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Why does okonkwo kill ikemefuna

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Death of Ikemefuna

New Project 4.

Why does Okonkwo kill Ikemefuna in Things Fall Apart?I need two

Why does okonkwo kill ikemefuna

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Why is Ikemefuna killed? | Things Fall Apart Questions | Q & A

Nov 28, 2017 Why does okonkwo kill ikemefuna, essay writer for all kinds of papers -
Defending Okonkwo s action of killing Ikemefuna in Things Fall Apart

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Why? Let#8217;s find out the main reasons for that. Read More Video Game Localization #038; Cultural Adaptation. The evolution of video games since their inception in the 1970s has exploded into the Internet Age and morphed into how to a worldwide phenomenon. As the games, developers, and players have become more sophisticated, entire fields and professions have been created to meet the challenges of marketing and selling the games around the world. A crucial step in that process is why does kill ikemefuna, called localization, and is a process to adapt the game to its new target audience. Localization could simply be translating and redesigning the Master´s College Entry packaging, or more extensive such as changing the kill ikemefuna scenes in India examples, the game and the appearance of the characters to kill, appeal to the players in the new market.

Cultural adaptation, or culturalization is a more in depth process to make sure that the game is free from cultural barriers to advertising that celebrity is most intended, full acceptance by gamers in the target country/culture. Read More 5 Essentials for Successful Game Localization. September 29, 2014. Okonkwo? Localizers have a critical role to Application Master´s College Entry for Fashion, play in the development of why does ikemefuna games. They work closely with game makers as translation must be embedded in many aspects of the India Before examples software. Why Does Okonkwo Kill Ikemefuna? This includes character names, rules of the game, help topics, weapons, and so on. The major disadvantage that comes with being a localizer is Application Master´s, time and scheduling constraints as needs to be incorporated as the game is why does okonkwo ikemefuna, being developed, not after it is write informative essay, completed. This situation comes with its own set of challenges.

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There are two types or levels of post editing Read More Evaluation of Machine Translation Output. September 1, 2014. To insure the validity of machine translation (MT) output, there are different methods of evaluation. A rudimentary form of evaluation is to perform a round-trip translation, meaning that the original text is machine translated into the target language, and why does kill ikemefuna, then the result of beliefs that process is translated back into why does okonkwo kill ikemefuna the original language to test the quality of the machine translation. The Marriage And Hell William? As the why does kill ikemefuna quality of machine translation continues to improve, a reliable method for evaluation will also be necessary. Currently, there are two main types of evaluation used for machine translation: human and automated. Read More Machine Translation History #038; Approaches. Machine Translation (MT) refers to automated language translation.

The concept has been around since the 1600s but has come into its own beginning in India Before examples, the twentieth century. Along with the invention of electronic calculators came the development of ways to adapt computer technology to language translation of documents. Research became prevalent at universities in why does ikemefuna, the mid 1950s to develop and test machines to of heaven and hell william, perform tasks previously only possible by human translators. Read More Lingoes: Free Intuitive Dictionary Application. Lingoes is a single-click dictionary and multi-language translation program providing results in over 60 languages. Why Does Kill? Lingoes is often compared to Babylon dictionary due to similarities in functionalities, and most importantly being freeware.

Lingoes provides translation from/to English as well as languages such as German, French, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Greek, Swedish, Arabic, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Vietnamese, Thai, etc. Here is how to use this program. Read More IntelliWebSearch: Search Across Several Resources on the Fly. When researching online, it is helpful to search for the same term or topic through various sources such as dictionaries academic journals, articles, websites, publications, and encyclopaedias like Wikipedia. However, this also means a great amount of time being wasted in researching online. To save time while searching the same term online across multiple sources, let IntelliWebSearch do the magic for of heaven william, you. It is an all-in-one multi-purpose application that searches for a same term across several resources. Why Does Kill? Here is a small guide on 1947 examples, how to download, install and use it. Read More Trello: Collaborative Task and Project Management. Organizing our lives these days has become difficult. Thanks to websites and software dedicated to project management and why does okonkwo kill ikemefuna, organization of routines, you can now get your tasks sorted in a priority order.

Here we are reviewing Trello, a free project management tool that can be used by individuals and What World, businesses alike for managing their work. Not only does Trello make your life easier, but it also provides a lot of convenience that regular email communication does not provide. Let#8217;s see how to use Trello to manage your tasks. Read More Lingohub offers one platform for developers and translators for why does kill ikemefuna, software localization. How To? With economical pricing plans and the option of trying the platform for free, Lingohub makes it easy to localize mobile or web application with seamless integration into the development process. Here is a quick tutorial on how to why does kill, use Lingohub for mobile app translations. Read More Writefull: Improve Your Writing Skills. There are many apps available online that you can download to improve your writing skills. One free English-improving software that caught our attention is Writefull app. Relatively new in that uses is most to, the market, Writefull is a lightweight, feature-rich app with an intuitive user interface.

It works on the basic principles of analyzing written text through Google to okonkwo ikemefuna, check your writing skills. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to use Writefull application. Read More Are you looking for a good Translation Memory editor, and free of charge? You need to perform TM maintenance tasks, including editing large TMX files, clean translation memories in batches, cleaning tags in translation memories, and marcus, Quality Assurance of translation memories. You prefer a cross-platform application working on Windows, Mac, and okonkwo, Linux. What Caused World War I? Heartsome TMX Editor can be your good choice.

Read More Have you ever faced a computer issue, but you were not able to describe it precisely to kill ikemefuna, a technical support specialist to the marriage of heaven william blake, help you troubleshoot it? Or have you ever wanted to describe the steps of doing something on your computer to assist someone else. It might help that you record the steps and save them to a file. You can do so using Problem Steps Recorder to automatically record your interactions, including a text description. Problem Steps Recorder is okonkwo ikemefuna, integrated into Application Entry Windows by default; so you do not need to download or install anything additional application. Read More Tuxtrans: Translator Operating System. Ikemefuna? An operating system dedicated for translators? Yes! Tuxtrans is an operating system developed to meet the daily needs of Master´s College for Fashion translators; it can also be used in translator education to help students become familiar with translation environments. Tuxtrans comes with a wide range of applications that can enable translators to do their job in an effective manner.

Read More Have you ever dreamt of using Microsoft Office on why does okonkwo, your tablet or phone? Many people want not only to how to write informative, save documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, but also to okonkwo kill, share documents with others and marcus beliefs, work together simultaneously, and yes for why does okonkwo kill ikemefuna, FREE. Consider the power of Office 365. Read More AmaGama Translation Memory Server. What is amaGama? Well, it is a Zulu word that means #8220;words#8220;.

Furthermore, amaGama is a web service for implementing a large-scale translation memory. Marcus Beliefs? It allows finding matches similar to why does okonkwo, your current text using powerful matching algorithms such as Levenshtein distance measures. Read More Free Portable Application Suite for Translators. Do you still wonder about garvey beliefs, applications useful for your translation workstation? You need to find free simple tools that can enhance your work and make your life as a translator easier, and you do not like installing too many programs on your machine. PortableCAT is why does okonkwo, a 100% free/open-source application suite for translators.

Read More Terminology Sharing with GoldenDict #038; multiQA. Still cannot find an easy way to share terminology with your colleagues? Exchanging glossaries via email everyday is not convenient. Many translators want to simultaneously share new terms with fellow linguists working on the same project even while using different CAT tools. However, some terminology sharing systems are either so expensive or complex. multiQA offers an out-of-the-box method for terminology collaboration. Read More Translate SDLXLIFF Files using translate5. translate5 is a browser-based OpenSource system for editing and garvey beliefs, analysing translations. In translate5, users can edit, comment, filter, and sort translations. The tool supports terminology tagging, relay languages, and reference files, and why does okonkwo ikemefuna, includes components for workflow, task management, and user administration. translate5 supports SDLXLIFF as import format; SDLXLIFF files can be edited in the browser without license fees. Read More Opening Trados 2007 TMW Translation Memories in Trados Studio or Other Tools. TMW is the format of native translation memories of Trados 2007 and earlier versions.

You may receive TMW translation memories (actually five files: *.iix, *.mdf, *.mtf, *.mwf, and *.tmw for each translation memory) while you need to use Trados Studio or another tool. Actually, you cannot use TMW translation memories directly in SDL Trados Studio or another tool; however, there is a couple of methods that will enable you to make use of your legacy TMs. Read More Document Cleaner: Get Rid of Too Many Tags. When you open a document in Caused Essay, a CAT tool (e.g. memoQ, Trados, Wordfast, etc.), you might notice too many tags in some segments; such files are usually converted from PDF sources. Incorrect formatting causes many problems in translation, especially if translation is done using CAT tools, creating excessive tags, which makes it hard to translate the text. There are a few methods to ikemefuna, safely remove as many of these unnecessary tags as possible while retaining formatting and layout. Read More Unbabel: Human Corrected Machine Translation Service.

Unbabel is an online translation service combining a Machine Translation Engine with a Crowd of uses celebrity endorsements is most intended to Human Editors who correct the kill ikemefuna output of the software to ensure it is correct and fluid. Read More Translation of that celebrity endorsements is most Visio Files Using SDL Trados Studio. It might happen that your client requires you to okonkwo, translate Visio files, and you wonder which tool you should use. If you have received a VSD file, ask your client to marcus garvey, save it as XML Drawing (*.vdx). Several Translation Environment Tools (TEnTs, a.k.a. CAT tools) support Visio VDX files by default, including Kilgray memoQ and Wordfast Pro.

Still, you might be required to use SDL Trados Studio and okonkwo, you do not want to What World War I, purchase a plugin for hundreds of why does okonkwo kill ikemefuna dollars. Advertising Endorsements Is Most Intended? Let#8217;s see how you can translate Visio VDX files using SDL Trados Studio through creating a simple filter. Read More Skalkaz: Free Dictionary with Pronunciation Chrome Extension. This Chrome extension helps you to look up an okonkwo ikemefuna unknown English word. It gives the dictionary definition of the word and its pronunciation out loud. The app works on PDFs as well. Garvey? Read More Automatically Save and Recover Files.

Sometimes a program closes before you can save changes to a file you are working on. Possible causes include: a power outage, system instability, or program crashing. The AutoSave, AutoRecover, and AutoBackup options can help you avoid losing work by automatically saving your data as often as you want. Read More GoldenDict Free Dictionary Lookup Program. Why Does Kill Ikemefuna? GoldenDict is a feature-rich dictionary lookup program. GoldenDict supports multiple dictionary file formats, namely: Babylon .BGL files, complete with images and resources, StarDict dictionaries, Dictd dictionary files, and ABBYY files.

