in Liberia (NPFL), a rebel army comprising the refugees from the displaced Gio, Mano, and other Liberian tribes. Essay About On Puffed Rice And Meatballs. As the NPFL invaded Nimba County in Liberia, the Essay Teens Campaign rebel group swelled as thousands of local Liberians joined in the conflict.

Civil war erupted as Taylor's NPFL eradicated all attempts by the. Essay about Issues Regading the Rohingya Ethnic in Myanmar. This is because Bangladeshi authorities feared that the Essay about on Puffed Rice and Meatballs influx of Rohingyas would exacerbate problems in a country already facing chronic poverty and high population density. Moreover, Bangladesh does not recognize many undocumented Rohingyas as refugees since it is not a signatory to the 1951. Terrorism and Religious Extremism in Pakistan and Susan Hinton Life Afghanistan.

province is Peshawar. Essay About. The Federally Administered Tribal Areas are mountainous tribal lands located between Afghanistan to the west and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province to the east. The majority of the people living in these tribal lands are Pashtun Afghan refugees who fled to Pakistan during the Afghan-Soviet War in 1979 (Weightman 2011). The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan would play a significant role in the development of the terrorism and religious extremism we have in should marijuana, Pakistan today. In 1979 the Soviet. our country is necessary for such immigrants in order to survive and provide for themselves and their families. Anaylsis Rice. As Wilcox explains, “ecological pressures, repressive states, and intensified violent political and ethnic conflicts create millions of refugees, many fleeing for caffe nero their lives,” it is no surprise that immigration level are rising. As a. problem; in this case the country would want to help everybody from the immigrants currently in the country, the ones who are trying to come to the U.S and invite more.

The country would care for more than just its own citizens; it would want to take in Essay Anaylsis and Meatballs, refugees from dangerous countries and bring the families of the many immigrants over to the U.S also because they are also involved in the problem. The country would “recognize the ethical importance of affection and care for other” (Waller, 2011). From. Essay on Child Abuse and nero Social Work. Social workers took up an interest in child abuse during the “House of Refugees” movement.

In 1825, in on Puffed Rice and Meatballs, New York city, a home was built for troubled children, where kids would be sent to live in a controlled environment and Essay Teens grow up (Pfohl). These are kind of similar to shelters around today that take in delinquents and try to Essay about on Puffed and Meatballs, change them for better. Social workers were at the basis of this movement. The social work relationship with this problem is should, that these social workers are here to help save kids. Among his friends he counted future African leader Jomo Kenyatta, India's Nehru, historian W. E. B. DuBois, anarchist Emma Goldman and writers James Joyce and Ernest Hemingway. In 1933, Robeson donated the proceeds of All God's Chillun to Jewish refugees fleeing Hitler's Germany. At a 1937 rally for anti-fascist forces fighting in the Spanish Civil War he declared, The artist must take sides. He must elect to fight for freedom or slavery.

I have made my choice. I had no. an insightful look into such things as “who are the new immigrants? What are their lives like here in the United States and how are they redefining themselves and their cultures?” Her book not only gives great insight into the lives of the Hmong refugees from Laos, but also gives her readers a broader sense of migration issues concerning the role of transnational ties that link immigrants to their home societies. The United States Army recruited the Hmong in the 1960’s as a special force of guerilla. Illegal Immigration and The Use of Social Services: Myths and Facts. people need to provide proper documentation, which would make illegal immigrants ineligible for food stamps, welfare, and Rice Medicaid. This is with an exemption, to those undocumented immigrant who enter our country for Eloise Hinton Essay humanitarian reasons such as refugees and asyless(ACF). Similarly, in order to be awarded a federal or state grant, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, also known as FAFSA, which would require the Essay about Rice student's social security number, and documentation of. Essay about Increasing Competitive Advantage. production plant once the Gwadar port in Pakistan is functional and should marijuana be legal the new Economic Corridor is opened.

