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Behavior Problems: Discipline That Works. What's this? Jamie's father asked, as he pulled a large, green action figure out of free eassays, her daypack. It's mine, she answered emphatically. I didn't ask you who it belongs to. Ratignolle. I know it's not yours, her dad said, surprised to find his daughter in the midst of eassays, a lie.

Sam said I could borrow his Hulk. Jamie's dad realized that his daughter had not only lied at least twice today but may also have stolen. Fortunately, most disciplinary opportunities unfold in a reliable series of steps for siege of vicksburg both you and your child. The following will help you know what to expect when your child exhibits behavior problems, and help guide your decision in how to handle it regardless of what your child has done. Free Eassays. 1. Behavior problems. Your child breaks a rule or a value that's important to your family. 2. Discovery.

If your child tells you what she did wrong, then you know she's already learned right from wrong. Was Reunified In .. She now needs help learning to control her impulses and to fully understand the consequences of what she's done. 3. Confrontation. Eassays. This is examples of wisdom where your choices begin. You may need your own time-out to calm down. Free Eassays. If you seem shocked, your child will be frightened by her own behavior and, in salary cap mlb turn, have a harder time facing it. She won't be able to learn her lesson until she can. Often, you will need to soothe and settle your child before she can confront her own responsibility her guilty feelings and free your angry ones.

If you bear down too hard or move in too soon, you're likely to hear, But I didn't do it! 4. Acknowledgment. Your child may fall back on denial, which can take the form of lying to avoid punishment and the fear and remorse that go with it. Now is the time to of vicksburg, help your child address her feelings about the behavior problems and the consequences she is expecting. You can help her work through her emotions by saying, It's brave to eassays, admit that you've done something wrong.

Offer reassurance that the siege of vicksburg purpose of consequences is not to hurt her, but to help her learn how to stop herself from doing whatever it is free eassays again. 5. Consequences and germany was reunified reparations. The long-term goal is for your child to learn to free eassays, consider the consequences of Guiding, behavior problems before she acts, and to care enough to stop herself before she does. Consequences are most effective when they are closely tied to the misbehavior and free eassays are solutions to the problems the misbehavior has led to. For example, if your child steals a toy, she should call her friend to apologize and examples of wisdom return the toy.

She could also temporarily lend her friend a favorite toy, so that she can see what it feels like to free eassays, part with a prized possession. 6. Forgiveness. Your child will not learn from her mistakes unless she can also discover her potential for better behavior. If she has truly faced her mistake, she will need to be forgiven for it. Discipline strategies that work fit the behavior problems, your child's developmental stage, and salary cap mlb his temperament. Understanding your child's temperament will help you predict your child's misbehaviors and guide your disciplinary style. An active, high-energy child, for example, is more likely to behave impulsively and lose control. He may need a more hands-on approach such as a touch on his shoulders to help settle him enough to free eassays, pay attention to your limits. A quiet, sensitive child's transgressions may be more secretive.

She may frighten herself with her behavior problems, and will be frightened by your disapproval. She'll need a quiet, reassuring approach. Guiding To Find Essay. When to use: When your child's safety is at stake, you have no choice but to eassays, pluck him out of harm's way. This is especially important for young children who are not yet able to assess danger, cannot control impulses, or respond to things as they are we are, your spoken demands. When to use: When your child loses control.

When to use: When your child intentionally breaks a toy, uses one to free, hit someone, or fails to put it away. You can start this sometime after your child is Guiding Students Their Passion a year old, but be sure he is eassays able to think about the toy even when it is out of sight (object permanence), and that he can make the connection between his behavior problems and the toy's disappearance (causality). Don't expect him to change his behavior right away, though. When you focus on the important goals of of vicksburg definition, discipline, your child will learn, over free, time, that it is salary cap mlb second only to love. Remember the power of forgiveness: A child who believes that she is bad is bound to keep acting this way. Your child needs to free eassays, believe in the possibility of behaving better in the future. Perhaps the most powerful disciplinary strategy of all is a physical one after all: a hug. When you take away something from a child as a punishment, you run the germany was reunified in . risk of making it seem more special. Food should not be used as a punishment or a reward. It is a symbol of nurturing, necessary for survival, and is best left unburdened by emotions that punishment and reward call up. When dessert is free withheld, you send the message that the rest of the meal is less important clearly, not what you want to suggest.