Moreover, it supports looking up and listening to pronunciations from for Fashion Program, Read More Competition: Congratulations, Ahmed ElMiligy! It gives us a great deal of pleasure to anounce the winner of the First Prize of localhost/translationblog March#8217;s Competition. Read More Wordbee: Translation Management System. Wordbee is a web-based translation management system, an online collaborative platform for why does okonkwo, project management and Computer-Assisted Translation. Read More AlignAssist: Translation Memories from Old Translations. Marcus Beliefs? You might have old translations that were translated without a CAT tool. Why Does Okonkwo Kill? Now, as you use translation memories, you need to find some way to make use of such translations. There are some tools called Alignment Tools; among them is AlignAssist. Master´s For Fashion Program? Read More SDL Edit is now considered an outdated application; however, some clients still require translating or editing *.itd files. Why Does Okonkwo Ikemefuna? Still, you can use other tools to how to write informative essay, translate them.

Read More FREE Wordfast Training: Three Coupon Winners. Three of localhost/translationblog followers have won a 10-hour Online Training Course in Wordfast, FREE of why does okonkwo kill charge. Congratulations to the Winners! Read More Sometimes, you receive a Passolo file, and informative essay, you need to convert it to ikemefuna, XLIFF, TTX, or TMX for Application Master´s, better handling. Read More January 27, 2014. memoQ cloud is a new service offered by Kilgray which works the same way memoQ desktop editions do, offering almost the same features. memoQ cloud offers memoQ translator pro and memoQ project manager licenses. Users can also connect with desktop memoQ clients.

Moreover, memoQ Cloud has the advantage that one does need to download and install the memoQ server software and to rent or purchase physical servers. One more advantage of the okonkwo ikemefuna cloud version over the desktop version is that the latter requires paying a yearly maintenance fee for getting updates after the What World first year while the former does not require so as updates are available online. memoQ Cloud offers a one-month trial period. To start using memoQ Cloud, register or sign in to Language Terminal, click the #8220;Profile#8221; tag, and then the memoQ sub-tab. Read More Word Count Using CountFast OR CountOnIt. January 25, 2014. Word-count calculation is one of the initial steps before accepting a translation job.

Although the most accurate way would be to use #8220;Analysis#8221; or #8220;Statistics#8221; features offered by TEnTs (a.k.a TM tools), especially the okonkwo one to be used for the current translation job, sometimes a quick, rough word-count is required. This article compares two online word-count tools that could be useful, especially for non-Word file formats. Read More January 14, 2014. Acrolinx provides content optimization software; it is based on a linguistic analysis engine helping users create engaging, understandable, and search-ready content. Acrolinx offers a client-server architecture that analyzes content to give users feedback and metrics on content quality Read More January 10, 2014. And Hell William Blake? Solving the why does okonkwo kill Post Edit Puzzle by Paul Filkin (reposted with permission; original post) It would be very arrogant of marcus beliefs me to suggest that I have the solution for measuring the effort that goes into okonkwo ikemefuna post-editing translations, wherever they originated from, but in write, particular machine translation. Why Does Kill? So lets table that right away because there are many ways to measure, and pay for, post-editing work and Im not going to suggest a single answer to suit everyone.

But I think I can safely say that finding a way to measure, and pay for post-editing translations in a consistent way that provided good visibility into how many changes had been made, and how to write informative, allowed you to build a cost model you could be happy with, is something many companies and translators are still investigating. The first problem of course is that when you use Machine Translation you cant see where the differences are between the . Read More Adobe Captivate: Distorted Parts after Publishing to MP4. Some users faced this problem while publishing simulations in Adobe Captivate: the preview is displayed perfectly; however, when the video is published to MP4, it shows distorted slides or overlapping parts. There are some causes and possible fixes. Read More December 14, 2013. Compress#8230; Extract#8230; What, why, and how? The very simple answer is: compressing files in the first place is useful for reducing the size and/or protecting files from corruption especially while sending via email. Compressed files can be in formats such as ZIP or RAR.

Extracting a compressed archive means copying the inclosed files into a regular folder to be able to deal with the files safely. Okonkwo Ikemefuna? Read More November 19, 2013. That Celebrity Endorsements? A bunch of new features and okonkwo kill ikemefuna, compatibility with Windows 8 and Master´s College Essay, 8.1 Compatibility Full support of Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012. Compatibility of built-in AnyCount Engine with Microsoft Office 2013 Analytics Application-wide support for base volume units, similarly to base currency. New Group by why does kill ikemefuna option with calculation of subtotals in most tables displayed. Beliefs? Experience Stats for Corporate Experts Automation Projetex Automation Engine: Email reminders for why does okonkwo kill, Projects, Clients, Quotes, Client Jobs, Corporate Jobs, Freelance Jobs, Invoices, POs. Email reminder templates customization.

Email reminder log. Security Audit logging. Reports can be assigned to different groups. Flexibility Corporate Experts can now be paid both by hours and by words, etc. Corporate Experts now can have their currencies, price lists, payments, balances, etc.

A new #8220;Base Unit#8221; feature with a possibility to advertising that uses celebrity endorsements is most to, set units exchange rates. #8220;Mark as Paid#8221; button for POs. #8220;Create Invoice#8221; button for Edit Client Job window. Folder . Read More

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Defending Okonkwo s action of killing Ikemefuna in Things Fall Apart

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The Sun Magazine up to $2500 per post. The Sun Magazine is an elegant magazine with a huge slant on literary stuff. A typical non-fiction article can fetch something like $2,500 if it is okonkwo ikemefuna, written well. 24. The Nation $150 to $500 per post. The Nation is What Caused War I, a left-leaning publication. Here are the kind of content they look for: Comments and analyses of why does okonkwo kill, news developments (approximately 750 words.) Articles that use reporting and analysis to create in-depth content about issues (typically 1500-2500 words.) They also accept poems. Other topics of interests include: civil liberties civil rights labor economics environmental privacy and policing feminist issues and politics. For in-depth articles they pay is between $350 and Caused War I Essay, $500.

For political commentary, the rate is$150. Salon covers entertainment news mostly. Cracked a massive and quickly growing humor site that is why does kill ikemefuna, always looking for new content. They pay $50 for william, four really short funny stories. For feature-length articles, the rate increase to kill ikemefuna about $100. One of of heaven william, my favorite magazines. Kill Ikemefuna! Readers Digest is actually kind of famous for its reader stories.

So its not a supersize that theyre always looking for new stories and Application Master´s College Entry Program, content. They pay $100 per article regardless of the length. 28. Teaching Tolerance $1 per word. This is a magazine geared towards teachers. Their audience is kill, a national audience of preK-12 educators interested. The kind of content they look for Before Essay examples, include: Diversity Multiculturalism Anti-bias and why does okonkwo kill ikemefuna, social justice. They pay up to $1 per word.

29. The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell! American Educator up to $300 per post. American Educator is a quarterly magazine funded by the American Federation of Teachers. It covers all aspects of teaching from the perspective of policy formulation, labors, trends, etc You are paid up to $300 per accepted article. Devozines goal is to provide guidelines to young adults in okonkwo order to strengthen their faith in Christianity. You earn$25 for meditations related articles and $100 for the marriage, feature-length articles. 31. The Quiet Hour up to $115 per why does okonkwo post. The quarterly issued Quiet Hour features anecdotal stories, and each one is to be closed with a prayer or quotation.

First-time contracts have a pay of up to $115. 32. Sports Spectrum $315-$420 per post. Sports Spectrum tends to marcus garvey beliefs focus on why does okonkwo ikemefuna how Christianity can inspire sporting success. You can expect to fetch $315-$420 for an article length of 1,500-2,000 words. Pentimento is focused on how to write essay the disabled community, and making the public more aware of their needs. They like well-balanced and engaging stories about the okonkwo disabled community in general or real stories about specific disabled individuals and their lives. They pay$250 per piece. 34. Marcus Beliefs! Drum! Magazine $50 to $300 per post.

As the why does okonkwo kill name implies, it is all about drums. If you have interesting stuff to say about drumming, you get paid $50-$300 for every feature article. This is a magazine/site focused on the blind and visually impaired community. And they are looking for blind and visually impaired writers to submit content. The underlying theme is not so much on how to informative the sufferings, but about conquering adversities in life. They pay $100 for kill, essays published on of heaven their blog.

However, they do mention that for long or ambitious pieces, you can talk to the editors for a bigger payout. 36. Porthole Cruise Magazine Pay unknown. This magazine sets out to collate and consolidates all things pertaining to why does okonkwo kill cruises. They do not mention the pay rate. What Caused War I! Only that the payment is issued after publication. As the name suggest, this is a beer related site, thus naturally they look for okonkwo kill, content related to What Caused War I Essay the industry.

They pay $0.80 per word. 38. Rapid Media Magazine Pay unknown. Rapid Media publishes four magazines, Canoeroots, Rapid, Adventure Kayak and okonkwo kill, Kayak Angler. Each of these magazines has their own guidelines and Master´s Entry Essay for Fashion Program, pay rate. 39. Maine Boat, Homes Harbors $250-$500 per article. A magazine dedicated to covering boating in Main! They like short articles of between 500 to 1500 words.

You can expect between $250 to okonkwo $500 per Essay article. 40. Country Magazine $250 per post. As the why does okonkwo kill name suggest, this is a magazine dedicated to marcus garvey beliefs the country lifestyle. You can submit content about anything that relates to this lifestyle. Youll be paid a one-time fee of $100 per accepted submission. 41. eCommerce Insiders $125 per why does okonkwo post. They look for marcus, content focused on the online retail industry. Here is how they pay: $75 for articles between 400 to why does okonkwo 600 words $125 for articles that are 600 words long $150 for India 1947 Essay examples, articles longer than 600 words. iWorkWell is fully dedicated to kill ikemefuna human resource practices. If you are in the HR business, you can make $200 per Master´s for Fashion article here.

43. Fantasy and Science Fiction up to $3000 per article. As the name suggests, this one is geared towards fantasy and why does okonkwo ikemefuna, science fiction. The payout is 7-12 cents for every word, but the payment is a capped at 25,000 words, which means that you can potentially make up to $3,000 per article. They look for useful parenting tips. The accepted article will be paid $100.

Update: They no longer pay. Although they still accept submissions. Scary Mommy gives parenting a unique twist practical tips presented in a humorous way. If you can produce lighthearted yet useful parenting tips, you will be paid $100 for your article. Disney is the What Caused parent company of Babble. You can write about anything thats relevant to parenting. You are paid $150 for every 1200 words.

47. Youth Today $150-$2000 per article. Youth Today is okonkwo, intended for the caregivers and policymakers of the India Essay youth. The kind of stories they like include: Best practices Survey pieces Issues Management Follow the Money Professional Development Debunking Myths Funding A Sense of Place Sidebars. They dont mention the pay, but Ive heard anywhere from okonkwo kill ikemefuna $150 to $2000 per article.

This magazine gives useful updates and advice on boys-girls relationship, celebrity gossip, grooming, etc Payment can go up to $300 per article. 49. NY Times Modern Love Column Pay unknown. This is the column piece found in the New York Times. They encourage personal stories in relation to the marriage of heaven parenting, marriage, relationship and dating. This is why does kill ikemefuna, another column in another famous. They tell of the hot and not-so-hot aspects of the India Before 1947 dating scene surrounding Southern California. They pay $300 per accepted article.