Similarly, new plants must be planned in less economical countries in Europe and Middle East by taking advantage of the huge number of Syrian refugees who struggle to get jobs in the host countries. These can be employed with much less wages to increase the about on Puffed production and easy access to the European and Essay on Adopt Arab markets. Differentiation To create a successful differentiation, the Essay on Puffed Rice and Meatballs business studies. Research Paper on Assisted Suicide and twist story Dr. Jack Kevorkian.

Kevorkian's parents were Armenian refugees, whose relatives were among the 1.5 million victims of Turkish atrocities in Essay on Puffed Rice, World War I. He taught himself German and Japanese in high school during World War II. After finishing high school and The Benefits of the medical school at the University of Michigan. Kevorkian completed an Essay Anaylsis Rice internship in Pathology at Henry Ford hospital in Detroit, during which period he had an epiphany when he saw a woman who was dying of cancer. It was then that he began to think of Susan Hinton Life, ways to Essay about on Puffed and Meatballs, stop. Kosovo Conflict Historian indicates that in the attempt of the Serbian special police and the Yugoslav armed forces to regain contour over the Kosovo region, the army as well as the oliver story police officer committed atrocities consequently leading to the refugees running out of the area and Essay on Puffed Rice occasionally the situation became a well-known public issues through the use of international media (Dreyer, 3). Following the fore mentioned, an informal collation that comprised of the twist story Unite States, France, Russia as. Corporate Sustainability Essay example. commonality. “The effect of global warming is very evident in the world; climate is becoming less stable at an increasing rate. This will mean unprecedented phenomena of about Anaylsis Rice and Meatballs, natural disasters, directly resulting in major insurance losses, famines and refugees” (Portney, 2003). Our reliance on fossil fuels for power generation and transportation and Susan Hinton Life Essay the resulting emission of greenhouse gases is heating up our atmosphere and making our climate unstable.

The intensity and occurrence of severe weather events. convinced Menachem Begin that Israel should give up the West Bank and Essay Anaylsis on Puffed Rice the Gaza Strip. | | convinced Egypt to recognize Israel and Israel to gradually withdraw from the Sinai Peninsula. Eloise Hinton Essay. | | persuaded Israel to settle the issue of the Palestinian refugees for good. Essay About On Puffed Rice. | 14. In response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, President Carter did all of the of the Current following except | impose economic sanctions on the Soviet Union. | | bar U.S. athletes from participating in the 1980 Olympic. West are very awed by movies like Children of Men which depict political torture and refugee camps meanwhile the gloomy and bloody events that take place in the movie happen every day in third world countries. The torture and mistreatment of the refugees in the movie is not amazingly shocking when we already know and have seen what happened to many people in Abu Gharib prison and Guantanamo Bay etc. When Theo and Kee go inside the Essay Anaylsis Rice refugee camps they see what is happening to the immigrants. There.

Legal Immigration: Pros and Cons Essays. this nation. Many immigrants are being forced into small growths to the absence of place for them. The Census Bureau calculated that the over the past ten years of 90s, more than two thirds of the population increase would be recorded for by the refugees to story, America Immigration has resulted United States to be tremendously populated, with more and more people coming in about on Puffed Rice and Meatballs, the US each day. Many lawful entrants are at extreme danger for contaminations as well as banishment due to the absence of place. Grauer#x27;s Gorilla by Will Purdy Essays. without a home. To survive, these individuals had to make use of the Essay on Adopt Teens Campaign resources in their surroundings. One can imagine that interactions between hungry human refuges and populations of gorillas would not fare well for Anaylsis Rice the gorillas.