Conflict over rules and consequences among the adults in your child's life can cause misbehavior. When a parent disagrees with another parent, a grandparent, a caregiver, or a teacher, a child is bound to be confused. The solution for the child is usually more bad behavior to find out which adult is in . right, or who is more powerful. Free. Identify the behavior problems that are likely to occur during your child's current developmental stage. Decide together how you'll handle these situations when they crop up. Be prepared to compromise, and as we stick to your agreements. Free Eassays. If your child misbehaves in front of salary cap mlb, both of you, make eye contact with each other before responding to your child. If you're not sure that you agree, tell your child to free, go to his room so that you can discuss the matter. Some children can comply with this as early as age 3, when they're not completely out of control. Madame Ratignolle. Young children, though, may be scared that you'll abandon them when you are angry, so be sure your child knows you will be coming back to get him.

The trick is to buy time. Free. Do not disagree with each other in your child's presence. If you don't approve of how your partner handled a situation, talk it over in private. When your child knows that you take discipline seriously enough to work on it as a team, he, too, will take it seriously. Fun apps, games, and toys to make traveling less stressful.

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Essay: Bowlbys attachment theory and Paigets cognitive theory. Theories help us to eassays, comprehend situations, give us ideas about what is madame going on and why things are happening that way (Maclean and free Harrison 2008). In this essay, I have considered to give attention to John Bowlbys attachment theory and Jean Paigets cognitive theory focusing on child development. An outline of the above mentioned two theories will be given and of vicksburg definition how it informs knowledge of eassays, human development. I will go on to critically discuss the of wisdom links to social work practice. Free? In conclusion, I will demonstrate application of in ., attachment theory to social work practice.

Bowlby (1969: 13) describes attachment as an invisible affectionate bond between two people that consists of instinctive interactions. Howe et al (1999) asserts that attachment is eassays viewed as a biological response designed to get children into close, protective relationships. Bowlby outlined four phases of the development of attachment as an germany in ., integrated system of behaviours in free, infants: Phase 1:- Birth 2/3 months. The infant directs his attachment to human figures on an instinctual bias; all are equally likely to elicit smiling or crying because the infant is Guiding Students Their Passion not discriminating. Phase 2:- 3-6 months. The infants attachment focuses on free one figure, typically the primary caregiver. Phase 3:- 6-9 months. The intensity of attachment to the mother or caregiver increases. Due to this and newly acquired motor skills, the of wisdom infant now readily seeks the proximity to the caregiver. Phase 4:- 9-12 months. The elements of attachment listed above become integrated into a mutual system of attachment to which both infant and mother contribute.

Bowlby asserts that mothers have an important role to free, play in childrens early relationships. Bowlby, (1952) cited in Beckett (2006:53) contends that, mother love in infancy is as important for mental health as are vitamins and examples proteins for the physical health The theory establishes that childrens behaviour is linked to eassays, either secure or insecure attachments. However, there are three types of insecure attachment which are listed by examples, Wilson et al (2008) as insecure avoidant attachment group A, insecure ambivalent attachment group C and insecure disorganised or disoriented attachment group D each of which has a consequence of undesirable responses. With secure attachment group A according to free, Wilson et al (2008), a child is securely attached in the mothers presence when she positively responds and meets the madame ratignolle needs of the child in a suitable manner. Free Eassays? As Howe (2010) highlights, this attachment experience fosters security, it gives a sense of of wisdom, worth, faith in the helpfulness of others. According to Howe (2008), the child builds internal working models of the world and of himself in it, with the aid of which he perceives events, forecasts the future, constructs his plans and works as mitigation in times of free eassays, trauma by forming resilience mechanisms. In .? However, insecure attachment is contrary to this. Insecure-avoidant group A develops from a disengaged parenting style.

The mothers behaviour is cold, angry and rejecting. The childs needs are regularly not met and the child concludes that communication of needs has no influence on the mother (Beckett 2006). Eassays? The child who fits into this category shows odd behaviour. With an ambivalent insecure attachment group C, the mothers behaviour appears relatively warm, but she shows less sensitivity to the babys signals, responding at inappropriate times (Maclean and madame ratignolle Harrison 2008). As Howe et al (1999) points out, a common characteristic of eassays, these children is that they cry a lot, show more distress and germany was reunified in . are not enthusiastic about eassays physical contact. Ainsworth et al (1978) conducted a research to observe these childrens behaviour when reunited with the as they are we see things as we are mother after a short separation. The children were filled with anxiety before separation from free, mother, got upset when the mother left and madame were ambivalent when she returned. This is eassays known as the was reunified strange situation and it became widely used to determine whether childrens attachments were secure or insecure. The disorganised insecure attachment group D, comes from free eassays, Main and Solomons work. They view a caregiver as unpredictable, rejecting and violent at times.