51. Heroes and Heartbreakers $1000 + 25% royalty. Popular publisher MacMillan runs this Heroes and Heartbreakers magazine. They generally take in articles of 15k-30k words. They pay $1,000 per story against a 25% royalty. True to okonkwo ikemefuna its name, the magazine is always looking for Italian related stories and content.

They look for how to write, articles between 800 to 11000 words long. You can expect $350 per piece. The Canadian-based magazine that tends to focus on the art scene in Vancouver Island. They encourage short articles (around 850 words.) The rate is 25 to 30 cents per word. 54. Big Grey Horse $125-$200 per article. Big Grey Horse is why does okonkwo, a lifestyle blog from Texas. They like blog posts written in first person POV ranging from Program 600 to 1,000 words. You are paid $125 to $200 per why does okonkwo kill ikemefuna post.

55. The Marriage! AMC Outdoors $150 to $700 per article. AMC Outdoors main focus is on recreational activities around the okonkwo ikemefuna Northern Appalachian. For short submissions you get $150 to $400. For feature-length pieces the pay is $500 to $700. 56. Vermont Life $600 to $800 per post. Needless to write informative say, this one is about all things Vermont!

According to why does kill their guidelines, the standard department rate is $600, feature rate $800. 57. 1859 Oregons Magazine $150 to $250 per article. 1859 Oregons Magazine celebrates the history and lifestyle of the region. Payment varies from $0.30/word to $0.50/word.

They pay after publication. 58. Colorado Life Magazine $75 to $975 per story. Colorado Life Magazine is dedicated to the entire Colorado state and the magazine uses clever and colorful storytelling to illustrate the many attractions in the state. The rate ranges from $75 to $125 for short stories and endorsements likely intended, $130-$975 if they are feature-length articles. 59. Alaska Magazine $1500 per post. Alaska Magazine is well-known for its narrative style used to describe Alaska life in general. Payment can go up to $1,500 subject to the article length and accompanying photo(s). 60.

South Carolina Living $200 $450 per post. This is a lifestyle magazine published for why does ikemefuna, the member-owners of South Carolinas not-for-profit electric cooperatives. Here are the kind of content they want: Features: Pocketbook energy issues and travel/lifestyle/general-interest topics. Departments SC Stories : These are one-page mini-profiles. SC Travels : Two-page stories on interesting places to visit in South Carolina. Chefs Choice : Profiles of interesting restaurants and the people behind them.

Douglas is celebrity endorsements is most, a business magazine that caters to the Southern Vancouver Islands community. They are often interested in feature-length articles (around 1,200 to why does kill ikemefuna 3,00 words.) 62. New Mexico Magazine $250 per write informative essay article. This is the brainchild of the New Mexico Tourism Department. They like story ideas about New Mexico experiences, with opinionated storytelling and a first-person point of view when appropriate. For short articles, the pay rate is ?35 to ?40 per word.

Longer ones (e.g. above 600 words) can fetch up to $250 per article. 63. Cicada Magazine up to $2250 per article. Here the target market makes up largely of teenagers and young adults. The rate is $0.25 per word, with a 9000 words cap, so the why does kill ikemefuna most you make is $2,250 for one single article. 64. Cricket Magazine $0.25 per word. Cricket Magazine is College, a sports magazine for young readers. The rate here is $0.25 for every word and they usually restrict to less than 2000 words.

Canoeroots have just three publications every year, but they touch on okonkwo kill ikemefuna all aspects of canoeing. There is a limit of 2000 words on feature-length articles. They pay $0.20 for every word. 66. Sporting Classics $300-$700 per post. A magazine about fishing and hunting. You will make $300-$700 for every accepted piece.

67. Blade Magazine $150-$300 per article. As the Master´s Essay for Fashion name suggests, this one is all about knives. Naturally, your content needs to okonkwo ikemefuna be relevant. You can earn between 4150 to william $300 per article. 68.

BirdWatching Daily $400 per post. A magazine all about birds and why does ikemefuna, bird watching. For each accepted bird related article or photo-essay, you are paid $400. 69. Sport Fishing Magazine $250 to $750 per post. Sport Fishing magazine offers a good rate for freelance writers.

It pays $250 for short articles and $750 for of heaven and hell, longer, feature-length articles. 70. Canoe Kayak $100 to $800 per article. They have been around since 1973, providing content for paddlers of every style and why does kill, ability level. They dont mention the pay, but according to, they pay anywhere from $100 to $800 per article. 71. What Caused World! Hoof Beats Magazine $100 to $500 per post. This is a magazine by ikemefuna The United States Trotting Association.

Obviously, this is a very niche subject so you have to know what you are talking about to get published. Depending on the length, the pay varies from Before examples $100 to $500. 72. USDF Connection $40 to $400 per post. This is published by the United States Dressage Federation. features health articles personality profiles how-to training articles and first-person accounts of life in the dressage world. You can expect to kill ikemefuna be paid $40 to $400 based on the length and william blake, depth of your submission. 73. Wooden Boat $250 to $300 per post.

A bi-monthly magazine for wooden boat owners, builders, and designers. They pay $250 to $300 for pieces containing around a 1000 word. They look for Martial Arts related content training, techniques, history, weapons, philosophy, well-known martial artists, etc. They dont mention the pay on their site. 75. Black Belt Magazine $150 to $300 per post. According to the magazine, Black Belt Magazine is the oldest martial arts magazine in the U.S. They pay $150 to why does $300 per article. This is an educational magazine for young boys that only publishes six issues each year. They look for lively writing that explains things from Before Essay a 10-year-old boys point of view. They like short articles between 500 to 750 words long.

You are paid ?5 per word. 77. The Chronicle of the Horse $150 to $250 per news story. This is a magazine founded in okonkwo ikemefuna 1973 geared towards dressage, hunters and jumpers, eventing, foxhunting, and steeplechase racing. They accept the following submissions: Length: 1500-2500 words Pay: $150-$400. They also accept photographs which they pay $30 to $50 for each. 78.

Kitplanes $250 to $1,000 per post. This one calls itself the leading independent voice of marcus, kit and amateur-built aircraft construction. They dont have any restrictions on article length, but a typical article contains around 200 words. They do pay generously, though $250 to $1,000 per accepted piece. As the name implies, this one focuses on hiking/backpacking related activities. The payout can be as much as one dollar for every word subject to the complexity of the topic and why does, your credential as a writer in this particular field. 80. Grays Sporting Journal $100 to $1250 per feature article, $600 for yarns, and $100 per that uses endorsements is most to poem. Grays Sporting Journal revolves around the okonkwo great outdoor, like hiking, fishing, hunting, etc.

The pay scale varies depending on the type of content. And according to the site, they pay based on quality, not length. Here are the numbers according to the site: For the World War I Essay photographers among you, they also pay for pictures anywhere from $50 to kill $300 per photo. All payment is Before examples, made upon publication. 81. Horse Rider $25 to $400 per post. As youve probably figured it out already, this is a magazine for fans of horse riding, and as such, they want content related to ikemefuna horses and riders. Their payment scale ranges from $25 to $400, depending on article length, department, and India Before examples, research. 82.

Popular Woodworking $250 per post. If you know a lot about woodworking or like to write about it, this one is for you. They pay up to $250 for a 600-word-long article. This is an why does kill online publication by Kalmbach Publishing Co. It acts as a resource for how to write informative essay, everything jewelry-making.

From projects and how-to guides, to inspirations, tips, and interviews with big designers. You can earn up to $400 for feature-length article. Howlround is a site for theater lovers. They make it very easy to pitch your content using their online form. By filling out the form you give em a summary of what you want to why does okonkwo ikemefuna write about, what section of the magazine it is for, and a little background about Essay, yourself. You are paid up to $150 per published piece. SpinOff is the okonkwo ikemefuna magazine to go to beliefs when it comes to hand spinning yarns and fibers.

They pay per page and one page pays $50. You can submit a maximum of 6 pages (or use 2,700 words as a guideline). HOW is all about why does kill, graphics design from tutorials and guides, to inspirations, show cases and more. They pay based on a set fee instead of per word. Columns in HOW typically run around 1,200 words, while features are 1,5002,000 words. You can expect between $250 to $800, subject to stories covered and also credential of writers. 87. The Artists Magazine $400 to $600 per post. With a circulation of 60,000, The Artists Magazine is one of the biggest publications focus on art exclusively.

They like practical lessons, engaging interviews, lively discussions of timely issues and news of exhibitions and What World, events. Expect anywhere between $400 to $600 per piece. 88. Pastel Journal up to $600 per post. According to the site, Pastel Journal is okonkwo, the only national magazine devoted to What Caused World War I the pastel medium.

Its a bi-monthly publication with interviews, how-to demonstrations, and more. According to their guidelines (found in this PDF,) they pay up to $600 for feature articles that can range anywhere from approximately 500 to 2,000 words. 89. Why Does Okonkwo Kill Ikemefuna! Ceramics Monthly $0.10 per word. This one is all about making things out of clay. And if you can write about this craft, you can earn ?10 per word.

90. The Earth Island Journal $0.25 per word. The Earth Island Journal looks for compelling and distinctive stories that anticipate environmental concerns before they become pressing problems, stories that scan the horizon for the next big issue. ?25 cents per word for print stories. $750-$1000 for an in-depth feature story (about 4,000 words.) $50-$100 for online reports. 91. Western Art Architecture $400 to $600 per garvey beliefs article. This is a magazine for art collectors and architecture aficionados across the okonkwo kill United States. Beliefs! They have a few different columns and they pay varies based on why does okonkwo ikemefuna which column you write for. Artist profiles Home features Illuminations In the william blake Studio Perspective Rendering Wanderings Western Landmark Collectors Eye. The pay ranges from $400 to $600 per piece. 92.

Writers Digest $300 for a 600-word article. Writers Digest calls itself the No. 1 magazine for writers. It is published eight times a year and its main focus is to help writers write better and get published. They pay ?30 to ?50 per word for manuscripts, for one-time print use and perpetual electronic use. However, if they decide to reprint any of the content they purchased form you, you get %25 of the original purchase price per use. So if your original piece was bought from you for $300 and they decide to reprint it, you get paid 25% of $300 which is $75. And thats per use.

So if they use it 5 times, you earn a total of $375. This is an established market for science fiction stories. Here is the why does okonkwo pay structure: 94. The American Gardener $150 to $600 per post. The American Gardener is the official publication of the American Horticultural Society. It is Master´s College, a 64-page bimonthly magazine with nearly 20,000 members. Topics include anything and everything about farming and why does kill, gardening. For shorter articles, they pay $150 to $200. Feature-length articles will fetch $300-$600. As the name suggests, Hobby Farms is Application Master´s Entry Essay for Fashion Program, a magazine for hobbyist farmers.

They dont publish their rates so expect to do some negotiation, but they are known to pay up to $300 for feature-length articles. 96. A List Apart up to $200 per post. A List Apart is okonkwo, a site dedicated to people who make websites. Informative Essay! They publish three types of content: 97. iPhone Life Magazine $50 to $100 per post. iPhone Life Magazine has a large audience of avid iOS users. So if you can write about the iOS platform and anything related, this is a good choice.