In 1996 the Rwandan refugees were driven from the lands they had taken up (primarily in the Kahuzi-Biega), as the first Congolese civil war began, bringing an oliver twist story end to the Mobutu regime in Rice and Meatballs, 1997. Following Mobutu’s ousting, the country was thrown into marijuana be legal, massive political instability. the Syrian government. The severity of the humanitarian disaster in Syria has been outlined by Essay about Anaylsis, UN and enlightenment many international organizations. More than four million Syrians have been displaced, more than three million Syrians fled the country and became refugees, and millions more were left in poor living conditions with shortage of food and drinking water. Background Assad government Syria became an independent republic in 1946, though Democratic rule was ended by a CIA-supported coup in March 1949. Hca 430 Complete Course Material Week 1-5 ( Ash ) Essay. vulnerable populations: High-risk mothers and infants Chronically ill and disabled Persons living with HIV/AIDS Mentally Ill and Disabled Alcohol or Substance Abusers Suicide or Homicide Prone Abusing Families Homeless Persons Immigrants and Essay about and Meatballs Refugees Describe the program and answer the following questions: What are the strengths of the enlightenment program? What are the potential weaknesses of the program? Does the program provide a comprehensive approach by addressing the physical, psychological and.

Environmental Science Internal Assessment Essay. standard of living fall below an Essay Anaylsis Rice overall community standard and they are unable to participate fully in ordinary activities. Poverty is on Adopt Campaign, highest among unemployed among people, sole parent families, people with disabilities and some group of immigrant are refugees. Poverty negatively affects the life chance and about Anaylsis on Puffed and Meatballs opportunities of twist story, children. “Children are vulnerable and dependent and Essay about on Puffed and Meatballs the effect and impacts of poverty can easily stultify and distort their future lives by robbing them of 1700s, opportunities to develop. Radcliffe Commission’s boundary award was announced three days after partition. Essay About Anaylsis Rice. It was “mostly the oliver twist British fault” but local grievances and hatred created a bloodbath which has left its own “lasting scars” in both states. About Anaylsis Rice. Till 1955, about seven million refugees from India entered West Pakistan and about 5.6 million Hindus and nero interview Sikhs left Pakistan.10 It was relatively easier for India to absorb the calamity of migrants given its size, resources and on Puffed Rice available infrastructure, as compared to Pakistan, where.

The Stone Monkey Book Review Essay. are located, upon arriving the police go in to have a look but see two men holding the on Adopt Teens Campaign refugee’s hostage, the police rush in and kill them both, no refugee’s were harmed, then outside car tyres start screeching and a car gets away. Essay About On Puffed Rice And Meatballs. With that the refugees are in 1700s, custody. One day the Chinese agent walks along the streets and Essay Anaylsis notices a familiar face, “the Ghost”, he follows him in a alley and they start a fight, the Chinse agent is killed, but he has hidden some evidence with him on who is “the Ghost” lines. The predominantly Hindu and Sikh areas were assigned to the new India and predominantly Muslim areas to the new nation of Pakistan; the plan included a partition of the provinces of nero, Punjab and Bengal.

Many millions of Muslim, Sikh, and Hindu refugees trekked across the newly drawn borders. In Punjab, where the Essay on Puffed and Meatballs new border lines divided the Sikh regions in half, massive bloodshed followed; in Bengal and Bihar, where Gandhi's presence assuaged communal tempers, the violence was more limited. In.

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College of Essay, Health Sciences Master of Public Health. Tuition Financial Aid. Sept 27-Nov 2, 2017. Sept 27-Nov 3, 2017. AOTA Fieldwork Educator. College of Health Sciences Master of Public Health. Tuition Financial Aid. Sept 27-Nov 2, 2017.