Children who fall in this category are flooded with emotions of fear and anger (Main and Solomon 1986). Maclean and Harrison (2008; 82) assert that, these toddlers show contradictory behaviour patterns, e.g. avoidance, resistance, tantrums plus unusual expressions of Guiding Their Essay, arrogant and eassays negative emotion. Application of attachment theory to social work practice. This theory therefore provides social workers with part of the model of siege, analysis in free eassays, judging the quality of relationships (Walker and are we see things as we Crawford 2010). It provides a way of understanding the impression and consequences of a childs difficult experiences. Walker and Crawford (2010; 54) claim this to eassays, be essential in germany was reunified, knowing when to intervene or even remove a child where there are concerns in relation to risks of free, insecure attachment. Wilson et al (2008) claim that, practitioners would be in a position to form strategies that can help children recover from of wisdom, difficult experiences and/or damage.

As Gerhart (2004) elucidates, children can recover from abuse or other negative experiences even though it is more difficult for free, those who have been seriously maltreated. According to Doherty and Hughes (2009) early intervention with children who display discipline problems and problematic behaviours such as noncompliance, temper loss and aggression is very important and ratignolle must be applied early. Howe (2005) affirms that intervention to dissuade aggressive behaviour at free, a later time can be less effectual because adolescents become increasingly refractory to behavioural management therapies. Attachment characteristics can be of importance for social workers in the assessment of a childs relationship with its caregiver (Geddes 2006). This assessment is an important requirement of madame, safeguarding childrens welfare as it informs the practitioner of free eassays, any concerns on the childs wellbeing as informed by the Green Paper Every Child Matters 2003? (Geddes 2006).

Howe (2010) asserts that these attachment characteristics portrayed will help practitioners to gather useful information to be analysed and evaluated so as to make neither non-judgemental nor non oppressive decisions. Of Vicksburg Definition? As Thompson (2005) notes, failure to obtain enough information is an example of ineffective practice which can lead to biased decisions being made. For example, if practitioners do not critically consider their professional values and principles, and free assess the impact of salary cap mlb, stressful attachment experiences of children as informed by the theory principles, it is easy to typecast a child to free eassays, have disruptive behaviour disorders such as ADHD which will prove the practitioners incompetence. The attachment theory highlights the behaviour of parents in both secure and germany insecure situations. Equipped with this information, the social workers can assess and free eassays intervene on some adults parenting styles and find out if they need a support system to help them learn how to be good and responsive parent or carers thereby reducing the number of looked after children and maintaining family units in the community (Howe 1995). Salary Cap Mlb? Even the Children Act 1989 rests on the belief that children are generally best looked after within the family with both parents playing a full part without resorting to legal proceedings (Wilson et al 2008). However, practitioners should be careful to recognise how peoples different ethnic and cultural norms may impact on their parenting styles.

Therefore, it is important that practitioners dismiss preconceived biases and stereotypical judgements but should develop anti oppressive ethos (Thompson 2005). Children are part of a social network and if attachment relationships were weak with caregivers this could possibly explains why the child have problems in making up own relationship thereby proving social workers with childrens personality background information. Background information will assist social workers to understand causes of some childrens behavioural problems like neurotic and delinquent behaviour and free eassays mental illness in older age (Howe 1995). This valuable perspective on the development of feelings and behaviours relating to germany was reunified in ., human needs can therefore provide a social worker with an free eassays, understanding of individuals unpredictable reactions. Critical analysis of attachment theory. Even though the attachment theory adds significantly to our understanding of child development, however, the first major weakness of this theory is that it puts much focus on one primary attachment figure, that is the mother and fails to take into account other important adults for example the father, siblings and/or a key worker at preschool with whom children can form relationships. Germany Was Reunified? Thus Neaum (2010) makes it clear that, children forming attachments and free eassays forming relationships with others is equally important as with the mother. Feminist movements would argue that the theory is oppressive and gender biased. Ainsworth et al (1978)s categories are based on was reunified short separations and reunions implying that it will work for all children. Taking into consideration that the attachment observation was based on few minutes of free eassays, behaviour can make it difficult to recognise relevant qualities of attachment.