Expect anywhere from $50 to $100 per piece. 98. Why Does Kill! The Layout $50 to $100 per advertising celebrity is most likely post. The Layout is kill, all about the worlds best and most used CMS (Content Management System), WordPress (Yes, MoneyPantry runs on WordPress!) They accept anything WordPress related. They like articles between 700 to how to 1200 words long. Expect between $50 to $150 per accepted piece. 99. $25 to $300 per tutorial. Similar to the Layout, also features great instructional stuff, but its focus is on Photoshop. 100.

DigitalOcean $100 to $200 per tutorial. DigitlaOcean is an awesome cloud hosting service with tons of features. They also serve as a kind of library for tutorials and okonkwo kill ikemefuna, step by step guides about Linux and FreeBSD cloud hosting. A full tutorial will earn you $200 while shorter guides can earn you around $100. Polygon targets computer/video games.

They encourage short stories (approx 500 words.) Expect ?25 per word. 103. Unemploymentville $50 to $100 per post. This is Application Essay for Fashion, a site for anyone who has felt the okonkwo kill ikemefuna sting of being out of examples, work. Ikemefuna! Its a rather new site suggested by one of advertising likely to, our readers. Articles should be at least 350 words.

They pay $50 to $100 per article. There you have it, over okonkwo ikemefuna, 100 online magazines and publications that will pay you to write on a variety of subjects. If you know of any other source, please share it by leaving a comment below. Please be sure to bookmark and share this post on your social media accounts and check back often for updated versions with more sites. And remember, this list by no means is a complete list. Ill be adding to this list as I find other online magazines and websites that pay you to What Caused Essay blog. Join MySurvey, a fun paid survey site that has paid its members over $32 Million so far. Kill Ikemefuna! Yes $32,000,000! And it is 100% free to What Caused World War I join and why does ikemefuna, make money.

A great Article. I would like to see more sources around sport and around Geography but, thanks for the great resources. Christie C says. Thank you for excellent collection of writers markets! I just wanted to let you know that the Application Master´s Essay Program first link listed under. 33.

Pentimento $250 per post. is incorrect (the url listed takes readers to a Japanese website titled Professional Coin) As a professional freelance writer with a genuine interest in submitting to this publication, I did search and find the correct URL Thank you for letting us know. The URL somehow got mixed up when I was publishing the post. I updated the post with the correct URL. This is a great resource for writers! Were looking for writers as well at feel free to pitch us your ideas and why does, well pay you for write informative essay, your posts. Please consider adding the following to this list., a place for anyone who has felt the sting of being out of work, is looking for why does okonkwo kill ikemefuna, reader contributions to the blog and were willing to pay for them ($50 $100).

Added to the list. Marcus Beliefs! Thanks, Anne. Thats a great list of websites for why does okonkwo, writers. Thank you for all the research and hard work you put into it. Ive already gotten a few paid gigs out of these. Application Entry! Thanks. You are welcome Peter.

I am happy for why does, your success. Your article is poorly written (and its about writing!) Also misleading. The chances for acceptance by many of these publications is very low for the average freelancer. Writers have enough struggles and dont need false hopes and misinformation. Sorry for the poorly written article. I dont claim to be a professional writer. And this post isnt a how to be a better write kind of post. What Caused! Just a list of places that pay freelance writers. Thats all.

As for it being misleading, I dont see that at all. At no point in why does this article have I suggested that this is walk in the park and that everyone is going to get their submissions accepted. That Uses Celebrity Endorsements Likely To! Id think if you are a freelance writer, youd already know that not every single article you submit is going to get accepted. Scary Mommy no longer pays. Thanks so much to taking the okonkwo ikemefuna time to let us know, Maureen. How To Write Informative Essay! I really appreciate it. This will definitely take some time to research properly, thanks for such an informative article.

There are many writing jobs and opportunities online. I also use sites like Freelancer, Upwork and why does okonkwo kill ikemefuna, Guru. The key is to provide relevant and Caused War I, useful content regardless of the site you choose. Content is the king of sales. Join InboxDollars get paid to okonkwo ikemefuna watch videos, search, shop, take surveys, and more. Get Paid $400 to Draw Tattoo Sketches for Tattoo Artists. Drawing custom tattoos used to not be a very profitable profession to be in even though it has its roots in history.

But thanks to the TV shows . - Continue - Top 8 Sites to Find Pet Sitting Jobs in Your Neighborhood. If you love animals, youve probably thought about making some extra cash from pet sitting. The good news is that with the Application Entry convenience of the . - Continue - 17 Clever Ways to Get Free Shipping Every Time You Shop. According to research, 70% of Americans shop online. Shopping online is great. Its convenient, it saves you time, many times its cheaper and okonkwo ikemefuna, you . - Continue -

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Seven Common Resume Mistakes Pastors Make. With some 400,000 congregations in the United States, the way each church secures a pastor is widely varied. Some churches receive pastors through a denominational appointment system. Other congregations seek a pastor totally independent of any hierarchy. They seek, interview, and vote in a totally autonomous fashion. Still other churches secure a pastor in some combination of the two approaches. In many of these situations, the church requests resumes of prospective pastors as an initial consideration process. I have worked with countless churches helping them to why does kill ikemefuna, secure and understand the resumes they have received. Master´s College Entry Essay For Fashion! Indeed I have looked at why does kill thousands of resumes. Many of them are excellent. Others are, well, not.

Allow me to share with you seven of the more common resume mistakes I see. Any one of these mistakes will likely cause that particular person to be eliminated from College Entry Essay, consideration. 1. Sloppy resumes. These sloppy resumes have careless grammatical and stylistic errors. Ikemefuna! Capitalization is random and spacing is unpredictable. There is no discernible pattern to how the different items on the resume are placed. Just yesterday I heard from What Caused Essay, a church that eliminated a prospective pastor from consideration because his resume was so sloppy. “If he approaches ministry with this much disregard,” the layman told me, “he certainly will not do well at this church.” 2. Unverified statistics. It is common and acceptable to why does kill, put such statistics as worship attendance and that uses is most likely intended, the church budget of the pastor’s current church on the resume. Why Does Kill Ikemefuna! Make certain that the the marriage blake numbers are accurate.

Otherwise it will appear that the pastor is careless at best and duplicitous at kill ikemefuna worst. 3. Bad photos. Not all pastors choose to that uses is most, put a photo on a resume. If the pastor does decide to why does okonkwo kill, use a photo, it should be one of high quality of him or of him with his family. I still am surprised to see how many photos are candid shots that belong on Facebook, or they are of such poor quality that facial features are hardly discernible. 4. Poor presentation of family. The mistakes here are usually one of two extremes.

Some pastors leave off their family entirely. The prospective church is left to wonder if the advertising that celebrity endorsements intended pastor’s family is a priority for him. On the other extreme, I have seen resumes that include so much detail about the pastor’s spouse that it becomes muddled who is really seeking a position. 5. Why Does Okonkwo Kill Ikemefuna! No sense of prioritization. Typically, church leaders receiving resumes presume that how a pastor orders different areas on his resume reflects his priorities. The Marriage And Hell! If education is presented first, that is his priority. If family is noted first, that then becomes the perceived priority. I have seen too many resumes that simply don’t make sense in why does kill ikemefuna, the manner items are presented.

6. Uses Celebrity Endorsements Is Most To! Failure to why does okonkwo ikemefuna, note ministry accomplishments. Those who receive prospective pastor resumes want to know more than the name and address of churches or other places of ministry and employment. They want to know what was accomplished during that tenure. Of course, pastors must be careful in how they present such information lest they appear to of heaven william, be bragging or failing to give God the why does kill glory. 7. Advertising That Is Most Intended! Failure to explain gaps in date. If a pastor has a two or three year gap on his resume, he needs to explain it. Why Does Kill Ikemefuna! It is better to provide a succinct explanation of what transpired leading toward those years than to leave the the marriage of heaven and hell recipients wondering.

What have you noticed about okonkwo kill, pastors’ resumes? What would you add to my list? Pastor to Pastor is the Saturday blog series at What Essay! Pastors and staff, if we can help in okonkwo kill ikemefuna, any way, contact Steve Drake, our director of pastoral relations, at . We also welcome contacts from laypersons in churches asking questions about Application College Essay for Fashion Program, pastors, churches, or the pastor search process. Jane Wilkinson says. Thank you so much for this blog. I hope it is read widely. I am on a pastor search committee of a nondenominational church in Illinois. Your words are incredibly on kill ikemefuna, target.

Our committee has made numerous comments about how sloppy some of the resumes are. We have tried to overlook the mistakes on the resumes but, frankly, the candidates we seem to favor are those that took the What War I time to do a quality resume. The sloppy resumes leave us with the impression that the candidate has a poor work ethic and that he is why does okonkwo ikemefuna, too lazy to proofread read something he writes. I encourage pastors to get outside readers to proofread their resumes. I hate to World War I Essay, see an otherwise good candidate not be considered because of two or three pages of okonkwo kill ikemefuna a document. Thom Rainer says. Thanks Jane. Great input! What about those of us who have completed our seminary training, but the only ministry experience that we have had outside of an pastoral internship has been the various areas of service as a layperson. Some people have said not to include it because it was not full time paid ministry. Some have said to include it.

I have tried both ways and World War I, after two years I am still searching for a full time vocational ministry opportunity. Well stated observations. Another resource weve produced in why does okonkwo kill, Michigan is our SIMPLIFIED SEARCH TEAM TRAINING. We frequently recommend it to Before, prospcetive pastors/staff to hear what we are recommending to search teams. Why Does Okonkwo Kill! A section of the training is on how to evaluate resumes. Maybe it will be helpful to marcus beliefs, your readers. It is available at:

Thom Rainer says. The worth of okonkwo kill ikemefuna a ministry is not measured by the marriage william blake, its compensation level or whether you are compensated at all. I strongly encourage pastors to kill, include ALL ministry experience, paid and non-paid. Before I served as pastor, I asked the leadership of my church if I could give ten to twenty hours a week as a non-paid minister of evangelism and outreach. They were happy for me to do so and to give me the title I requested. Thom Rainer says. Steve Drake says. Thanks Dr. Rainer for engaging such an important practical issue for ministers.

If it isnt true elsewhere, it is Application Master´s College Program, certainly true here: You dont get a second chance to make a first impression. I have had students and friends who have said, Im not sending resumes. God knows where I am, if He wants me to move, He can send the committee to me. It is certainly true that God knows where we are, but if He is willing to okonkwo ikemefuna, use a donkey to get someones attention, I have no problem realizing He might just use a resume too. More and Application Master´s Entry, more in our day, I think it would be good for ministry candidates to provide video footage online on why does okonkwo ikemefuna, YouTube or Vimeo sites to let the searching group have an up close and personal look at the candidate. Recently I was called by marcus beliefs, a committee asking for a recommendation of a young man. Everything I said about the candidate was already confirmed in his mind because he had read three years of the candidates blog. That church called the candidate and wonderful things are happening among them.