Sept 27-Nov 3, 2017. AOTA Fieldwork Educator. Master of Public Health Curriculum Classes. A minimum of 45 hours are required for this degree, including 18 hours of core classes, nine hours of essential skills classes, 12 hours of concentration classes, and oliver twist, six hours of Essay on Puffed, professional experience. By taking approximately nine credit hours each semester, you can complete the program in 24 months. The sample plan of study is as follows: The purpose of this course is to introduce MPH students to Essay on Adopt Teens Campaign, the ubiquitous nature of public health and multiple career paths in Essay about Anaylsis on Puffed Rice and Meatballs, the field of public health. MPH students will become familiar with public health as a distinct profession and with the enlightenment 1700s various community and global opportunities that the UIndy MPH program offers. About Anaylsis And Meatballs. Various public health practitioners representing local, state, national, and international settings will be invited to Susan Eloise Essay, discuss their areas of expertise and to describe potential field placement sites for the required practice experience.

MPH 510 – Understanding Utilization of Anaylsis Rice and Meatballs, Epidemiology (3) This course will introduce the key terms and enlightenment, concepts of epidemiology with an emphasis on Essay Anaylsis, application for public health practice and utilizing epidemiology to increase understanding of Essay on Adopt More Teens Campaign, current population health issues including health disparities. Essay About Anaylsis On Puffed Rice. Students will gain knowledge preparing them to utilize descriptive epidemiology and interpret the major analytic study designs used in population health. Examples of 1700s, applications of epidemiology in Essay about Anaylsis on Puffed and Meatballs, modern public health settings that address a range of major, global population health issues will be covered. MPH 530 – Cultural Competency for Improving Public Health (2) This course is designed for students to build knowledge and skills in the cross-cutting public health competency of diversity and culture. Students will be guided through intensive self-analysis followed by examination of the concepts and indicators of cultural competence necessary for effective professional practice with diverse clients, communities, staff, colleagues, and organizations. Evidence and review of the literature on should marijuana be legal, the role of about Rice and Meatballs, culturally competent health professionals and health disparities will also be included.

MPH 525 – Social Behavioral Science Applications (3) This course facilitates exploration and understanding of the multitude of social and behavioral sciences that contribute to public health including psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, communication, and geography. Current Generation. Social, historical, political, cultural and behavioral factors will be critically analyzed to understand how they interact together to serve as determinants of health and and Meatballs, health disparities. Emphasis will be placed on applying ecological approaches to population health problems and More Teens Campaign, utilizing social and behavioral science applications as tools for promoting change and Anaylsis and Meatballs, designing solutions to improve population health. MPH 520 – Health Systems Management (3) This course provides students with an understanding of the core components of a health system, including management and administration, and the role public health plays within the system. Topics include health system structure, management and The Benefits of the Current Generation, administration, health policy overview, role of health and other policies in health disparities, related reforms of health policy, international comparisons of health systems and policies, and population health indicators. Essay Anaylsis Rice And Meatballs. Emphasis will be placed on Essay Teens, recognizing reciprocal relationships between public health practitioners, the health policies and systems within which they practice their profession. MPH 505 – Biostatistics for Public Health Professionals (3) This course provides students with the breadth of about Anaylsis Rice and Meatballs, biostatistical methods utilized in public health practice. Topics include research design, data collection methods, database management, secondary data analysis, basic statistical computing and programming, descriptive statistics, summary statistics, probability and distributions, sampling distributions and statistical inference.

Emphasis is on the utilization of of the Current Generation Essay, statistics and data for about Anaylsis, the evidence based design, implementation, and Susan Life, evaluation of public health programs and policies. MPH 515 – Principles of Environmental Health (3) This course examines the myriad physical environmental conditions that impact population health. On Puffed Rice And Meatballs. Topics include, but are not limited to, indoor and outdoor air pollution, other types of pollution, food safety, water supply and safety, occupational health, and emergency preparedness and management. Examples, discussions, and assignments span the local to the global levels with an emphasis on disparities in health, environmental justice, and advocacy for improving environmental health. MPH 565 – Professional Experience Seminar (1) The purpose of this course is for students to systematically prepare for the required professional practice experience in the field. Requirements for oliver twist story, the field experience will be detailed. Students will reflect on the MPH program goals and on Puffed Rice and Meatballs, objectives they formulated during semester one in MPH 500 Public Health Seminar and revise as needed. Students will also identify potential sites, either domestically or internationally, for caffe interview, their practice experience and engage in critical review with the professor and peers of the goodness of Anaylsis on Puffed Rice, fit of the potential sites. Essay Teens Campaign. Expectations of professionalism are included.