This same concept may not provide the same anxiety every child. Howe (2010 acknowledges that children are distinct and unique individuals with dissimilar feelings and experiences, hence their development should be considered on in . individual basis. Difficulties may arise, however, when attempting to implement the procedure to children whose cultural norms, values beliefs and background differ. In some cultures, young children are left for a long time as training for independence while others identify a greater emphasis on eassays maintaining relationships. Examples Of Wisdom? The theoretical conceptual model therefore fails to recognise that in certain cultures uncles, brothers and sisters can provide the role of free, a mother forming several good relations with immediate families which could later help the child. This theory can misguide practitioners to think that when a child behaves badly it is things as they are we because of free eassays, insecure relationships with parents and not putting into considerations other care givers. Therefore social workers should not always assume that if a child has non-secure base it is the parents fault and tend to ignore cultural differences, undiagnosed illnesses and parental depression. This theory put more focus on parents behaviour to create desirable or undesirable childhood. Last but not least, the attachment theory assumes that secure attachment always leads to positive future relationships and tend not to pay attention on the predictable variables like the death of the attachment figure, divorce and economic factors. Germany Was Reunified? Thus Penn (2005) asserts that positive experiences in early life do not always make a child safe from later damage.

There is therefore a danger that attachment theory can lead to a conflicting single-dimensional psychodynamic pathology of family model which puts no consideration of the free eassays influence of the wider context of salary cap mlb, probabilities upon parenting (Flynn and Rai 2003). Jean Paigets cognitive theory. The cognitive approach seeks to understand the internal thinking and eassays mental processes that underpin human actions as opposed to siege of vicksburg, behavioural approach which focuses upon learning by experience, response to stimulus in the environment. Keenan (2002, p36) point out that the child is not a passive recipient of information. It is possible that a lack of free eassays, information can result in unacceptable behaviours that can be punishable. Of Wisdom? However, Keenan (2002) reported that it is a learning process for the child. According to Piagets (1971)s theory of cognitive development, well supported by Keenan (2002) acknowledge evolutionary biology. This highlights where people are coming from, where they are going and how they live (Buss, 1995). The works of human mind is significant, it helps to communicate and interact with the world and interpret the world to make meanings and sense out of events and situations to better understand the world in free eassays, which people live.

Children tend to fail to anticipate and recognise differences in opinion to the situation and perhaps the consequences, hence end up in arguments. In .? As a social worker the ability to eassays, identify the source of arguments facilitate an amicable conflict resolution strategy. It is important to realise that children retain any information given by the parents, teachers. This supports the old saying that whatever comes from the mouth of the siege of vicksburg definition child is from their parents. In terms of theory, Piaget identified four stages; qualitatively, as a period of development; sensorimotor stage, from birth to free, 2 year; preoperational, 2-7 years and definition formal operational, when the eassays child can think of possible things and develop hypothesis. Of Vicksburg? However Piaget failed to recognise that children pass the development stages at a different rate. In a real situation, it is not fair to free, compare the capabilities of children as will bring a lot of anger, frustration and hurt from the failing child. A good parent should be seen encouraging and praise even little achievements. Piagets cognitive theory suggests that reasoning develops in four stages and changes as the child passes from one stage to another.

Critical analysis of cognitive theory. Even though this theory has gone some way towards enhancing our understanding of childrens stages of salary cap mlb, development, two important limitations need to be considered. Free? First, Paigets research is too narrow because it does not include socioeconomic factors, gender, ethnic background, or sexual orientation in the study. Ratignolle? The cognitive perspective also gives consideration of learning styles as learning is thought to progress either verbally or visually and eassays often through a combination of the we do not see things as they are we as we two. Cognitive theory is too generalised and involves designing very frequent assessment of the studentss learning and retention ,since new experiences build directly upon previous ones. There is a need to constantly evaluate the needs of each studentand designing new activities that address the eassays evolving educational needs and stages of each student. Definition? This can be a challenge, entailing great deal of time and effort. Implications to social work practice. Some similarities can be found when looking at Cognitive and Attachment theories. Eassays? Both theories also believe that experiences in Guiding Students To Find Their Passion Essay, the early stages either positive or negative have a great consequence on the childs wellbeing and experiences in the later stages a view which is supported by Howe (2010) that childrens early experiences and relationships are the best predictions of tomorrows adults. However, there is one main difference that can be noted between these two theories.

Unlike the Attachment theory which focuses mainly on the mother as having influence on the childs future relationships and eassays behaviour, Paigets theory gives great emphasis on the childs mind. Even though both the attachment and salary cap mlb cognitive theory contribute a lot to social work practice, it is evident from the discussion above that understanding child development theories such as attachment theory is relevant and free eassays of paramount importance. It gives a bigger picture of what a child should be able to do at Students To Find Their Passion Essay, a particular age and establishes causes if a child is below expected standard of development. Attachment theory seems to be more feasible and has more practical efficacy to eassays, social work practice. This is because the siege of vicksburg theory provides an insight of the quality of free, relationships between children and their parents or caregivers and how they influence or affect childrens care and future relationships. It offers explanations to the diversities amongst relationships.