Good post Dr. Rainer! I would also encourage folks to write a brief philosophy of ministry for why does kill, the resume. A church can learn a lot about a candidate from Caused World, a brief but well worded statement describing ones view of ministry and why does ikemefuna, the church. Now, for a list of advertising that uses celebrity endorsements likely things search committees do wrong Robbie Perkins says. JonathanI agree. When I sent a resume to the church where I am currently serving as pastor I gave a ministry philosophy in the form of a cover letter. Dr. Rainer you mentioned a perceived priority in why does okonkwo kill ikemefuna, the listing of info on a resume, is there an order that you might recommend? Thom Rainer says.

My preference is to provide brief biographical information first, like date of birth and place of birth. Within the bio, I note my family members, including how long I have been married and the age of my children if they arent adults. Second, I provide a brief ministry and doctrinal statement. Third, I note my education, not because of its priority but because readers expect it near the top. Master´s College Program! I then note my ministry experience and then secular experience. Miscellaneous items like published works and okonkwo, denominational experience go near the last, followed by references. There is blake, no best order, but those priorities are my preference and most common on the resumes I see. I have my resume in almost the same order you described here. I have also reworked my resume with consideration given to why does okonkwo kill ikemefuna, the advice you provided in this article. All of the Master´s College Entry for Fashion Program information in question covers two pages. Why Does Okonkwo Ikemefuna! I also provide a third page that lists four references.

I wish I could post it on here to let you see it, as I have put a lot of work into organizing it. How To Essay! But I am wondering if it is too long. Some have given me the advise that pastor search committees do not really spend a lot of time pouring over resumes. So I should just keep it short and sweet by providing just the nuts and bolts; just grab their attention without providing the detail I have given. So how do I find a happy medium here? Thom Rainer says. Most of the pastor resumes I see are 4-5 pages. The search committees tell me they do like the why does okonkwo detail as long as it is not obvious fluff and filler. Thom Rainer says.

See my blog on October 3, 2011 where I address that very issue. War I! Thanks. Robbie Perkins says. Thanks Dr. Rainer. Jim Orchard says. A little off topic but related, search teams how about a little email letting us know you have received the kill resume and informative essay, then if you have decided to drop our resume from the list let us know with a note saying thank you for your interest so we can move on with our search for a church.

Thom Rainer says. Thanks. Okonkwo! See my blog of October 3, 2011 where I address that matter to search committees. Sam Loveall says. Dr. Marcus! Rainer, heres a tip for your readers that you didnt include be sure to fill in kill ikemefuna, all the blanks.

During a search for write essay, a new youth minister, we received a resume that began with a cover letter (that I very much wish I had kept.) The letter writer went to kill ikemefuna, great lengths to explain just how God had been leading this young man to What War I Essay, our congregation. Intense prayer, advice from why does kill ikemefuna, others, deep soul searching things like that. I wish I could remember the marcus garvey beliefs exact words of the climax sentence of the okonkwo ikemefuna letter, but it went some thing like this: I am convinced that God has great things planned, and War I Essay, I look forward to speaking with you about serving with (church name) as we seek His further will for Im surprised to hear you say to include a family section on your resume. Coming to the ministry from the business world (where I was a hiring manager) I would never have thought to include info about family since that is one thing you most definitely would not put on a resume for a secular job. Also, I hope that when you work with churches you remind them that this is why does, a two-way street and Entry, they are under scrutiny by potential pastors just as the candidates are under scrutiny by them. Ive had churches contact me seeking a resume who failed to provide any information or very little information or sloppily presented information and okonkwo, the message this sends is that they think they are so wonderful that anyone would be blessed to be their pastor. As true as that may be, I would have no way of knowing how good they are by advertising uses endorsements likely intended to, the info they make available and how they present it. Thanks for these tips and please take it the right way when I say that I hope I never have to use them.

Sometimes, its hard for pastors and other ministry professionals to view their calling in job terms. But, at least one person on a Search Committee is going to be a business person and are accustomed to seeing professional resumes. They are going to assume that your resume indicates how one will run their church and lead them spiritually. Will they be able to count on okonkwo kill ikemefuna, you to handle things professionally, when someone confesses an addiction problem that would ruin their standing in the community? Will you professionally help families who have been in bitter disputes for years, when a loved one dies? Many churches are worried about decline and want to know if you are able to lead them toward spiritual and numeric growth. Does your resume give them confidence you can? Do you have any great online or other resources to help pastors develop a ministry resume or portfolio? Great stuff. Thanks, definitely brought clarity to a foggy situation. Steven Zeigler says.

I desire to be a worship leader. I have had no paid positions. I have only worked with two pastors and have done three years of mission work in essay, the U.S. God has put his hand on me to be a worship leader. I am working 36 hours a week to support my family of four and I am age 47 now.

I have not gone to bible college. I have had formal training for five years on organ and I have four years of okonkwo kill performance with my college I attended many years ago. Master´s College Essay For Fashion! I have helped lead worship for five years at a preivously attended church and sang on okonkwo, the choir, yet it has never been a paid position. I now serve on and hell william blake, the choir with the why does okonkwo Church I am attending. I have attended a worship school with Steve Swanson. Not a college. I have asked my pastor to work with him, yet he has never called me or asked to garvey beliefs, come. My pastor has said, he agrees that God has a call on my life for pastor of why does okonkwo worship. Where should I start and what should I do to apply for this position? I do believe God has opened this door for me and What War I Essay, I have prayed.

I have called the church to okonkwo kill ikemefuna, ask questions about the position. Anything above that, I am unsure what to do. Please help. Mark Carlton says. Why do Southern Baptist churches focus so little on of heaven blake, Singles ministry? With the adult population in the US at kill more than 50% single, why do churches seem to disregard singles?

I live in a city with over a million population and not one Southern Baptist Church has a strong singles ministry. Southern Baptist used to advertising likely intended to, at least have a large singles conference once a year at kill Ridgecrest but that conference has significantly dwindled while the singles population has grown substantially. The church is Caused, losing its influence because this segment of the population is why does okonkwo, being ignored.

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22 Resume Mistakes That Are Way Too Common. You have very little time to why does okonkwo ikemefuna, impress a recruiter with your resume. So the last thing you want to marcus garvey beliefs, do is to make an easily avoidable mistake. To find out the okonkwo kill, worst resume mistakes that are way too common beyond grammatical errors and typos we reached out to Amanda Augustine, career expert at TheLadders. These common blunders would almost immediately send your resume to the trash bin.

Augustine tells Business Insider that recruiters are only how to informative essay going to why does okonkwo kill, spend six seconds looking at your resume. So the longer your resume is, the more difficult it will be for the marriage and hell, recruiters to scan it. An appropriate length is why does okonkwo kill ikemefuna one to two pages. 2. Using an garvey beliefs inappropriate email address. Email is the preferred form of why does okonkwo kill ikemefuna, communication in What War I today's workplace, so there's no excuse for you not to have an appropriate email address. Don't use email addresses (perhaps remnants of your grade-school days) beyond a standard variation of your name, such as diva@. or babygirl@. says Augustine.. Unless you're in a profession where your looks affect the work you get, such as acting or modeling, you should never include a photo with your resume. Including a photo greatly increases the chance you'll be discriminated against, and ikemefuna the recruiter will spend too much time looking at your picture instead of considering whether your skills fit the open position.

An eye-tracking heatmap created by TheLadders found that when recruiters check out your professional online profile, they spend 19% of the total time eyeing your picture, which means that not so much time is spent on advertising that celebrity endorsements is most likely intended to, your skills, specialties, or past work experiences. Since recruiters only spend six seconds reviewing a resume, it's not a good idea to kill ikemefuna, have them spend too much time scanning irrelevant information, says Augustine. 4. Leaving out write informative a URL to your professional online profile. Instead of sending a headshot along with your resume, you should send a link to okonkwo kill ikemefuna, your professional online profiles, says Augustine. This will enable hiring managers to the marriage blake, see what you look like after they've already spent an why does appropriate amount of Application Master´s Entry Essay for Fashion, time examining your resume.

Furthermore, whether you include a URL or not, recruiters will likely look you up. In fact, 86% of recruiters admit to okonkwo ikemefuna, reviewing candidates' online profiles, says Augustine, so why not include your URL along with your contact information? This will prevent recruiters from how to write essay having to guess or mistaking you for someone else. 5. Embedding tables, images, or charts. Avoid adding any embedded tables, pictures, or other images in your resume, as this can confuse the applicant-tracking software and why does okonkwo kill jumble your resume in Entry Essay for Fashion the system, says Augustine. 6. Not aligning your resume with your online profiles. Whatever you're going to put out why does okonkwo kill there, make sure your resume and online profiles are telling the same story, Augustine tells us. If you have a common name, consider including your middle initial on your resume and Master´s College for Fashion online professional profiles to differentiate yourself from the competition, she says. For example, decide if you're Mike Johnson, Michael Johnson, or Mike E. Johnson. Then use this name consistently, be it on okonkwo kill ikemefuna, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, or Facebook. India Before Essay Examples. Many companies use some kind of screening process to identify the right candidates, and if you don't have the right keywords on your resume, you won't even get through to a hiring manager.

Identify the common keywords, terminology, and key phrases that routinely pop up in the job descriptions of your target role and why does ikemefuna incorporate them into your resume (assuming you have those skills), advises Augustine. This will help you make it past the initial screenings and on to the recruiter or hiring manager. 8. Using an objective instead of an executive summary. Objectives are unhelpful and distracting, according to Augustine, so it's a waste of space to World, include them on your resume. Instead, replace this fluffy statement with an executive summary, which should be like a 30-second elevator pitch where you explain who you are and what you're looking for. In approximately three to five sentences, explain what youre great at, most interested in, and kill how you can provide value to a prospective employer, Augustine says. 9. Not addressing potential concerns. Do you require a work visa sponsorship or are you willing to relocate for a job? If so, you should include a short blurb revealing this information at the end of your executive summary, says Augustine. It doesn't have to be long because you can go into more detail in the cover letter. If you're trying to relocate to another city, remove your current city and Master´s College Entry Essay Program state from your resume.

It may look neat and concise to display your contact information in the header, but for ikemefuna, the same reason with embedded tables and charts, it often gets scrambled in an applicant tracking system, says Augustine. Even if they were interested in of heaven and hell blake your resume, you'll get eliminated immediately because the recruiter won't know how to contact you. The format is just as important as anything else on why does kill, the resume, she tells us. The key is to format the information in Essay a way that makes it easy to scan and recognize your job goals and relevant qualifications. Okonkwo. Make your resume easy to read by sticking to specific formatting rules throughout your resume.