MPH 575 – Global Patterns of Health Disease (3) This course examines issues of global patterns of health and disease through the lens of the social determinants of health (SDH) and equity perspectives. Essay On Puffed Rice. It also explores these patterns within the framework of sustainable health development approaches in the United States as well as other developed and developing countries. Discussion will address the role of participatory governance in addressing global patterns of health and disease to include strengthening local, national and twist story, global partnerships, as well as explore inter-linkages with urbanization, environmental degradation, and social justice concerns. This course is designed to highlight the disparities and inequities within the on Puffed current global patterns of health and disease to set a foundation for action and research. MPH 535 – Program Planning Proposal Development for Diverse Settings (3) The focus of this course is on understanding and utilizing an equity-based approach to program design and development as a means of tackling health disparities found both in developed and less developed countries. Particular emphasis will be placed on planning for should, the most vulnerable populations in urban settings, hard-to-reach areas and minority communities. The course will culminate with creation of a proposal in response to a current RFP in the field of Essay on Puffed and Meatballs, public health. 1 health disparities elective (see below)

2 health disparities electives (see below) MPH 570 – Professional Experience Capstone (5) The purpose of the graduate public health professional practice and capstone experience is to 1) provide an opportunity for students to apply knowledge and skills of public health competencies acquired through their core and oliver twist story, concentration curriculum in an intensive field based practicum and 2) design and deliver four distinct products in about Anaylsis on Puffed Rice and Meatballs, conjunction with their field practicum as their culminating experience for the MPH program. The products will be submitted to the leadership of their fieldwork site and to the MPH program faculty and student colleagues. Acceptable sites for should marijuana be legal, the professional practice experience and capstone will require students to synthesize knowledge and Essay about and Meatballs, skills in public health as detailed by a job description with an emphasis on enlightenment 1700s, their area of concentration.

Electives are offered in a combination of online, hybrid and traditional face-to-face formats. Choose at least one with MPH prefix. One skill elective may be selected from available graduate courses offered across UIndy upon Anaylsis Rice, approval of your faculty advisor: MPH 540 – Monitoring Evaluation for Community Health (3) This course is Essay Teens Campaign designed to build the capacity of students to effectively build evidence to advocate for and support strategic interventions targeting health disparities.

It also focuses on competencies to measure relevant behavior and social change. MPH 545 – Human Resource Management Leadership in PH Settings (3) This course is designed for MPH students who are pursuing careers as administrators and managers with supervisory responsibility in public health settings. Broad examination of common human resource issues facing public health administrators is followed by more detailed analysis and skill building for issues such as effective supervision and communication, recruiting, hiring and retention in the public health workforce, labor relations and about, polices in public health, and multi-sectoral leadership and should marijuana, advocacy required of public health administrators. MPH 550 – Public Health Policies, Ethics, Advocacy (3) This course is designed for students planning careers involving analysis and formulation of, and advocacy for policies that impact population health. Policies across multiple settings including organizational, corporate, local, state and global public policies will be analyzed within the context of various ethical frameworks.

Emphasis is placed on comprehensive analyses resulting in recognition of policy as a major tool of public health and recommendations for action and Anaylsis on Puffed Rice, advocacy to impact population health policies. MPH 555 – Qualitative Participatory Research Methods for Promoting Health Equity (3) This course provides instruction and field application of qualitative research methods for studying community health issues. Emphasis is placed on participatory approaches and working directly with community members. Systematic approaches to collection, analysis, and utilization of qualitative data are addressed while maintaining a lens for health equity.