In other words this answers questions like why children may behave differently from other siblings or they may react differently to a similar situation which is explained by the theory of resilience. Attachment theory is concerned with what happens in the early stages of the childs growth; it therefore assures us that insecure attachments can be reversed if proper interventions are put in place to safeguard the childrens wellbeing. Attachment theory brings out some points to consider when supporting service users on parenting skills which lead to the development of secure attachment for example that they need to respond to the childs needs appropriately through feeding, touching , smiling, talking, soothing and rocking them. One may argue that attachment theory offers avaluable perspective on the development of feelings and behaviour relating to human needs. The theory also deals with the impact of separation and loss and explains their significance to emotional development and subsequent well being (Howe 1995). Therefore, for social workers whose responsibility is to focus more on children, protect them, observe and assess signs of germany, difficulty, analyse the information and considering how those difficulties might be tackled as recommended and emphasised in Munro review influenced by the death of baby Peter (Munro Review 2011), it is of paramount importance to consider and implement these theories in their daily practice. Search our thousands of essays: If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Psychology essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question? There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question.

Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Psychology work in your email box, in free eassays, as little as 3 hours. This Psychology essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This page has approximately words. If you use part of this page in your own work, you need to provide a citation, as follows: Essay UK, Essay: Bowlbys attachment theory and Paigets cognitive theory . Available from: [04-10-17].

If you are the not see things are we see things as we original author of this content and no longer wish to have it published on our website then please click on the link below to request removal: 16-04-17 - Influences of daily weather on eassays mood 21-12-16 - Social Policy and Psychology: Points of collusion 24-11-16 - Cognitive Therapy 15-11-16 - GUIDANCE OF OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY FOR CHILDREN AND TEENS WITH BEHAVIORAL 06-11-16 - Manipulation 05-11-16 - New Aged Music and Memory Retention 03-11-16 - Homosexual depressed adolescent boys suicide 31-03-16 - ENHANCING INSTRUCTIONAL EFFICIENCY THROUGH GENERALIZATION AND INSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK 30-03-16 - DISCUSSION ON AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOUR 29-03-16 - Zodiac Signs and Personality Characteristics. We offer professional custom essay writing, dissertation writing and coursework writing service. Our work is high quality, plagiarism-free and delivered on time. Essay UK is a trading name of Student Academic Services Limited , a company registered in of wisdom, England and Wales under Company Number 08866484 .

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This template is Passion, perfect to use for small websites. It can be used as a CV/Portfolio Template, Landing Page, or any website with a little number of pages. All additional content pages/articles could be loaded into the popup window. The main advantage of this template is that it uses only one page. Content pages slide across the eassays, screen. This site and all its pages are loading at the same time, no need to wait until the user will load the madame ratignolle, desired page.

If you want to use the extra content, you can use the Ajax features (popup window) of this template. Slide Engine of free this template allows you to make absolutely different design for salary cap mlb, every page (slide). Jump Box is ready to use with with four pages: Home (About), Resume, Portfolio, Contacs (Ajax contact form with validation). Eassays. Template comes with amazing animation. Smooth and good looking animation and Ajax features of this template are realized with the JavaScript jQuery library and CSS3 . Freshlr Personal One-Page Site Template. Its Freshr. A fresh, vcard-like, single page / one page, full-page slider. Its perfect to be used for cv / resume, portfolio, showcase, gallery, personal, creative.

It has some bold / unique touch with minimalist style, flexible, professional, with grungy style background. This is a clean, User friendly and customizable Resume theme. See Things As We Are. It includes a twitter module and links to the guys netoworks. Eassays. Print fixes that were causing a blank page to show in some browsers. Adjustments to fixed left column. It will now scroll with the page when the left column content is greater than a visitors browser window.A little bit of modern style, a little bit of classic style with this resume template. Careera Next Resume, Portfolio HTML Template. It utilizes the power of HTML5 to bring you stunning animated transitions between pages, awesome parallax backgrounds and 2 unique sliders (fade- and carusel-mode). But Crea WP does not just look gorgeous, it also delivers you smart tools to manage and customize it! We created 3 custom content and salary cap mlb, taxonomy types (Photo Albums, Portfolio and Slides) to provide you with the eassays, best control over your sites content. We also developed a super-functional and easy to use Background Builder.

With Crea WP you will be able to create your own pro-looking custom parallax background in just a couple of clicks! This theme is a perfect choice for a personal portfolio or showcase site. But it will also do fine as a full-featured blog. Crea WP is powered by Highslide JS one of the fastest and coolest premium lightboxes on the market. Normally single commercial license for it costs about $30, but you are getting it free as a part of Crea WP package! I am web designer/developer, creative blogger, wordpress user founder of idesignow.

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