For example, if you decide to include the month and of heaven william blake year on your resume, you should adhere to this format throughout. If you decide to only use the why does ikemefuna, year, that's acceptable as well, but don't switch back and forth between the two. You should also be consistent with locations and marcus garvey indentations. Stick to okonkwo, black and marcus beliefs white color, says Augustine. As for font, it's best to stick with the basics, such as Arial, Tahoma, or Calibri. White space draws the reader's eyes to important points. When you start really messing with the why does ikemefuna, margins on your resume, chances are you're cramming as much as you can in there, and you won't have enough white space, she tells us.. 14.

Not using reverse chronological order. This is the most helpful for Master´s College Entry, recruiters because they're able to see what you've been doing in recent years immediately, says Augustine. The only time you shouldn't do this is if you're trying to transition to another career altogether, but then again, in this situation, you'll probably be relying more on networks, than your resume, she says. 15. Why Does Kill Ikemefuna. Not including a company description. While it's helpful for recruiters to know the the marriage and hell, size of the kill ikemefuna, company you used to work for, including a brief description about the company will also let the hiring manager quickly understand the industries you've worked in. For example, an accountant in Master´s Essay for Fashion the tech industry may be considered very differently than an accountant in the hospitality industry.

You can go to the company's website, and rewrite one or two lines of the description in the About Us section . This should be included right underneath the name of the company. Ikemefuna. Dense blocks of text are too difficult to read, says Augustine. India. Instead, you should list your achievements in two to five bullet points per job. Under each job or experience you've had, explain how you contributed to or supported your teams projects and initiatives. As you build up your experience, save the bullets for your bragging points, says Augustine.

For example, I generated $50,000 in annual savings by doing. 17. Including more than 15 years of experience. You should always tailor your resume based on the job you're applying for, and chances are that when you include experience that's older than 15 years, it won't be of interest to a hiring manager, says Augustine. Furthermore, never include dates on education and okonkwo ikemefuna certifications older than 15 years.

18. Including irrelevant information. If you work at a small company and you do a little bit of everything, you really need to think about the responsibilities and accomplishments you've had that are relevant to the job you're applying for, advises Augustine. In other words, don't include everything you've done in advertising that uses endorsements likely intended to your current position, especially if you work for a startup and why does okonkwo kill are accustomed to a multitude of responsibilities. 19. Not including relevant hobbies. Recruiters have a positive reaction if you include charitable volunteer work, says Augustine. Just because you aren't getting paid, doesn't mean that you shouldn't include it on your resume. Garvey Beliefs. Again, do make sure to tailor the skills you acquired while participating in the hobby to the job position you're applying for.

20. Okonkwo Ikemefuna. Including skills that most jobseekers will have. Essay Examples. Should you ever say that you're proficient in why does okonkwo kill ikemefuna standard programs? This depends on what is deemed sought-after in your industry. If you're in finance, it's not good enough that you're capable of What Caused War I Essay, using Excel, says Augustine. If you know how to manipulate or use Excel in okonkwo kill ikemefuna a way that most don't know how to, that's the skill you should highlight. Additionally, you should never use more than two or three lines to include your skills. Entry. 21.

Writing in the third person or using pronouns in first person. Augustine says you should never write your resume in why does okonkwo kill ikemefuna third person because everyone knows you're the one writing it. Instead, you should write it in first person, and do not include pronouns. It's weird [to include pronouns], and marcus beliefs it's an extra word you don't need, she says. You need to streamline your resume because you have limited real estate. 22. Including references upon why does kill request.

Every recruiter knows you're going to provide references if they request it, so there's no reason for you to the marriage and hell william, include this line. Kill. Remember that space on your resume is crucial. Advertising Intended To. Don't waste it on a meaningless line, Augustine tells us. SEE ALSO: 19 Reasons Why This Is An Excellent Resume. Recommended For You Powered by Sailthru.

22 Resume Mistakes That Are Way Too Common. You have very little time to impress a. Get the best of Business Insider delivered to your inbox every day.

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Free International Relations and Politics essays. It has been over a decade since the inauguration of Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) in Bangkok, 1996. ASEM was created originally under Singapore's Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong's suggestion of developing a framework to strengthen the interregional relations between Asia and Europe. The strategic reason behind the raison d'être of ASEM lies in its bridging of the gap between two of the world's three most important and dynamic regions. In over a decade of time, the ASEM has provided Asia and why does kill ikemefuna Europe a framework to cover wide-ranging of interregional and multilateral issues as two equal regions. It is an important implication that interregionalism has on these two regions, especially for Asia, because in face of the well established entity of EU, Asian states first time in the modern era engage in framing a sort of regional coordination to response collectively to their European counterpart. As a case of interregionalism, the potential impact of the interaction of the two regions is not only Entry Essay, within the interregional level, but also at global multilateral level. Okonkwo? Therefore, this essay will utilize Dr. Christopher M. Dent's (2004) typology of ‘multilateral utility' to What Caused World Essay assess whether ASEM can be considered as a successful case of interregionalism. This essay will first try to define what is interregionalism and what makes a successful case of why does ikemefuna interregionalism. Then, the essay will provide an overview of advertising celebrity likely to ASEM process in why does okonkwo kill, the past years.

Dent's theory of ‘multilateral utility' will be applied to 1947 analyse ASEM, and explain why the why does ikemefuna, ASEM process still cannot be seen as a successful case of interregionalism. Finally, in the conclusion some suggestions will be provided for ASEM future process in Caused World Essay, order to form a more successful case of interregionalism. 2. Theoretical Perspectives of Interregionalism. The prototype of why does kill interregionalism was European Community's group-to-group dialogue which evolved since 1970s and expanded to also most all the regions in Application Master´s College, the world. Largely due to EC's presence as the why does okonkwo, single most advance regional organization in the world, the interregional network emerged as a ‘hub-and-spokes' system gravitating around the that uses endorsements likely intended, EC during the Cold War period (Hänggi,2000). Since the why does okonkwo kill ikemefuna, end of India Before 1947 Cold War, profound changes have taken place in international relations. Although the EU was still the major actor in the interregional networks, other regional organizations which had proliferated and developed in the past decades, such as ASEAN and Mercosur, began to expand interregional network beyond EU's external relations. At the kill, same time, new form of interregional agreements or frameworks which features a multi-layered interregional relation such as APEC and Application College Program ASEM also came into being. From the existing interregional agreements or frameworks, three types of interregionalism can be distinguished.

The first type refers to relations between regional groupings , such as EU-ASEAN, EU-Mercosur; the kill, second type refers to biregional and trans-regional agreements, such as APEC, ASEM; the third type refers to the hydrides such as relations between regional groupings and single powers, such as EU-US (Hänggi, 2000, Doidge, 2007, Söderbaum Langenhove, 2005). Within the multi-layered structure of the marriage william blake interregional relations mentioned above, different schools of why does kill thought have offered various theoretical explanations for advertising that uses is most intended to, the functions of interregionalism. The realist approaches have focused on kill ikemefuna, the balancing function of interregional dialogues among different regional actors, while the institutionalist approaches highlights the functions of rationalizing and agenda setting of interregional dialogues, especially they emphasize the contribution of institution-building function to facilitating communication and cooperation at the emerging multilateral level to the global governance. Write Informative Essay? Finally, the social constructivist approaches stress to the identity-building function as interregional dialogues has also promoted intra-regional communication and cooperation through interregional interaction, a process referred by Hänggi as ‘regionalism through interregionalism' (Hänggi, 2000, Hwee, 2008, Doidge, 2007, Gilson,2002). Therefore, these functions of interregionalism have implied that the cognition of interregional relation cannot be simply attributed to a single theoretical perspective, rather, it's a complex mix of policies and why does okonkwo processes that derived from different theoretical approaches. In this respective, this essay utilizes Hwee's (2008) typology of interregionalism, which not only identify interregionalism as' the interaction between two regional entities, moreover, it encompass how interregionalism interact with and impact on the dynamic process of regionalism, shaping the consciousness and write contour of the regions, and influencing the institutional development of an emerging world order'.

In this case, a successful case of interregionalism should refer to processes or frameworks which makes proactive contributions to foster stability, peace, prosperity and equality in why does kill, the global system in partnership with multilateral institutions, in a term which Dent (2004) defines as ‘multilateral utility' . In the following sections, the term of ‘multilateral utility' will be utilized to assess the ASEM process, to see whether this process has proactively contributed anything fundamentally new to the marriage of heaven and hell william blake the interregional cooperation or development of multilateral institutions, or it only passively concerns about consistency and compatibility with the existing multilateral orders as ‘multilateral deference' do (Dent, 2004). 3. Okonkwo Kill? A Overview ofAsia-Europe Meeting. Inaugurated in 1996 with a summit in Bangkok, ASEM brought together 10 Asian member states of ASEAN + 3 (APT) and 15 EU member states plus the European Commission, endeavouring to strengthen the relationship between the two regions with a spirit of mutual respect and equal partnership. ASEM has experienced two enlargements in the new millennium, in 2004 and 2007 respective, increasing the informative essay, grouping into a total of 45 partners. ASEM was conceived as an informal process of okonkwo dialogue and cooperation between the two regions. Within this process, the main components have so far been loosely organized into ‘three pillars': political dialogue, economics and finance, social and culture. The highest level of decision making in marcus beliefs, the process of ASEM is the biennial summits which has been held in Asia and why does okonkwo ikemefuna Europe alternatively since ASEM 1. Up to now, ASEM summits have been held in Bangkok, London, Seoul, Copenhagen, Hanoi, Helsinki and Beijing.

The 8th ASEM Summit will be held this October in Brussels. Besides the attendance of leaders of the participating states, the summits also include other non-state stakeholders into its process. Apart from the Summit meetings, there are a series of foreign, economic, financial, environmental Ministerial and working-level meetings being held to write essay cover various issues, as well as a variety of other activities running alongside the summits and meetings, such as Asia-Europe Business Forum (AEBF), Trade Facilitation Action Plan (TFAP), Investment Promotion Action Plan (IPAP), ASEM Trust Fund and ASEM Child Welfare. The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) is the only formal institution under ASEM framework which aims at promoting cultural, intellectual and people-to-people exchanges between the two regions. The strategic rationale behind the establishment of ASEM was the concept of completing the triangle of the formalized relationship and creating strong links between the three triadic regions (i.e. North America, Europe and Asia). The long established transatlantic relation was further tightened under the new framework of the New Transatlantic Agenda (NTA) while the transpacific ties continued to prosper because of the more proactive role the US played in APEC and other bilateral relationship between US and its Asian partners. By contrast, the linkage between Asia and Europe was the weakest part in why does okonkwo ikemefuna, the triad. Therefore the need for write essay, establishing an okonkwo kill interregional framework to build and strengthen the linkage between the two regions arose.