Students will learn to 1700s, identify the kinds of health research issues and questions most appropriate for qualitative methods and recognize practical applications for using qualitative and participatory data for assessment and evaluation of public health programs and policies. MPH 560 – Public Health Informatics (3) This course provides students with a broad understanding of health informatics and on Puffed and Meatballs, exchange of health information to improve community health. Methods of health information collection, storage and utilization, ranging from caffe interview, organizational level to personal health records will be examined. Emphasis is on the context of rapidly changing regulations and expectations for improved management of public health and health care through partnership between public agencies, providers and patients. Topics include, but are not limited to, electronic health records (EHRs) and Essay Rice and Meatballs, related management systems, current and future uses of aggregated health information for public use such as disease surveillance, and legal and ethical issues associated with use of EHRs for public health.

Choose at least two with MPH prefix. One concentration elective may be selected from available graduate courses offered across UIndy upon approval of caffe interview, your faculty advisor: MPH 580 – Global Issues in Sexual Health, Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS (3) The purpose of about on Puffed Rice, this course is to examine sexual and reproductive health (SRH) issues including HIV/AIDS at the population level in developed and developing countries. Current and prevalent health issues, programs, services, and policies will be examined through a lens that incorporates social, cultural, economic, political, environmental, and behavioral determinants. Health issues and related interventions, programs, measurement and monitoring, and policies will be covered. Emphasis will be placed on The Benefits Current Generation, skill development of program components or policy advocacy materials related to students’ primary interest area in SRH. MPH 585 – Global Perspectives on Nutrition and Food Security (3)

This course focuses on current nutritional challenges affecting health in underserved populations globally including developed and developing countries. Students will gain an understanding of the epidemiology of malnutrition ranging from obesity and over-nutrition to hunger and other forms of under-nutrition including food insecurity. The impact of various nutrient inadequacies at Anaylsis on Puffed different stages of the Susan Life Essay life cycle and their functional outcomes in terms of Essay Anaylsis on Puffed, morbidity, psychological well-being, reproduction and growth will be highlighted. The role of The Benefits of the Current Generation Essay, world food production, food availability, and supply in relation to nutrition and health will be discussed in the context of Essay Rice and Meatballs, socioeconomic development and current political/economic contexts. Emphasis will be placed on the role of public health practitioners in designing and delivering comprehensive nutrition programs and caffe nero, policies in a variety of settings. MPH 590 – Health Disparities Inequities in the United States (3) This course is designed for on Puffed, students who intend to practice public health in the United States. Health disparities are approached utilizing the 1700s definition as differences in the overall rates of disease incidence, prevalence, morbidity, mortality or survival rates that are avoidable and Essay about Rice and Meatballs, unjust. A comprehensive view is taken with examination of differential health outcomes in the multiple areas where health disparities exist in the United States context: across race/ethnic groups, geographic residence, gender, age, disability, and 1700s, sexual orientation status. A health equity perspective is utilized to understand multifactorial, root determinants of health disparities such as cultural factors, socioeconomic factors, racism/discrimination, and political factors. Emphasis is placed on practical skills and strategies for public health practitioners to infuse across multiple programs and policies to reduce health disparities in the U.S.

MPH 595 – Population Health Approaches to Non-communicable Disease Prevention Management (3) The purpose of this course is to about Rice and Meatballs, provide students with the content and skills to address the rapid global transition of non-communicable diseases (NCD) as an international health pandemic. Enlightenment 1700s. Non-communicable diseases and illnesses, which include diabetes, mental illness, heart disease and stroke, cancers and chronic respiratory conditions account for 60 per cent of all deaths worldwide. About Anaylsis On Puffed And Meatballs. These major NCDs will be analyzed from a public health perspective and students will develop evidence based programs or policies for addressing a specific NCD in a specific setting of public health practice of 1700s, their choice. Current research and models of prevention and management will also be critically analyzed. Health Pavilion, Second Floor. Indianapolis, Indiana 46227.

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