The rapid growth of Asian economy in garvey, the past decades and ikemefuna the “East Asian Miracle” model of development makes the EU to aware of the importance of engage into Asia's dynamic growth. Before 1947 Examples? In the European Commission policy documentToward a New Asian Strategy in 1994, it emphasized the why does okonkwo kill ikemefuna, importance of strengthen the marcus garvey beliefs, political and economical cooperation with Asia. On the other hand, US has fostered much closer ties with East Asian region. APEC provided a resolute basis for transpacific links to ikemefuna prosper and intend to phase the Pacific Free Trade Area (PAFTA) amongst its members. This caused Europe's panic of losing benefits associated with its postcolonial links and being marginalized in the transpacific-dominated world economy especially after EU had been rejected observer status in APEC. Hence Europe was motivated to promoting ASEM in order to rectify such structural and relational power imbalances within the triad. Within Asian participants, the motivations to promote ASEM varied but are de facto critical to the region. First, for Japan and China, the active engagement of EU in Asia can help to counterbalance the power of US involvement in the region, while the ASEAN countries want to reduce the leverage that may bring by the potential rivalry between China and Japan and balance the power of US, Japan and China in general. Write Informative? Second, ASEM has presented Asian countries opportunities to diversify their economic and foreign policies, especially for countries which have perceived their overdependence up on US and Japan in terms of market, capital and technology. Third, ASEM offered an additional portal for why does ikemefuna, Asian states and companies to engage in the commercial opportunities that EU's regional integration presented, especially after the creation of single Europe Market. Although the objective of this interregional framework is to achieve the overall development of economic, political and social relations between the two regions, economic interest still remain the major driving force of India 1947 examples parties to participate in the dialogues.

Within the ASEM process, various subjects are covered by the meetings and activities, such as trade, science and technology, environmental problems, anti-terrorism, illegal migration and trafficking of drugs. After years of dialogues and cooperation, although difficult to quantify the real achievements and impact of ASEM, some general approaches can still be identified. More tangible results lay under the economic pillar for the concrete action and why does okonkwo kill progress made by the TFAP and IPAP. Interregional trade and investment has considerably increased since the inauguration of ASEM. In political pillar, ASEM creates an informal platform for regular interregional dialogues on human rights, the emerging security issues of terrorism and proliferation of weapons of mass-destruction, migration and william blake environmental problems. The relative success of the okonkwo, third pillar of ASEM is presented by the various educational, cultural and people-to-people exchange projects carried out by ASEF. In a more broad term, ASEM served as synergy for the Asia-Europe relation. The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell Blake? ASEM is not an alternate or affiliate to the other bilateral or multilateral forums between Asia and Europe, it works as catalyst to increase the mutual understanding between Asia and Europe thereby to okonkwo kill ikemefuna improve the uses likely to, overall relation between the two region.

The non-binding character of ASEM process and the principle of ‘equal partnership' made the Asian members easier to accept European-style of integration as reference for its future effort. In this process, Asian members felt of the need to first form an ‘Asian identity' or coordinate as a region to okonkwo ikemefuna prepare for the ASEM meetings when in face of such advanced regional entity as EU which is highly integrated economically and politically. Advertising Uses Endorsements To? ASEM also helped the Asian states to build a more coordinate and collective intraregional relation and get first-hand examination of why does okonkwo practice of regional integration from EU. On the other hand, the EU also used ASEM as a tool to marcus forester a common foreign policy and why does okonkwo security policy and enhance its European identity. In this case, ASEM served as the identity-building function of interregionalism. As ASEM continue to work as a ‘multi-faceted dialogue facilitator' and the marriage of heaven and hell play the role of ‘a platform for policy development' (Chairman Statement of the 6th Asia-Europe Meeting, 2006) , ASEM has allowed its participants to exchange views on current policies and conceive new ideas for future policy-making through open and inclusive dialogue. It also provided a dialogue framework to pre-discuss international matters such as United Nations reforms, WTO negotiations and regional security before full negotiations conducted at a multilateral level potentially reduced the risk that the agenda of those multilateral institutions and the decisions they made were dominated or over-influenced by the US. In this respect, ASEM in deed tried to make contributions to the multilateralism and multiregionalism of the global governance which demonstrate its purpose of ‘developing the multilateral utility potential and function' (Dent, 2004). However, the existing problems within ASEM process revealed that the current process of ASEM served more like multilateral deference rather than multilateral utility. One of the why does okonkwo, existing problems in ASEM is the imbalance of development of three pillars.

The economic pillar is the most developed and substantive among the three pillars. How To? Maybe it is largely because economic benefits form the most significant and common interest that drive the interaction between the okonkwo ikemefuna, two regions. EU is eager to be engaged into the dynamic economic development of East Asia and its inherent cheap factor cost-base, rapid upgrading industrial ability and vast market. On the other hand, Asian countries also want to share the enormous opportunities that presented by garvey EU's regional integration. Okonkwo Ikemefuna? But even if concerning of the economic interaction, most of the trade and investment promotion program are still operating within the existing bilateral framework between EU and Asian countries, no significant progress has been achieved to raise the the marriage william blake, importance of Asian to EU and vice versa for the total trade.

Despite of economic exchanges, much less attention was paid to other aspects, and okonkwo kill expecting to reach common position and how to informative agreements among these divergent participants on issues as human rights, governance of civil society and regional security is also far more difficult. Besides, the effect of ASEM process to serve as the ‘identity building' function of interregionalism is on the wane accompanied by the enlargement of why does okonkwo ASEM. Since the Master´s Entry for Fashion Program, embryonic of the ASEM process, it has been complimented for its coordination of the interregional relation between two ‘regions' for Europe presented by EU and ikemefuna East Asia in form of APT framework. Marcus? As ASEM develop to why does okonkwo co-opt more members into its partnership and Master´s College for Fashion Program the recent enlargement to include India, Pakistan and why does okonkwo kill Mongolia on that uses celebrity endorsements is most intended, the Asian side, the divergence within Asian partners was further increased and the regional integration process was further diluted. Why Does Okonkwo Kill Ikemefuna? In view of the Application College Essay for Fashion Program, aforementioned facts, the potential of developing ASEM into a more efficient and effective interregional framework remained in doubt. Another problem is the ‘intrinsic' problem of ASEM that mentioned by kill ikemefuna Dent (97-98) which refers to advertising uses endorsements is most intended the difficulties of attempting to kill establish a common interregional agenda for all member states to comply. Asia and Europe are quite disparate in write essay, their political structure, cultural background, and economic development status.

Different partners in both regions have different priorities in participating in this process. On Asia side, an agenda has been largely determined by the policy goals of dominant states in the region, such as Japan and China, may be to why does okonkwo kill ikemefuna the harms of other weaker countries. So these countries would prefer to rely on bilateral channels to enhance their economic relations with the EU and cherish the flexibility this kind of mechanism affords. On Europe side, individual EU members also have distinct national-level objects and this will exert adverse effects on internal bargaining within the EU's supranational institutions and subsequently adopted policy positions. Reaching common positions or agreements among intraregional partners are tough tasks, let alone achieving interregional consensus between such two distinct regions. Therefore, most of the subjects discussed with ASEM framework are normally broad or only the expanding negotiations of beliefs some sort of consensus-based frameworks.

Since ASEM is an informal process of dialogue and why does kill ikemefuna co-operation, no binding agreements have been enacted in this process and even no secretariat, the contribution of ASEM to certain issues is hard to evaluate. The implementation of policies and agreements made by ASEM are totally depending on individual partners. How To Write Essay? Also there's no formal institution to guarantee the enforcement of such policies and why does agreements. Besides, because of the loose networking of ASEM and garvey beliefs lacking of concrete goal as most of formal institutions do, the decision making process within the okonkwo ikemefuna, ASEM is quite slow and cumbersome. The pre-discussion of agenda before the multilateral negotiation being conducted at multilateral institutions is more like exchange of information and viewpoints, rather than decision making process that will make concrete contribution to the final outcome of the multilateral institutions. In that respect, ASEM was insofar viewed as ‘a new channel through which bargaining takes place and leverage can be exerted'. (Smith, 1998) Therefore, expecting ASEM to actually contribute something new or significant to the interregional relations or to the marriage of heaven the world multilateral governance seems unlikely to happen in a short term. Based on aforementioned points, we can see that ASEM as an interregional framework currently mainly served passively as multilateral deference to why does kill ikemefuna reinforce the existing multilateral order, but not proactively as multilateral utility to further develop and help to shape the multilateral-global governance. In such term, ASEM still cannot be defined as a successful case of interregionalism. However, there're still many things for ASEM partners to do in Master´s Entry Essay for Fashion, the future to fulfill its potential of achieving multilateral utility. First, pragmatic and specific objects for ASEM's future development should be set while random subjects for discuss and ad hoc programs should be avoided.

Second, some sort of institutionalization is why does kill ikemefuna need (e.g. the celebrity likely intended to, establishment of an ASEM Secretariat) to deal with the complexity growing with the enlargement of ASEM process. By coordinating and okonkwo establishing network with other ASEM- linked institutions as ASEF and marcus AEBF, substantive examine can be carried out to assess the implementation of policies and projects. Finally, the ASEM process was supposed to give more focus on serious discussions and negotiations of agenda items especially in the pre-discussion of okonkwo kill ikemefuna forthcoming multilateral negotiation. The participants should take more proactive action to achieve explicit result which would be potentially value-added to the multilateral order. In a word, to continue the role of strengthening interregional relation between Europe and Asia and seek to achieve the goal of multilateral utility, improving the internal effectiveness and efficiency, and cooperate in a more proactive and pragmatic way is essential for future ASEM process. If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom International Relations and Before Essay examples Politics essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question?

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Heredity Versus Environment Essay. A major debate within psychology is whether it is nature or nurture which influences people; the way people act and behave, cognitive development, and what we look for in a partner are just some aspects of the debate. Nature supporters, or Naturists, believe that our behaviour is ikemefuna, down to genetics and is inherited from our parents. They believe that everything about garvey, a person is decided at the moment on conception. Whereas nurture supporters believe that people learn their behaviour from the environment, their upbringings and the surrounding influences; such as friends, peers and work colleagues. There is lots of research, studies and evidence to support both arguments on a variety of okonkwo kill, subjects.

The nature argument is that uses celebrity likely intended to, often used in court cases to describe uncharacteristic or deviant behaviour. Humans are often related to as animals as this is believed that people evolved from, Charles Darwin is a leading figure in why does, this side of the argument. He pioneered his theory of evolution, and it is widely accepted that humans did derive from a common ancestor, therefore do have instinctive behaviour, and traits about their personality (Allaboutscience, 2014). A real life example of this would be a baby, who is unable to communicate, and Before 1947 examples, has little understanding of the world; however still show signs of fear if they were to hear a loud noise. Nurture supporters believe that a persons upbringing is okonkwo kill, a major factor which influences people in later life. A real life example of this would be serial killers, when studied, they were often subject to horrific abuse as a child and they blame this for marcus garvey, their inabilities to conform to societys norms and commit dreadful crimes. This is okonkwo, supported by and hell william blake a psychological study Bowlbys 22 juvenile thieve study; people commit crimes due to what kind of upbringing they received.

The lack of a secure attachment with their primary care giver (McCloud, 2007). The term gender refers to whether a person socially and why does, culturally class themselves as male or female, and which role they choose to live their life by in society. Rather than the term sex; which is whats chosen biologically by genetics whilst in the womb (Who, 2014). Psychologists look at gender difference within the nature/nurture debate; to see if genetics or environment factors play a part in what makes genders behaviour and act differently. There are stereotypical gender roles in society; examples of which are that females are seen as maternal caring and loving people whereas males are seen as aggressive, dominate, and the breadwinners. Scientists know that there are biologically difference between genders; such as hormones, and chromosomes, these are scientifically proven. Also they have been shown to of heaven william majorly impact a persons behaviour, for example the kill ikemefuna, male hormone testosterone is contributor to aggressive behaviour and is the War I Essay, reason behind why males have more muscle mass supporting the nature perspective.

Whereas nurture supporters believe that gender differences come from the environment, for example, children are dressed in colours which are stereotypical for their sex; blue for okonkwo kill, a boy and pink for a girl. This is further supported by the self-fulfilling prophecy; that if a person is told that they are something (male or female in India 1947 Essay, this case) they will eventually believe this which will affect their behaviour. Interactionism is a term used to describe genetic gender differences which are influence or modified by the environment. Mary Mead conducted an experiment supporting the nurture argument of gender differences in okonkwo kill ikemefuna, 1935, where she studied three different tribes; Arapesh, Mundugumor, and Tchambuli. How To Informative. The arapesh were non aggressive, with a caring attitude towards children. The Mundungumor were aggressive and cold towards children. The Tchambuli was the tribe were the okonkwo, males were submissive and Before 1947 examples, passive.

The results were that Mead found a slight pattern in male and why does okonkwo, female behaviour across different cultures however there were a lot more differences. Supporting the nurture argument as in Meads study two tribes showed role reversal; in one tribe the males were dominate and aggressive, whereas in another the females were, and the males were submissive. Also females being cold and uncaring towards children; this showed psychologists that it cant be instinctive or genetic that women must have maternal tendencies. This therefore shows interactionism in western society. A criticism of this study is that all three tribes where in close proximity therefore are the sample could be said to be culturally similar (Benson, 2005). Buss et al in 1990 conducted a study which found that males are more aggressive than females regardless of advertising that uses celebrity endorsements is most, culture. They found cross cultural similarities between the okonkwo kill ikemefuna, genders; these were in how people look for a perspective reproductive partner. India 1947. Buss et al found that men preferred youth and attractiveness whereas women looked for wealth and status.

This study supports the nature debate as Buss et al studied a wide and ikemefuna, varied sample of people, and some people believe that these results can still be seen today in the western world. Another psychologist credited for his work in regards to this debate is marcus garvey, Bronislaw Malinowski; he carried out a research project in north-western Melanesia in why does ikemefuna, 1929. Master´s For Fashion. Malinowski like Mead studied tribes however he looked at their sexual behaviour and concluded that sexual behaviour dominates every aspect of why does okonkwo ikemefuna, life regardless of culture, which further supports the nature debate. As with all studies, there are things which may affect the the marriage william, results of the research. With studying tribes there could of been a communication barrier, between the researcher and the participating tribes which would effect the results.

The gender of the okonkwo kill, psychologist performing the study could influence the results as they could be said to be bias; as they may favour there own gender. Master´s College For Fashion Program. Also the presence of a researcher in a persons everyday life may alter the way that person behaves and acts around them. To conclude, there are lots of gender differences, some appear similar across the world whereas others appear to be culturally connected. In relation to the nature/nurture debate, there are arguments and why does ikemefuna, studies to support both sides, and will always be a conflicting argument throughout psychology. Critically evaluate some evidence which offers support for the role of write informative essay, nature in the heredity-environment debate on why does ikemefuna intelligence. One disagreement people have in the topic of heredity versus environment is about the subject of the marriage william, intelligence; are people born an why does okonkwo kill intelligent person or is Caused Essay, this acquired over time, when information is learned and okonkwo kill, absorbed into a person brain.

Intelligence is defined as a manifestation of a high metal capacity (Dictionary, 2014). A commonly used test to assess a persons intelligence is a series of questions called an IQ test; the higher the College Entry for Fashion, IQ score the more intelligent a person is believed to why does kill ikemefuna be. Francis Galton in 1869 studied the subject of intelligence and the marriage and hell william blake, since then lots of ikemefuna, psychologists have been interested in how to informative, the debate and there have been many studies conducted (Malim Birch, 1998). In support of the nature debate, there have been a lot of experiments conducted on why does siblings, including twins studies, and cousins. Twins can be categorised into two groups; monozygotic (MZ), and dizygotic (DZ). Monozygotic twins are identical and Application College Entry for Fashion, share the same genetic information as they were produced from one egg, whereas dizygotic twins are produced from two separate ova and ikemefuna, have the essay, same genetic information as two children with the ikemefuna, same parents (Malim Birch, 1998). As with all studies in marcus garvey beliefs, this debate, these have been heavily criticised by supporters of the opposing arguments, this assignment will evaluate some of these.

The main criticism of the majority of IQ studies is that all the participants are children or adolescents. Newman et al in 1937 embarked on why does okonkwo kill ikemefuna a ten year research project studying 100 pairs of twins, 19 of which were adopted MZ twins; 7 males and 9 females. These adopted twins had experienced different upbringings so Newman wanted to see how this affected their intelligence (Twin Studies, 2014). The results were that the IQ of monozygotic twins was higher than that of the dizygotic twins which Newman studied. They also showed that the IQ of twins reared together was higher that if the Application College Program, twins had been separated after birth. However a major criticism of this study is why does okonkwo kill, that Newman enrolled the twins that he studied on how to similarities to why does okonkwo ensure that the twins he studied were MZ, as at the time the technology wasnt available to scientifically prove whether the twins were identical or not. Also the sample of twins which Newman et al studied has been said to be biased, due to the expense of conducting the experiment; Newman had to garvey pay for the sample to travel and stay in lodgings in Chicago.

The results could then be flawed as twins may have acted in a certain way to be chosen for the study in kill ikemefuna, order to marcus garvey go on an all-expenses paid holiday during a time of great depression across America. It has also been proven that a pair of twins from Newmans sample group were raised in the same town and why does okonkwo ikemefuna, even attended the same school (Benson, 2005). A more recent twin study was conducted by James Shields in 1962; Shields took a sample of 44 pairs of identical twins who had been brought up apart from each other. Shields enlisted these twins by 1947 examples a television advertisement and wanted to find out the correlation between their IQ results. The findings were that the correlation of identical twins reared apart was higher than the non-identical twins reared together; who Shields also studied.

This study is often criticised due to the method the why does, participants were enrolled onto the study; twins were put forward to the study as they looked alike, they may not have necessarily of the marriage of heaven and hell, been proven to be monozygotic or identical. Another flaw is that although Shields claims that the okonkwo ikemefuna, twins were brought up separately, they were often raised by What World War I members of the same family, lived locally, and went to the same schools. It is reported that one pair of twins, lived next door to each other. Despite the flaws this study is why does okonkwo ikemefuna, often seen as one of the strongest twin studies in psychology in relation to IQ again supporting nature (Firth, 2009). Other than twin studies, some psychologist studied intelligence and how it correlates with differently between different ethnic groups and races in society. Arthur Jensen was one of these, in 1969 he analysed the differences in marcus beliefs, IQ results between different races, and published his results, which sparked outrage across america. Jensens devised an intelligence test for children, and his pupils to sit the why does okonkwo kill ikemefuna, test from the school which he was a professor at. The test comprised of two parts; level one abilities or associative learning and level two abilities or conceptual learning. The results were that the white american students performed better at the task two abilities than students of other races (Telegraph, 2013).

Jensen concluded that intelligence was 80% inherited, as he believed this from his results that a childs ancestry was the reason that some children scored poorly on the test. This leading to him to believing that intelligence is essay, a factor of genetics and okonkwo ikemefuna, is passed on Before Essay examples through generations. However there is an opposing argument, that this study also supports the nurture debate, as it shows how different cultures are effected differently. For example, the okonkwo kill ikemefuna, caucasian children would of come from a higher social class than the ethnic minorities; therefore it was the environment and peers which affected their mental ability. The ethical issues involved with this study are evident as Jensen incited racism by publishing these figures. Marcus. This could of also led to kill ikemefuna violence, and sparked hatred within the community and Application College Entry Program, across american.

Also some students could of been favoured over others, as they would be seen as clever, therefore received priority treatment, as proven in Rosenthal Jacobsons study in 1968. Jensen completed his test in why does okonkwo, 1960s america, which was a hostile time, in particular within regards to race segregation, with the garvey, speech and assassination of Matin Luther King. Hans Eysenck was a German psychologist who is also credited for his work in why does kill, relation to intelligence and race (Cherry, 2014). World Essay. He wrote a book called: The IQ argument: race, intelligence and education, based on these studies and summarised the results. This book claims that 80% of variability is inborn (Benson, 2005). Hans was also criticised as his views also focused on the differences between IQ results of okonkwo, blacks and whites, rather than treating people as equally as individuals. Eysenck believed it to be fact that white people had a higher IQ and set about telling the world. How To Write Informative. Some people didnt agree with his views which involved him being attacked on kill numerous occasions and becoming a hated public figure. In conclusion, there are a lot of studies in psychology in regards to the nature/nurture debate, on a whole array of topics.

Intelligence is only one of 1947 Essay, these. Why Does Okonkwo Kill Ikemefuna. Criticisms are prevalent throughout all these studies as it is a debate which people just can not agree on, and everyone has their own opinion. Allaboutscience, 2014, Darwins Theory Of Evolution (Online) Available at [Last Accessed 24-04-2014] Benson, N, 2005, Introducing Psychology, Totem Books:USA. Birch, Malim, A T, 1998, Introductory Psychology, Macmillan Press:Hampshire. Cherry, 2014, Hans Eysenck Biography (Online) Available at [Last Accessed 23-04-2014] Dictionary, 2014, Intelligence | Define Intelligence at (Online) Available at [Last Accessed 07-04-2014]

Firth, J, 2009, Shields (1962) (Online) Available at the marriage and hell blake, [Last Accessed 24-04-2014] Joesph, J, 2008 Separated Twins and the Genetics of Personality Differences: A Critique, (Online) Available at [Last Accessed 12-.4-2014] McCloud, S, 2007, John Bowlby | Maternal Deprivation Theory | Simply Psychology (Online) Available at [Last Accessed 24-04-2014] McCloud, S, 2007, Nature / Nurture in Psychology, (Online) Available at [Last Accessed 07-04-2014] Telegraph, 2013, Arthur Jensen (Online) Available at [Last Accessed 23-04-2014]

Twin Studies, 2014, Twin Studies, (Online) Available at why does okonkwo kill ikemefuna, [Last Accessed 08-04-2014] Who, 2014, WHO | What do we mean by sex and gender? (Online) Available at marcus garvey beliefs, [Last Accessed 24-04-2014] University/College: University of Arkansas System. Type of okonkwo ikemefuna, paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter. Date: 20 March 2016. Let us write you a custom essay sample on Heredity Versus Environment. for only $16.38 $13.9/page. Haven't found the Essay You Want?

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